Liverpool: Sa – Sk

Sahara Crew – Part of WASP collective on Wirral. Ian Davies (bass,voc) (ex Look Out Oscar, later Dream Legion), Mike Baird (drms) (ex Pyjama Party, later Dream Legion), Alex Christy (gtr). Played pop/rock material with small amount of covers until 1989.

St. Vitus Dance – Belfast rock band who decamped to Liverpool (mid-80s), feat; Noel Burke (voc), Haydn Boyle (keys), Maurice Mulvenna (bass), Philip Freckleton (gtr), Damien Magee (gtr), Peter Hesketh (drms). Rel LP ‘Love Me Love My Dogma’ (Probe Apr87). Reformed 2005 to play a sell out gig in Belfast with L’pool shows planned for summer05. Noel Burke joined Echo & The Bunnymen when Ian McCulloch went awol & did the Reverberation LP.

Salt The Snail – Widnes/Runcorn crazed punk-grunge-meowsic band (formed Aug16), feat; Krystian Hudson (voc), Tom Ashley, Si and George (bass) (also Bisch Nadar) Rel download singles Coffee (2017), then Spanish Announce Table (2018), LazerQuest (2018) then a 7″ single Junkyard Cat (Mar20). This was followed by a 30sec song for download (5.10.20) Continue to release download singles (15 to date) as ‘We’re not an album band.’ Renowned for ‘hectic’ performances and co-founders of Society Of Losers records (fb)

SAMBA (Sefton Area Musicians & Bands Association) – formed 1986 by Ken Nelson (ex Jennylind) & Carl Brown. Collective feat 13 bands & rel LP ‘Twist & Samba’ (on Quickstep Oct86).

Savage Lucy – Metal band (1980-82), orig feat; Steve ‘Sav’ Pearse (voc) later (Marseille), Mark Railton (gtr) (later Rough Justice, Marseille), who were joined in 1981 by Raphael Charles (gtr) (ex Renegade, Rough Justice), Lee Duplon (bass) (ex Renegade, Rough Justice), Mick Marino (drms) (ex Renegade). More info req’d

Savage Outlaw – 5-piece hard rock band. Played debut gig 16.08.09 at The Pilgrim. (spotify)

Frank Savages – project (c2007) by Tony Hennigan (ex Blue Vein), (website)

Savoir Fayre – early 80s band, feat; Jayne (voc) (later Roulade). More info req’d

Say – band of 80s/90s feat; Stu Ellis (gtr) (now Curly Music), Pete Ellis (gtr) (now Curly Music), Steve Murray (voc,bass), Chris (keys), drums? They toured the USA and Nile Rodgers (Chic) was interested in signing them. Rel 2 LPs, all went on to join other bands, Stu now manages Curly Music with his Brother Pete and their manager of the band Neil

Alexie Sayle – (b.07.08.1952 in Anfield) stand-up comedian, actor, author and former recording artist, and was a central figure in the British alternative comedy movement in the 1980s. He was voted the 18th greatest stand-up comic of all time on Channel 4’s 100 Greatest Stand-ups in 2007.

Scaffold – Formed 1962, feat; Poet Roger McGough (b.9.11.1937) and humorist John Gorman (b.4.1.1937) joined Mike McGear (b. Michael McCartney, 7.1.1944) (younger brother of Paul McCartney), Read biog.

The Scales – band (2002), described as an early Super Furry Animals with Everton FC tops. More info req’d.

School For Girls – 70’s band, feat; Les, Dave (voc) (RIP), Paul (RIP) and Kenny.

Scope – Crosby 5-pc band (1980-81), feat; feat; Steve Cottier (voc,gtr) (later Passion Polka, Peep Show), Steve Craddock (keys). Changed name to Xionics (Aug81). Became Kinetics

Scorpio Rising – Wirral indie band (1989-94), feat; Mandy Moge (later Bite Back)

Screaming Addicts – Kirkby punk band (formed early 1980) by 3 ex-members of England’s Own Revolutionary Royal Family, Ronnie O’Keefe (voc,gtr) (later Builders), Paul McDowell (bass) (later Bamboo) & Sid Morris (gtr,voc), along with Dave Reilly (drms) (later China Crisis, Builders, US Companion). Sid & Dave left, they were replaced & band became Secluded Places Sep80

Scream In Silence – Sefton band (1981-82), prev called Toxic Blue. Feat; A.Hilton (voc,gtr), Darren Brown (bass) (ex Shwerlemont & The Bad Spadges, later Roulade, Jenny Lind), P.Wallace (gtr) (ex Shwerlemont, later Roulade), D.Moss (drms) (ex Skydog). More info req’d

The Seal Cub Clubbing Club band who supported The Laze and Deluge at the ‘Valhalla’ night held at the Zanzibar club recently. Any band that calls itself such deserves some attention – the nature of such attention I will leave each of you to decide. More info req’d

Sebastians Men – (1982-85) feat; Tony Elliott (bass) (ex 16 Tambourines, Tambourines, Catapult), Mike McCarroll (drms) (ex Personal Column), Ian Copeland (gtr), David Hogg (gtr) (later Return of The Toreador), Margi Henderson (voc). Rel single – Horizon / Canvas of Slaughter, (#17 in UK indie charts). Numerous national and regional Radio appearances including Radio 1 John Peel Sessions, 1984 session tracks inc; Hurt So Hate So Fright So, and For Ever and Ever In The Icehouse

Secluded Places – band (Sep80-Jul84), prev called Screaming Addicts, orig feat; Ronnie o’Keefe (gtr,voc) (later The Builders), Paul ‘Mad’ McDowell (bass) (later Bamboo), Chris Wilson (drms) (later State of the Nation). Alan Kelly (later Lunjay Blue Armey, Lager Lager, Ooberman) was 1st drummer had been and gone and would rejoin 1982. By Mar81 Wilson was replaced by Pete Alcock (drms) and Gary Warren (keys) (later Prisoners of War) joined. 1982 Warren left and Paul Benson (gtr) (later Bamboo) joined. Jan84 the line up was expanded by Susan Falls (b.voc), Mick Fozackerley (perc), Gary Williams (keys) (ex That Volcano)

Seconds Out – band, pre-1985, feat Tommy Jones (voc) (who became Thomas Lang), Noel Odger (gtr) (later Big Still), Terry Kilfoyle (bass) (ex Asylum, Keep It Dark, later Big Still), Steve Thomason (drms), and Mark Comer (keys) (later Whale Nation).

Second To None – Sefton based band (1982-83), feat; Paul Marsters (gtr,voc) (ex Shwerlemont & The Bad Spadges, Forgotten Image, later Blueprint), D Deevey (bass), Steve Swinnerton (gtr,voc) (ex Frets, Harmonics, Fourmers, Suspect Greenhouse, Between The Lines), Mick Clarke (drms) (ex Frets etc, later Suspect Greenhouse, Forgotten Image, Shell Collectors, Jenny Lind, Fallen People, Western Promise)

Second Vision – (band 1995-98) feat; Ray o’Neil (drms), George Twigg (bass), Tony Rigby (gtr), Ian Forshaw (gtr) (ex Déjà vu, later Caroline 199), Ian Rossiter (voc). Alex McGrath replaced Rossi and Paul Ainscough (ex Sudden Impact, replaced Ray).

The Secrets – band formed Sep78 by Steve Lindsay (bass,voc) (ex Deaf School, Big in Japan, later The Planets), Ian Broudie (gtr) (ex O’Boogie Brothers, Big in Japan, Opium Eaters, later Original Mirrors, Lightning Seeds), Dave Hughes (keys) (ex Dalek I Love You, later OMD), Budgie (ex Spitfire Boys, Big in Japan, Opium Eaters, later Planets, Slits, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Creatures)

A Select Committee – powerpop band (1981-83), feat; Tim Lees (voc) (later Something French), Steve Downey (gtr) (later Come in Tokio), Brian Jones (bass) (later Something French), Andy Redhead (drms,keys) (later Box of Toys, 3D). Had track Shape Our Lives on comp cass ‘Crackin Up At The Pyramid’ (May82). Rel 7-track demo which also feat Box of Toys’ Phil Martin (sax).

Self Enforced Exile – band (early 80s), feat; Damian Bromley (later Dark Delights, Cair Paravel, Back To Nam, The Project). More info req’d

Send No Flowers – band (1981-83), feat; Lyn Sangster (gtr,voc), Jake Wakstein (drms) (both later of Kit), Paul Sangster (bass), Timmo O’Shea (gtr) (later of High Five), Alan Wills (perc) (also Wild Swans) who played live only. Rel; tracks on the Adventures In Reality comp tape (1981), Days of Rage on Index-Edition 2 comp tape (Mar82), 7″ Playing For Time / Wall Of Convention / One More Day on Praxis Recs (Aug82). Orig feat Ian Astbury (later The Cult), but he never got past rehearsal stage

September Set – Wirral band (c1987) involved with WASP collective. More info req’d

721 – sub r’n’b electronic project (2002) feat; Graham ‘Maddie’ Maddrell (gtr,voc) (Cream Soda, Hark Matilda, Cooper S, Pictures)

Sex Gods – band (c1986) feat; Pete DeFreitas (drms), Andy Eastwood (both later of The Divine Thunderbolt), Mike Mooney (later of Spiritualised), Tim Whittaker (drms) (ex Deaf School, Lori & The Chameleons, Gale Force) & friends & roadies of Echo & The Bunnymen. incl Johnno (ex Wah). Initially signed to Island recs who bottled out of rel an LP under that name. The LP eventually came out as being by ‘The Balcony Dogs’, it did nothing and the group split. (Their warped classic ‘Rings of Saturn’ also appeared on one of the recent Viper Records L’Pool comps). Johnno worked for Island for a few years then seems to have disappeared.(website)

Sex Lies & Religion – band feat; Tony Bolland (voc) (ex Animated Classics, Outer Limits), Martin Ball (keys), Keith Andrews (bass) (ex engineer Parr street studios, now a producer in L.A), Brian Cockayne (gtr) and Roland (drms).

Sex Tribe – band feat on D-Beat comp tape (on Bop A Dub Sep85). More info req’d

Shack – Band of late 80s feat; Mike Head (gtr,voc), his brother John Head (gtr) (ex Dance Party, Egypt For Now, Pale Fountains), Justin Smith (bass), Dave Butcher (keys) (ex Pale Fountains, later Joyful Process), Mick Hurst (drms). And later Alan Wills (drms) (now manager of The Coral). More info req’d

The Shakti – Liverpool Hip-Hop artists, featuring DJ Rasp, Philly Wizz, Ashleigh, Mak, and Sharlene (also in The Hat Band) They have released two EP’s to date (website)

Shallow Madness – band formed summer 1978 feat; Julian Cope (ex Crucial Three, later of Teardrop Explodes), Ian McCulloch (ex Crucial Three, later of Echo & The Bunnymen), Paul Simpson (ex Industrial Domestic, Crucial Three, later of Teardrop Explodes, Care, Skyray, Wild Swans), Michael Finkler (gtr) (later of Teardrop Explodes). Didn’t last long due to musical differences. Didn’t do any gigs, but an acoustic vers of the band called Uh played a couple. More info req’d.

Shambeko! Say Wah this was Wah! but for some reason their single Remember (1982) was credited to this band name. Pete Wylie’s sense of humour? Maybe.

Sharon & The Slobz – band (Nov83-Aug84), feat; Jaki Florek (voc) (ex Shattered Dolls, later Adams Family), Ernie Pollard (gtr) (ex Cylic Amp, ECM, Professor Oh), Paddy Collis (keys) (same bands), Andy Barlow (drms) (ex Cyclic Amp, Professor Oh, Sister Moon), Ste Richmond (perc,voc) (ex Phobia, ECM, later Cyclic Amp), John Jones (bass) (later Danse Macabre). Used many other names incl; Blue & White Plastic Tray, Brian’s Swimming Pool, Surrogate Mothers & Billy The Fish, Tracey Metropolis.

Shattered Dolls – vile and violent glam punk band, feat; Jaki Florek (voc) (later Sharon & The Slobz, Adams Family), Gof (gtr) (later Suicide Stars) & at some point Paul Hornby (drms) (ex-Pink Military). Rel 7″ EP on Rox Recs ‘Lipstick Killers’ (1980) hitting No20 in Indie Charts, it was Mike Read’s Single Of The Week on his Radio One Saturday show. Gigged constantly inc full UK tour with Gary Glitter. Split Aug82.

– pop punk band, formed by Luke Jones (gtr,voc) and Ollie (drms) who were both in Purple Gekko. Soon joined by Villy Raze on bass (also of Dead Class, Wanweird, Dead Raze). Villy moved to guitar when Katy joined. Rel debut ‘Predator EP’ (2011) and LP ‘Sheepy’ (on Blang, 2014), then ‘Alarm Bells’ (2017), and ‘Get Out Of My House’ (2019). Have played all over Europe. Katy is also in Snakes Everywhere.

Shell Collectors – band feat; Darren Brown (voc,bass) (ex Bronx, Toxic Blue, Scream in Silence, Roulade, Jenny Lind), C Sillitoe (keys), Mick Clarke (drms) (ex Frets etc, later Suspect Greenhouse, Second To None, Western Promise, Jenny Lind, Fallen People). Andrew Taylor (bass) (later of Fallen People) left May89

The Shine – Wirral band, later called Freemaker

Shiny Too Shiny – band from L’pool 8, feat; Flo Sullivan (later a solo artist called Gaynor Rose Madder). More info req’d.

Shop Soiled – band (Summer68-Autumn70) feat; Brian Harcombe (drms) (later Hark Matilda, Restless, Accelerators, Bugs loads of others!), Dave Jones (bass), Colin Gwynn (gtr). Based around improvisational qualities of Dave and Brian the band feat an amazing number of personnel over 2½ yrs. Incl; Steve Bone, Dave Gwynn (Colin’s brother), Tommy Higgins and Mike Bersin (all gtr), and an array of vocalists, incl; Francios who was a mad Frenchman. Played hundreds of gigs around the north west. Regulars at the Cavern, Blue Angel, Colombo Club, O’Connors.

Shortlist – R&B band formed 1981, feat; Mike Westwood (voc) (ex MI5), Mick Kelly (gtr) (ex Spiffy), Geoff Stalford (drms) (later Flashpoint) and Jim Brown (bass) (ex Spiffy) replaced orig unknown bassist when band were called Mick Kelly’s Band. Gigged and rec 2 demos in 1983 and Feb85. Geoff Ayres (drms) replaced Stalford (Apr83) and they added another guitarist (name?).

Short Sharp Shock – see SSS

Shwerlemont & The Bad Spadges – Sefton based band (1980), feat; Paul Marters (gtr,voc) (later Second To None, Forgotten Image, Blueprint), Darren Brown (gtr) (later Bronx, Toxic Blue, Scream in Silence, Roulade), P Wallace (bass) (same b-grnd as Darren!), S Marsters (drms).

Sign of The Times – Following on from Oi! – The Fanzine, brothers Garry and Mark Fielding embarked on their final fanzine venture together, with just two issues of this Riot City/Oi influenced read. Also featured a sprinkling of little-known bands from the Liverpool area like Clockwork Destruction. Mark quit the punk scene and ‘zine writing malarkey after this, settling down to a life of domesticity. Garry continued to write, becoming something of an Oi historian in his album sleevenote writing little venture (!), and most notably writing a book on The Business. Having long been a fan of Status Quo, he continues to run the band’s Collectors website.

Silhouettes – band formed (spring 2005) feat; Chris Pickering (gtr,voc), Leonie Murphy (voc) Cheryl Doyle (voc), Liam Power (gtr) Nick Pickering (bass,voc) and Ross Martin (drms). Did at one point feature Mr Bravestar (of Tramp Attack) and Andrew Royden (now of the Regimental )

– 70s band, feat; Stan Alexander, Les, Ray Blease, Tony Coulson (gtr) (RIP) and John Williams.

Silk Traders – Skelmersdale blues, soul, and rock n roll band. Formed in 2000 feat; Michael Kelly (gtr,voc), Chris Fisher (gtr), Musleh (bass) and John Tudor (drms). Played gisg around the city recently inc the Barfly, Zanzibar And Magnet.

Silverback – band (2003), feat; Chris (voc), Ian (gtr), Lee & Justin (website). Formed from remnants of Liar

Singing Ringing Tree – band (1992-96), feat; Nicky Williams (voc) (later Spirits), Ronni O’Keefe (bass) (later Spirits), Alan Gillibrand (gtr), Mark Roberts (drms). Ronni is also heavily involved in studio production.

Sinner – heavy rock band from Wirral (1979-82), formed during NWOBHM, feat; Craig McDonald (voc,gtr) (later Stormbringer, Switch, Glassback, Havana Clue), Phil ‘Pipe’ Jones (bass), Pete Askey (drms). Orig bassist John Bruce left after debut gig. Played the usual Wirral venues, Stairways, the Grand, The Dale etc. Early members Don Major (bass), Gary Whitby (gtr) never gigged and Paul Naeson (gtr) (of Wargasm, Rock Weiller) jammed many times but was never in the band

Sister Moon – band (Jan82-Dec83), feat; Tina Lee (voc), Stan Hall (gtr,voc) (of Pumf tapes), Glen Windscale (gtr,keys,voc) (later Clique), Jan Cornwall (bass) (also Cyclic Amp), Andy Barlow (drms) (also Cyclic Amp, later Sharon & The Slobz).

Six – Southport band (formed 1984), feat; Diane Rowland (voc), Mark Lunt (bass), John Kirway (drms), Steve Travis (bass). Prev called The Debonaires. Travis left for Fragile Friends for short while and rejoined as Six. Had track Can of Love on Twist & Samba comp LP (Oct86), played Rock For Rights fest (Nov85).

16 Tambourines – (1985-1990) band feat; Tony Elliott (bass) (later of Catapult, Sebastians Men), Tony McGuigan (drms), David Oliver (Keys), Mike Moran (gtr), Perry Pineapple (Perc), Steve Roberts (voc), Susan Elleni (b.voc). Signed to Arista Records/BMG Publishing. Rel LP ‘How Green Is Your Valley’ plus 2 singles If I Should Stay‘ (#73 UK charts) and How Green Is Your Valley (#78)’. Completed various UK and Euro tours incl support tours for Squeeze, Wet Wet Wet and Hue & Cry. Numerous national and regional TV and Radio apps incl Radio 1 John Peel Sessions and Nicky Campbell Sessions. Rel new album (Dec22) (website) Band were also The Tambourines at some juncture.

6th Sense – band (Mar85 – Sep85), feat; Phil Jensen, John Hall, Phil Miles (all ex Flashpoint, MI5). Began as a Hall and Mile songwriting project called Person To Person before Jensen joined. Played only one gig as this line up, The CND Peace Festival (Aug85), Hall and Miles continued writing songs until Mar86 when Hall had to quit due to family reasons. (see also Infiltrators, Meeting With Ghosts, Jingling Cash Registers, Cracked Actor, Hugo Dines Band, Inside Information)

Sizer Barker band (formed 1999), feat; Carl Brown (voc) (ex Fuzzy Logic, Jenny Lind, Bonanza, playing Fields, Wave Machines), Tim, Matt. Apparently the rather odd moniker was taken from a gravestone in Liverpool and were initially signed to Hug Recs who rel 2 singles ‘Day By Day’ and ‘Something In The Park’. Signed Pre Records (Oct04) owned by Peter Gabriel and the first offering being the album ‘Hotel Juicy Parlour’. Recent reviews have described them as a “tuneful Beck or a cross between Moby and Coldplay” The album has been released on iTunes. Brown was also backing singer for Space. (website)

Skank Like Frank – ska band (2002) feat; James (bass), Dora (sax), Phil (drms), Greg (trmbn), Colin (trmpt), Matty (gtr). (website) Matty & James are brothers & wanted to form an emo-punk band, but Colin persuaded them to be in a ska band. Split up late 2003, attempted to come back May04 but was verified useless as no one seemed to care, not even the band themselves

Skeleton Records – Wirral Based label & record shop (early 80s), rel single by Attempted Moustache. Steve Allan Jones remarks: ‘My old band Amsterdam were “courted” by this company. In fact I spent a few drunken nights in Birkenhead with the boss, one John Weaver. He liked a drink did our John, I remember one night turning up at the shop (on Argyle St, B’head) and he was throwing a bunch of singles against a wall ….he was also quite famous for making flop singles on his label into “ashtrays” ‘. Their finest rel being the ‘Trip To The Dentist’ comp (Nov80) feat; Afraid of Mice, Att Moustache, Geisha Girls, Wayne Hussey, The Luminous Beings, The Relations, The Stopouts, The Upsets, Walking Boys, Windows, Zorkie Twins. Shop still running in Oxton Road, B’Head selling 2nd hand etc, although may have closed down at one point in 1968. John sadly died Jan22.

Skeptic – three-piece rock band formed in 1979 by art students Gary Westhead (bass, vocals) and Paul Rele (drums). After a few false starts the line up was finally completed with Mark Thomas (guitar). Despite regular gigs in the Merseyside area, Skeptic’s only claim to fame came in the form of former Yes keyboardist Rick Wakeman, who agreed to record and produce the band after seeing them come second in the 1981 Radio City Battle of the Bands contest at the Liverpool Empire. The offer, however, was not forthcoming, for various reasons. After a brief period playing in Bangkok, Skeptic split up in 1983, amid various personal and musical differences

Skiffle Dogs – band (c2005), feat; Al (Chez) Cherry (ex Picasso Sisters). (website)

Skinny – band 1995–97 feat; Martyn Stevens (voc,gtr), Craig Redmore (bass) left in 96, Mike Shepherd (gtr) (ex Lost, Richville), Pat Davey (drms) (ex Lost, Richville) with Jake Strange (gtr) – resident band for The Lomax between 1995–97 supp slot for signed bands. Played at Dublin “In the City” 1996 with The Stereophonics, Hoopla Baby and The Pecadilloes. Supported “Nowaysis” on their 96 uk tour

Skreen – Another fanzine (c1980s) from the B Art stable ran by Bern Moore, of Mossley Hill Drive, L’Pool, L17

Skydog – Sefton band (1980-81), feat; G.Smith (voc) (left ’80), G.Arden (voc), Ian Smith (voc) (later Suspect Greenhouse, Between The Lines), M.Wells (gtr), D.Moss (drms) (later Scream in Silence), Alan Topping (keys).(later of Forgotten Image, Suspect Greenhouse). All of whom were part of Atomic Warlords, Anon & Wargame. More info req’d

Skyfall – band (mid-70s), feat; Phil Jones (gtr,voc) (ex WC Waredrobe’s Swinging Clit, later Afraid of Mice, Two’s A Crowd), Dave Cunningham (gtr), Albie Miller (gtr), Steve Emberton (bass), Mike Stephenson (drms). Rel ‘First Breath’ EP (Stage Music 1975) feat tracks Cat Crawler; Now; Anguish; Sailors Sympathy. The EP came in a picture sleeve and had a lyric sheet in it. Had played The Moonstone and Ian Consterdine saw them at Manchester Free Trade Hall in 1975.

Skylarks –

Skyliners – band played at Larks In The Park Festival (1985). More info req’d

Skyray – Paul Simpson (ex Teardrop Explodes, Wild Swans, Industrial Domestic, Care) project (formed 1995) & almost 10 years since he had been involved in music Collaborations with Henry Priestman (ex It’s Immaterial, Wah! Christians, Yachts) & Bill Drummond (ex KLF) Rel 3 Cd’s and a promo compilation of his work and has the Dream Diaries CD out soon, with his long awaited autobiography soon after and a brand new ‘Skyray’ CD to follow.

Skytrain – band (1981-82), feat; ex members of Wardog, Paddy Breene (voc) (ex Klubbs), Pete Tidy (drms) (ex Klubbs), Steve Burkhill (gtr) (later Fallen Heroes), & also Mick Blowers (bass).

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