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I Am Mike – band (c2005), feat; ex members of Mighty Saguaro. More info req'd

Ian McNabb & Crazy Horse – Ian’s solo work began in 1992, feat; Ian McNabb (voc,gtr), Mike Hamilton (gtr), Billly Talbot (bass), Ralph Molina (drms). Signed to This Way Up recs, rel Lp ‘Truth & Beauty’

Icicle Works – band formed by Ian McNabb (voc,gtr) (ex Young World, City Lights), Chris Sharrock (drms) (ex Young World, Cherry Boys) & Chris Layhe (bass) (ex Eleanor). Debut single Ascending (1981), then Nirvana and Birds Fly (Whisper To A Scream) when Beggars Banquet signed them. Love Is A Wonderful Colour was their first UK hit reaching #15. In 1984 they released their first album, ‘The Icicle Works’ that hit top 30 in UK & USA. 2nd LP ‘The Small Price of a Bicycle’ did not fare so well neither did a singles LP in 1986 ‘Seven Singles Deep’ By 1988 Chris Sharrock went on to drum for The Lightning Seeds while Layhe retired from the band scene. For a time Zak Starkey (drms), Dave Green and Roy Corkhill (ex Black, Third Man, Here’s Johnny) joined for a brief period and in 1989 Ian McNabb and Roy Corkhill formed a new Icicle Works band with Dave Baldwin, Mark Revell, and Paul Burgess. The so-called "Second Generation" group moved from Beggars Banquet to Epic in 1990 & rel LP ‘Permanent Damage,. This was to be the final album for The Icicle Works although 1992 saw the release of BBC Live In Concert and The Best Of The Icicle Works was issued in 1994.

Iconoclasts - Wirral band (c1987), feat; Bendix (voc) (now Mandy Shaw of Mere Dead Men, ex Decomposed), Moge (bass), Dibble (gtr), Spekki (drms). Rel 12" 'Spotty Dog on Skysaw rec. Involved with WASP collective. Orig singer was Netty.

Iconoclasts - Liverpool based five piece, that have been together since 2001. Feat; John Riley (voc), Stephen Hart (gtr), his brother Anthony Hart (bass), James Taylor (gtr), and Kevin McKay (drums). Have put an immense amount of effort into regular gigging supporting national acts and headlining themselves. In late 2002 they won the Gigwise 'Best Unsigned Band in Liverpool' competition, which raised their profile and gained them a management deal. All the effort seems to have paid off as the release of their debut "This Way" on Keith Records is scheduled for Dec04. Not to be confused with The Iconoclasts - Wirral punk band of many moons ago. (website)

Id, The - 8-pc band formed Sep77, feat; Paul Humphreys (keys) (later of OMD, Listening Pool), Andy McCluskey (later of Dalek I Love You, OMD), Malcolm Holmes (drms) (ex Equinox, later OMD), Julia Kneale (voc), Gary Hodgson (gtr), Steve Hollis (bass), Ken Hancock (gtr) (later Fishmonkeyman, Reel To Reel, The Power, Vicious Circle, Jegsy Dodd, Half Man Half Biscuit). Had a track Julia's Song on the Open Eye comp 'Street To Street'. Split summer 1978. More info req'd

I-Lands - band prev called Islands of Dance (see line up for details but with Mark Coleridge [ex Ex Post Facto] on drums). Feat on ‘Jobs For The Boys’ comp LP (Natalie recs Jan85). More info req'd

Illuminati - experimental electronica since 2000, from Dave Clarkson. From Wirral, prev bands include Away With The Mixer. Various CDr rel and also tracks on comp LPs: 'Flat Pack Antenna' on Resonancefm LP (2003) and Noisemakers3 on Noiseweb label (2003). LPs: 'Searching For the New Land' (Newsense-recs, 2003) and 'Ocean Almanac' (lotta-continua 2004). website

Immigrants – Huyton punk band (c2004), have track Image Is Everything (website)

Inadequates - band infl by The Ramones (formed May02), feat; Ian (gtr), Mike (bass), Col (drms). (website).

In Dangerous Rhythm – band (1983-85) feat; Danny Hampson (voc,bass) (ex Modern Eon, Luglo Slugs, Tank Time, One Two), John Neilson (gtr), Rob Hill (keys), Tony MvGuigan (drms) (later Personal Column). By 1984 Steve Roberts (voc) (ex Total Look, D-Beats, R.E.Action, Pastelfield, On The Radio, later 16 Tambourines) was added to the line-up.

Industrial Domestic - project (1976-77) feat; Paul Simpson (later of Teardrop Explodes, Wild Swans, Care, Skyray) and Will Sergeant (later of Echo & The Bunnymen, Electrafixion). Though recordings were made, none was officially released. The project was restarted in 1999

Inevitable recs – label ran from 4 Rutland Rd & formed in 1978 by Pete Fulwell (who ran Eric's) & Jerry Lewis (Amazon studios). 1st rel was to be Freedom Fighters by Dalek I Love You, but they signed to another label, so Inevitable wasn't officially launched until Dec79. Had numerous Indie & Chart hits with Wah! Heat, Modern Eon, Dead Or Alive, Faction. Pete left in May81 & set up Eternal Recs leaving Jerry to continue..

Inform Magazine - Liverpool's own, compact version of Time Out? Published monthly and on sale @ HMV/Probe etc for the princely sum of 30p. Usual listings of Gigs, Film, Theatre, Arts etc. All submissions to Inform Magazine, Arena House, 82-84 Duke Street, L'pool L1 5AA (tel- 0151 708 5149)

Infrastructure – label from Wallasey, formed after demise of Ryker Recs. Run by vocalist Tracey Carmen & DJ Greg Wilson. Rel Rescue Me 12" by Tracey (Jan86).

Innervision - 1984 powerpop band prev called Danse Macabre, feat; Peter Carroll (voc), ) (also at same time in Visual Aids and Dark Continent), Paul McNeil (gtr), Karl Anthony (bass) (later Cair Paravel), Pete Chegwin (keys) (ex Ex Post Facto, Oceanic Explorers), Perry Leach (drms) (later Dream Theatre).

Innocents Abroad - Late 80's/early 90's band. Feat; Peter Mills (voc,hrmnca), Martin Malone (gtr), Steve Godrich (keys), Stuart Hilton (drms), David Skidmore (bass). Rec LPs 'Quaker City' (1988) and 'Eleven' (1990) on Stormfield label. Strongly influenced by pre-Warners REM. Retired 1991. Malone went on to record with Eskimo Chains, Hilton drummed for Junior Cottonmouth who recorded one album for Atlantic and toured with The Lemonheads. Mills went to live in Hungary and now teaches a Popular Music Studies degree in Leeds. Innocents Abroad were a very powerful live act, and their musical eclecticism was well displayed on their records, especially 'Eleven'. They also recorded possibly world's first ever Nick Drake cover ('Pink Moon', in 1987)!

In Pain Die – sludgecore band (split early 2006), feat; Ant Hurlock (bass,voc) (now Machiavellian), Richie Sawle (gtr), Jon Matthews (drms).

Insanity Beach - Birkenhead rock band (1991-93) feat; Ian Cowell (gtr,keys,voc), Pete Doffman (drms), James Eyres (gtr), Ian Kaney (bass), replaced by Geoff Davies (ex Legsakimbo) in Aug03 (also a freelance photographer). Made the final of the BBC national "Battle Of The Bands" comp, hosted by Tommy Vance on Radio One. Sadly orig drummer died just a few weeks before the final & the band withdrew. Have also feat; Martin Byrne (bass) (ex Martin Malone, Eskimo Chains, Deliverance, Mixies Men, Kappa, Synchronicity, Fair Warning)and Andy Penington (gtr), later of Doghouse. Rel 7th LP in 2004. Chris Hooker (drms) (ex Legsakimbo) joined 2005. See website for full details of albums etc

Inside Information – one off band (1982) feat John Hill (voc,gtr) and the line up of Personal Column - Marc Vormawah (voc,gtr) (ex Upsets), Colin Brown (keys), Terry Sterling (drms) (ex Afraid of Mice), Mike Hayes (bass) (later Afraid of Mice). Rec one demo.

Instant Agony – (pic) Birkenhead punk band (1980-84), feat; Steve 'Hocky' Hockinhall (voc) (ex Venomous Youth, Go Heads, later Mere Dead Men), Ant (gtr), Tabby (bass), Bazza Barry Hilton (drms) (later of Language). Orig called Agony Column & Little Tabby was orig voc & Si Hilton was orig drummer before he joined Unit Q, & Paul Cavanagh (The Room) helped out on gtr now & then. Rel 4 singles on Half Man Half Biscuit recs, Think of England (#39 Indie Charts '82), Fashion Parade (#19 in '83) & No Sign of Life (Flicknife recs #21 in '83) & Nicely Does It. Rec LP 'Nicely Does It’ but never rel as they split. Reformed 1997 feat Tom (bass) (ex Grampus 8, Area Affect, Redrighthand), Rob (drms) (now Noizebleed ex Go Heads) & rel single No Pain No Gain (Jun98) followed by Parasite (Jan99). Rel LP ‘Exploitation’ (Dec07). Their original roadie was Ian Astbury, who later found fame with the various guises of The Cult. (website) (myspace)

Intermagic - More info req'd (website)

Interns – Bootle R’n’B band (1981-83), feat; Bob Kirby (voc,gtr), Colin Heany (voc,gtr), John Griffith (voc,bass), Tony o’Keefe (drms) (later Toy Taboo, Chain Gang, Kappa). Rel; tape ‘A Shot of Rhythm & Blues’ (Jan82).

In Vogue – band (1983-84) feat; Peter McVeigh (gtr,bass,voc) and Paul Whelan (keys,bass,voc) (both later of Apathy Ru, Transmission, Live Transmission), Brian Porcell (drms?). Rel 2 track demo ‘My Dog Loves Computers (1984).

IO - metal group who should have won the Battle of the bands in 1981 but did not. Feat; Andy Zsigmund (gtr) (later Here's Johnny), Terry o'Shea, Dave Tapp, Graham Harrald, Adi 'Chumble' Swift.

IQ32 - fanzine, by Digger (real name Graham) who moved to Liverpool to become a student this was his first zine. Light hearted it featured drawings of toy dolls it showed none of his political feelings. He was based in Judges Drive, Newsham Park and later Falkner St. First issue had a great interview with Rudimentary Peni and reviews of Social Unrest’s "Rat In A Maze" 12" and the legendary "This Is Boston Not LA" comp LP amongst other things. The Toy Dolls drawing was on the cover and showed Olga jumping Jam-style while playing guitar. Charlie M recalls IQ32 was the ‘1st fanzine I ever bought - Digger was largely responsible for turning me onto the emergent international hardcore scene in 82/83 - great geezer! Used to do me lots of tapes which I still have AND listen to! I'd be interested to know what he’s up to these days.’

Islands of Dance – band (1981-84), formed by Andy Warren (gtr,voc) (ex Change of Image, Systems), feat; Mike Saunders (gtr), Stuart McBain (bass), Ruth Evison (keys), Howard Lacey (drms). By 1983 Warren and McBain remained with Joanne Griffith (voc), Darren Bell (gtr), Berni Mulcahey (keys) and Tony Elson (drms) (ex Visual Aids, Systems, Precautions, Islands of Dance). Change name to I-Lands (May84)

Ism -

Issue, The - heavy pop band (1980-83) feat members of Jealous Heart, Elegy, , Web. Rel 4 track demo '19 Years' (May82). Members of the Merseyside Musicians Collective. Changed name to Some Day Blue

It's Immaterial – band early 80s feat; John Campbell (voc) (ex Yachts), Jarvis Whitehead (gtr,keys). Occasionally assisted by; Henry Priestman (ex Yachts, later of Wah!, Christians), Martin Dempsey (bass) (ex Pink Military, Yachts, later Mel-o-Tones), Paul Barlow (drms) (later of Wah!), Julian Scott (bass). Rel; debut 7" Young Man (Hit Machine Aug80), then A Gigantic Raft In The Phillipines 7" Inevitable Recs INEV-009 (1981), 'Imitate The Worm' 7" IHm Recs IHM 002 (late 81). More info req'd.

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