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Obie Man Banned – B’head band feat; Davoe Owens, Paul Littler, Billy Farragher. Had 3 songs on Birkenhead Blues comp LP (on Bop A Dub Jan86) and Future Shock on Blues Vol 2 (Bopadub Oct86), also called Big Bill's Ooze Band.

O’Boogie Brothers – schoolboy band (1976-77), feat; Ian Broudie (gtr) (later Big in Japan, Opium Eaters, Secrets, Original Mirrors, Lightning Seeds), Nathan McGough (voc) (son of Roger of Scaffold), David Knopov (voc) (later Walkie Talkies), Frazer Henry (gtr), Ambrose (bass) (later Big in Japan, Walkie Talkies, Nightmares in Wax, Hollycaust, Frankie Goes To Hollywood), Neil Hyams (keys), Berny Goodheart (drms). Jonathon Moss (drms) (later Walkie Talkies), joined after his cousin Berny left & the band soon split. Supp Deaf School at Eric’s.

Object Art – band (early 80s) feat; Peter Reynolds (later Feathers And The Fire). More info req’d

Obsession – Kirkdale band (formed 1987). More info req'd

Oceanic – Not just one hit wonders, well they were but they did put out the album 'That Compact Disc by Oceanic' in 1992 on Dead Dead Good Records, not to mention 'Insanity' which was remixed/released in 1999

Ocean’s Eleven – band (c1986-87), feat; Barry Nelson (voc), Joe Spiers (keys), Vince Whirlwind (bass), Alan Redmond (gtr), Tim Reddy (drms). Have song Thanks For Nothing on Twist And Samba comp LP (Oct86). Barry is Canadian born and moved to L’pool from Isle of Man. Also feat; Phil (later Cair Paravel) and Dave Goldring (drms) (later Almighty Atmosphere, Vanilla Bezerk). There was an Ocean’s Eleven in 1983 feat; John Cornforth (keys) and Andy Parle (drms) – were these connected?

Odd One Out - punk band formed Jun01, various line-up changes, but now feat; Dr.T (voc,gtr), Rico McRawk (gtr), Jackson (bass), PK (drms). More info req'd.

Odega - 5-pc band formed 2001, feat ex members of Gheko. Jamie Backhouse (gtr), Phil Mason, Peter Jackson (both ex Ugsy). Responsible for running the 'Honky Tonk' nights at The Zanzibar. Have just (Sep03) completed some studio work with Mark Coyle, the man who produced Oasis 'Definately Maybe'. (website) More info req'd.

Ogun – metal-thrash band (formed Jul02), feat; Phil (voc,gtr), Andy (gtr), Danny (drms), Cliff (bass) (also in One Man Orgy). Prev members – Anthony (bass) Oct02-Apr03, Mike (bass) (Apr03-May04), Richie (drms) (Jul02-Jun05), Dan (bass) (May04-Jul05) (website)

Oi! Skally - band (c1992) now split. Feat; - Mikey (voc), Sid (voc), Day (gtr) (now in Blue Demon), Huffy (bass) (now in Blue Demon), Chris (drms)

Oklamotif - project feat; Steve Day (voc,gtr) (Bless The Weather) and Ian Powell (bass) (ex Alien Heat), both ex 11:59. Had song Msykwctc on Modesty Kill comp LP (Audiovisual Jan88). See also Day 2

Old Ma Cuxsom - St Helens band, rel 7" Don't Scare Me (Sossy Possanger recs Jun86).

051 – band (formed summer77), feat; Dave Jackson (voc) (later The Room), Steve Cockrill (gtr) (later of Geisha Girls, Windows), Beckey Stringer (bass), Helen Stringer (sax), Paul Hornby (drms) (later of Pink Military Stand Alone, Nightmares in Wax, Shatted Dolls, Lies all Lies, Dogs d'Amour, The Quireboys, Gunslingers). More info req'd

One Last Fight - neo-vega-garage band (1984-87), feat; Ian 'Bucko' Buckley (voc,gtr) (ex Outer Limits, Falcons later Buckley, 56 Kiss), Martin Nickson (bass), Paul 'Lev' Levick (drms). Rel; 4 track demo (1985), 12" Menage a Trois (Skysaw recs Jan86) & Catchy Candy on Ways To Wear Coats comp LP (Oct86). Split when Paul left

One Little Indian – label formed by St Helens punk band Flux of Pink Indians in 1987 & rel ‘Uncarved Block’ by Flux (Apr87) & went on to become commercially huge.

One Man Orgy – punk-emo band (formed 2005), feat; Bryan (voc,gtr), Cliff (bass) (also Ogun), John (gtr), Merv (drms). (website)

One Two - later incarnation of Luglo Slugs feat; Alix Johnson and Danny Hampson who became Tank Time & then Modern Eon. More info req'd

One Way Ticket To Cubesville – fanzine from Formby (c1990) edited by the demented Richard. Ran for at least 4 issues. More info req'd

Onset, The – band, formed 1988, feat; Mike Badger (voc,gtr) (ex La’s, Kindergarten Paintset), Paul Hemmings (gtr) (later Lightning Seeds), Danny Dean (gtr), Simon Cousins (bass) (ex Ophiuchus), Tony Russell (drms) (ex La’s). Rel LP ‘Pool of Life’ on Probe recs (1988), rel follow up ‘Stone’ (1995). More info req'd

Ooberman - band feat; Dan Popplewell (voc), Andy Flett (gtr), Steve Flett (bass), Sophia Churney (voc), Jaymie Ireland (drms). Began as a school band in Bradford 1989 by Dan & brothers Andy and Steve. Became Ooberman in Liverpool 1997 when Sophia joined. Rel single 'Sugar Bum' on Graham Coxon's Transcopic label. Then the successful Shorley Wall EP followed winning The Times Single of the Year leading to a major record deal. First album 'The Magic Treehouse' led to a top 40 hit (Blossoms Falling), but were dropped after 3 singles didn't make the top 40. Formed their own label Rotodisc Recordings in 2001 & rel 'Running Girl' mini-album in Oct01, which drew wide acclaim and releases in the USA and Japan, followed by US live performances. 2nd album 'Hey Petrunko', named after a Bulgarian folk-song is due for release early 2003. Alan Kelly (drms) (ex Secluded Places, Lunjay Blue Armey) also played at some point.

Ooze Band – variation of Big Bill’s Ooze Band and Obie Man Banned. Had track Sweet Sue on Blues Vol 2 comp LP (Bopadub Oct86)

Oooze - ambient techno duo on Mantra Coms. Had track Tulip, Turnip, Brussel Sprout on Coming Round at Callums, comp CD on Ochre Recs (OCH 003L)

Open Eye recs - label of early 80s, rel Those Naughty Lumps. More info req'd.

Ophiuchus - formed 1986 by Simon Cousins (bass) (later The OnSet), Jon Cousins (gtr) (later Wicca Man), Myke Vince (drms), Pete Causer (melodeon), and Pat D'Arcy (sax) (later Wicca Man). Joined by Xavier Tutein (bass) in 1987. Rel single 'Song For Pym' 1987, followed by 2nd single 'Serpent and the Beared King' through Probe Plus 1988, and LP 'Pronounced Offee-ick-Cuss' on Probe Plus 1989. LP feat Mike Badger and Simon Cousins from the OnSet. Band split in 1990

Opium Eaters – band who rehearsed in spet’78, but never really got off the ground. Feat; Paul Rutherford (ex Spitfire Boys), Pete Wylie (gtr)(ex Crucial Three, Nova Mob later of Crash Course, Wah!)

Opposition - band (1979-80), feat; Alan Peters (voc,keys) (ex Almost Blues, Supercharge, 29th & Dearborn, later Lawnmower), Terry Canning (bass), Richie Winn (gtr) (ex 29th & Dearborn), John Milo (drms), Kenny Roberts (gtr) (ex 29th & Dearborn, later Lawnmower). Had big line up change in 1980 with Alan & Terry remaining, joined by Terry Sterling (drms) (later Afraid of Mice), Lenny Vartel (gtr), Andy Hughes (bass) (later Joker), Bill Nighey (voc). Changed name to Love Ponies.

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD) - formed summer 1978 by Paul Humphreys (keys) (ex The Id, Hitlerz Underpants) & Andy McCluskey (voc,bass) (ex The Id, Hitlerz Underpants, Pegasus), David Hughes (keys), Martin Cooper (sax), Malcolm Holmes (drms) (ex Equinox). Orig called VCLXI. Played 1st gig at Eric's 12.10.78 & were soon signed to Factory Recs who pressed 5,000 copies of Electricity (1979) which John Peel played many times. A tour followed with Joy Division & A Certain Ratio & Din Disc signed them & reissued the single & they toured with Gary Numan (sep79). Feb80 they rel the single Red Frame quickly followed by the #27 hit LP 'Orchestral
Manoeuvres in The Dark' which David Fairbairn (gtr) was involved. Enola Gay was the big breakthrough (#8) Rel Sep80 it was a hit in Europe & Japan. 2nd LP 'Organisation' was rel Oct80 (#6). By 1985 the band had rel numerous hit singles & 3 worldwide hit LPs, rel 'Crush' that spring & to promote their 7th LP 'Pacific Age' they embarked on a Pacific tour of Australia, NZ, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, USA & UK. Andy McCluskey went on to work with Atomic Kitten and in interview once said he regretted not having taken steps in that direction earlier.

Original Man - band, rel cassette 'Anthrax Bomb Nightmare'. Also a label ran from O'Brien Enterprise, Brighton Road, Birkdale, Southport.

Original Mirrors – (1978-81) band feat; Steve Allen (voc) (ex Deaf School, Perils in Plastic), Ian Broudie (gtr) (later Big in Japan, Lightning Seeds, Care, Wild Swans), Jimmy Hughes (bass), Jonathon Perkins (keys) (later Silver Spurs), Pete Kircher (drms) (later Status Quo). Signed to Mercury, rel 4 singles, Could This Be Heaven, Boys Cry, Time Has Come, Dancing With The Rebels. 2 LPs ‘Original Mirrors’ & ‘Heart-Twango & Raw Beat’ (on which Phil Spalding played bass). More info req'd.

Original Sin - band, joined in 1984 by Brian Parry (drms) (ex Grim Reaper, Wrathchild, Rough Justice). More info req'd

Ornament – thrash metal band (formed 2005), feat; Mark Downing (voc), Ste Preston (drms), Steve Hargraves (gtr), Paul Preston (bass). (website)

Outer Limits - rockabilly/psychobilly group feat; Ian Buckley (gtr,voc) (ex Falcons, later One Last Fight, Buckley, 56 Kiss), Bernie Nolan (ex Falcons), Denny (dbl bass), Barry (drms) (sales assistant at Probe - to continue a long running tradition!). Tony Bolland (ex Animated Classics, later Sex Lies & Religion) also drummed at some point. Denny was 15 at the time & went onto play gtr for Caprice. They were actually very good, and supported The Meteors at Planet X which at the time was in Macmillans, Concert Square. May have also supported The Guana Batz at The Mardi Gras off Bold Street, & did play Larks In The Park fest (1983).

Out of Step – Spital punk-hardcore fanzine (c1984), edited by Pete T, ran for at least one issue. More info req’d

Out On A Ledge – band (c1987) orig called The Project then  Cair Paravel. Feat; Bernie Ross (gtr) (ex Dark Delights, Innervision), Karl Anthony (bass) (ex Danse Macabre, Innervision), Dave Scott (drms) (ex Innervision). Signed to Warners

Oxiris – Samba band from the Wirral (formed 2002), featured in the film ‘Fated’ (on Ace Films rel 24.11.06). The band is a loose formation of members of the Wirral School of Samba (website)

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