Liverpool: T

Tale Sheevy – see Michael Tate

Talking To Heroes – Maghull band (c1984), feat; Dave Nixon (voc,bass,keys), Paul Grayston (gtr), John Wood (drms,keys). Rel 3-track demo ‘Get Away’ (Mar84). More info req’d

Tally-Ho – St Helens rockabilly band (c1984). More info req’d

Tambourines – (1990-1993) Evolved from the 16 Tambourines. Feat; Tony Elliott (bass) (later Sebastians Men, Catapult), Mark Roberts (drms) (ex Some Party), Alan Gillibrand (gtr), Steve Roberts (voc). Independent single rel: ‘You’re so Beautiful’ (New Big Recs), ‘She Blows My Mind’ (Longbeach), plus ‘5 Miles Wide’ LP track on ‘Unearthed’ comp CD (Viper). Various tours supporting The Bunnymen, The River City People, The Real People. Various UK and Euro headline tours inc Denmark and Spain incl Barcelona Olympic Festival.

Tank Time – later incarnation of Luglo Slugs feat; Alix Johnson and Danny Hampson who became One Two and then Modern Eon. More info req’d

Tao Tao Bay Beep – band (1984-85) feat; Mark Stevenson (voc,gtr), Noel Ram (keys,voc), Craig Blade (keys,gtr), Ged (drms) who was replaced by Steve Creese (later Two People). Orig called Small Piece of Fluff. Split after deal with Magnet Recs fell through. Ade Sleigh (drms) (ex Wild Weekend, Trash Culture, Hardly Fighters, Burning Airlines) also played with them at some point. Alan Lynch was orig credited as bassist, but Ged says, ‘He never played for the band, he was at best, their engineer.’

Tarot – band formed 1982, feat; Dave Bridge (gtr) Bill Campion (drms) (both ex Thin End of the Wedge), with Mike Booth (bass) and John Skilling (voc). Played one gig and John left. Band became Damascus

Tasp – Wirral band (1984-85), feat; Tony Ball (drms) (later Raised on Radio), Ross (gtr), Tony Collines (voc,gtr), Will Ekbery (bass), Daniel Kyte (voc) (also of New Frontiers before going solo). Tony also went solo and Will went to college before joining Attempted Moustache then Mr Zero. More info req’d.

Michael Tate – impressionist (c1985), aka Tale Sheevy

Tawntaw – metal band (formed 1985), feat; Tony Steers (voc,gtr) (ex Rage). More info req’d

Teardrop Explodes – formed Oct78 by Julian Cope (voc,bass) (ex Crucial Three, Shallow Madness, Nova Mob) and Gary Dwyer (drms) (ex roadie for Big in Japan). They played 1st gig with ex Crucial Three members Mick Finkler (gtr) and Paul Simpson (keys) at Eric’s in Nov78 with Echo and The Bunnymen. Feb79 Zoo Recs rel 7″ Sleeping Gas and in Jun79 Bouncing Babies. Simpson formed Wild Swans and was replaced by Gerald Quinn, who in turn joined Simpson’s new band and was replaced by David Balfe (keys) (see also Dalek I Love You, Lori and The Chameleons, Big in Japan, Food Recs). Just before signing to Phonogram Finkler left and was replaced by Alan Gill (gtr) (ex Dalek I Love You). Commercial success soon followed with the single Reward (#6 1981) and the LP ‘Kilimanjaro.’ Gill returned to Dalek I Love You and Troy Tate (gtr,voc) replaced him and in came Alfie Angus (bass) and Jeff Hammer (keys) replacing Balfe to rec the 2nd LP ‘Wilder’ (1981 #29). Jun82 rel 7″ Tiny Children with Cope, Dwyer, Tate reunited with Balfe and joined by Ron Francois (bass) (ex Lene Lovich). They split in Nov82 with Cope pursuing a solo career. Gary’s brother Andy Dwyer played in Moon. See also Whopper, Turquoise Swimming Pool, Brain Donor

Tell No Lies – band (early 80s), feat; Barry Mitchell who changed his name from Barry Pratt. More info req’d

Tempus Fugit – band (c2004), George Hitchmough (drms) (now Pincushion). Played Cavern and Zanzibar. Rel a demo. More info req’d

Ten People Tall – record label run by Cranebuilders

Terminal – zine by Heswall students Iwan and his sister (the best zine seller ever) covered the Planet X scene in tandem with Mada. They tried to work without competition.

Terrain – band (2003), feat; Mike Murphy (voc). Have appeared at The Barfly supporting Waiting For Chan. More info req’d.

Terrajacks – band of 80s, feat; Andy Stevenson (keys), Spencer Wells (voc), Steve Woolley (keys), Bob Scott (prog). Rel 2 singles “Houseplan ” and “Total Stranger” (RCA). See also Red Pleasure

Tesco Mystery Girls – orig name (maybe) for the Mystery Girls (please verify)

That Volcano – band (formed Jan81), feat; Paul Beckett (voc) (later US Companion, Lager Lager), Gary Williams (keys) (later Secluded Places), Tony Oshaughnessy (keys,gtr), John Blackhurst (gtr), Paul Cassidy (keys) (later Pillarbox Boutique) (died 1994). As Gary and Paul were in the same class at school with David Riley (China Crisis), the China Crisis TR808 drum machine appeared on their demos. Claimed to be the 4th most important band in Kirkby. Had interest from an early demo from EMI – London Recs but 3 months in the studio changed the band’s sound resulting in the label not liking them anymore! (website)

Thin End of The Wedge – Southport band feat; Babs Norris (voc) (now Fag Ash Lil), Steve Norris (gtr) (now Fag Ash Lil), Bill Campion (drms) (later Damascus), Dave Bridge (later Damascus) who replaced Terry Steers, Philip Arthur. Rel 7″ Lights Are Not On Green / I’m Not Dead Yet (Jingle Jan82).

Think of The Winter – synth band (early 80s), from Widnes, feat; ex-members of Dead Trout. Rec demo at SOS in 1982, one of which feat on a comp LP. Also app on the Phil Ross Show (c1981). Have also played under the name of The Other Voice

Third Man – band of mid-late 80s, feat; Pete McPartland (voc) (ex Jactars, now Rash), Elaine Harris (voc), Roy Corkhill (bass) (ex Black, Here’s Johnny, later Icicle Works), and briefly Terry Jones (bass) (ex Blue Forest) who left after a couple of rehearsals, also had Paul Jones (bass) (later of Catatonia). Joey Musker (drms) (ex Wah!, Dead or Alive). There was a demo made and played at the Café Berlin. Band morphed into The Big I Am

35 Summers – band feat; Dave ‘Pichilingi’ Fenlon (voc) (ex Wake Up Afrika), Duncan Lomax (gtr) (ex Wake Up Afrika, Perfect, Hal). Project put together from ashes of Wake Up Afrika, early line up inc Dave Upton (gtr) (ex Nice Party) who was replaced by Ian Greenwood (later Fishmonkeyman), Robbie Fay (bass), Andy Hignett (drms) (ex Wake Up Afrika), Jamie Southern (keys). Creators of the ‘Shankly’ T shirt as worn by Peter Hooton (The Farm) on Groovy Train video, and John Peel. Rec two Peel sessions and one for Mark Radcliffe. Rec ‘Come Together’ in Pink Museum studios and rel as 12″ on Planet Recs (1990) then signed to RCA in 1991 and rel ‘I Didn’t Try’ and ‘Really Down’. Headlined own tours when with RCA but also supp EMF and Northside on national tours. Album ‘Sketch’ was shelved when band split in 1992 but was recently rel by Excellent Recs in Japan.

36c – 3-pc punk band, feat; Dan (gtr,voc), Joe (bass), Greg (drms), and Boyd the mascot who stands on stage through gigs holding Percy the rubber chicken. Gigged in L’pool, Southport, Ormskirk and France. Rel 6 track EP ‘We Don’t Really Mind Dave Kent’, also have the trk ‘Close The Door’ feat ‘Unearthed L’pool Cult Classics Vol 3’ (Viper Recs) Boyd was fired as mascot. an unnamed female joined on rhythm guitar in mid 2004. Since May05 the band have been quiet and are rumored to have split. (website)

This Final Frame – band feat; Paul Skillen (voc,gtr), Eammon Sale (keys), Neil Shenton (bass), Greg Gowan (drms). Rel 4th single Give Me Back (San recs Feb88) which also feat Dave Rielly and Ray Saunders of 2am.

This Is A Load of Shit So Don’t Buy It – punk fanzine c1989 edited by Nik Stater. In A4 format. More info req’d

This Island Earth – songwriting duo. Formed early 1983 after the demise of Systems; Kevin Brown and John ‘Strange’ Hawkins (ex Activity Minimal) decided to spend most of their time writing songs together. 50-60 songs later a deal was signed with Magnet Recs and a session with Zeus B. Held in Jun84 produced the first single for This Island Earth entitled ‘See That Glow’. Held has previously produced Dead Or Alive, Fashion and Gina X. (Feb85). As band also feat; Stev Brown (drms) (also Here’s Johnny), Rachel Furness (voc), Mark Griffith (gtr)

Those Naughty Lumps – formed summer 1977, feat; Kevin Wilkinson (drms) (later China Crisis), Martin ‘Armadillo’ Cooper, Tony Mitchell, PM Hart and Pete ‘Kid’ Younger (bass) (later of Wah! Heat). Had a residency at L’pool’s Havana Club and rel 7″ Iggy Pop’s Jacket (1979) on Zoo Recs which feat the sax player from Fun. In 1980 they rel EP Down At The Zoo on Open Eye Recs but several line up changes with only Wilkinson and Hart being the mainstays meant they eventually fizzled out. At some point feat Bobby Carr (keys) (later Moderates, Tontrix, Surreal Estate)

Thrash Culture – Runcorn band (1984), feat; Neil Mercer, Ian Molyneux, Ade Sleigh (drms) (ex Wild Weekend, Hardly Fighters, Burning Airlines), Paul Gallagher (bass) (ex Hal) who sadly died 2004.

Thrashgig – L’pool gig promoters, and now a record label. Are planning to release an EP every mth, ltd to 1000 copies only, so when its gone…Full details available (website)

3D – L’pool based band; signed to RAK in the early 80’s and released two singles ‘Break The Fix’ RAK 374, and ‘Nearer Revenge’ RAK 377

3D (A Fish In C) – band of early 80s feat; Ian Barry (bass) (ex Destroyers, later of Snapshots, Sneax). They rec 3 John Peel sessions, which is a record for an unsigned band. More info req’d.

Thrown Together – band (1986-87) feat; Paul Usher (later Va Va Boum Boum). Paul is better known as Barry Grant from Brookside)

Thunderboots – band (mid80s), feat; Mark Parry (gtr) (ex Ellery Bop, Western Promise, Ministry of Love, Steppin’ Razor), Paul Parry (bass) (later Steppin’ Razor). More info req’d


Tilt – punk band of late 70s, prev called The Epileptic Tits before eventually becoming synth pop sensations Black

Timelords – 1988 project by Bill Drummond (ex Big in Japan, Lori and The Chameleons) and Jimmy Cauty. Failed at 1st attempt to make a dance single out of the Dr Who theme, but added the Glitter Band beat and it became a big hit. They soon wrote a book ‘How To Have A Number One The Easy Way’, which came with a money back guarantee. Then they filmed an as yet unreleased road movie in Sierra Nevada (see also JAMMS, KLF, K Foundation, 2K)

Timeshard – Now defunct L’pool based ‘space band’ who were active up until 1995/96. They produce a sort of ‘Goa’ trance techno sound and rel a couple of CD single’s for a number of labels. The group was made up of three members Goober, Sim and Dream Angstrom who got together in late 1988. The put out a couple of cassettes before attractiing the attention of the Planet Dog label The cassette only rel ‘Crystal Oscillations’ app’d in 1994, followed by the 1st CD single ‘Zero’ on Planet Dog (BARK 008CD) 1995. A CD album ‘Hubub Ku’ was rel in 1996, and as a round up the comp ‘Now What Kind Of Music Do You Call That?’ was rel on the Nebula Entertainment label (NEO 001) in 1998. Nebula was the group’s own label formed after a split with Planet Dog and coincided with the break up of the group. Timeshard also crop up on numerous Trance comps, a John Peel session and countless free CD’s given away with music mags.The group also produced their own zine ‘The Shardian’ which feat all the usual news, tour dates, T-Shirt offers. Based at PO Box 26, L’pool, L17 3DZ. Since the split the group have continued to maintain the website which offers MP3’s. In addition Goober has performed as Monsters Of The Id, and is tentatively considering rel some material

Time Shared – electronic outfit of mid-90s from Sefton Park. Rel 2 tapes, ‘BBC Radio Merseyside Session’ and ‘Who Pilots The Flying Saucers’. Played L’pool May Day Pagent and left the audience ‘completely lost.’ More info req’d

Tim Whittaker’s Gale Force – band (1981) feat; Tim Whittaker (drms) (ex Deaf School, Lori and The Chameleons, Sex Gods)

Tin Gods – 4pc indie pop/rock band – Graham Silcock (gtr,voc), Mike Seal (gtr) (both ex Small Mercies), Phil Stone (also Uncle Oscar) (bass), Abe Juckes (also OMD, Preachers) (drms). Formed 92, did some L’pool and London gigs, spent too much time in the studio smoking weed, split 95.

Tin Ethics – band (c1981), feat; Peter Coyle (later No Trace, Jass Babies, Lotus Eaters). More info req’d

Tinka – band (mid-70s), feat; Kenny Berkeley (voc,gtr), Neil Blundell (voc,gtr), John Farrell (voc,bass), Tony Bolland (drms) (later Ocean Drive). (John and Neil sadly no longer with us). Tony worked at Plug Inn music shop and has documented bands of this era in 7 book volumes of ‘Plug Inn The Forgotten Years’

Tin Soldiers – popular Wirral punk covers band; 1995-2003, supported The Vibrators, Instant Agony, 0898, The GoHeads, 3CR etc – Paul Curtis (gtr,voc) (ex Vicious Circle, Mr Zero), Liam Johnston (bass, voc) (ex Manic Depression, C.I.5 later The Replicants), Cliff Morrow (drms) (ex De Zootman Band)

Titanic And The Icebergs – Runcorn band (1980s), feat; Jeff and Phil (both also of Green Antique). More info req’d

Tits Up – post-garage-punk band (c2021). Feat; Evie, Jess and Amanda. Release debut EP ‘Greatest Tits’ (01.01.22) (bandcamp)

Tone Deaf and The Idiots – had trk ‘Screen Love’ appeared on the Open Eye Records Comp ‘Street To Street’. They also had the distinction of releasing a one sided flexi disc ‘Why Does Politics Turn Men Into Toads?/Repatriate The National Front’ on the Lyntone Label BLI-1

Tontrix – band (1978-May80) feat Steve Lovell (gtr) (later of Hollycaust, Hambi And The Dance, Blitz Bros, Julian Cope), Hambi Haralambous (voc) (later Victims of Romance, Hambi and The Dance), Mike Score (bass) (later Flock of Seagulls), Bobby Carr (keys) (ex Those Naughty Lumps, later Moderates, Surreal Estate), Chris Hughes (drms) (later of Hambi and The Dance, Adam and The Ants), who replaced Ian Johnston. Rel 7″ Shell Shocked b/w Slipping Into Life on own Townton Recs (1979) and track on the ‘Street To Street, A L’pool Compilation’ LP with the track Clear On Radar. Played many gigs across North West.

Top – Formed following the demise of The Wild Swans, and possibly the least well known of the offshoots. Joseph Fearon (bass) teamed up with orig Wild Swan Alan Willis (drms) late 1989. They were playing a sort of poppy, even ‘baggy’ (god forbid!) sound. They put out a couple of singles and one album ‘Emotional Lotion’ in 1991 before calling it a day

Topsy Turvey – (band 1982-83), feat; Amanda Todd (aka Mandarin Orange) (voc) (ex Zale Out, later Heaven Tonight), John Feeney (bass) (ex Desire Me, Zale Out), Keith Miller (gtr), T-Terry Jones (drms). Amanda was girlfriend of Philip Franz Jones (Afraid of Mice) at the time and sang for them at a few gigs. Terry was named T-Terry cruelly cos he had a stutter. Played their debut with Personal Column at the Warehouse (1981).

Torchy and The Moonbeams – band (late 70s), feat; Steve Torch, (later of White and Torch, Pink Military), Midge (aka Mitch, Ming) (ex Shimmy and The Shakers, Stopouts)

Townshend – former name for The Vagabonds

Toxic Blue – early name used in 1981 for Scream in Silence

Toxic Blues – a blues based covers band (1999-01) feat; Brian Howman (gtr) (ex Tumbling Dice, Criminal Blues) Max Hope (bass), Keith Thompson (voc) (ex Toxic Moth) and Ray Kerr (drms) (ex Aquarius) mainly toured Runcorn, Wirral, Chester circuit.

Toxic Moth – Wirral progessive rock band (1980-81) Orig line up : Gareth Edwards (bass,keys), Keith Thompson (voc), Tony Richardson (gtr), Huw Williams (keys) and Dave Barrington (drms). The band mainly produced demos at Amazon studios engineered by Gil Norton and trod the Wirral and L’pool gig circuit in the early 80s with all their own songs, and are reforming this year with all members for a Prog Rock Festival at the Hotel California on 30.4.06. Gareth left in 1981 to join heavy metal band Treasonand later concentrated on eclectic electronic dance music with Dance the Girl, Some People (with Huw Williams and David Chappell) and Bizarre Love Trianglewhich he still produces with various collaborators including currently Keith Thompson. Neil Stenhouse replaced Gareth on bass to 1981-83. Huw Williams is now a freelance touring composer. Keith Thompson later formed touring covers band Toxic Blues. Gareth and Keith collaborated with Alan Gill in 1983 (ex Teardrop Explodes and Dalek I Love You) on Exile in Limbo which was feat on John Peel

Toy Taboo – Bootle band (1983-85), feat; Gary Wall (voc), Eddie Harrison (gtr) (later Chain Gang), John Murphy (bass), C.Montgomery (keys), Tony o’Keefe (drms) (ex Interns, later Chain Gang). Rel 7″ Nothing For Love (Sin Spin Aug84), and 3 track demo in Feb85. By end of ’84, James Duff (keys) had replaced C.Montgomery and Steve Spear (gtr) has replaced Eddie. Band split when John Murphy left in Feb85.

Tramp Attack – Reformed summer 2001, after a short stint as Jack Russell and the Motherlovers, feat; Jack Russell (gtr,voc), The Ships Cat (gtr,voc)) The Son of John (drms), Mr Bravestar (bass,voc). Used to feat Dave (now of Zutons). Signed to Must Destroy Recs. More info req’d

Trans Am – band (c1980) feat; Eddie Robinson (bass), Reggie Seddon (gtr), and Dave Hartley (drms) all from around Anfield, Reggie’s brother, Harry (voc) was a mad Elvis fan and the band used to play loads of Elvis stuff with some Beatles and other easy to play stuff chucked in. Michael Ryan took Hartley’s place. He came up with the new name Deja Vu

Transmission – band (May85-Aug85), feat; Peter McVeigh (gtr,bass,voc), Paul Whelan (keys,bass), Ian Jarvis (bass) (all ex Apathy Ru), Wally Riley (drms) (only for gigs) (ex Ulterior Motive). Said to have had good live shows, using puppets! Peter and Paul (both ex In Vogue) formed Live Transmission, Ian gave up music and got married.

Transylvania – Wirral band (c1987) involved with WASP collective. More info req’d

Traveller – pop-rock band from Tranmere (1981-83), feat; Robbie Shirley (voc,gtr,keys), Chris James (gtr), Gordon Gumley (bass), Tony Shirley (drms). Rel single I Don’t Need Anybody (Crackin’ Up 1983)

Traveller – folk-rock band formed in 1992 as Hurricane, changing name 18mths later, feat;.Ste Cox (bass) (ex Reaction, Call It Belief, later Lovebomb, Trinity), Jason Parr (voc,gtr), John Marsden (keys) (ex Reaction, Call It Belief), Richie Long (drms). Perfected a stronger set and signed to Bod Promotions, they were able to sell-out larger venues like The Picket. Famous for their huge poster that adorned the bridge that crossed into St. John’s Market, above The Royal Court. When the bridge came down, the poster was still on it!! Also hosted a free gig at The Picket and paid for it themselves! Of course, it was heaving – guaranteed! Supported Dodgyat that venue at the height of their fame. ‘The band recorded an impressive demo in April ‘ 93; harnessing the power of the hammond to add drive’Groove magazine

Treason – Wirral heavy metal band (1983-84), feat; Gareth Edwards (ex Toxic Moth, later Dance The Girl). More info req’d.

Treehouse – band from N.L’pool (1997-00), feat; Pete Riley (voc,gtr), Paul o’Brien (bass), Keith Thomas (bass), Abe Juckles (drms). Rel debut LP ‘Nobody’s Monkey’ (Atlantic 97). Pete joined Edwin McCann Band in USA (2000). Also went solo and rel LP ‘After The Parade’ (01) and EP ‘Live Across America’ (03).

The Trestles
– indie-pop band (2007-12), feat; Al o’Hare (voc,gtr), Mark Dawson (gtr), Ben Godfrey (bass), Tom Carroll (bass) (ex Plantfoot – see N.Wales section), Howard Northover (drms) (also of Only Child, Absaloot). Supported Pete Wylie and rec session for BBC Radio Merseyside. Had track All Grown Up (on Liverpool Music Today comp CD rel Feb08). Prev bassist was Phil ‘Baba’ Bernia. Tom went on to form Bad Mood in 2015, then Big Unit Agricultural Regime (with Howard in 2019).

Trilby – band who occasionally call themselves Famous Last Words. More info req’d

Trinity – dance outfit (c2006), feat; Steve Cox (ex Reaction, Call It Belief, Traveller, Lovebomb), Steve Frankland (ex Lovebomb), Chris Mather. Rel single Like The Sunwhich was chosen to represent the UK in the Eurodance Song of 2006. (website)

Trip – Wirral based band feat; changed name to Harlequin Circus, later called Voodoo 7:2

Troubadour – Wirral band (formed 2002) feat; Bradley Briercliffe (voc) (ex The Blame), Nathan White (keys), Russell Holden (bass), Dale Galer (gtr), Andrew Robinson (drms), Terry Laverly (gtr) (who left after 2 months). Have played at The Zanzibar and The Barfly, (website)

The Truemen – band (formed 2004), feat; Roy White (voc,gtr,keys) (ex White & Torch, Pink Military, Big in Japan), Matt Byrne (gtr), David Levy (bass), Mark Diment (drms). Rel LP ‘Deadly Nightshade’ (iTunes Jan05). (website)

Tunnel Users – band (1981-83) feat; Colin Pennington (gtr,voc) (later of Decemberists, Hell Fire Sermons, James), Phil Butcher (voc), Clint Gannicliffe (keys), Gary Rowlandson (drms) (died 2006), Paul Maloney (bass), Geraldine French (voc), Jeff Hill (keys). Played Larks in The Park Festival 1981 and noted for their live performances rather than recorded work. Rel ‘Ideas’ tape (Mar81) on a label(?) was run by Garry Gannicliffe and based at Gladville Road, Mossley Hill, L’Pool, L17, and 7″ Dance on Ex-Jukey Recs (Jul82).

Turbulent 3 – 3 piece post-punk band with attitude (2015- ongoing). Martin Bates (voc,gtr), Dave Walker (bass), Peter Kidd (drms). Influences: Captain Beefheart & The Fall.  The boys have been playing around Cheshire and Liverpool from the year 2015, playing at venues across the north west and surrounding areas, including The Outpost, Zanzibar, Liverpool Tattoo Convention and The Oxjam Beeston Music Festival, Warrington HMV store, Penny Lane Festival. Turbulent 3 are supported by Rare Vitamins Records. Rel debut album ‘Don’t Like That!’ (09.11.15) then a live LP ‘Angry Rebellion’ (31.01.23) (bandcamp)

Turquoise Swimming Pool – project 1982 feat; David Balfe (keys) (Dalek I Love You, Lori and The Chameleons, Teardrop Explodes, Food Recs), Troy Tate (gtr,voc) (of Teardrop Explodes) and Hugh Jones (producer). Contributed tracks to the ‘Shores of Lake Placid’ comp.

The Tutors – band (1982-84) feat; Colin C Frost (voc,gtr) (ex Eat At Joe’s, Fox Glove, later Supercharge, Circus Circus, Laughing Freeman), Les Rodgers (bass) (ex Eat At Joe’s, Fox Glove), David Rodgers (keys), Kevin Kelly, Gwyn Jones. Although Les says, ‘The Tutors were never a band…don’t know where you got that from… the people you mention as being members of this supposed band where in fact musos put together by Knowsley County Council to teach kids how to play and form bands. We just taught the local kids to how to play their instruments. I taught bass, Colin Frost taught Guitar, Kev Kelly taught guitar and the other guys did duties on drums and keys respectively. Our remit was simply to teach them basic skills and form them into groups for a final graduation concert. We did it over about two months. Thought you might want to know that. Some of the kids we taught went on to join bands and a get deals.’

TV21 – club in Southport above the Marine Bar pub. 2 regulars from Planet X put Decadence Within and Smart Pils and later UK Subs on here.

25th of May – Highly politically charged guitar/dance band (formed 1988), led by frontman Steve Swindels (who called himself Swindelli to sound sophisticated), Snaykee (gtr). Rel, “Lenin and McCarthy” album in 1992, included “Crackdown” single, followed by “Apathy in the UK” EP in 1993. Named after Argentinean aircraft carrier circa Falklands or whatever event that was named after. Set to play celebration gig for Labour’s 1992 election victory, didn’t happen. Steve and Snaykee remained to evolve into Manbreak

28 Costumes – (band formed 2003), feat; Chris McIntosh (voc,gtr), Tony Reilly (gtr,voc), Nick Hoare (drms). Paul Green (bass) Graham Jones (bass). Other/prev members, Liam – (drms). Paul ‘Geoff’ Williams (bass), Steve Carpenter (drms), John Wallace (drms), Ali McPhee (drms), Rel LPs, The Fake Death Experience (Spank Recs, Nov04) and Adventure Stories (Spank Records). Singles – Hurricane, 21 Years, Inside/Outside, You Excite Me, Erika, This Band Has Eaten All Our Money (website)

21st Present – A one-off band. feat; Colm Redmond (Pink Military, Psycamesh, Wah! Heat), John Tuite – aka Nicky Hillon or Nicky Cool, (ex Pink Military), Pete Wylie (Wah!, Crucial Three) and Joe Musker (drms) (Wah! Heat, Dead or Alive) played at Brady’s, 31.01.81, supporting The Frantic Elevators. They played some tracks off the Faction EEP, and covers ranging from Venus In Furs to The Bogus Man to Funkytown. Troy Tate played guitar on one song, fresh from filming Teardrop Explodes’ “Reward” video that afternoon. The name was a gift for Wylie’s then-girlfriend Jane on her 21st.

24/7 Rehearsal Rooms – Midnight is where the day begins! 24 hr access to hassle free reheasing. Contact – Justin 07730 – 008179 Or email – c/o PSST

24/7 – The previous Flare’s, the 70’s themed hen night special has undergone a transformation and is now beginning to put on gigs as well as being the home for the Defcon club. Situated at the junction of Fleet Street and Hanover Street.

29th and Dearborn – rock’n’roll band (1975-79), feat; Alan Peters (voc,keys) (ex Almost Blues, later Lawnmower, Opposition, Supercharge, Love Ponies), Kenny Roberts (gtr) (later Opposition, Lawnmower), Max Rooks (bass), Richie Winn (gtr) (later Opposition), Tony Moroni (drms) who left after rec 7″ Baby Put Your Love In Me (1979) and Richie took over on drms. Did rec an LP but never rel.

20,000 BC – angular/space/time sig rock, feat; ex and current members of Kling Klang, Mazey Fade, Krautrock and Part Chimp. Joe (gtr), Chris (gtr,voc), Ged (drms) (also Privileged Few)

Twin Method – Wirral based nu-metal band, formed in late 1998, feat; Keith Hill (ex Morbid Symphony, also of Flesh Resonance) his brother Briz (ex Morbid Symphony), and Dean, (ex Oscuro). Initially recorded a 3 track EP at Whitby Studio’s L’Pool Rec debut LP in USA Logan Madher (ex Soulfly etc). The album was recorded at Paramount Studio’s and was produced by Ron Goudie (TSOL and GWAR) and is provisionally title ‘Adjust’ and is due for release in the autumn of 2003 when it will be supported by a full tour (website) More info req’d.

2am – band feat; Dave Rielly and Ray Saunders. More info req’d

2K – 1997 project by Bill Drummond (ex Big in Japan, Lori and The Chameleons) and Jimmy Cauty. Rel single Fuck The Millennium but failed to sell (see also Timelords, KLF, K Foundation, JAMMS)

Two People – band (formed Jan85), feat; Mark Stevenson (voc,gtr), Noel Ram (voc, keys,gtr) (both ex Tao Tao Bay Beep), Brad Lang (bass), Ian Penman (keys), Stevn Creese (drms) (ex Lotus Eaters). Signed to Polydor, rel 7” Rescue Me (Feb 85), 7” This Is The Shirt (Apr85), LP Naked (Sep85), 7” Mouth of an Angel (Sep 86), 7” Heaven (Sep86).

Two’s A Crowd – band (formed 1986) feat; Philip Franz Jones (ex Afraid of Mice, Mothmen) and Alex McKenchie (ex Modern Eon, Passage). Had a track Good Night Angel on comp LP ‘Ways To Wear Coats’ (Brilliant Genius recs Oct86), rel LP ‘Live At Lime Street.’ (TAC Recs May87) rec live at The Empire and also feat; Mandy & Sylvie (voc), Nicky Murphy (keys), Alan Whetton (sax), Graham Russell (trmpt), Andy Hutchinson (trom), Terry Sterling (drms).. Changed name (autumn87) to Up and Running due to Manc band having same name and record co’s not keen on it either

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