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Ugsy - band, feat; Phil Mason & Peter Jackson both now with Odega. More info req'd.

Uh – acoustic version of Shallow Madness who performed 2 gigs in 1978

Ulterior Motive - band feat; Paul Brady (drms) later of Crawl, Chris Leckie (owner of Ad Lib Audio). More info req'd

Ulterior Motive - band feat; Dave King (bass) (later of Western Promise, Dancing in Exile). More info req'd

Uncle Joe - Wirral band (c1987) involved with WASP collective. More info req'd

Uncle Oscar - student jazz-tinged pop band (1986-88) feat; Gerard Greaves (voc,gtr) (ex Chalwa) (a classics graduate who became local newspaper reporter), Phil Stone (bass) (ex Tin Gods), Mike Green (gtr) (ex Chalwa), Ninesh Edwards (drms). Reached their apogee with 1988 recording sessions (Mick Moss, prod.) and headlining at Covent Garden's Rock Garden. Despite his prominent appearance on previous entry, Nick Loebner (also Higgsfield, Dead Mens Suits, Small Mercies) believed to be the one who stood in as bassist for one gig (Planet X, Liverpool, 1987) and whose perfomance was memorable chiefly for splitting his tight trousers climbing on to the stage and standing with his legs clamped together throughout.

The Unhealthy - band feat; Johnny Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (gtr,voc), Mazz (Marie) Matazz (bass), Steve Slaughter (drms). Used to feat Pete (bass) (now of After The Massacre). Rec demo Apr04, rel 2 cds, 'Fuck That Shit' (Sep03), 'Skate Or Cry' (summer04), split up summer05 (website)

Unit Q - Hoylake based punk band (1977-79) feat; Wayne Hudson (voc), Beaker (gtr), Stu Crosby (drms) and another gtr. Played regularly across Wirral, often at The Hamilton in B'head with Abort The Attack (ATA) etc.Regulars at The Rakers in Hoylake. A live tape of a Hamilton show exists though the quality is appalling. Wayne Hudson still lives in Hoylake, Beaker disappeared to Berlin (rumour has). Described as an excellent punk group in the traditional sense whose song highlight was 'CID Man'.

Unrest - punk band (split 1993). Longest lasting format was Andy Killian (drms), Marc McDermott (gtr), Baz Clarke (bass), Fat John (Collins) (voc) and Jackie Swanson (voc). Read ace biog

Up And Running - band (formed 1986) feat; Philip Franz Jones (ex Afraid of Mice) & Alex McKenchie (ex Modern Eon, Passage). Prev called Two's A Crowd, changed name late 87 and rel 4 track demo ‘Sorry’ (TAC Recs Dec87). Fan, Graeme Jackson saw them sell out the Royal Court each year from 87-90. He also states, ‘They had what should have been a hit with Johnny & Marie but it was not representative of their music, there was an excellent version of country classic Ruby on the B-side. They did a classic love song "but badly sung" Beautiful View. Also a 7" version of Stand By Me with half of Liverpool on it. Shame it never happened, they were a good crowd pleaser, it all petered out very sadly. I saw them a while later in an Irish bar doing the same standards but all the fire was gone. I loved 'em.’


Upsets - band, feat; Adrian Mitchell (gtr), Marc Vormawah (gtr) (later Personal Column), Sue James (bass) (ex Stopouts), John Jones (drms) (ex Stopouts). Had I Don't Know Why on the Skeleton comp 'A Trip To The Dentist'. Sue and Adrian went onto an early incarnation of Dead Or Alive.

Urban Strawberry Lunch - "USL means fresh funky beats, floor shakin’ bass, urban melodies. They beat the crap outta scrap and the funk outta junk. Yield to the hard hitting sound of the street". The latest project of Ambrose Reynolds (ex Ded Byrds, Pink Industry) joined by Karl John (drms), Liz Carlise (voc), and Andy Escott and described as a textural audio project. Began in 1988 by Ambrose with long departed B F Tin as 'an antidote to the problem of to make music on a very low budget. The answer?...make your own instruments!' Have been described as 'mesmeric, exciting and innovative' The Guardian; 'the world's finest scrap metalists' M'Chester Evening News. They have played all the major UK festivals, and across the globe. They have a multi media CD available (£5 plus £2.50 P&P) from the contact address. Urban Strawberry Lunch, PO Box 223, Liverpool, L69 8LR (website)

US Companion – Kirkby band (formed Jul84), feat; Lisa Barton (voc), Tony Barton (bass) (ex Lunjay Blue Armey, Bushfinder), Paul Beckett (voc) (ex That Volcano, later Lager Lager), Kevin Kelly (gtr) (ex Cook da Books, later Lager Lager, Freeze Frame, China Crisis), Peter Laiden (keys) (ex Lunjay Blue Armey). Band split in 1985 but reformed a year later. Line up between Jul & Sep87; Tony, Lisa & Paul with Brian Ather (gtr), Mark Vermig (keys), Nick Bellis (drms), Colin Payne (sax) (ex Lunjay Blue Armey). By Sept Brian had left to be replaced by Phil Hughes (gtr) (ex Some Party, Bushfinder) & they changed their name to Push Push. In early days they used different guitarists & drummers inc; Ronnie o’Keefe (gtr) (ex Builders, Secluded Places), Paul Reason (gtr) (ex Ex Post Facto, later Keep It Dark), Alan Pendergast (drms) (ex Manteau), Mark Coleridge (drms) (ex Ex Post Facto, Afraid of Mice), Dave Rielly (drms) (later Jo Jo & The Real People). Phil Hughes says, ‘We were more or less a reincarnation of Bushfinder with a change of singer and drummer but this came to an end after a couple of years.’

Useless – punk club run by members of Zombina & The Skeletones up until Feb05

Usurpa – West DerbyVillage band (1989-93) feat; Mark Melia. Rel Justice of a Different Kind demo followed by Prisons of The Mind. More info req'd 

Utopia Dream – Widnes band (formed late82), feat; Dave Fenlon (later Wake Up Afrika, 35 Summers)

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