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Eat At Joe’s – formed by Colin Frost (ex Fox Glove later Tutors, Supercharge, Circus Circus, Laughing Freeman) in the early summer of 1978. Founding members inc Derek Lovelady (keys), (later China Crisis), Kevin Kelly (bass), Joanne Ellis (voc), Buddy (drms). Late Aug78, Kev Kelly left to concentrate on college and was replaced by Les Rogers (bass). After completing demos in Amazon Studios orig location of Kirby in late78, Buddy left to be replaced by John McQueen (drms). Jan79 Joanne left the band, leaving lead vocal duties to Colin. The remaining members were the line-up that during 1980/81 rec 7 singles and LP on the Goldliner label ­ ‘Watch Out Brother’, ‘Last Years Resolution’,
’Swingin The Lead’, ‘Move Your Feet’,  & ‘Don’t Run Away’. Their LP, ‘Ghost Hobbies’ - rec in London in 1980/81 - was never rel due to disagreements between rec co and management. Mel Collins (Eric Clapton, King Crimson, Et All) did sessions on the LP on Sax and Flute. During late 1980 the band also rec 2 singles on the Champagne label under the pseudonym of Altitude and the.A.J. All-Stars. In the spring of 1981, due to pressure from Goldliner on Colin Frost to go solo, the band split up. Colin went on to record a solo single and a solo album in Germany, where he is now located.

Dave Easter Band - Short lived soap star band (he was Pat Hancock, hospital porter in Brookside, now in Family Affairs), most memorable gig being the televised Soap Aid festival at St Helens Rugby Ground supp The Icicle Works and Marillion). Band inc Les Rogers (bass) (ex Foxglove, Eat at Joes, then also acting in Brookside), Neil Walsh (drms) (ex Foxglove, Cook Da Books), Mike Royden (gtr) (Stealer, The Warp Band, Flex, Glory Box) . 

Ecce Homo - band feat on Birkenhead Blues comp LP (on Bop A Dub Jan86). More info req'd

Echo & The Bunnymen - formed 1979, feat; Ian McCulloch (voc,gtr) (ex Crucial Three, Shallow Madness), Will Sergeant (gtr), Les Pattison (bass) & a drum machine called Echo. Played 1st gig at Eric's. Debut 7" on Zoo Recs Pictures on My Wall (1979) was prod by Bill Drummond (later of KLF) & David Balfe (later of Food recs) & was NME's Single of The Week. Rec Peel Session (aug'79) with Balfe on keys & they signed to Sire Recs with a deal to rel output on their own Korova label. A friend of Balfe's brother, Pete De Freitas joined on drums in Oct'79. They rel numerous singles incl; Killing Moon, The Cutter, Seven Seas, Bring On the Dancing Horses. Enjoying huge commercial success coupled with the LPs, 'Crocodiles,' 'Heaven up Here', Porcupine', 'Ocean Rain', 'Songs To Learn & Sing'. Pete left the band in 1986 to join The Sex Gods & was replaced for a US tour by Blair Cunningham (ex-Haircut 100). With other drummers being called upon to record a new LP, Pete rejoined in Aug86 & they re-recorded it with him. Pete De Freitas was tragically killed in a motorbike accident in Jun89. Ian Broudie (Lightning Seeds, Big in Japan, Care, Original Mirrors, Wild Swans) also played guitar on some of their live shows. Ian McCulloch left the band in 1988 & they reformed in 1997.

ECM - band (Feb83-Oct83), feat; Ste Richmond (perc,voc) (ex Phobia, later Sharon & The Slobz, Cyclic Amp), Ernie Pollard (gtr), Paddy Collis (keys) (both Cyclic Amp, Professor Oh, Sharon & The Slobz), John Jones (bass) (later, Sharon, Danse Macabre), Steve (sax) who left May83.

The Edge - Wirral/Liverpool based band (2004); Don't know anything about them, but they seem to be picking up a few gigs at The Iron Door, Birkenhead

Eggman - Eggman is chiefly a side project for Boo Radleys lead singer Sice, who is joined on the 1996 LP 'First Fruits' by Ed Ball (bass) (ex-Times), Sean Jackson (of Eighteen Wheeler) and Martin Carr (of Boo Radleys). In addition he was joined by ex Boo's, Rob Cieka (drms), and Tim Brown (Piano). The featuring of Ed Ball may have had something to do with their immediate signing to Creation Records, Ball being a close friend and sometime employee of Creation head honcho Alan McGee. Creation released the single 'Not Bad Enough/Identikit' (CRE225) in May 1996 and almost simultaneously released the album 'First Fruits' (CRE CD/LP 201). The title turned out to be a little inaccurate as no further releases have been forthcoming.

Egypt For Now - band formed 1980 by Yorkie (ex Dance Party, later Space), & Mike Head (ex Dance Party, later Shack), also feat; Paul Codman (drms) (ex Mutants, Geisha Girls). They covered Love's 'She Comes In Colours' & The Electric Prunes' 'I had Too Much To Dream Last Night'. Rel: 'Days On Edge' & 'Soldiers' on Street To Street Volume Two comp.

Elanor - were formed out of a school band at SFX college in Liverpool (approx 1976), feat; Chris Layhe (drms, later bass,voc) (later of Icicle Works), John Corner (gtr) (later of Sneex), Alan Redmond (gtr), Roy Martin (drms). Orig called Blind Owl & once Bandito. Songs incl; Sound of the City, Nothing's Right, and covers such as Bonie Moronie. Played regularly at the Sportsman pub in St John's Precinct every Sunday. Chris interestingly called his daughter Eleanor (with an ‘e’)

Electrafixion - band, formed summer'94, feat; Ian McCulloch (voc,gtr) (ex Crucial Three, Shallow Madness, Echo & The Bunnymen), Will Sergeant (gtr) (ex Industrial Domestic, Echo & The Bunnymen), Leon Da Silva (bass), Tony Mack (drms) (ex Rain). Formed after Ian & Will kissed & made up over the split of the Bunnymen.

The Electric Morning - Wirral band (1982-87) feat; Jim Turner (gtr,voc) (ex Lies All Lies), Graham Wood (bass) (ex Lies All Lies), Keith Kendal (keys). This line-up rel 2 track demo (Jan82). By 1984 Graham & Keith had been replaced by Gary Myatt (bass) & Stuart Valentine (drms) (ex Check) & by Sep84 Joss Doran (gtr) had been added. Also Alan Legg was involved. They played on the Liver Aid bill at the Empire and rel 'The Electric Morning' LP on True Flame Records (TF001).Turner was then running the Hard City Recording Studio for a number of years - obviously didn't idle his time as James Turner has re-appeared with a single 'Days of Wonder'. Now operating on his own, the single has picked up a fair bit of radio play, with 'Whispering' Bob Harris declaring himself a fan. An album 'The Believer' was rel Oct04.

Electro Hippies - punk thrash grindcore vegetarian band from Rainford (formed Sep84), feat; Andy (voc,gtr)(also of Nightmare Visions), Simon (drms). Bruno (bass) left soon after & replaced by Dom. Rel LPs 'The Only Good Punk Is A Dead One' (1988) & 'Live' (89) on Peaceville, Play Loud Or Die (89) on Necrosis, & split 12" with Generic, early demos incl' Killing Babies 4.2. Also rec a 9 track session for John Peel & had 2 songs on "Hiatus" Comp the 1st rel on the Peaceville label. More info req'd

Elegy - band (1979-80) feat; Dave Bridge (gtr) (ex Damascus, Tarot), Kev Howins (drms) (ex Jealous Heart). Other members had been in The Issue, Some Day Blue, Web. More info req'd.

Ellagaru - band feat on ‘A Secret Liverpool’ comp LP (Jul84). More info req'd

Ellery Bop - feat; Jamie (voc) (ex English Opium Eaters) who had a reputation for being a headcase! Mark (drms), Mark Parry (gtr) (later Thunderboots, Steppin’ Razor, Western Promise). Rel 4 singles on their own Base Ideas label; Hit The Moon (Jun81), Ringing (Mar82) (feat; Ian Broudie Big in Japan, Lightning Seeds on bass), We Deny (Nov82), then Jihad.

11:59 – project (formed Jan85), feat; Steve Day (later Bless The Weather, Day 2, Oklamotif), Ian Powell (ex Alien Heat, later Day 2, Oklamotif) and 2 other members (?). More info req'd

Elliptical Trampolines - formed in 1980, feat; Pete Jones and Adam Marshall (both later of Where's The Beach) & the third member. They did a few gigs around Liverpool in the early eighties and rec a few demos. Julia Neale out of The ID (forerunners of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark) once expressed an interest in joining but avoided all contact after she was sent a tape. Their best track was undoubtedly Milk Bottle Mantra - a bastardised take of Peter Gunn featuring milk bottles and a guitar being attacked by a screwdriver. Other recs inc a version of the Scooby Doo Theme, Nigel's Got A Crispy Pillow and (Is She Really Going Out With a) Mongoloid Skinhead. Up unitl 1997 they still occasionally released material, Bass Evangelists, orig rec for a radio jingle, was feat on Mantra Trax Vol 1.

Elliot - band (1971-78) feat; Robby Shaw (gtr,voc), Jimmy Rogers (voc), Harry Skully (bass) (ex-Shane Fenton & the Fentones) Bob Lawson (drms). They are still spoken of even today as one of the tightest close harmony outfits to have come out of Liverpool Split when Bob left to join Bunter

Emily Suitcase – band (early 90s?), feat; Brian Harcombe (drms) (possibly using the name Brian Damage) (ex Shop Soiled, Filibuster, Death Kit, Restless, Accelerators) played for 7 or 8 months. More info req'd

Empire - band of mid-80s, rel single Talk Free (EMI), supp Curiosity Killed The Cat & T'Pau. Members were in La La Bam Bam & Red Pleasure. More info req'd

End, The - now legendary fanzine that is credited to Peter Hooton (The Farm), though it was put together with co-editor Phil Jones. Started in 1981 and was not aimed at music fans - this was possibly the first footie fanzine, however it did it with style, covering all the important issues relevant to terrace life - what to wear, what to listen to etc. Another contributor was Kevin Sampson who went on to become a major UK author. 20 issues were produced before the magazine folded in 1988. During that time The End achieved major cult status, produced there own T-Shirts, which were worn by John Peel whilst presenting Top Of The Pops. There were plans to re-issue the whole lot during the early 90's, though nothing came of this. A compilation of the best is due to be published late 2008

Engine - 3pc biker band from Bebbington (formed 1982), feat; Ape (drms) (now Jalapenos), Wad (voc,gtr), Yosser (bass). Rel 7" Getting Away From It All and live LP 'Well Oiled' (on 650 recs 1989), and ‘Autowreck’ (1993). Noted for their superb live shows, playing their final gig at the Limelight Club, Crewe (Sep97). Ape (aka Diamond Dave) says, ‘We are all still mates and go on holiday, on the ale etc, and occasionally play/jam together in various capacities (but not as Engine).’

England's Own Revolutionary Royal Family - band from Kirkby (formed early 1979), feat; Ronnie O'Keefe (voc,gtr) (later Screaming Addicts, Secluded Places, Builders), Sid Morris (voc,gtr) (later Screaming Addicts), Steve Grant (bass) (later Ramjets, Project 23, Chain Gang) who was replaced by Paul McDowell (bass) (later Screaming Addicts, Bamboo). Band had a number of drummers, inc Mark Edmundson (later Nadsad Fashion, Feathers & The Fire, Visual Aids, Flock of Seagulls) who played one gig at the Mona pub (now the Liverpool) in James St. around 1979/80. More info req'd

English - band feat; Tony Dolman (drms) (later of Lawnmower) and Tony McKenna (drms) (ex Motion Pictures, Visual Aids)

English Opium Eaters - lasted for about 4 months in 1979..recorded for Inevitable Recs..never released. Feat; Paul Rutherford (voc) (later Frankie Goes To Hollywood), Holly Johnson (bass) (also later Frankie), Gary Dwyer (drms) (tex), Jamie (gtr) (later Ellery Bop)

Epodrhythymology - 1991-93, Garston based band feat; Justin Roberts (ex Carbon Atom), Samuel Charles Bishop and Minnie. Supported GMX Stuns (see North Wales) at Picket in L'pool in 1993

Equinox - schoolboy band (c1975) feat; Andy McCluskey (voc,bass) (later of The Id, OMD), Malcolm Holmes (drms) (later of OMD) & their roadie was Paul Humphreys (also later of OMD). Andy & Paul hung round together after gigs & discovered their affinity to experimental music in the Kraftwerk mode. More info req'd.

Eric's - venue ran by Roger Eagle & Pete Fulwell from Oct76 - Mar80, from a basement in Matthew St, later became Brady's. Also a record label that had 8 releases incl; Holly, PinkMilitary, Frantic Elevators between 1979-80. Siouxsie & the Banshees were due to play at Eric's the weekend after the decision was made that they could not reopen after the police raid. When Brady's opened in the same premises Janet & the Icebergs were one of the first headliners - a "secret" gig by the Banshees fulfilling the promise they'd made to come back. More info req'd.

Eros Porn Cinema - a squat gig in Xmas 86 (I think), bands lined up incl; Electro Hippies (orig line up), Death Squad, Concrete Sox, Dirge, Bomb Culture, Societys Problems, Stonebeat, Skum Driblurzzz, Civilised Society, & Danbert Nobacon, unfortunately no one could get the PA sorted so up to 100 punks incl italian metal band Lord Crucifier just sat in the abandoned porno palace playing with themelves!

Er Turkey – band feat; Paul Ryan (ex Munchies, Déjà vu, Muffin Men, Almighty Atmosphere). Paul, ‘We were named after that bloke on Family Fortunes.’

Eskimo Chains – band feat; Martin Byrne (bass) (ex Martin Malone, Eskimo Chains, Deliverance, Mixies Men, Insanity Beach, Synchronicity, Fair Warning).

Esprit! - band described as ‘laid-back’ feat song For You on ‘A Secret Liverpool’ comp LP (Jul84) feat; Kevin Wright  (voc,gtr), Steve Boyle (voc,gtr) (now in Honey), Ian Fradgley (bass), Paul Roberts (sax), Mike Ward (drms). Orig called Carnaval and played places like the Masonic and The Pyramid, also supp The Appollinaires at Brixton Ace. Steve says, ‘For some reason, Kevin - who was Paul Simpson's cousin (Wild Swans) didn't want to use the name Carnaval on the compilation LP and also we used just about the worst song we had. The guy pulling together the LP, David something, was a mate of  Kevin’s so we went along with this. We should have put a good song on as over the years I have discussed this LP with a variety of people and I sold my spare copy to a bloke in Japan a few years back.’ Esprit! did 3 Radio One sessions and then got a manager and split up with a nice showcase gig at Kirklands all set up; they just had a row over the potential use of a drum machine! Nathan McGeogh was their manager for a month. Julie (sax) who replaced Paul Roberts who went off to art college was the girlfriend of now famous Scouse actor Ian Hart – ‘He used to sit in at our practice sessions’ says Steve. Kevin now lives in Anglesey, Steve in Glasgow, Paul in Holland, Ian did some recording sessions with Tony Velasco (ex Carry On Spying) in 1987 and Mike joined the police.

Eternal Recs - label set up by Pete Fulwell (who ran Eric's, ex boss of Inevitable Recs) & Pete Wylie (Wah!, Crucial Three).

Eve Of The Scream - Wallasey band from late 87. Feat; Martin (bass), Sherry (voc), Andy (gtr), Colin (drms). 2nd line-up feat; Martin (voc), Mogsey (bass), Andy (gtr), John (drms), Colin (drms). Rec 12" Control, preceded by the Techqua Ikachi demo tape. They put on a hunt sab benefit at Pen & Wig pub with Unrest & Human Zoo when the band featured John on vocals.

Everything You Hate – bi monthly fanzine, now up to issue 6 (Oct05)

Evil Sheep - skatepunk band based on the Wirral, feat; Cayne (voc,gtr), James (gtr), Aidan (bass) (joined Jan 02), Mike (drms). (website)

Excellent Recs – label run by Kirkby band Blue Vein (1984).

Exhibit B - band feat; Jimmy Hughes (voc) (ex Cherry Boys, City Lights), Howie Minns (ex Cherry Boys, City Lights, later Bamboo Fringe, Macc Lads), James Brady (keys), Jimmy Sangster (bass) (ex City Lights, later Black). Rel 12" Who Killed The Smile? (Pentagon recs May86), 7" It’s Hypothetical (Pentagon Aug86) & an LP 'Playing Dead' (Pentagon Jan88). Howie once said; 'I'd like to round up all record company employees in a room & machine gun them all down.'. The LP will be re-rel (Jan07) on CD for the first time (with 7 bonus tracks) (1984 TV appearance)

Experimental Gardens - dance-rock band, formed Mar83, feat; John Magee (keys), Alan Roberts (drms) (ex Distinction), Tony 'Ringo' Ringwood (voc,perc) (ex Astrakhan), Ritchie Edwards (gtr,voc) (ex Astrakhan), Mike Francis (bass) (ex Astrakhan). Also had 2 sisters on b.voc, Melanie & Katrina Michael. Played debut gig at Dale Inn, Seacombe (Jun83). Rel 7" The One That Got Away (Attic Recs Nov83) prod by Steve Lindsey (Deaf School). Rec 8 track demo in '84 rec at Studio 1, Chester. Also feat on ‘Jobs For The Boys’ comp LP (Natalie recs Jan85) with In The Dance. Line up changed in 1985 with John & Alan being replaced by Carl Walker (drms) & Paul Bannister (voc,perc) (later In And Out). This line up rec 9 track demo 'In Demo' (1987) with Jonathon Starkey (keys).

Export - heavy pop band (formed 1979), feat; Harry Shaw (voc), Steve Morris (gtr), Chris Alderman (bass) (later Destiny), Lou Rosenthal (drms). With little success in the UK they went to USA, sigining to Epic & rel LP 'Contraband'.

Ex Post Facto - band feat; Frank Sparks (keys), Chris Clarke (voc) (later Placenta Sisters, Goat People), Paul Reason (gtr) (also US Companion, Keep It Dark), Bernie Carroll (bass) (later of Young Lions), Mark Coleridge (drms) (later of Glitter Band, Smokie, The Stiffs, Project 23, Glass Torpedoes). Guests-live members; Judith Laity (cello) (Goat People, Royal Family & The Poor), Andy Warren (gtr), John (perc), Karen Halewood (keys) (later Rebél Da Fé, Royal Family & The Poor), Pete Chegwin (keys) (ex Danse Macabre, Oceanic Explorers, Innervision),  rel live album 'Rape The World' on Probe/Skysaw, which was rec at Pickwicks, L'Pool 25.4.84

Extraterrestrial Coathangers - Oxton garage band of late 70s, rel 2 tapes on their own Raddehc label, 'For Dix & Raddehc in a Garage' & 'Raddehc Gone Solo in His Front Room'. More info req'd

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