North Wales: Ca – Cl

Cabalatchio – Blaenau Ffestiniog band (formed Jan04), feat; Andrew Cockerill (gtr,bass,voc) (b.11.12.87), Orrin O’Neill (drms,voc) (b.2.1.88), Simon Kalafusz (voc) (b.9.12.87), Karl Hall (bass) (b.24.11.88). Played debut at Radio Cymru Battle of The Bands in Porthmadoc (Jun04).

cacamwciCacamwci – Rhyl based Welsh language band (2000), Gareth John (gtr,voc), Dyfed Roberts (gtr,voc) (ex Gwacamoli, Pocket Venus, Gotti), Dave ‘The Rave’ Jones (keys), Krev (bass), Leigh Maxwell (drms) (Spaced Monkeys, Sigmoidoscopy) – most of whom were also in The Fluff. Won the best new band competition at the National Eisteddfod, have rec sessions for Radio Cymru & rel self-titled EP (on Fflach 03.05.00). Appeared on S4C’s ‘Four Track’ 01.10.2000.

Cacamwki – Short-lived early 80’s punk band from Penyffordd, near Wrexham. More info req’d.

Cacan Wy Experience – band (formed ‘98) from Nefyn, feat; Endaf Roberts (voc,gtr), Huw Owen (bass), Robyn Williams (drms). Appeared on a few comps Tatan on “Y Dderwen Bop” (Crai), The Importance Of Being Endaf on “Ram Jam 3” (Crai), Ffansi on “We Have More Influence On Your Children Than You Do” (El Presidente Industries), Stomp on “Sesiynau Gang Bangor” (BBC), Rec 4 sessions for BBC Radio Cymru. Have played many gigs mostly in the north west plus Cardiff, Newport, L’pool, Manchester, (have guitars will travel). Changed name 2002 to Kentucky AFC. See also Endaf Presli, Mr Huw (website)

Recordiau Cae Gwyn – label based in Snowdonia, run by Dan Amor. Releases inc albums by Dan himself as well as Mr Huw, Sen Segur, Omaloma, Derrero and the acclaimed 2016 ‘Swooshed’ comp LP. Releases have rec’d regular airplay on BBC 6music and BBC Radio Wales/Cymru (website)

Caezium – Anglesey Metal Band formed 2001. feat; Lel (voc), Rich Lewis (gtr) (ex Emo On Sunday), Mitch Russell (gtr, prev drms) (ex Violated), Josh Russell (bass,keys), Daniel Garrod (drms) (ex Emo On Sunday, Violated). Influences incl Metallica, Dream Theatre, RATM, Foo Fighters. 5 Track experimentation CD ‘Story of a Broken Past’ and 13 Track LP TBN available direct. Various incarnations of the band included ‘Mitachondria’, ‘Orix’ and ‘Also Available in Black’. Band split & Rich & Josh went onto form Subterfuge

Caffi Vadassi – 4 piece indie band from Bala area. Feat; Michael Phillip Robert Jones (voc), Kristian St John Page (gtr), Iwan (might have had a middle name) Pierce (bass), Theston Michael Jones (drms 90-93) Sion Pennant (drms 93/94 – for recording of MBS & promotional tour). Formed whilst all studying at Ysgol y Berwyn, Bala, Gwynedd in 1989/90. Rec 2 tracks for “Cofi Roc” on Crai. Toured lots & never made any money! Shared stages with Jess, Cyrff, Ffa Coffi, Aros Mae, Gorky’s, Hanner Pei, Pyw Dall. 2 video’s for T.V. Rec ‘MBS’ 6 track EP on Semtexx (SXC006E) in 1994 Tracks: M.B.S. / Saf yn Ol / Lliw Llawn Ystafell a’r Groes / Y Llyn / Unig / Meddwl Amdanat Ti. Mike moved to Norwich & worked with people with mental health problems, experience of the sin was most helpful for his current role. Kris remains in N.Wales jamming & worked as a cyberman at the Dr Who exhibition Llangollen. Iwan last seen pissed at Bala eisteddfod some years ago & playing a final gig with Datsun! Theston, last heard was touring Spain in a split screen VW camper. Sion? probably heavy metal drumming somewhere.

Cahiers de Cinema – Manchester band (formed Feb07), by Colwyn Bay natives in Uni, Matt and Chris (both ex Jacobi), also feat; Ed and Nathan

Caine’s Acoustic Project – bluesy-reggae project (c2008) by Caine Jones of Anglesey, backed by Tommy Jones

Calamity Jane – short lived Mold/Llangollen based blues/covers band feat; Theo Thunder (ex. Leo Sayer/Rory Gallagher) (drms), Al and Mark (ex Hozz, Mindwerx), (bass,voc) and PJ (gtr) (ex-Hand Relief)

Calansho – Caernarfon band (formed 2004), feat; Dylan Griffiths (voc), Rhys Roberts (gtr), Iwan Huws (drms), Dave Henderson (bass). (website)

Calfari – six piece Bangor blues-rock band (formed autumn 2014), feat; Bryn Hughes Williams (voc), Tomos Gashe, Elin Angharad Williams, Rhys Edwards, Dave Woodhouse, Gavin Malone (bass). Bryn and Gavin were in Y Cer. Debut single Erbyn Hyn was used for an advert on S4C. (soundcloud)

Calling Shotgun – Deeside metal band (formed 2008), prev called Anti Mute. Feat; Chris Blythe (voc,gtr) (from Hawarden), Kieran Gorse (drms), Rich Leahy (gtr,voc), Mike Sealy (bass). Made debut at Mcleans, Pentre (16.10.08) (website) (gig review)

Camera – Wrexham band (c2006), feat; Matt Nicholls (voc,gtr), Ben Valentine Trow (bass) (later Seazoo, Mowbird), Tim Morgan (keys), Steffan Owens (drms), Chris Nicholls (gtr) (also in Baby Brave, Delta Radio Band).  Rel debut LP ‘Ashes and Dim Light’ (website)

Camerau Cyflymder – band (2002), means ‘Speed Cameras’ (pretty apt name for a N.Wales band these days!), rel single Cyfleoedd on Catchpenny recs & was single of the month in Honk mag. More info req’d.

Candelas – Bala indie band (formed 2009), feat; Osian Williams (voc,gtr), Ifan Jones (gtr), Tomos Edwards (bass), Gruffydd Edwards (gtr), Lewis Williams (drms). Rel ‘Kim Y Syniad’ EP (2011), then debut LP ‘Candelas’ (Jun13). Second LP ‘Bodoli’n Ddistaw’ (on I Kaching Recs 12.08.14)

Cane Toads – Long running (since 1990) Bangor area blues band, feat; Pete Walton (drms) (ex Burnham Burnham), Humphrey Davies (bass), Dave Hopewell (gtr) (ex Burnham Burnham, now in Hopewell Ink). Described as an ‘Inyerface tight as a tick huge racket’. CD ‘The Roadkill Tapes’ (on Toadtunes 2006), CD ‘Flowers In The Dark’ (Turquoise Coal 17.12.21). Had a session on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM Show (12.11.18) (listen). Toads have an alter ego, The Horsespookers (website) (bandcamp)

Capguns – Colwyn Bay post-hardcore band (formed 2005 as Capguns 4 Arcade, shortened name 2007), feat; Bobby Wynne (gtr), Mark Kirwan (drms) (both ex Six Year Hangover), Ashley Hammond (voc,gtr), Richie Prendigast (bass) (left Feb08). Rel eponymous 5 track EP rec at Mase Studios, combining dirty heavy pieces along with soft melodic tracks. Rel ‘Day EP’ 2007, rec’d Radio One airplay. Announced Oct08 that they were splitting, and then briefly reformed Aug09 (website) (gig review)

Captain Black & The Mysterons – Prestatyn punk band of late 70s. Became Mysterons & eventually The Vaj. (See also The Grip, Rich Dick & The Phallic Emblems). More info req’d.

Cap’n Davie Bly – original stage name for Dave Macher of Pyw Dall.

Carbonari – Prestatyn based indie 3-piece (2000). Formerly called Utopia, Sarah Lipman (voc,bass), Tom Scriven (gtr), Jamie Kershaw (drms). Bassist Gavin Lawton left in May (later of Lucid, Dred, Pain Filtered Farm, Jinxed, Torn Asunder, Razor Wires). CD Killing Ourselves available though (rel Nov00). 3 track CD Made To Order prod by Martin Wilding. Played support to The Alarm 2000 at Cardiff & Spear of Destiny in Rhyl & L’pool (2001). Changed name to Black Swans (Sep01)

Carbonvein – Bangor band, formed early 2003 feat; Leon Craggs (bass) (ex Fubar, Killing Bagpuss, Babies With Rabies, Vinegar, Skink, Anti-Life Theory) and Gaz (drms) (ex Fubar, Killing Bagpuss, Babies With Rabies, Skink), Beetle (gtr) (later Entity, Meaowduh Project), Jay (gtr) (also of Violated) and John (voc) (ex Entity, Orville Vomits Scum). 2 track CD single ‘Carved From a Hollow Existence’ rel Jan04

Carl Hogan – Gwespyr based rock band (2000/02) feat; Carl Hogan (bass,voc) (ex-Utopia, later of Scramble Joe), Gavin Lawton (gtr) (ex Carbonari, Scramble Joe, Lucid, Dred, Razor Wires), Chris Walker (drms). This line up formed Jan01. Marc Owen (gtr) left to study at Uni (Oct00), other prev members – Gavin Jones (bass), Stuart Smith (keys) & Chris Hughes (drms). CDs are ‘Unfinished Business’, ‘Wicked Barbie’, ‘Hearts Desire’, ‘The Bug’, 8 track acoustic ‘Can’t’ rec at MoonMonkey studio, Conwy, prod by Gaz Lewis. Jul01 saw them rel See Through Show rec in Nott’m & mixed by Moonmonkey & Marc Owen. Split summer 2002.

Carlotta – band from Llanfair PG feat; Ioan (voc,gtr), Elin Fflur (bass), Jams (drms). Signed to Crai (2001) – rel ‘Cyffur Cariad EP’ Feb02. Elin went on to Welsh pop stardom as a singer.

Carnage – Thrash band from Mold (Oct 1988-91). Early demo Sadistic Molester feat; Dave Clarke (gtr), Steve Sty Jones (bass) (later Flood, Soundstate, Eye Licker), Rob (drms), Andy Knoxy (voc), Bill (gtr). Line up changed to Chris (gtr), Steve ‘Tash’ Gorse (drms) (later Cousin Grace, ex Bomb Disneyland), Sty (voc,bass) by the 2nd demo, Yes, Sir. Orig feat Phil Burgess (gtr) – not to be confused with thrash band of same name from same time! (website)

Carpet –
 3 piece grunge band from Rhyl area, formed 1999 feat; John Morris (gtr,voc), Julian ‘Jesus’ Neale (bass) (ex Dive), John ‘Hargi’ Hargest (drms) (ex Dive). Rel demos incl; Gravy Train, Mess Dress. Nov01 rel 5 track CD rec at Rockcliffe Studio. John was a member of Hit’n’Run & is the son of Mogga. Hargi & Julian moved to Sheffield (2004), but came back the next year. Band fizzled out by 2011, Julian and Hargi formed Morffe and then joined Wobbly Hearts. Morris regularly performed solo sets in and around Rhyl before moving to Chester. Link2wales Recs released a retrospective ‘Carpet – The Album’ on CD (02.12.20). In 2022 Julian had put together a new band called Holy Gloam, as well as pimping out his talents to various bands. (review) (more)

Cartograverse – Holyhead project since 2021 by Wolfmumma and Jamie Burne (ex Portrait Of A Lifetime, Sleep Beggar, also of Bastions). Released ‘Self Release EP’ (27.01.21), followed by a track Depression In The Recession (30.03.21) (bandcamp)

Casino – Chester based death punk shock band formed Feb98 feat; Nick Dangerous (voc), Scott Centerfold (gtr), Agent Mustapha (bass), Pete The Bitch (drms). Rel 3 track demo CD ‘Kill All Trendys.’

Casino – psyche-rock band (formed Dec00), feat; Johnny (gtr), Dave Harding-Smith (gtr) (brother of Jonny Lantern) (later Snowblind), Ben (voc), Andy (bass), Dave S (drms). Have played locally & London, Wolverhampton. Orig called Sulk

Castle Hill Studios – Rehearsal studios based at Castle Hill Farm, Ewole. Under previous management (Kelvin Tonner), was know as Angelshare studios. As Angelshare, played host to a number of high profile bands in the early 90’s. It was the home to the abandoned Second Coming LP recordings of the Stone Roses with John Leckie producing. Only the first track, ‘Breaking Into Heaven‘ & the hidden track made it onto the album from these sessions despite the band staying at the studios for the best part of a year. Kelvin had a disagreement with the owner of the property, Sandy Finlay, & left to set up in new premises on the Wirral. It then reverted to the name ‘Castle Hill Studios’, using equipment belonging to the ex-OMD keyboard player Paul Humphries. Running as a 16 track analogue studio it played host to a number of local bands inc; Pineapple, 26 Feet, SlinkyMerlin Music briefly used the studio as their base, rec album sessions with The Fluff, & even an entry into the Eurovision song contest featuring Rebecca Trehearn, niece of the Bistro promoter Martin.

CaStLeS – Llanrug psychedelic indie weird band (c2016), feat; Calvin Aaron Thomas (bass,keys), Cynyr Hamer (voc,gtr), Dion Hamer (drms,voc). Rel, download EP ‘PartDepart’ (05.10.15) followed by debut LP ‘Fforesteering’ (18.11.16), then shared a 7″ single Yn Galw with The Joy Formidable (website)

Casual Fuck Fiends – Wrexham collaboration (c2011), offshoot of Popeye’s Dik. Planned to rel a version of Happy Talk (did this ever happen?).

Catalyst – metal band from Mold, (formed 2004), feat; James Key (gtr), Lewis Williams (drms), Mike Howarth (gtr), Jack Hadley (bass), Sarah Boyd (voc) who replaced Dean Williams (voc). Played many gigs in Deeside area in 2006.

Catatonia – Welsh band of superstar status, feat; Cerys Matthews (voc), Mark Roberts (gtr) (ex Y Cyrff), Owen Powell (gtr) (ex Crumblowers, U Thant), Paul Jones (bass) (ex Cyrff), Aled Richards (drms) (ex Hepburns). Cerys used to busk outside Debenhams in Cardiff. Mark joined in & a fledgling Catatonia was born. The band itself has undergone a few member changes since For Tinkerbell, the 1st rel in 1993. Orig line-up C. Anazapela (Cerys), M. E. Zaun (Mark), Dafydd Ieuan, Paul Jones, Clancy Pegg (later with Crac). Mulder & Scully charted at No.3 leading to the LP ‘International Velvet’ reaching the top spot as did the follow up ‘Equally Blessed & Cursed’. With Cerys in rehab & unable to tour their new LP ‘Paper, Scissors, Stone’ the band split Sep01. Mark and Paul went on to form Ffyrc, and Mark later Earth.

Catchpenny Records – small Mold based label, released World Beaters EP by DJ Komikon (2001), also rel Duckworth-Lewis Method and Y Camerau Cyflymder. Run by Penfold who also published a fanzine Viva Sparky! And wrote a weekly column called Gog Sound in the Daily Post.

Catch 22 – Mold band (c2011), prev called Kini Con Carnage

Catch 22 – Short-lived early 80’s punk band from Penyffordd, near Wrexham. More info req’d.

Catdandy – Formed 1992. Of the old school spandex leopard skin kecks brigade. Feat; Greg Foley (voc,bass) (later of KGP), Graham (gtr), Bono (gtr), Jim (drms). Played Llandudno quite heavily before dropping drummer to become Box of Frogs.

homesick-300x300Catfish & The Bottlemen – Llandudno based hard working indie band (formed Apr07), feat; Ryan Evan “Van” McCann (voc), Billy Bibby, Benji Blakeway (bass), and Rob Hall. Started life as The Prestige and playing covers and rehearsing in Cumi‘s, Black Rooms Studio in Llandudno. Signed to Island Records (2013) and steadily progressed into a mainstream indie band with Radio One airplay, UK and US Tours, major festival appearances. Rel singles Homesick (Jun13), Rango (Sep13). Albums ‘The Balcony’ (15.09.14) and ‘The Ride’ (27.05.16), then ‘The Balance’ (26.04.19)   (website)

Catrin a Band – 1970s NWales based band feat; Catrin Owen (voc) (also of Bismyth), Gareth Davies, Mike Jones & Steve Cawthray (latter 3 also of Company HQ). Played in Corwen Pavilion (supporting Bando & Geraint Jarman) and at Twrw Tanllyn, Machynlleth Eisteddfod. They got on the Welsh news, in their words; ‘because we were in the background while they were reporting rather than because we were that brilliant!’

Cats & Crows – project by Ruthin’s Isaac Birchall that is a collective of musicians (c2016), sometimes numbering up to 13, but mainly with Andy Cooper (drms). Isaac played a live session under this moniker on (his brother’s) Neil Crud’s TudnoFM Show (19.11.19) (listen). Rel ‘Honest Crimes EP’ (25.07.16) and album ‘Winter’ (06.01.19). He later formed Isaac & The Beekeepers. (Bandcamp)

Cause of Death Unknown – Wrexham band feat members later in Oceanblue. More info req’d

‘Hot’ Scott Causer – self-destructive bass guitarist with Rhyl based bands Pig, Surfin Birds, Fantastic and played one gig with his bass unplugged for PSST. Known in those days more for his almost Sid Vicious / couldn’t-give-a-toss attitude than musical talents, & once tried to set fire to a hotel room in Blackpool while Adam Walton was in it! Left Rhyl for Manchester Uni & started Perfect Blue project in 2001, & has since taken it to his new abode in London. Spent mid-03 playing bass for TV One (single on Fierce Panda). Joined London band Electric Mainline (late04) and was part of Jan06 project The Premonitions. Formed Cult Of Free Love (2015). Also runs Northern Star Recs. 

Philip Caveney – Prestatyn born drummer, then singer with prog band Hieronymus Bosch. Became an author, in 1977, and continues writing and publishing to this day (website)

CBL – punk band from Cemaes Bay. As teenagers they played the Cod Club in Bangor 20.04.79. More info req’d

Celavi – goth project from Bangor (formed 2017), feat; Sarah Wynne (voc) (ex Nexxus Empire) and husband Gwion Griffiths (gtrs,seq) (ex Spam Javelin, Braxton Hicks, Vices). Rel single Pan!c (05.05.18) followed by Exspiravit (Apr19), Novus (Aug19) and Stain (Oct20). Also played a live session on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM Show (27.08.18) (listen). Rel debut album ‘Dolorem’ (on Meraki 28.07.23). Also play live with full band (bandcamp)

Cellar Door – Connah’s Quay band feat; Ed Evers-Swindell who is feat on the film Infestation. Band changed name to Eskimo Spies (Jan08)

Cellophane Boys –
punk band from Rhyl (formed Dec77), feat; Steve ‘Priv’ Vaughan (drms), Steve Roberts (gtr), Simon Shaw (bass), Jeremy (sadly committed suicide). Had a song Masturbation Aches. Mike Jones (later of Judgement House) is alleged to have played guitar on their 1st gig. Didn’t play many gigs and by May78 had changed name to The Instant. Steve and Simon got together in Dec19 to record a single for the General Election, a cover of fellow 1970s punk band The Toilets song Lies (The Toilets went on to become The Alarm). (video) (full biog)

Celt – Welsh language band (1980s? – present day) from Bethesda. Feat; Martin Beattie (voc) (ex Machlud), Di Flux (Alwyn) (drms), Huw Smith (keys) (also of Mwg, Mojo, Jina), Steve Bolton (voc), Barry “Archie” Jones (bass), Sion Jones (gtr) (ex Anhrefn). (website) More info req’d.

Censure – Wrexham band (c2006). More info req’d

Central Station – venue on Hill Street, Wrexham (closed 2019), regularly hosting ‘NME sized’ touring bands as well as supporting the local scene. Brainchild of Matthew Arnold who ran Yales (venue) and transformed the upstairs into Central Station. Matthew sadly died Feb23. Originally closed in Sep18 to reopen and be rebranded as The Live Rooms (13.10.18) as a sister venue to the one in Chester, but economic pressures led to closure again 09.02.19.

Central Slate Recs – Label set up by Alan Holmes (see Cut Tunes, Flaps, Lungs, Ectogram). (website) Since superseded by Turquoise Coal

Centre Piece – young rock band (c2007), feat; Joey Owen (voc,gtr,keys), Cal Tait (gtr), Russ Pearson (bass), James Barber (drms)

Y Cer – Anglesey rock band, later called Rosary. Rel single The Fallen 03.01.11

Chain Of Survival – Liverpool / North Wales hardcore thrash band (formed 2012). Feat; James Tinman Anton (drms) (see also Seize The Day, Out Of Use, Stuntface, Chugga, Instant Agony). Rel ‘Chain Of Survival EP’ (24.10.22). Announced that Aaron Allsop (ex Seize The Day, Ill Gotten Gains) had joined as vocalist (17.06.23) (bandcamp)

Charged – project from Bangor (c2000) by Harvinder (ex Burnham Burnham, Harvey Starr & The Moonbeams), sang songs in Punjabi (website)

Charlex Dexter Ward Experiment – project in Llandudno (early 90s), feat; Simon ‘Sid’ Bottino, Matt Davies (ex MCM, That Voodoo), Peter Liggit, Phil Quirk (voc). Rec a demo at Eric Quiney’s Studio. Both Matt & Peter have died.

Charlie – band (Rhyl?) feat; Mogga Morris (ex Swan, Harvest Moon, Scratch). More info req’d

Chasing Shadows – Rhyl based indie band (c2015), feat; Sam Roberts (voc,gtr), Ben Etchells-Rimmer (gtr), Russ Pearson (bass), Chris Leonard (drms). Began primarily as a covers band, but rel download single Pretty Thing (12.12.15), which has led to BBC Radio Wales airplay (hear)

Cheap Plectrum – solo guitar player (c1980) from Oswestry (we think), who has worked with No Commercial Potential. Has a track on the ‘Systems of Attraction’ comp tape. Cheap Plectrum & The Rent Rebates rel a tape of covers (such as Smoke On The Water). No instruments on this tape just Mr Plectrum singing all the songs using the voice of a chicken ! More info req’d.

Chemical Town – Amlwch garage/rock band (formed Aug12), feat; Alun Beans (voc,gtr) (ex Bootnic, Seagull Kinevil, El Borracho), Harvey Spicer (bass), Ian Collins (drms). See now The Glitches (website)

Cherry Lee Mewis – Bedford based singer-songwriter from Colwyn Bay who is a 5ft-nothing-23-year-old-white girl from North Wales with ex-horse racing parents, who gets her kicks out of scratchy old vinyl, roaring vocals and battered old guitars (website)

Chewing Cunt – punk promoters from Colwyn Bay (c2008), use the abbreviation Chewing C for obvious reasons! Originally began as an online fanzine, but disappeared, either by hackers or myspace not liking the name. Run by members of Global Parasite, and eventually went under the broader moniker of North Wales Punk Rock (NWPR).

Chicago Rock Cafe – nightclub in Wrexham closed May13 after its parent firm entered administration. The building is currently (Apr14)  disused.

Chicken Lips – band who played Dyserth Town Hall (May02) with Jives Room & Polythene. More info req’d

Children – Bethesda based outfit (early 70s), feat; Charlie (voc), David Evans (keys) who went onto Harvest Moon, Picture House, Heroes on A Beach. Pete Martin says, ‘I remember attending some rehearsals by them in Bangor in roughly 1972. I think they also played one or more gigs at Bangor University at that time.’ More info req’d.

Children Of The Revolution – (2000) – 70’s tribute glam band feat; Mike Peters, Craig Adams (bass), Steve Grantley (drms), James Stevonson (gtr), basically The Alarm. Idea was for a bit of fun. Rel Children Of The Revolution IV CD same year.

Chilled – Wrexham rock-indie band (c2007-onwards), feat; Balaam (voc,keys), Ian Hoggins (gtr), Malc Roberts (bass), Chris Box (drms). (website)

Chillingtons – new name for Fake City Lights (from Bethesda) formed 2012. Feat; Reen (gtr,voc), Stu Jones (bass,voc), Danny Morrison (drms)

Chimera – early name for Anglesey band Verm, only Sean Mandrake liked the name but was embarrassed to say so.

Jamie Cee & The Chimerical Band – Wrexham based band (formed 2006), Jamie Cee (voc,gtr), Jonny Nix (bass), Lee Graham (drms). (website)

Chinese Chicken Balls – 4 piece punk band from Mochdre & Abergele (2001). Feat; Gavin Brute (voc,gtr), Spud Boy (bass), Tom ‘Gorro’ Dennis (gtr), Dave Warburton (drms) (ex Floater’s Revenge, The Cox, Boycott UK, Global Parasite) joined Mar02 replacing Tom. Rel demo “Live E.P.” 11 songs rec live at the Penrhyn Old Hall 22.06.02. Changed name to Hektor (Mar03)

Chmyll Welsh language politically charged fanzine (mid-80s) edited by Huw Prestatyn and produced by the Welsh Language Society (in Clwyd). Began as Llmych and changed the order of the letters each issue! Very left-wing, anti-tory (anti-everything!). Ran at least until 1988.

Chow Mwng – obscure experimental project by Ash Cooke (see Derrero, Pulco) of Bethesda. Rel LPs ‘ASTM E-190’ (2017), ‘Mollip & Reptile’ (2018), ‘Bo Rane’ (2019) (bandcamp) – performed live session on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM Show (10.07.17) (listen)

Chris Turner Little Big Band – 7 piece Rhyl based jazz band (1985-87) feat; Chris Turner (voc,keys) (prev with Frightened By Strangers), Ian Raba (gtr), Ken Marley (bass), Neil Shaw-Hulme (sax,clrnet), Stan ‘The Man’ Williams (trmpet) (also of Company HQ), Paul Mayon (trmbne), Grant Baxter (drms). Noted for doing the theme to TV show Minder. Graham Molyneux occasionally played drms. Had a summer residency spot at The Queens in Rhyl ’87. Chris played a major role in the film Vinyl (2012)

Chunky – roady & gopher for Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials & GMX Stuns. Contributed a lot towards promoting the band & t-shirt design. Also did a brief stint Dj-ing on Thursdays at The Bistro (c1991)

Chwarter i Un – Aberystwyth Uni student outfit (formed 1978), feat; Dafydd Rhys (gtr) (older brother of Super Furry Animals Gruff), Tim Hartley (voc), Gwyn Elfin (voc), Gron Edwards (gtr), Dominic Griffiths (bass), ‘Tonto’ Jones (drms), replaced by Owen Owens who in 1981 was also replaced by Rhys Powys. Had 2 vocalists, one of whom now plays the dim obese shopkeeper Denzil in Pobol y Cwm. More…

Chwd Poeth – (means – Hot Puke) Punk band from Bethesda 1976-77, feat; Dafydd Rhys (gtr) (later Chwarter i Un and brother of Gruff Rhys Super Furry Animals). Robin Bryncul (homemade drumkit), Tich (voc), Dylan Parry (gtr). Banned after their debut gig at school for singing delightful ditties like Bastad Bach Oedd Elvis (Elvis was a little Bastard) and Dim Mynadd (Can’t be Arsed). They also had shop mannequins on stage, naked and sprayed with puke coloured paint.

Chwys-Plysom – Bethesda based outfit (pre-1992), formed from the ashes of Draig, feat; Huw (voc), Owain (gtr), Dafydd Ieuan (drms) (now of Super Furry Animals) & Rhys Parry (bass) (ex-Sha’nol). More info req’d.

Chwys Troed – punk band from Llanrug of late 70s, feat; Gerald Griffith (now a plumber). Didn’t get past the rehearsal stage as the guitarist got over excited as they practised in someone’s front room & he jumped up & smashed a glass coffee table.

Cicatas – Llanrwst outfit (relocated to Cardiff), feat; Bethan Jones (voc) and Noel Jones (instruments). Rel debut LP ‘Splosh’ (2009), follow by ‘Narrow Lanes’ (21.01.13) on Kracked Recs and feat guest vocals by Mr Huw, Dan Amor and Richard Eardley (Melys). They have mellow blend of Lo-Fi electro/acoustic songs. Noel was the Guitarist in Gabrielle Twenty Five and has also played with Jakokoyak, Melys and John Lawrence (Gorkys), to mention a few (fb)

Cil-y-Bryn – Communal farm inland from rural Abergele owned by Chris Godfrey. Barn on the land used as a rehearsal studio by many bands such as, Sons of Selina, Mike Peters, Blush, She Said, Frank’s Dad, Pocket Venus. Once the site of a regular festival where Sons of Selina made their live debut in 1994. Also where Jon Bon 10p rec Jon Bon 10p’s Garden. Chris had a run in with the neighbours (½ mile away) over the noise which led to court proceedings that he lost.

Cinema – band (late 70s?) feat; Chris Harris (drms) (ex Harvest Moon, Swan). More info req’d

Cint – Welsh language band (2000) from Bethesda, feat Deian Owen & Gronw Roberts, formerly called DNA they took time out to finish college courses & Ed left, the name of the band was changed to Cint as a fresh start to follow new avenues of music. As their influences were so diverse they found themselves writing in numerous styles & perform sets of trance, breakbeat & drum’n’bass. Rec a session on Adam Walton’s Musical Mystery Tour on Radio Wales; broadcast two videos on the Welsh music prog Garej, one on Slaymaker (film, computer game & music programme) & one on 4 Trac for S4C. Latest radio session was aired on Ram Jam (BBC Radio Cymru) & performed two songs on iDot. In Aug02 they appeared on Sesiwn Hwyr on S4C, played numerous gigs and remixed the MY Mwyafrif by Pep le Pew.

Circle of Silence – Llanfairfechan band (formed 2000), feat; Phil (voc,gtr), Fran (bass), Rich (drms). Played Kerrang Radio launch party. Rel 3 demos. ‘We played a so called battle of the bands with a girl pop band and Bon Jovi tribute band in old man’s club in Shotton. It didn’t go down too well.’

Circlesound – Chester band (formed 2001), feat; Paul Rixham (bass), Bernie, Luke Woods (gtr), Dave Lloyd. Rec 1st demo in Jul02 (then under the name Circle). Rel ‘Feel The Energy EP’ (2004).

Civilian Life – Prestatyn band (c1980), feat; Nick Wilson, Roy Mitchell, Chris Detton & Andrew Wally (who were well known & described in Live From The Foxes ‘zine as poseurs. They were noted for their trilby hats & trenchcoats. Influenced by Joy Division. Unsure they got past rehearsal stage. More info req’d.

Clan Morrigan – Irish folk/dance band from North Wales (1994-97) who tried hard to fill the void left by the demise of You Slosh through prolific gigging, feat; John Stroud (bass) from Towyn, Julian Thomas (gtr), Hef Hughes (drms), Marc Frodsham (voc), Paddy Whetman (brass), Skeeter Williams (strings) (later Soya Paranoia Project). Final gig was at The Limelight, Crewe. Former members formed Branchala. Christian sold their merch and produced the Clanzine. (website)

Paul Claxton – (b.8.1.75 in L’pool) Abergele based former band leader of Pineapple, Flourescent Daydream. Went solo in Spring 2000, performing in a ‘Jeff Buckley’ mould. Close links with Midge Ure & (Sep00) opening on tour for Boney M (!?). Plays as far afield as USA (website).

Clear As Mud – fast paced (c2003) Abergele punk band based Feat; Stuart Mattison (gtr,voc), Sam Thomas (gtr), Dan Mattok (drms) and Shaun Mutter (bass,voc).

Cleo~Patricide – (97-99) feat: Gringo (bass), Daisy (gtr), Carney (drms), Yokel (voc). In their short career of fortnightly rehearsals & frequent bong sessions this Rhyl-Manchester based back alley punk band laughed in the face of all opposition. A demo tape (TK Studio Jan98) & several hangovers later, their lives changed & it was game over.

Cliff Rescue & The Helicopters – unsure as to whether this was the actual name of this Colwyn Bay band feat; Richie Pond (drms) (see Stonegang), Tony Dale (gtr), & Robin Hemuss played gtr with them a few times which is why he got kicked out of 4Q. Tony “Marra” Dale played ace Thin Lizzy covers & also did vocals on The DIY Song this was a one off with Robin. Tony did get a decent band (or 2?) together sometime during the 90’s, who played at Wrexham art college, anyone remember their name?

Clinic Promotions – run by Danny Williams (younger brother of Matt Vinyl – ex 4Q) (2002-10). Orig called Killa Kru (website)

Clipper Cartel – Flint based 5 piece Brit pop-rock band, Feat; Duncan (gtr), Chris (voc), Mike (bass), Paul (drms). Rel demo CD (Nov00) through Mishman Musik Management & EP Eric. Described as ‘Pulp with attitude.’

Clockwork Radio – Caernarfon left-field-indie outfit (2006) feat; Rich Williams (voc,bass,gtr), Caron E Jones (perc). Rel song Lost on MySpace (which was probably lost of MySpace!). Relocated to Manchester, rel album ‘No Man Is An Island’ (08.09.14) (website)

Close Quarters – Rhyl band (c1990), feat; Mark. More info req’d

The Closets – (1981) Denbigh punk band feat; Neil Crud (later of 4Q, Sons of Selina), Andy Fox-Byrne (aka Orvil), Derry Morris (Zitty). Never got off the ground or even to rehearsal stages. Penned one song, Saul’s A Worm. See also: Racket, The Kidneys.

Clouds – Holyhead based synth & drum punk band, 1980-81. Feat; Gorwel Owen (keys), Alan Slin (keys), Steve Jones (voc,gtr), Brian Jones (voc,bass) (ex Modernaires), Clive Garrod (drms) (later of Story Dogs). More info req’d.

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