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Vagabonds, The - Band (formed 2003), formerly known as Townshend, feat; Billy Singer (voc), Phil Atkinson (gtr), John Cole (bass), Wayne Fleet (drms). Have supported bands such as The Others and Snow Patrol, as well as touring across the country. Played on the Unsigned Band Stage at the 2005 Matthew Street Festival and In The City (2006). (website)

Va Va Boum Boum - band (formed 1987) feat; Paul Usher (voc) (ex Thrown Together), Phil McDonough (gtr), Gary Brown (bass), Takis Lagondakos (keys), Kenny Berry (keys), Sean Maynard (drms). Rel 4track demo Everytime, Happy Families, Make The Most, Fruitful Life (1987). Paul is perhaps better known as Barry Grant from the TV soap Brookside

Vanilla Bezerk – (c1985) lively guitar and synth based band performing around North Liverpool.  Feat; Mark Doran (voc,gtr), David Doran (bass), Mr Salmon (gtr), Barry Lee (drms) (ex The Voice), replaced by Mal, and Jenny (keys). Lived in Fazakerley and Walton.  A Had a song called River Plate.  Their influences were diverse and included Lou Reid, Velvet Underground, Joy Division, Bunnymen, Icicle Works, Microdisney, The Smiths... and possibly the Beatles. Also feat; Dave Goldring (ex Oceans Eleven) at some point. They practiced at the studios down at the docks the same time as Half Man Half Biscuit

VCL XI - duo of late 70s feat; Paul Humphreys & Andy McCluskey (who went onto form OMD). Name came from the back the Kraftwerk album "Radioactivity". It was the model number of an electronic valve unit! The name Orchestral Manoeuvres into the Dark was actually a title of a song by VCLXI, and "VCLXI" appeared again as the name of an OMD track on the album 'Organization'. See also Hitlerz Underpants

Vendetta – St Helens punk band (1981-82), feat; Brad (voc), Tchoily (gtr), Sam (bass), Gary Carr (drms). More info req'd

Vendetta – Waivetree band (formed 1984), line up in 1987 after touring Holland in May was Les Smith (voc), Kevin J Rearden (gtr), Dave McKevitt (bass), Phil Irving (drms)

Venom - Birkenhead punk band (1979-80) feat; Kenny Smith (bass) (later Venomous Youth), Bob Burbridge (gtr,voc,drms) (later of Venomous Youth, New Frontiers).Did mainly '77 punk covers. More info req'd.

Venomous Youth - Birkenhead punk band 1980-82, feat; Neil Crossley (gtr) (later of Bisquits, Half Man Half Biscuit), Steve 'Hocky' Hockinhall (voc) (later Instant Agony, Mere Dead Men), Kenny Smith (bass) (ex Venom), Russel Dilnot (drms), Bob Burbridge (gtr,voc,drms) (ex Venom, later New Frontiers). Played covers of Ruts & Magazine songs. More info req'd.

Venus Adore - band formed 1982 by John Tuite - aka Nicky Hillon or Nicky Cool, (ex Pink Military) with Pete Rea & Beverly Hills (who lived in an ex-convent). Rel 3 track demo (1983) feat; Perfume For The Revolution, If That's The Way, Fashion For The 3rd World. The track Burning Arrows, credited to Venus Adore on the "Small Hits & Near Misses" Inevitable comp, is actually Back Into Sound, a track off the unreleased Faction album "Crosstalk & Radio Silence" with Joe Musker (drms) (Dead or Alive, Wah! Heat), Tim Lever (sax). There's a few seconds of a song (possibly "The Value Of Punishment") by John Tuite - with Bev, playing in the social-club scene in "Letter to Brezhnev." John also appears as an extra, walking his dog Angus on the deck of the Mersey ferry.

Venus Beat Mushrooms – name used by Neuklon for most of 1982.

Vernons, The - band formed early 1985, orig line-up, Simon Burchill (gtr,voc), Andy Harding (gtr), Jez Francis (bass) and Tom LeBas (drms). Jon Fiber (keys) added 1986, and brass (Andy Frizzell, Simon James, Martin Smith - all of Wizards of Twiddly, Whatevershebringswesing) added in 1988. Played hundreds of gigs mainly in and around L'pool. Rel LP– Smithdown Road (Probe). Singer Simon promptly left and went to Manchester. Recruited Andy Holland (ex Magic Carpets, Dharma Bums, Clocktower, Kelso).as new singer, and played several gigs with this new line-up, until the band realised the number was up – the audience had moved on. Finally split up around 1991. Andy Frizell also played in Perfect, Wake Up Afrika)

Vernon’s Girls – pop band of early 80s. Rel 7” Lover Please (Decca May82) which was re-issued by Old Gold (Sep85). More info req'd

Vertical Seeds - name used couple of times for live outings by Passion Polka

Vice Versa - Kirkby band (1970s) managed by Jeremy Lewis owner of Amazon Studios, feat; Lol Connoly (keys), Gary Cheetham (gtr), George Manley (drms) and Steve Jones (bass,voc) (later Skyscrapers). As well as Vice-Versa Jeremy also managed Next

Vicious Circle – B’Head band (formed 1984), feat; Ken Hancock (gtr) (ex Fishmonkeyman, ID, Reel To Reel, Jegsy Dodd, The Power, later Half Man Half Biscuit), Rob Stead (drms) (also Jegsy Dodd), other members? Not to be confused with Prestatyn band with same name. More info req'd

Victims of Romance – band (1979-80), feat; Roy White (voc) (ex Fun, Berlin, later White & Torch, Roy White Band), Jim Mealy (gtr) (ex Fun, Berlin, later White & Torch, Roy White Band, Bamboo Fringe), Gerry Garland (sax) (ex Fun, Berlin, Bamboo Fringe), Brian Rawlins (drms) (ex Fun, later 3D, Keep it Dark, Liverpool Express), Steve Torch (bass), (later White & Torch, Bamboo Fringe), Hambi (voc) (ex Tontrix, later Hambi & The Dance)

View From a Room – ealry 80s pop-jazz band. More info req'd

Vigilante – label set up by Mayhem to release their Bloodrush single (Feb85)

Viper – Runcorn metal band (early 80s), feat; Gary Barton. More info req'd

Viper Records - Set up and owned by Tommy Scott (ex Space), have rel early recordings by the La’s. P.O. Box 48, Liverpool, L17 7JE (website)

Virgin Dance - More info req'd.

Vis Johnson Band - band (formed 1985) with a 70s rock feel. Feat; Marty Bennett, Tony Cannon, Dave Hartley, Tommy Pendleton, Dave Sellwood. Had track Lose all Control on comp LP Twist & Samba (Oct86)

Visual Aids – power pop band (formed 1981), had a very fluid line-up and feat at some point; Pete Carrol (voc) (later Dark Continent, Danse Macabre, Quit Bitchin), Sam Brew (gtr) (later Afraid of Mice), Rob Boardman (gtr) (later Jass Babies, Personal Column), Dave Whittaker (bass) (later Jass Babies, Here’s Johnny), Shaun McLoughlin (bass) (later Afraid of Mice), Mark Edmonton (gtr) (later Feathers & The Fire), Phil Coxon (keys) (later Hambi & The Dance), Steve Brown (drms) (later Jass Babies, AOM, Here’s Johnny). Shaun, Pete and Phil became the nucleus and by mid81 the line inc them with Gordon Longsworth (gtr) (ex Motion Pictures, later Ponderosa Glee Boys, Foundation) and Tony McKenna (drms) (ex Motion Pictures, later The English). Tony Elson (drms) (ex Systems, later Precautions, Young Lions, Islands of Dance) replaced McKenna and band split in 1982.

Vixen – B’head / Holywell band (see N.Wales entry)

The Voice – band (c1984), feat; Barry Lee (drms) (later Vanilla Bezerk), Steve McGrath, Steve Birch, Brian Murphy. Played Belle Vale Rock Festival. More info req'd

Volunteers – St Helens rock band (c1987). More info req'd

Voo – band (formed 2004), feat; Graham Jones (voc,gtr), John Wallace (drms), Paul Jones (bass). Rel 7” Tree Filled Roads (Margarine Foundation 2004), 7” On The Return (Spank Recs Oct05), LP ‘Dates Facts And Figure’ (Spank Nov05).

Voodoo 7:2 - Wirral based band feat; Ivan (voc,keys), Mike (keys,gtr,voc), Mark (bass), Jay (gtr), and Dan (drms). Initally began as an experimental studio band, but since mid04 have taken to playing live. They offer up a 'post punk funk' tinged sound that has hints of Gang Of Four, and more recently Franz Ferdinand. Short choppy chords, with clever flourishes. Are now beginning create a real buzz in and around Liverpool, with gigs at The Barfly, The Zanzibar etc. Changed name from Trip due to Newport band with same name and briefly called themselves Harlequin Circus. Rel EP ‘Musical Mountaineers’ (Jan06). website

The Vow – band of mid-80s, feat; Graham Trust (gtr) (ex No Exit), Jacqui Lancaster (voc), Martyn Gilbert (gtr) (ex No Exit), Paul O’Brien (bass), Tony Potter (drms). Jacqui & Paul left afyer 12mnths and Nick Reynolds (bass) joined. See extensive website with mp3s

Vulcan Rehearsals - rooms on the Dock Road where Dave Treble (of Crikey, it’s The Cromptons) most famously recorded the debut Half Man Half Biscuit LP for a cost of 40 quid!!! (and apparently got not a penny more even when the LP sold zillions!)

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