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Zak Daniels – Sefton pop-rock band (c1986), feat; Tim Browne (voc). Had Julia on Twist & Samba comp LP, and a big following in Crosby. Is this the same Tim Browne who now does production work? More info req’d.

Zale Out – band (1980-81), feat; Denyze D’Arcy (voc,sax) (ex Walkie Talkies, later Fragile Friends, Dee Dee & The Dots), Mandarine Orange (Amanda Todd) (voc) (later Topsey Turvey), Tony McGuffie (gtr), John Hanger Feeney (bass) (ex Desire Me, later Topsey Turvey), Jimmy Animal (drms). By 1981 Denyze and Jimmy had gone and Norman Rowlands (drms) (later Stun The Guards) joined. Played Larks In The Park fest (Aug81).

Zangief – metal band, (c2007), feat; Joe McNulty (voc),John McNulty (bass), Graeme B (bass), Freeney (drms). (website)

Zanti Misfits – regularly playing L’Pool in 1980/81 though they were actually from Lancashire. feat; Elliot deWulf (voc), Phillip Litterkick (gtr), Wiz Wizlom (bass), Johnny Moran (drms), Karen (sax). Rel ‘The Famous Smoking Monkey Tape’ F.S.M/Jettisoundz in 1981, ‘Laugh In / Lizard / International Disaster Movie’ F.S.M/Jettisoundz JET-10 (Aug81). Feat on the comp ‘And A Cast Of Thousands’ on Sunset Sounds in 1981, also feat on the video comp ‘Pirates Of The Panasonics’ VHS on Jettisoundz. This was put together by Nik Turner/Inner City Unit ex Hawkwind.

Zanzibarvenue on Seel St (2001 onwards), home of The Bandits, The Stands & other damn fine music (website)

Zeb – Liverpool’s most vibrant underground band, feat; Joe Cowbell (drms), Desi Murf (keys), CantyChantwell (gtr,voc), Si Bighorn (sax), Markio Bonesville (sax,voc), Andio Trombaltio (brass), Martian Trumpo (brass), blending live ska, reggae, folk, klezmer and world music over driving digital beats. Since their current line up formed in 1995, Zeb have played extensively around UK, and ventured into Europe for a couple of mini-tours. They operate from their own studio, Digital Routes, in L’pool city centre. A CD was recorded and made available in MP3 downloadable format.

Zeem – band feat on ‘Son of Jobs For The Boys’ comp LP (Natalie recs Jun85). More info req’d

Zeitgeist – experimental thrash band, (1987-91), orig line-up; Jim Loftus (voc), Mark Armstrong (gtr), Dominic Brannon (gtr), Mike Mulligan (drms), Ged Davies (bass) – later replaced by Roy. Rel 3 demos, latter 2 of which (Mindstorm & Blacklist) were a regular in Kerrang’s demo chart & a track from Mindstorm won the band the 1st ever “Rock War” on Radio 1s Friday Rock Show (well they won the heat but lost the final to some awful polished cock rock!). Played with Carcass, Dr & the Crippens, Conflict, D.A.M, Xentrix, Reanimator, Bomb Everything (nee Disneyland) & were supported by a fledgling Anathema. Gigged everywhere incl locally at The Wilsons, Mountford Hall, Planet X, Milos etc… After almost being poached to sing for Sabbat, Jim quit music & is now a teacher. Mark went on to play with The Disciples of Spunje, who’s regularly changing line-up (at some point) contained Andrew Delamere (Wizards of Twiddly). They supported with Dr Phibes amongst others.

Zen Baseballbat – band based between Lpool and Manchester, feat; Widnes born twins Carl (bass,voc) and Gary Gleavey (gtr,voc) with Carl Pownall (keys), Darrol Walsh (trmbne), and Ged Fox (trmpt) (also of Stig). Very arty gritty northern ska band. First LP ‘I Am The Champion Concrete Mixer’ is still available on Moonska label, new LP ‘For Refund Insert Baby’ out later this year (2003). There was a half hour TVdocumentary made about the twins as artists and musicians. They also have a video showing on the P-Rock cable channel. Have huge following in UK and Europe.

Zombina & The Skeletones – (pic) horror pop/rock/punk band formed 1999. Feat. Doc Horror (gtr,voc) (also The Rickets and Ricky Spontane, The Meatpackers, ex The Deformed and Dog Flambé (AKA Dopamine AKA Day With Mary)), Jonny Tokyo (bass, keys) (also Rickets and Tokyo Knights), Grim Outlook (gtr) (ex Kingbuxton), , Zombina (voc) (ex The Deformed). Ex-members Cesar (drms) (Day With Mary), Pete (gtr) (Fairy Grinder), Sean (drms) (Wayriders, Unsanctum), Kit Shivers (drms) and also shared a trombonist with Goldblade. They once played the Alton Towers Ghost Train and have supported The Damned. The group ran Useless (a punk club). Rel: ‘Love Bites EP’ (2000), ‘Silver Bullet 3-track CD’ (2001), ‘Nobody Likes You (When You’re Dead)’ free CD (2002), ‘Taste the Blood of Zombina & the Skeletones’ LP (2003). Grim Outlook left the band early 2004 due to disagreements with the band, replaced briefly by Stu (also of Bendal Interlude), full time guitarist Lee (ex Stig) joined soon after, 3 singles rel on Lowsley Sound in 2005, ‘I Was A Human Bomb For The FBI (2005)’ ‘Mondo Zombina (2005)’ and ‘Staci Stasis (2005)’.. Rel third LP ‘Death Valley High’ (Ectoplastic 11.12.06) (website) (MP3).

Zoo Records – Label 1978-82 run by Bill Drummond (then of Big in Japan, later of KLF), Dave Balfe & the able assistance of Pam Young, released singles by Those Naughty Lumps, Big in Japan, Teardrop Explodes, Echo & The Bunnymen, Lori & The Chameleons, Expelaires, Wild Swans (discography)

Zoots Navarro – band (c1985) fronted by Linda Wright

Zutons – band feat; Dave McCabe (voc,gtr) (ex Tramp Attack), Boyan Chowdhury (gtr), Russell Pritchard (bass) (ex Marbles), Sean Payne (drms), Abi Harding (sax). Signed to Deltasonic Recs. Rel debut single Devils Deal 26.8.02. More info req’d

Z Victor I – More info req’d

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