Agent 1475

(Biog taken from the (now defunct) Dosse Posse website)

Agent 1475 were concieved in the winter of ’95. The band consist of the non-related duo of Steve Jones and Dave Jones. Dave, at the time, had just finished in a band called GMX Stuns. Originally, under P.S.S.T. and GMX monikers, Dave handled the digital programming and guitaring duties, creating electronic cyber-punk which got the band noticed and saw appearances on BBC Wales and HTV ,and saw them perform a prestigious slot at the renowned Marque club in London.

 At the same time Steve Jones was a member of the twisted psychedelic rock outfit Sons of Selina. After getting a record deal with independent label Delirium they performed all over Britain including a live spot on the Mark Radcliffe evening show from BBC Manchester, and european appearances including the Vlietpopfest in the Hague, Holland in the summer of ’94. Steve has always been friends with the lads from GMX Stuns and it’s pre-cursor P.S.S.T. so when Dave decided to hang up his guitar and concentrate on the digital side of the band he was asked to fill in on guitar during his time off from Sons of Selina.

Soon after came the end for GMX stuns. Dave had been writing pure dance music as an off-shoot from the band and Steve had been involved in the underground dance party scene as a technician and as a DJ under the Syzygy name. With a big event in the pipeline it was suggested that we join forces to do a set at the event. From that moment Agent 1475 were born. With a name stolen from the files of the American’s Military Intelligence ( it was the official term used by the military to designate the chemical MDMA during their period of intensive testing on their own troops! ) Agent 1475 began mixing high energy hard trance programming with full-on rock guitar riffs and stadium effects to create the organic sound they now possess.

The first gig took place in a remote farm somewhere in North Wales with the D.P. Sound System ( a full 10 K of pumping sounds! ), the D.P. DJ’s , including birthday boy DJ Ash, all associated lazers and visual effects and about 1500 ‘avin-it’ loonies all out for a good time. The gig was very warmly recieved ( even if it was a bit ropey the lads admit !! ) and led to a meeting with the manager of Liverpool based band Time shard who now takes care of Agent 1475’s bookings.

Since then the band have honed their style into a pulsating journey into the world of ‘ rock -n- rave’ with their eclectic mix of digital thunder and screaming pure guitar tone still recieving amazed looks from the punters in the venues that have since been blessed.

The band have been featured on the North Wales based label Crai’s recent underground compilation “CRAI TECHNO 2 ‘ Sounds from the Welsh Underground ‘”and hope to have their own home-grown CD out soon.

The band are currently contracted for a series of appearances at the Dosse Posse’s Trancemission nights and should be seen in this intimate venue before they become too busy !…….

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