North Wales: Bl – By

Black Box Theme – Holyhead based alt rock band, formed June 04. feat. Benn (gtr and  voc), Pete (bass), and Dylan (drms). Acts of Silence EP rec at Sylem (Feb05)

Black Casket – Llandudno heavy brutal pure metal band (formed Nov05). Feat; Raz (voc,gtr), Styg (gtr), Gaz (gtr), Carl (bass), caDafer (drms). Cite their best moment as having ladies underwear thrown at them on stage at Bar Blu.

Duncan Black – Experimental rock guitarist, orig from Anglesey. Has played for many bands in Bangor/Anglesey since 1990. Used truck loads of FX pedals. Can be heard on recordings by Mucus, Skinflick, FBF, Mongolian Dethkit, Pod, Fusion, Carbonvein, Jack Sharp, Papa Lazaroo, Hatework, The Major, This Thing, 3D, Rhian Mostyn, Ethania, The Silverback Blues Band, Rabo De Toro, The Mudshark Incident, Jpump & The Bulldozers and Logic of Impossibility. He also briefly played bass for Menai Bridge death metallers Grot. Duncan started performing as a soloist in 2003. Early demos were featured on Adam Walton’s Musical Mystery Tour, for which he also recorded a live session (on BBC Radio Wales). Played 2 headline slots at the Ethania concerts, which led to promotion from Johnny R (R-bennig records). Solo album was officially released in 2005 ‘The Ubiquitous Guitar Mercenary’ (Judmusic) – Neil Crud came up with the title. Duncan played at Denbigh’s Pigstock festival in the same year. In reviews, his music has been compared to Mr Bungle and Ed Alleyne-Johnson. He moved to Canterbury Aug05 and gigged in the Kent area where he worked as a music lecturer, before relocating back to Anglesey in 2009. Since then he has recorded music for film soundtracks including Ryan Kift’s infamous ‘Zombies From Ireland’, in which Duncan also played one of the zombies. Duncan taught guitar when he was not performing as an experimental soloist, playing at social functions or making angry noises as a member of reformed thrash metal veterans Mucus and up until 2020, the legendary Rabo De Toro. Duncan sadly died of bowel cancer 27.08.23  (website) (more)

Black Death – Rhyl / Pensarn based garage band (1986-87), feat; Ollie (Andrew Oliver) and Groz (see also Funky Fringe zine). Ollie later played for York based Suicidal Flowers, edited Astro Zombie zine and went on to briefly co-run Northern Star recs

Black Death – Mynydd Isa punk band (early 90s?), feat; Mike (voc)

Blackjacks – Prestatyn hard rock band (formed late 2008), feat; Tom (voc,gtr), Robin (gtr), Hitchen (bass), Murray (drms). Made live debut at Dudley Arms, Rhyl 02.05.09. Changed name to Old Age Remedy (2010) (website)

Blacklisted – metal band from Penmaenmawr formed 1989, feat; Mark Watson-Jones (bass) (later of Hecate Enthroned, Skinflick, Merciless Savage, Emissaries of Syn, Warlockhunt), Ste Watson-Jones (gtr) (Mark’s cousin), Bri Drawbridge (gtr,voc) (ex-Tarantulas) and Nand (drms). Debut gig supporting 4Q at the Grand Hotel in Penmaenmawr (no doubt leading to its subsequent demolition). Mark lasted ‘til about 1991 but the band revived soon after and continued through before fizzling out in 2000 (early line up pic). There were about 4 different singers and a few drummers (inc Mike Hartley after Nand ‘went off’ with Mark’s 21yr old cousin), Ste was the only member ever-present. In that time about 4 demos were rel, incl, Beyond the Fringe recorded at RRS in 1990 and described as “glorifying in its pessimism” – vocalist on this recording was Dylan (who sadly died 2019). Battle of the bands were won in North Wales and Stoke (Wheatsheaf), they were virtually resident at the Alex in Pen. The Weekly News described them as “dandruff-shakers”. Possibly one of the high points for the band was being stopped by armed police returning from a charity gig at the Octagon in Bangor after a Penmaenmawr resident had bitten the nose of another “partygoer”. This led to an appearance on national TV (Crimestoppers!) feat a grainy home video of the performance with the “offender” highlighted in the crowd; I kid you not. Mark moved to Wrexham and was replaced by his cousin Mike Watson-Jones (see Dr Zombie), Mike Hartley (Box of Frogs, Plastic Entrails) did drum until Nand returned. Some members prev played in Full Throttle (line up pic)

Black Orange – Wrexham rock band (formed c2006), feat; Ben (voc,gtr), Graeme (bass), Gaz (gtr), Kev (drms) (website)

Black Reply – Llanrhos based folk duet feat; Steve Mills (voc,gtr) (ex The Grounded & Kinell) and singer/songwriter Nia Mills. Formed shortly after Steve finished working alongside Jon Yale (ex Elephants Home, Kinell) on various music projects. Steve has also published 3 poetry books ‘Close To The Knives’, ‘The Contents of a Glove Box’ & ‘Collected Poems’, some of his poems have been used on ‘The Electric State’ album by Jon Yale. Black Reply can be seen playing around the coast at various folk clubs, and on the street busking.

Black Star – punk-metal band from Wrexham (formed 2001), feat; Rob Parry (gtr), Sam (voc,gtr), Gaz (drms), Mozz (bass). (website)

Black Swans – Prestatyn band (formerly called Carbonari, changed name Sep01), feat; Sarah Lipman (voc,bass), Tom Scriven (gtr), Jamie Kershaw (drms). Managed by Mike Jones (ex Judgement House) and was Mike Peters’ sound engineer. Band have supported Mike Peters, Spear of Destiny and SLF on UK tours. Had session on Adam Walton’s Radio Wales Show Mar02. Rel single Limited Excess (02). Band disintegrated summer 2003. Sarah later turned up in a London funk band The Mordelics. (biog)

Black Telescopes – Rhyl project (c2007) by Jon J (ex Crave) (website)

Black Years – punk band from Chester / Wrexham. Feat; Rich (voc), Neil (bass), Tom (drms), Martin (gtr). Rel single ‘II’ (09.11.14 on Footloose). Split 09.04.15

Blankets For Winter – due from St Asaph / Huddersfield (c2009)

Blasphemy Squad – Mold-based anarcho punk band from late 80’s. Feat members who possibly went on to form Wanton Thought, Rope More info req’d.

Bleached Heat – post-punk grave pop project (formed May17) by Stevie EH (from Dwygyfylchi). Rel LP ‘Dread 2015-2018’ (Jun19), followed by ‘Bleakism’ (10.12.19) (bandcamp)

Bleat – Bangor / Llanfairfechan based industrial / punk band of mid-90’s. Feat; Phillipus Beauvoir (gtr) (later of SpongeBrain}, Stuart Bavington (bass), Justin Williams (voc) (later of Skinflick), Jonny Evans (ex-Fflaps, Paraletics) (sadly died 02). Rec mini CD, A Short Album About Gloves. Played various gigs through one summer, music was always tight, but the lyrics were usually made up on the night.

Bleed – band (formed Sep05), feat; Christian Smith (gtr), Nathan Jolliffe (drms), Patrick Smith (bass,voc). Started gigging Nov05, played Bar Blu, Rhyl 04.01.06. Rel 2track demo (Aug06) Leech.

Blind – band (2001) linked with the MASE organisation. More info req’d.

Blind Diviner – London based band formerly called Nutonic, feat; Jamie Price (voc,gtr), Dave ‘Dudge’ Barclay (bass) (both ex-Wild Orchid), Alan Breeze (gtr), from Colwyn Bay & Llandulas, Joff Waring (drms) from Northampton (ex-Bronson, Poison The Poteen). Changed to this name Feb07. Rel LP ‘Long Time Wishing’ (Feb07). (website)

Blindfold – Prestatyn band (c2005), feat; Aaron ‘Azz’ Griffith (voc,gtr) (ex Crave, later Confession Box), Simon (drms). Debut gig at Bar Blu, Rhyl (Oct05). Rel EP ‘In Loving Spite’ (Aug06). Carly Estlick was also involved, as was Matty, Mark Ward (gtr,bass), and a female bassist. (gig review)

Blind Lesbian Dwarf Appreciation Society Website set up by Fairziff as an on-line fanzine that follows no rules and no direction. Features such as CSA Top People, Drug Top Ten and the Spank FM Radio Morphine send up of a Rhyl radio station which earned front page news in the local press. Approached by the press (Jan01) for an interview, he wisely declined. Interest renewed when site feat ‘Badger Watch with Ron Davies’ (Mar03) (website)

Blind Lesbian Dwarf Depreciation Society – now defunct website set up (1996) by the Sons Of Selina as a response to the Blind Lesbian Dwarf Appreciation Society‘s portrayal of the band as rampant homosexuals. The site then extended its horizons to become a follow on of the Crud fanzines before being banned by the host Compuserve and eventually (somehow) morphed into this website link2wales!

((Blindsight)) – Wrexham metal band (formed 2001), feat; Dave Williams (voc), Daniel Dawson (gtr), Phill Hetfield (gtr), Ben Burke (drms), James Ayling (bass). Had tracks played on Total Rock Radio and good reviews in Kerrang! Dave left the band Jun08 (website)

Blindsyde – Oswestry indie band (formed summer 2000), feat; Matthew Feaks (gtr), Scott Tudor (voc), Kev Griffiths (drms), Darren Hill (bass), Will Barker (gtr) (website)

Blood and Lipstick – promo company (2003) run by Steve Rastin mainly to put gigs on at Blu in Rhyl, and started venturing out to Shooters, Caskeys, The Metro, The Star in Meliden, Offas Tavern in Prestatyn (all in 2004), and adding Speaker’s Corner in Colwyn Bay (Apr06). Although Blu closed in Jan08, Steve shifted main indie operations to Rain albeit short-lived. By mid-2008 was running numerous nights across North Wales and Cheshire. Launched new venue in Rhyl called Zu Bar (Sep08). Renamed Red Mamba (2009), by 2011 Steve had become resident at Vegas in Rhyl hosting all sorts of nights, before moving operations to The North (again in Rhyl) (website)

Bloodlips – Deeside band, (2014), feat; Dave Thomas, Adam Hughes, Tom Williams. Debut EP ‘Brittle Bones’, and single Burn After Bleeding (25.03.16 download only) Became Graaves (late 2016) (website)

Bloodlust – Anglesey metal band (c2006). More info req’d

Blow Band – Colwyn Bay blues/jazz 5-pc (c1990), feat; Richie Higginson. Described after Bistro gig (05.02.90) as ‘a bit boring’

Blowfish – Rhyl band feat; Brian Laing (voc,gtr), Gary (bass), Philip Bellinger (gtr), James Davison (drms), Hannah Mart (occ vocals and general gurl novelty act). Band lasted for 6 mths in 1993 or 94 and then imploded due to fragile 17 yr old egos etc. Mainly played covers (Nirvana, L7, Smashing Pumpkins etc) as well as some of their own stuff. As far as Hannah knows Brian and James are still “creating” together, possibly with Gary. Brian also works for the Co-op, Gary works for British Aerospace and James lives with his folks in Kinmel Bay. Phil is still doing his own thing and living elsewhere and she works at Rhyl college and West Rhyl Young People’s Project. Played at Trotters a few times and had an unforgettable lunchtime slot in Emrys ap Iwan school assembly hall in Abergele. See also Red Drum Head

Blu – trendy nightclub in Rhyl, officially called Bar Blu, and built on the site of the Alexander pub on the corner of Kinmel Street and the High Street. Unusually used from Mar03 as an alternative venue on Wednesday nights by Blood and Lipstick promoter Steve Rastin and feat 3 bands per show, one local, one from away and one new. BBC Radio Wales broadcast the Adam Walton Show from the venue (24.03.04) feat; The Caves, Gintis and David Wrench to celebrate a year of shows at the venue. Started in 2006 putting on shortlived monthly Tuesday night tribute bands. Closed down during summer07 for a refurb due to stiff nightclub competition from Honeyzclub, and Blood & Lipstick moved operations and for 3 months was in direct competiton with Blu. Gigs resumed Sep07 but by Feb08 the club went into administration and closed. Relaunched late 2010 under new ownership as Coast, but the economic climate won. Also briefly reopened in 2013 as The Front Room with alternative gigs once more returning to Wednesday night thanks to promoter Bethan Hughes.  See gig reviews

Bludshot – Wrexham hardcore band (now defunct), feat; Ian Davies (gtr), Tim Edwards (gtr), Rich Priest-Jones (drms) (all later of BeyondOurMeans). More info req’d

Blue – progressive-indie 4-pc band formed by Wesley and Richie in Rhyl during 1998. Played a couple of gigs at the Sun Inn and The Bistro before dropping their potential orig material to become a ‘covers’ band.

Blue Angels – Holyhead band (c1960s). More info req’d

Bluebottle Veins – Flint band who are rediscovering a sound that has lay dormant for too long. A visceral mix of rock ‘n’ roll ‘n’ blues. (c2013) feat; Terry Cowley (voc,gtr), Gareth Jones (voc,gtr), Steven Owen (bass), Dylan Tattum (drms) (ex Old Black Tattoo, Depraved State). Rel EP in 2014 and a single in 2015. Feat as Band of The Day on Louder Than War. Dylan’s dad is Dave Tattum (Angelwitch). Things ground to a halt in early 2015 when Gareth left. (bandcamp)

Blue Halos – studio project c1989, possibly from Anglesey, feat; Colin Ryan and Derry Wilkinson. Rel LP ‘This Perfect Poison’ (Valentines Day Recs) rec in Gaerwen by Steve Rutter (of Tacsi, Red Stripe, A5). It’s thought they originated in that area. The group appeared to be quite divorced from any local musical scene of the time, their sleeve notes showing an almost paranoid over-defensiveness and alienation. Their music too, didn’t fit easily with other local groups, veering between almost Syd Barrett-esqe psych and PiL type cathartic rage, taking in 80s synth rhythms and punky thrash along the way. An intriguing release… if anyone can fill in the gaps, please let us know (download album)

Blue Meanies – Penmaenmawr based covers rock band, feat; Geoff. Took their name from the villains of the Beatles’ film ‘Yellow Submarine’.

Blue Room – RAF Valley based band (2001) feat; Terry Rielly (gtr), Tony Dyda (voc), Rav Roberts (bass) (all ex Story Dogs), Ritchie “B” (keys), Ritchie “Sin” (Sax) and Chris Docherty (drms).

BluprintZ – Bangor drum’n’bass project (c2008) by the owner of Stwdio Eglwys (website)

BlushRhyl based indie band (1996-2001), feat; Tim (bass), John Ellis (gtr) (now Sunspy), Daz Jones (voc,drms), Darren (gtr) (later Jinxed). Had a management deal and relocated London. Tracks Oh My God and You Can Go along with a live interview was aired on Shore FM‘s Xsentrik Selection (Oct 97). Rel 7″ ‘On The Other Side’ through the ‘Protected / Pinnacle’ label, played major support slots to the likes of Catatonia, North and South, and more recently Tony Hadley at Wembley Arena. Played their last gig at the Breeding Ground in 2001, with ‘Deano’ coming in to play drums to allow regular drummer / vocalist Daz Jones to take the front of the stage for their final bow. Daz and Darren joined Fudged (Jan05). Daz and Tim formed acoustic duo (Sep05) performing in Rhyl as Blush. Band reformed 2010 & played gig at Venue4Events, Rhyl with line up of Daz Jones (gtr,keys), Dino Tamburini (drms), Glenn Mitchell (gtr,voc), Degsy Griffiths (bass), Glen Griffiths (gtr) (gig review)

Bob Barleywater and the Ball Boys – hilarious one off project feat; Robin Hemuss, recorded a send up of Boheimian Rhapsody at RRS.

Paul BodBorn 1964 Bodelwyddan? Rumoured to have been a member of the notorious Dogs o’war gang but this cannot be confirmed. Having known Neil Crud since 1983 he joined 4Q as rhythm guitarist in Jul87 after serving a 2 year prison sentence for distributing a class 3 substance (cough mixture is a class 3 substance!). Lasted one gig (Rhyl Bee Hotel 23.07.87) before falling out with Neil. Soon after, he survived a massive brain haemorrhage. Last known to be living in Rhyl.

Boff Frank Bough(1990) Abergele based band feat; Alun Evansh (Alun Tan Lan), Aled Roberts (now of Dau Cefn), Simon Beech and Dewi (latter 3 formed Corridor) and Guto ab Owain. Rel Sessiwn Gill (Apr90) to high acclaim. Debut tape; Y Gwirionedd Am… followed by K9. Quote; ‘I love you all, have anal intercourse with my nose.’ See also It Might Be, Y Niwl

Bogans – Wrexham hardcore punk band (c2017), feat; Adam Wright (voc) (ex Smackrats), Joe Reynolds (gtr), Simon Roberts (gtr), Lewis Jones (drms), Dave Jones (bass) (who replaced Tom). Rel EP ‘Uno Mas’ (Jun17), ‘Here Be Monsters’ (Jan19), ‘Bogans’ (Apr20). Announced Apr20 that they were to split up  (bandcamp)

Bomb Disneyland – Deeside based punk-grunge band (1987-89), feat; Mark Cooper (gtr,voc), Prud (bass) (feat on a V8’s video shoot, sadly died of Septicemia), Scott Preece (drms). Another former drummer Barry St.Clair formed Dearly Beheaded in 1992 and orig drummer was Tash (Steve Gorst) (later Carnage, Cousin Grace) who rec Why Not with them until he broke his wrist. Rel a number of recs (incl; LPs Bomb Everything (05.89) and Nail Mary) under this name until they were contacted by a lawyer / representative of Disney who while telling them they couldn’t use the name, actually said: “We are not a Mickey-Mouse company”! (They changed their name to Bomb Everything) This sounds like an urban myth but it did happen. Scott went on to play for hardcore punks GBH. Bomb Everything was prod by Robert Heaton and Justin Sullivan of New Model Army. Mark Cooper’s son is Kieran ‘Bambi’ Elsdon drummer with Crasis

Bomb Everything – Had to change their name from Bomb Disneyland after legal threats from the Florida leisure park. Rel 2 albums; Guess What (Vinyl Solution recs 1990), and The All and Powerful Fluid (Music For Nations recs 1992).

Bombsite – Chester based punk fanzine (#2 came out Sep77), edited by Rip Nolan. Feat; punk bands of the day and gig reviews from Eric’s in Liverpool. More info req’d.

Bonehead – real name, Steve Jones, best known as guitarist with Sons of Selina, feat on the Terminus EP and the LP Fire In The Hole. Began his musical life with pub bluesy band the Funky Fingers before being asked by Neil Crud to join Sons of Selina to play on the Radio One Session. Also performed in the hard trance duo Agent 1475 with Dave ‘The Rave’ Jones (no relation), and as trance DJ Sysygy. Since late 1998 Bonehead has spent a lot of time being a guitar technician on tour with Mike Peters and also Stiff Little Fingers, Sex Pistols, Muse, Level 42 and The Mission, despite being a better guitarist than those he is working for. Has since assisted Hobo with his guitar skills and since 2017 has been one half of RT-Zed with Steve Grantley (SLF)

Bonkers – nightclub in Wrexham. home to a number of nightclubs over the years including Razzmatazz and Groove which closed in 2010. Premises now used as a takeaway.

Bonzai Massacre – Conwy noise-band (c2013), feat; Chris Williams (voc,drms), Tracey Howarth (bass) (later of Spam Javelin), Aled Lewis (gtr) (ex Emissaries Of Syn). Split 2017. Aled and Chris formed Morvo. See also Abductors, Middle Name God.

Boogie Run Two piece funk band from Abergele (1988-90), feat; Elvis (bass, vocals) who has also appeared on the Lemon Meringue Gang‘s Headphones, and Martin Wilding (guitar), better known for his work with the Sons of Selina. Noted more for their masterful guitaring, supreme bass playing and prominent vocals rather than song writing skills. Tracks incl; Gotta Let You Know. Elvis lived in Germany thru the 90s, returning to live in St Asaph (2003).

Bootnic –  Amlwch band, formed in school 2001, feat; Sion Horrocks (voc,bass), Sam Evans (drms), Jim Gibbs (gtr). Orig guitarist Sion Ifan left 2004. Debut Ep was ‘Cau Dy Geg’ (Cymru Music 03) followed by ‘Bai ar Gam’ (Crai 10.03.05). Jim also left and replacement, Alun Beans (also Seagull Kinevil, The Glitches, El Borracho) joined (Jan06) and brought an added maturity to the band and they rel the acclaimed ‘Stwnsh’ LP (oldskoolrecords 07), and then the EP ‘Blasu Baw’ (oldskool 1.11.08)

Bôrealis – Shoegaze band from Ynys Mon (formed 2022) feat; Jon Williams (gtr,voc), John Reynolds (bass,voc) and Kerry Cavanagh (drms). John is also in Entity and El Borracho (spotify)

Boreas y Gogledd
Boreas Y Gogledd –
project (c2013), feat; Alan Holmes (also Ectogram, Parking Non-Stop, ex Fflaps), and Ronny Waernes (from Norway). Rel debut LP ‘Pont’ (Turquoise Coal Recs 21.06.13), in Schiphorst where they play their debut. Subsequent albums were ‘Schiphorst’ (2013), ‘Civic Cerebral Collapse ‘ (2014), ‘Skerries’ (2019) and ‘Bwyty Hålogaland’ (2019)  (listen)

The Bossmen – Colwyn Bay band (c1960s). More info req’d

Simon ‘Sid’ Bottino from Llandudno of the same crew associated with Budgie, Paula and Paulus, not known to be in a band but may have played bass for Something Transparent and did record 4 or 5 tracks of his own at RRS and demoed material with Charlex Dextor Ward Experiment. Played bass and also some guitar, he did the drums as well – or told Robin Hemuss what to do on the Korg. Reminiscent of the Stranglers, all instrumental. He paid Robin for studio time in the form of one Roland SH09 which a mate of his had left sitting on top of his wardrobe for a good few years. He also had a Roland Juno, again sitting on top of his wardrobe unwanted.

Alasdair Bouch – ex promoter who is now based in Prague, but he did begin his musical career while in University in Bangor. Not only did Alasdair (affectionately known as Ali B… well before the existence of Ali G) work at Cob Records, but he was also responsible for turning upper Bangor’s Greek Taverna into a music venue back in the early 90s. His tireless promotion of live music in the town created a platform for many of the area’s young musicians to showcase their talents (or lack thereof). To this day, the Greek Taverna remains a vibrant venue for upcoming local musicians thanks to the work of Ali B. Since leaving Bangor and relocating to Prague, Alasdair has rel 3 CD albums.

Box of Frogs – Pub rock punk three-piece from Colwyn Bay area (1988-2003) formerly called Catdandy. Known for their rousing shows where they can just about play any cover version requested. Feat; Greg Foley (formerly of Meringue, now KGP), Mike Hartley (ex Blacklisted, Plastic Entrails). Opened for the UK Subs in Llandudno (1999).

Boycott UK – punk band, formed Jul04, feat; Philip Milton (gtr,voc) (later Juggling Grenades), Steve Brute (bass) (ex Cox, later BBR), Dave Warburton Cox (drms) (ex Chinese Chicken Balls, Hektor, Cox). Were going to be called Going Nowhere. Played debut gig supporting UK Subs at Morville, Rhyl 3.9.04. Steve and Dave went onto form Global Parasite

Boz – ex-Rhyl guitarist (late 80s – early 90s) played briefly for Ocean Rane, also did some solo demos and played with death metal band Ultra Violence, before moving to Yorkshire and playing on TOTP with All Seeing I. Latest sighting is in Sheffield (2022) as David J Boswell and releasing music (bandcamp)

Braidd yn Gwyntog – toilet humour band (1988), uncertain as to whether a real outfit, with members like Bendy Burt, alleged to be one of 4 students from Aberystwyth. Tape containing songs about farting, male genitalia and a radio station chief was banned from the air.

The Brakes – (c2008) Flint/Holywell covers band formed from the ashes of The Sofa Kings. Current line-up Russ (vocals guitars) Alan (Bass) and Bart (Drums). Band currently host Thursday night jam at the Abbots, Holywell (website)

Bran – Bethesda based outfit (late 70s), feat; John Gwen (voc,gtr), Len Jones (gtr), Louis Thomas (bass), Brian Griffiths (drms). (later of Hot Water, The Inverted Commas). John left and the remaining 3 carried on as Maggs.

Branchala – Celtic rock band (1993) feat; Skeet Williams (gtr), Hefin Hughes (drms) (ex Anhrefn), Ken Humphries (bass) (ex Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials), Mark Frodsham (voc), Emma Briscoe (voc), Sarah Collick (fiddle) (ex Soma Inside, Red Baby Town), Carl Bowerman (flute). Gigged throughout NWales and Cheshire, played orig material Folk/Rock based music, played final gig on Xmas Eve of 1993 at the Bistro in Rhyl. Skeet, Hef and Mark then went on to form Clan Morrigan after the split.

bRAXTON Hicks Preston2
Braxton Hicks –
Bangor / Colwyn Bay punk band, (Jul12-Jul13) by Joe Hovis (voc,gtr) (ex Bankshot), Neil Crud (bass) (ex 4Q, PSST, Sons of Selina), Gwion Griffiths (drms) (ex Vices, Bad Name, later Nexxus Empire, Celavi), played debut gig at Vegas Bar, Rhyl (12.10.12), rec’d first airplay courtesy of Adam Walton on BBC Radio Wales (13.10.12) with Never Kill Yourself, which was rel 04.12.12. (on Secrets of Sound), followed by The Bench EP (25.05.13 on link2wales) and also feat cover CD with Vive Le Rock magazine (Apr13) . Played support to UK Subs, Goldblade. A year and a day after forming Joe announced he was splitting the band and re-emerged playing solo gigs in 2014. Neil and Gwion formed Spam Javelin in 2015 (see video) (website)

Breach – Flint based 4-pc (2001). More info req’d.

The Breakdown – Rhyl band (c2009), became The Recover

Breakeven – Wrexham rock band (formed 2003), feat; Chris Evans (voc,gtr), Steve Evans (bass), John Jones (gtr), Carl Nadolski (drms). Rec 8-track demo. Played over 150 gigs.

Breakout – Flint based band, main line up: Les (voc,gtr), Al Bagshaw (bass) band have recently had a revolving door of other members incl Stephen Shaw (drms) (ex-Nidd and Friends, Premonition, Seedy/DC), Bart (drms) (ex Sofa Kings now The Brakes) Gareth Bagshaw (drms) (ex-Waterburn now Riot City).

Breeding Ground – new name for the defunct Stand venue at the Hotel Marina in Rhyl, launched Feb01 by Steve Buckley, Dave Hughes and Paul Scouse Hammond of Mr Big Time Recs. Within 6 months has established itself as a serious venue and the alternative nitespot in the area. Jan02, Paul and Dean Obscene Roberts took full control of the venue. Bands to play there incl; Black Swans, Fudged, Alien Matter, Spear of Destiny, Pocket Venus, Flea Cirkus, Homespun, Tetra Splendour. Venue was raided and closed down by the police Jul02 for alleged under age drinking. TBG2 was launched at the Deva Mail Club in Chester and Queensway Sports Hall, Wrexham but was very short lived. The Marina was demolished 2004.

The Bright Young People –
Rhyl indie-band (c2010), feat; Lee Dawson (voc,gtr), Casey Ingram (drms,voc) and Jack Lewis Jones (bass), who replaced Jamie Cardno (ex Der Bomber, Evolve). Rel EP ‘Vol.Dirty’ (May10), single Liberties / Woe (28.10.13). Relaunched themselves Oct21 with new single Lie In The Sun and added Carl Foulkes-Jones on gtr, who was replaced in May22 by Kameron Joliffe (also of The Pastimes) and they toured UK. Rel single ‘Your Love Weighs A Tonne‘ (01.07.22) (website)

Brigyn – two brothers, Ynyr and Eurig Roberts  from ‘somewhere in the wilderness between Llanrug and Penisarwaun’ (formed 2004) making electronica, folk-pop and plying their trade with plenty of national airplay and TV apps. Relocated to Cardiff. Rel LP ‘Brigyn’ (2004), followed by ‘Brigyn2’ (autumn05) and a remix LP ‘Ailgylchu’ (Aug07), then ‘Brigyn3’ (26.5.08). Played in San Francisco and Ireland. (website)

Justin Broadrick – musician who lives in Abergele.  Ex-member of Napalm Death and  now part of B’ham band Godflesh, Pale Sketcher, White Static Demon, Avalanche Recordings amongst other projects (website)

Broadway Boulevard – Llandudno nightclub that was long established until it closed in Jun14 after going into administration. Was based in the former Grand Theatre, built in 1901

Y Brodyr – Saltney based band, orig called Modernaires, (early 80s), feat; Hugh Hughes (bass) (ex Red) (who was tragically killed in a house fire in Chester 1985), Phil Bradley (gtr) (ex Red), Dave Baynton-Power (drms) (ex Red, later It’s Immaterial, Pink Military, James), and Chris Thompson (violin) on the ‘Syched’ release. Also rel 7″ Draws Donnau, 12″ Dal I Freuddwydio, and 2 LPs Cymynrodd, and Fel Y Mae all on Sain Recs. 2003 sees them reform to play the Welsh festivals feat; Phil, Dave and Chris joined by Steve Jones and Peter Bonham.

Broken Arrow – Bangor band of late 70s, feat; Chris Pearsen (voc,gtr), Mick Pearsen (bass), Tim Norfolk (gtr), Rob Parry (drms) (ex Weetabix Express, later 9 ½)

Broken Jukebox – Sunday night radio show on Llandudno based TudnoFM. Initially hosted by Gwyn Jones, then joined in 2012 by Mark Watson-Jones and later Garry Davies was also added to the team in early 2015. Play mainly hardcore punk and dark metal. Gwyn left in early 2018 and by early 2019 Mark hosted the show on his own, broadcasting usually once a fortnight (fb)

Broken Pavement – St Asaph band (formed 1998), feat; Rob Giggz (gtr), Dave Insight (gtr), Matty C (gtr), Bryan Stien (voc), Gizzmo (drms). Played the Morville, Rhyl (27.2.04) and Bar Blu. Orig formed as 3-pc with Rob, Dave and Mat (website)

Bron-y-Aur – small cottage in south Snowdonia, visited for holidays by a young Robert Plant and his parents in 1950s. Obviously inspired by these childhood visits, Plant took Led Zeppelin there in 1970 and they frequented the cottage many times for songwriting, hence the track Bron-y-Aur Stomp on the album Led Zep III.

Pete Brothel – Spoof DJ on the Spank FM website based on Peter Bethell

Brunels – nightclub in Rhyl on West Promenade during the town’s heydays for clubbing in 1990s

Brwas – Welsh / English fanzine edited by Alun Evansh (now Alun Tan Lan, ex It Might Be), based in Abergele early 90s.

Brychan – bilingual solo artist Brychan Llir (b.3.1.1970), formerly front man with Jess and is also dance project U4ria. Managed by cyc promotions of Italy. Split from Jess in 1995. Releases CDs Veleno Rumoroso (’98), and Vexed Fanatica (’99) and live shows feat; Owen Thomas (ex Jess) (drms). (Website)

Brython Shag
Brython Shag –
psychedelic rock band from Blaenau Ffestiniog (formed 2013), feat; Ceri Cunnington (voc), Deian Rhys Jones (bass), Gai Toms (gtr), Jason Hughes (drms). Had  session aired for Huw Stephens’ BBC Radio Cymru 21.04.14. And track Bywyd Ei Hun on comp CD ‘This Patch Of Land’ (on link2wales recs Oct15), rel LP ‘Brython Shag’ (on Sbensh Recs 04.03.16), and live session on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM show 03.07.17 (soundcloud)

B-Side Mellow – fortnightly band night in Old Colwyn, (started Mar02) showcasing local bands at Marine Hotel by DJs Just and Silv. Bands played incl Dive, Panacea, Fudged, Sulk, The Best Kept Cellar. The general feel for the night is chilled out, most bands play acoustic sets.

B-Sides – Ruthin based band, formed in Brynhyfryd school 1999, feat; Jeffrey Ryder (gtr), Bleddyn Woodward (gtr), Cai Brockley (drms) (ex Scramble Joe), Tom Edwards (bass), Craig Williams (voc). Began performing own material but devolved into covers band.

BT and The Best Shares – Bethesda based outfit (pre-1992). More info req’d.

Bubblefish – Chester band, feat; Chris. Rel demo ’25th Anxiety Attack’ (pic). Played Bistro Rhyl (29.07.1994). More info req’d

Jon Buckland – guitarist for Coldplay, b.11.09.77 in London, moved and brought up in Mold from age of 4. Played in a rap group, appearing on stage at the age of 10. Joined Coldplay and the rest, as they say, is history.

Steve Buckley – co-founder of Mr Big Time recs in Rhyl. Former bassist with Flourescent Daydream, Sometimes, Restless Natives, GMX Stuns and Elephants Home. Went on to run The Computer World shop in Colwyn Bay up until 2013. – link website (2002), not connected with the Tivoli venue in Buckley, but dedicated to bands who have played there as well as other bands and venues in North Wales and North West.

Bucko – Bangor band, feat. Wayne Blud (now of Fubar, ex Vinegar) (drms), Dan Shooman (bass), David Taylor (gtr) (ex-Killing Bagpuss, Vinegar) and Bridget (voc). Supported Krill (ex Dr and the Crippens) for their first gig. More info req’d.

Budgie – Infamous punk rocker from Llandudno, made the national papers when he married Hazel at a Conwy church dressed in his studded leather jacket, bondage pants and a huge ginger mohican, his wife wore a black wedding dress in early 80s. Eric James (Company) had the pleasure of Budgie honking up all over him at the Clarence and then down the stairs in Tiffanys. Was banned from his home-town by the courts for being a public nuisance. Briefly sang for 4Q in Oct87. Last spotted at a Damned gig in Wrexham (Mar04) and living in Rhyl.

Budgie Blue Baby Pink Films – visual outlet of Johnny R and  R-Bennig recs of Gwalchmai, Anglesey

Bum Glow – punk schoolboy band (2002) from Colwyn Bay, involved with the MASE organisation. More info req’d.

Bum Sting Spiders – Bangor based acoustic 5 piece, formed in 2009 with the following line up. James Phillips (voc,gtr, tenor guitar, banjo mandolin and bass). Simon (vocals, dulcimer guitar, kemence, harmonica, dumbek and cajon). Jen (Tenor guitar and bass). Lauren (Irish flute, mandolin and violin). Steve (voc, djembe, dumbek, bass, mandola and Stumpf-fiddle) (ex Dammerung). They played in Bangor, Menai Bridge and Conwy. Steve left in late 2011 to work in Hampshire. He was replaced by Hannah (voc,gtr,bass).

Burden of Silence – Conwy based hard rock band (formed summer04), feat; Rob Outram (gtr), Simon Knight (bass), Natasha Thomas (voc) and Michael Gennoe (drms). Debut at Penfest 2005. EP: “One Night In A Dream…” (Sep05), played Mase (Feb06)

Buried in Concrete – band feat; Eric Pinkerton, Andy Hinks (both ex Restless Natives, Sometimes) and Nic Roberts. Formed 1994 the time of the Fred West thing. Played a few gigs, Llandrillo Tech student union, The Bee in Rhyl, The Legend in Penmaenmawr and most notably at the Bistro in Rhyl, but in Eric’s words, ‘we were shit.’ Rel demo ‘Static’ (Apr94). Andy went on to form Numb.

Burly – Wrexham based band (2000), Tim Page (gtr), Nick Unsworth (voc,gtr,prog), Danny Minchom (keys,smpls,prog), Rob Jones (drms), Matthew Roberts (bass), Ema Caldwell (sax,flute,voc). Had a session on Adam Walton’s Radio Wales Show (Feb02)

Burn – Colwyn Bay rock band (1998-99) formed by Steve Pablo Jones (voc,gtr) (ex Harvest Moon, Heroes on a Beach, Picture House, White Tygerz). Also feat local journalist Chris White (bass) (ex Nitelyne, Stone Cold, Think Lizzy), Francis Flynn (gtr) (ex Think Lizzy) and Richie Pond (drms) (ex Think Lizzy, The Company, Big House). No orig material to show and seemed to be in it for a laugh rather than anything else.

Burnham Burnham –
Legendary early 80s Bangor group – other groups loved them to bits and wanted to be in them, they were very very good. Feat; Pete Walton (drms) (now Cane Toads), Humphrey Davies (bass), David Hopewell (gtr) (now Cane Toads), Richard Hopewell (gtr). Also Harvey (Harvinder) Star (voc) (later Charged) and Big James (bass). Mixes of above personnel played handful of gigs, pubs Uni. Just brilliant material riffs Modern Loversishish Soft Boysishish – songs like the standout Spirepoint, Smart Uniform Noise. The intense Richard Hopewell wrote the songs and he boils up and leaves for Scottish Islands, never to return hardly ever.  Rel 2 cassettes on Dave’s Blood Music label, ‘Spirepoint’ (1988) and ‘Do Clean and Vivd’ (1989). Reformed for one off gig at Vic Menai Bridge 2003, recording of which got botched. Copies a session rec at Shea’s Barn in Penrhosgarnedd 1980s still exist on cassette. (website with album streams)

Burn The District – Holyhead project (Jun08), feat; Jamie Burne (Portrait of A Lifetime) and Mike (Sick Dastardlys). (website)

Burn The Skyline – Wrexham post-metal/screamo band (c2009), feat; Mikey (voc), Adam (drms), Ash (gtr), Matt (gtr), Tom (keys), Dan (bass) (website)

Burst – indie songwriting outfit from Rhyl (1998) feat; Steve Buckley (GMX Stuns) and John Yale (Elephants Home). Debut single What Am I gained highly favourable reviews from the local press and radio stations.

Nathan Burton – singer/songwriter from Wrexham. Rel EP ‘It’s Hard To Sell Your Home (When it’s Part of a Chain)’ (on Northern Ambition 21.2.05). Rec session for Adam Walton on BBC Radio Wales

Bushman Deli – Caernarfon acoustic act, c2022, feat; Ramona Crocker (voc) Steve Crocker (gtr), John David Morris (gtr). Steve and John also play in White Ether

Abby Butler – singer/songwriter from Rhyl. Appeared live in session on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM Show (30.05.16). Became a member of Hourglvss (c2022), and is also one half of Bau Cat

Buzz Bop – Flint / Gwespyr lo-fi project, (formed early06) feat Daniel Lyden and Christian Woods with Tom King (gtr), made live debut 01.02.08 (website)

Bwchadanas – Bangor based folk/rock band of the 1980s formed by Uni students incl; Siân James.

Martin John Byast – singer/songwriter from Amlwch (c2008), often accompanied with his brother Christopher (drms). Rel LP ‘Passengers Journey’ (website)

Bysedd Melys– band (2001) orig from Anglesey, now with members who went onto Uni’s throughout Wales. Feat; Gerallt Jones (voc,gtr,keys), Antony Ruggerio (gtr), Robin Jones (bass), Rhodri Smith (drms), Gwion Jones (sax). Nominated in the ‘Best New Band’ category at Radio Cymru’s 2001 RAP (Rock and Pop) Awards. EP ‘CNAU’ (summer01) feat; 1) Paid a Siarad efo Fi, 2) Gorau Glas, 3) Colli, 4) Teithio’r Tir, 5) Dim Gwell, 6) Can y Bore, 7) Familiar Strangers. Have supported Big Leaves a few times. (website)

Bystander – Connah’s Quay rock-indie-grunge band, (formed Sep05) (briefly called Young Underground in 2008), feat; Tom Gambino (voc,gtr), Dave Thomas (gtr), Adam Hughes (bass), Rob Lloyd (drms) (left May08) (website)

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