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Wah! - later version of Pete Wylie's (voc,gtr) Wah! Heat, also feat; Paul Barlow (drms) (ex It's Immaterial), Carl Washington (gtr), King Bluff (keys). After a couple of singles their LP 'Nah-Poo=The Art of Bluff' hit #33 in the UK charts & Henry Priestman (keys) (ex It's Immaterial, The Yachts later of The Christians) replaced King Bluff. They rel a couple more singles one as Shambeko! Say Wah. In summer 1982, Wylie & Washington had a clear out & recruited Jay Naughton (keys), Chris Joyce (drms) (ex Durutti Column, later of Simply Red), Charlie Gruf Griffiths (keys) (ex Pink Military) & enjoyed major success with 7" Story of The Blues reaching #3 in UK charts, after another Top 40 hit they changed their name to Mighty Wah

Wah! Heat – Formed early 1979 by Pete Wylie (voc, gtr) (ex Crucial Three), Pete 'Kid' Younger (bass) (ex Those Naughty Lumps), Rob 'Jonie' Jones (drms) (ex Crash Course, later of High Five) & with Echo & The Bunnymen & Teardrop Explodes they were at the forefront of the L'pool post-punk scene, playing their 1st gig at the Everyman Bistro 26.11.79 with The Nice Men and Psycamesh. Rel 7" Better Scream (Inevitable Recs 1979) before Younger left and was replaced by [Carl] Washington. Colm Redmond (gtr) (ex Psycamesh) joined in time for first Peel session (rec 19.5.80); and KJ Tyrer aka King Bluff (keys) was added, debuting at Manchester Poly gig supporting arch-rivals Pink Military, with U2 third on the bill. Redmond left when it became clear during sessions for next single (7 Minutes To Midnight Inevitable Sep 80) that sticking around would mean playing live but not on the records – like every guitarist recruited from that day to this. By the time it came out he was with Pink Military, so it annoyed Wylie all the more that on the NME singles page, in a montage with the likes of Bowie, Springsteen and James Brown, was a picture just of Redmond. Name changed to Wah! (see above).

Wailing Souls – band (c1991), feat; Alan Currie (drms), Frank Mahon (bass) (both ex Come in Tokio, Candy Opera), Paul Malone, Brian Smithers. Became a much saught after band and Gordon Charlton of EMI invited them to record endless demos in London, unfortunately Gordon had a panic attack at a rehearsal in L’pool and became ill; the band split.

Waist -

Wake Up Afrika - Widnes band (formed 1984), feat; Dave ‘Pichilingi’ Fenlon (voc) (ex Utopia Dream, later 35 Summers), Duncan Lomax (gtr,voc) (ex Perfect, later 35 Summers, Hal), Ian Donohue (gtr), Ste Holian (bass), Andy Hignett (drms), Andy Frizell (sax,flte) (ex Perfect, Vernons, later Wizards of Twiddly, Absent Black Cat, Royal Family). Andy was replaced on sax by John Lyons (1987). Also orig feat; Pete Benson. Played extensively in L’pool, notably Uni and Poly, Mardi Gras, supp China Crisis, The Farm. Changed name to Giant Smiles (Nov87) before changing it back again. Had track Love Died on The Road on Elegance Charm And Deadly Danger comp LP (Dec85). Rel 12" single 'Simple Words' on own label which became highly sought after in Japan triggering a re-release in Japan (2003).

Waiting For Chan - band formed late 02/early 2003, feat; Matteo Scumaci (voc,gtr), Rob Fowler (keys), Mark Rendell (gtr), Andy Mitchell (drums), James Walsh (bass). Earlier incarnation (98-99) feat; Matteo Scumaci (voc,gtr), David Greeves (bass), Rob Fowler (keys), John Williams (drms). Played a few gigs at L'pool's crucial venues; Zanzibar etc. (website).

Walkie Talkies – band (Jun78-Nov79), orig called Ded Byrds. Feat; David Knopov (voc), Jon Moss (drms) & Ambrose Reynolds (bass) who were all in O’Boogie Brothers. Wayne Hussey (gtr) (later Dead Or Alive, Foxglove, Sisters of Mercy, Mission), Dave Wibberley (gtr) (later Fire, Evad-Flab), Denyze D’Arcy (sax,voc) (later Zale Out, Fragile Friends). Rel single on Sire Rich & Nasty, toured, then split. Ambrose went on to Nightmares in Wax & Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Ambrose is now in Urban Strawberry Lunch. Denyze married violinist Ed Alleyn-Johnson (ex New Model Army) and has released several LPs with him on their own Wingspan Recs

Walking Boys - band (1979-80) formed from many other bands, feat; Gary McGuiness (voc,gtr,keys), Colin Walker (gtr), Paul Williams (bass), Colin Ventre (drms). Had two tracks on the Skeleton Comp ' A Trip To The Dentist' Don't Hurry, Don't Worry & Leave You Alone. Line-up expanded & became Walter Mitty's Little White Lies

Walking Seeds - band prev called The Corinthians, formed 1986, feat; Frank Martin (voc) (ex Mel-o-Tones), Barry Sutton (gtr) (also Marshmallow Overcoat, Goat People, La's, Mirrorball), Bob Parker (bass) (ex Mel-o-Tones), Jon Neesham (drms) (ex Mel-o-Tones) replaced by Tony Mogan (also Marshmallow Overcoat) late 86, replaced in 87 by Dennis (ex Fallen People). Rel 12" Know Too Much (Probe 86), 12" Marque Chapman (Probe Mar87), LP Skull Fuck (Probe Oct87).

Walk The Plank – band feat members now in Short Sharp Shock. More info req'd

Walter Mitty's Little White Lies - band formed 1981 feat; Gary McGuiness (voc,gtr,keys), Colin Walker (gtr), Paul Williams (bass), Colin Ventre (drms) (all ex Walking Boys), & G.Garland (sax,voc), John Rupert Holt (keys), replaced by Paul Johnson (Jul81).Keith Miller (ex Topsy Turvy) and John Feeney joined in1983. Rel 7" Brave New World on Hip Recs (Jul81), re-rel on RCA (Jul82). Keith speaks of Feeney and himself, 'We played with that band for 18 months or so after that, including 1983 summer festival in North Park in Bootle where Cook the Books also played (and a few other bands including drummer Tony Elson's band of the time (whose name I can't remember, Tony was an old schoolmate who played with among others, The Real People, Islands of Dance, The Jetsons, Young Lions). WMLWL were still recording up to November 1984 though the name got shortened to Little White Lies in 1984.

Wardog - band (1974-78), feat; Paddy Breene (voc) (ex Klubbs, later Skytrain), Pete Tidy (drms) (ex Klubbs, later Skytrain), Steve Wright (gtr). Steve left (& wrote the theme tune to TV prog Brookside) & Paddy & Pete formed a cabaret band in 1978 with 2 girl singers. Steve Burkhill joined a year later & they reformed Wardog with Norris Easterbrook (bass) (ex Klubbs), who eventually left & Paddy took over bass & vocal duties. Became Skytrain.

Wargame - name used by Skydog in 1980-81 (prev called Atomic Warlords & also Anon)

Warehouse, The - 80's venue around Wood Street / Bold Street. Killing Joke played there & during 1982 feat; Dead Kennedy's, Chelsea, Vice squad, John Otway, Flux Of Pink Indians. Last band to play there was Big Country. Also operated under the name Club Fiasco & Klub Foot (see also Simon Geddes)

Warp Band - Formed as the band playing the music for the longest play in the world The Warp following a successful run at the Everyman in the late 70s.  Featured Margo Sargov (voc gtr) (Amazulu), Eithne Hannigan (violn,voc), Mark McGann (voc) (later finding fame with his brothers acting on stage, TV and Film, including title role in ‘Lennon’), Mike Royden (gtr) (Stealer, Dave Easter Band, Flex) and others.

Warpigs - metal band (c1983) from Widnes. More info req'd.

Warsaw - name (c1982) used by Malchix (also Warz, Hussardz)

Warz - name (c1982) used by Malchix (also Warsaw, Hussardz)

W.A.S.P. - Wirral Area Sounds Project run by Phil Chan. A musicians collective feat bands; Raised On Radio, Back Of Beyond, H2II. Skidsy was the Treasurer in 1987

Waste - band feat; Ned Murphy (ex Rain), Rel; 'Songs You've Never Heard' (2001). More info req'd.

Waterfront - Wirral rock band (1985-86), feat; Pete Millichap (voc,gtr) (ex Founder Members, later Just Like June), Jimmy Stratton (gtr) (ex Room To Move, later Giant Killers), Dave Smith (drms), Mark Tilliston (bass) (ex Founder Members, later Look Out Oscar).

Watt 4 - rock band (1976-82) with a fluid line-up. Managed by Mona Best, the band was formed by Roag Best (drms,voc) (Pete Best's brother) & Ian Alexander (bass) and feat; Phil Davies (voc,gtr), Les Boyd (gtr). By 1977 Davies and Boyd had left and were replaced by Colin Buchanan (gtr) and Alan Rowe (voc) and Steve Quinn (gtr). By late 1978 Quinn had left and was replaced by John Rockett (gtr). Also joined by Neil Stephenson (mixer), Adam Baige (lights). By 1979 rec demo at Matrix Studios, Soho, London and Open Eye Gallery studio L’pool. Support band for the Tourists (feat; Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart at Erics). By 1980 Rowe and Buchanan left and were replaced by Mike Walker (gtr,voc) and Craig Charles (later of Red Dwarf and Coronation St TV fame (keys) Recorded demo at Hessy’s in L’pool. Ian Alexander left (late ’81), soon after Carl Walker (perc,voc) (later Delado, Urban Jazz Ritual) joined. Psycamesh shared a bill with them once at Lincoln's Inn. Split in summer 1982 & then reformed in 1983, last heard of on the cabaret circuit in 1987. Ian says, ‘Our first gig was at the Neptune Theatre, at a battle of the bands - we didn't win, but we came second or third. I was in the band with Roag for about 6 years through all sorts of different line-ups. While the band was going we played mainly New Wave / Rock we practiced in the Cazbar Club and had residencies at Kirklands, Sampson and Barlows, Masonic, Whispers and the Dolphin. Roag remained in the band until it split, he now plays in the Pete Best Band.’

Waving At Trains - band (1984-2000), feat; Paul Gill (voc,gtr) (joined 1986), Paul Hobday (gtr) (ex Back To College, later India (Lost Weekend), Blue Murder, Association, Collective), had track Parade on Merseyside Musicians Bureau comp tape (Jan87).

Way Ahead - Southport rock band (c.1987), feat; Mark Summer (voc). Had song Nuclear Attack. More info req'd.

Way To War - mid 80s band, involved with Hanover St Music Resource Centre. More info req'd.

WC Wardrobe's Swinging Clit - More info req'd.

Web - band used to be called Some Day Blue & became Jealous Heart (see also Elegy, The Issue). Played debut gig Jul84 & rec'd record co interest, but soon split.

Western Diplomats - band (1982-84), feat; Barry Sutton (gtr) (later Marshmallow Overcoat, Walking Seeds, Goat People, La's, Mirrorball), John Cornforth (keys) (later Foundation), Phil Bliss (voc), Paul Scott (bass) (Marshmallow Overcoat, Whiskey Priests). Originally using a drum machine but later employing a drummer - Andy Parle (later of Foundation, Space). Gigged regularly & rel 21 track demo in late 1982 (11 live tracks at The Masonic) & described as Buzzcocks-Fall influenced. More info req'd.

Western Promise - band feat; John McGlone (voc) (later Ministry of Love, Steppin Razor), Dave King (bass) (ex Ulterior Motive, later Dancing In Exile), Mick Clarke (drms) (ex Frets etc, later Suspect Greenhouse, Second To None, Shell Collectors, Jenny Lind, Fallen People). Rel singles on Midnight Music, "Promised Land" - DONG11, My War" - DONG18, 'Star Of Bethlehem" - DONG42, "If You Tell Me You Love Me" - DONG49. And LP "Showdown With Fate" - CHIME00.58. Eventually split into The Ministry Of Love & Steppin Razor which was a sort of reggae fusion type thing feat Levi Tafari.

Whatevershebringswesing - band of 1988 feat; Andrew Delamere (drms), Andy Frizell (ex Perfect, Wake Up Afrika, Vernons), Sean Taylor who was soon replaced by Carl Bowry. Played 4 gigs (incl The Picket), had songs What People Say & Everybody's Sometime Blues. Carl was writing wierd pieces for Simon James & the band would rehearse at Vulcan Studios in Liverpool for a couple of hours, then Simon would turn up & they would practice the wierd stuff. Decided eventually to join the 2 ideas together & call it Wizards of Twiddly.

When In Rome - 4-pc band from Ellesmere Port (formed 1985), feat; Ian Prowse (gtr,voc), Dave Condra (bass,voc), Nick Corran (keys), Troy Coleman (drms).

When It Rains – band feat; Cheryl Leigh (voc) (ex Young World, Word For Word). Signed to Dick James publishing.

Where’s The Beach - were Pete Jones and Adam Marshall, 2 ex-students working on synths and samples out of an attic on Canning St. They did a few gigs and rec 3 BBC Sessions (inc Peel on 4.12.92). And supp Aphex Twin. Rel 12" Sex Slave Zombie & got NME Single of The Week on their own Mantra label, prev rel Suakin & Primevil Goddess 12" singles. Adam has also been in Elliptical Trampolines, Frontiers of Chaos, Cindy and the Barbie Dolls, Flaccid Botulists Incorperated and Machine Age Voodoo.

Whiskey Priests - classic 4-pc punk band (mid80s), feat; Paul Scott (bass) (ex Marshmallow Overcoat, Western Diplomats), Jon Sharples (drms), Pete Pulford (bass,voc,tapes), Peter Hurst (gtr) (also Marshmallow Overcoat), all band members called themselves Pete. Rel eponymous 6 track demo (Skysaw 1985), track Forget It All on Bugs On The Wire comp (Skysaw May87) (the track was actually a cover of a Hoi Polloi song). Played about 10 gigs, inc 2 at Brian's Diner one of which was with Crikey it's the Cromptons. Also played with Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus Split Summer86.

Whiskey Priests - band (early 80s) feat; Gary Price (melodeon, cittern) (later Wicca Man), John (drms). Played a few gigs at Brian's cafe in Liverpool. (*This maybe the same band as above*)

White & Torch - band (late 70s), feat; Roy White and Steve Torch, (ex Torchy & The Moonbeams, later Pink Military). Rel 7" 'Who's Asking You?/Stand Alone' on Open Eye Recs (OE-4, 1980).

White Bitch - band feat; Bob & Tony (both ex-Walking Seeds), rel 'Animal Woman'

White Hotel - band (1983-84), feat; Ian Dixon (voc). More info req'd.

White Room - metal band of early 80s, feat; John Davies (voc,gtr) (ex Grace), Mac Austin (bass), Harry Davies (drms). Rel 7" Way of The World (Clay May82).

White Russians – band (formed 1985) feat; Jane Alexander (voc) (ex Gone To Earth), Paul Reynolds (gtr) (ex Flock of Seagulls, World Service), Les Hughes (drms) (ex Hambi & The Dance), Steve Gaw (keys), Martin Green (bass) (ex Numbers 28). Steve (as did Martin) left in '86 do his finals, replaced by Karl Lornie (keys) (ex World Service)

Whopper - name used by Julian Cope for a track on 'Shores of Lake Placid' comp.

Why Control – punk band (formed 1977), prev called Bombsite, feat; Clif ‘Cookie’ Ison (voc), Martin Cass (gtr), Colin Gronbach (bass), Mark Hodgkinson (drms). Had following in L’pool, Queensferry and Chester. Songs incl; Why Control It, England’s Glory, I Hate. (website)

Wicca Man - formed in 1991 by Jon Cousins (gtr) (ex Ophiuchus), Pat D'Arcy (sax) (ex Ophiucus), Gary Price (melodeon, cittern) (ex Whiskey Priests), Paul Wilson (bass), and George Laidlaw (drms). Rel 2 LPs 'Mayfire Circles' 1992, and 'It Wuz Nee Me, I Wuz Nee There' 1993. Band split in 1994.

Widow – metal band (1981-84), feat; Tony Donahue (gtr) (later Kamarg), Dave Lee (drms) (later Lords of The Axis). Split after many line-up changes

Wild Pleasure – duo (1984-85) feat; Paul Milliard and Keith Holiam (both ex Wild Weekend), rec demo at Pink Studios. More info req’d

Wild Swans - outfit (formed 1981) feat; Gerald Quinn (keys) (ex Teardrop Explodes), Paul Simpson (voc) (ex Crucial Three, Shallow Madness, Teardrop Explodes, later Care, Living Legends, Skyray), Jeremy Kelly (gtr) (also Lotus Eaters, The Lovers, Psycamesh, Diamond Sutra, Care), Alan (bass) & Alan Wills (drms) (also played live for Send No Flowers). Their orig drummer, Justin Stavely (later Roulade) was sacked early on. Alan on bass was replaced by Rob McGibnty (later Woodentops) and Kelly was replaced by Ian Broudie (later Lightning Seeds). Signed to Zoo Recs rel Revolutionary Spirit, the 7" white label (prod by Pete De Freitas of Echo & The Bunnymen) was withdrawn & came out in 12" instead. John Peel & Kid Jensen offered them Radio One sessions & the band split 1982. In 1985 they reformed and in 1986 their Peel Session from 1982 was rel on Strange Fruit helped to get a session for Janice Long. Sire Records signed them & rel 7" Young Manhood (Apr88) followed by Bible Dreams (Aug88) then debut LP 'Bringing Home The Ashes'. 2nd LP 'Space Flower' in 1990 was released after the band split for the 2nd and final time.

Wild Weekend – Runcorn band (formed Dec81 – split summer84) feat; Ade Sleigh (drms,sax) (later Hardly Fighters, Tao Tao Bay Beep, Trash Culture), David C (voc), Alan Scott Roberts (bass), Gary Horabin (keys) (all ex Burning Airlines) and Ian Gardler (gtr) (who left early82 for Flesh Impact). Rel 2track demo (Jun82) ‘Emotional Tango’ / ‘Hungry’, and rec John Peel session (1982) – tracks aired Swimming In Mud, Janine And The Razorman, Scarecrow.  Ade and Gary left late83, replaced by Paul Milliard and Keith Holiam who went onto form Wild Pleasure. After they split Alan moved to London formed another version of Wild Weekend which he fronted. This version were signed in 1987 by Parlaphone. Reached 74 in charts with "Breakin Up" and 70 with "Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Love" in 1990 before calling it a day.

Keith Wilson – ubiquitous musician and TV worker born in Kensington, L’pool. Has been a member of Mutants, Geisha Girls, After A Fashion,  Exploding Hamsters, Spider Monkeys, Jegsy Dodd and most recently the Lovetones. Has toured extensively in UK and Europe, and throughout a hailstorm of former lives has opened for numerous acts incl the Jam, Buzzcocks, Ultravox, Police, Nik Turner, Elvis Costello, Joe Strummer, Stranglers and Billy Bragg. Has written and performed in all forms of media and has worked for every major broadcaster in the UK and Ireland. Frequently reported as 'missing in action' due to commitments as a TV presenter. Keith’s debut solo LP 'The Methylated Spiritualists' Freudian Slip Of The Tongue' (Mar07). Also new book 'Irritable Vowel Syndrome' (spring07) (website)

Windows - a one week studio project in 1980, feat; Roddie Gilliard (now of Muffin Men, but check his profile), which turned into a gigging duo with Steve Cockrill - industrial, noise, guitar, electronica nonsense (ex 051, Geisha Girls). Played a gig at Kirklands, during which they performed "Toolbox Guitars" a piece that involved sawing a chair in half - legend has it that Ian McCulloch was heard to mutter "I can't handle that" as he left the room. Also live feat; Dave Horton (bass). Feat on Skeleton Recs comp 'A trip To The Dentist' with When The Music's Over also rel LP 'Uppers On Downer' (Jan81) on same label SKUL-2. A single Re-Arrange/Over Dub (Aug81) again on Skeleton SKL-008.

Wirral School of Samba – collective who are the band Oxiris and is the samba performance group and consists of experienced players. The 'Wirral School of Samba' holds regular samba workshops and is for beginners upwards. The site also has a little relative information information about Brazilian drumming styles and Brazilian musicians. (website)

Wizards of Twiddly - 4-pc band (formed 1988) feat; Andrew Delamere (drms) (ex Crikey, it's The Cromptons), Andy Frizell (bass,voc,sax,trmbn) (also of Vernons Perfect, Wake Up Afrika, also sessioned with Muffin Men), Martin Smith (trumpet,) Simon James (voc/flte/sax) (also of Vernons), Carl Bowry (gtr). Also had Keith Lancaster for earlier live shows who'd sit on stage in a top hat & wind an odd contraption round with pictures on it. Rel 2 demos in spring'89 & 'Kitchen Sounds' (Dec90), followed by an LP 'Independent Legs' (May92) & were played by Steve Wright on Radio One. Then rel 'Man Made Self', in their time the Twiddly's collaborated with acts as diverse Urban Strawberry Lunch, Kaboodle Theatre Co.and comedian Terry Titter. In 1994 Andy Frizell was one of the last people to work with the late great Vivian Stanshall (Radio 4 'Down Your Way'). 1994/5 the they toured with Kevin Ayers,documented on the live CD 'Turn The Lights Down ' (Market Square). Since 1995 various Twiddlys have turned up sessioning for Super Furry Animals, Gorkys Zygotic Mynci and most recently The Coral. As well as extensive theatre work with kaboodle, Rejects Revenge and Spike. And the band got together at end of 2004 to play the Zanzibar in Dec. (website)

Word For Word - band feat; Cheryl Leigh (voc) (ex Young World, later When It Rains). Have trk on ‘Son of Jobs For The Boys’ comp LP (Natalie recs Jun85), signed to Stiff Recs. Cheryl also acted in 6 Alan Bleasdale plays and was in Brookside for 2 years before moving to New York (supported Tom Petty). Back home has just started own publishing company

Workwear - rock band (c1983) from Ormskirk. More info req'd

World Service – band (1986), feat; Paul Reynolds (gtr) (ex Flock of Seagulls, later White Russians), Karl Lornie (keys) (later White Russians)HughesH, Tony Gozon (gtr), Anthony Breen (drms).

Wrathchild - glam-shock-rock band (1982-88). Brian Parry (drms) (ex Grim Reaper, Rough Justice, later Original Sin) joined in 1983. Rel 12" Rock The City Down (Bullet Mar83), 7" Do You Want My Love (Bullet Sep83), LP 'Stakk Attakk' (Heavy Metal Jun84), 7" Alrite With The Boys (Heavy Metal Sep84), LP 'Trash Queens' (Castle Mar85).

Wrecked Career - avante-garde band (formed 1983), feat; Jeff Turner (gtr,brass) (also of Royal Family & The Poor). Rel track Screaming Drowning on Zulu comp LP (Apr84)

Wright, Linda - session vocalist turned solo artist, rel 7" Love Me You Want (Mercury Aug79). Did backing vocals for Inevitable Recs artists like China Crisis. Sang for Zoots Navarro (1985)

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