Liverpool: R

Raddehc – cassette label of late 70s, ran from Banbury Way, Oxton, Wirral, L43 by band Extraterrestrial Coathangers

Radio Blank – Nov76-Oct77 punk band feat; David Balfe (bass) (later of Dalek I Love You, Big in Japan, Lori & The Chameleons, Teardrop Explodes, Food Recs), Alan Gill (later of Dalek I Love You, Teardrop Explodes), Keith Hartley (voc), Stephen Brick (drms). Played around 15 gigs, incl at Eric’s. Keith went to school in Thingwall and became a fireman after the split. More info req’d.

Radio Blue – name used by Penultimate Vehicle for a Battle of The Bands school competition (1982), before changing their name to That Volcano

Radio Caroline North – Pirate radio station which ran for a short while from Wirral (c1984) and incl an industrial show on Saturday 12-2am from DJ Frank Zerox

Radio Mongolia – psychedelic alter ego of anarcho punk band Unrest. Feat; Andy (drms), Baz (bass), Bone (gtr), Big John (voc). They played the squat/festival circuit & were very active on the local anarchist squat & hunt sab scenes.

Rafique – Huyton pop-funk band (formed 1983) feat; Tony Kyffin, Andrew James (drms) (left ’84 to join Chance), Tony then gave up playing to manage the band, so line up was; Andy J Davidson, Mark Birchall (drms) (later Lloyd Collection, La’s), Dave Taylor, Neil Andrew. By the end of ’84 Neil had be replaced by N.McCloughlin & Tony stopped managing them Jan85. Rel demos Jan85 & May85 (latter feat; 1000 Years, Boys, Athmosphere, Baby). Had track The Beat Will Never Stop on ‘Jobs For The Boys’ comp LP (Jun85).

Rage – band formerly known as Nutz, feat; Mick Devonport (gtr) (later Space Cadets), David Lloyd (voc), Keith Mullholland (bass), John Mylett (drms). Renamed in 1980 after contractual wrangles with A&M, signed to Carerra Recs & rel LPs ‘Out Of Control’, ‘Nice ‘n’ Dirty’, ‘Run For The Hills’. Toured UK with Tony Steers (gtr) (later Tawntaw) added to fill out the live sound. 2nd LP had such a politically incorrect cover that most chains refused to stock it, making it v.hard to buy it. Band had disastrous tour with Uriah Heep & Carerra eventually folded. John Mylett was tragically killed in a road accident in Spain 2 weeks after the band had split. (website)

Rain – band (1987-93) feat; Ned Murphy (gtr,voc) (later of Proper and Waste). Colin Clark (bass,voc), Martin Campbell (bass) (later Lightning Seeds, Richard Ashcroft, Shack). Tony Mack (drms) (later Electrafixion, Waste). (Original drummer) Mark Robson (drms) (ex Psycamesh, Rébel Da Fé President Beate Route, 501 Amsterdam, Bush Telegraph, Catalogue, High Five, Rain, Salvadore)Not to be confused with Manchester band of same name that became Oasis. More info req’d

Rainkings – band (formed 1984) feat; Jeff Sansbury (voc), Dave Sansbury (gtr) and Roy Corkill (bass,keys) (ex Black, Flood later Here’s Johnny, Icicle Works, Ian McNabb, Skin). Feat on ‘Jobs For The Boys’ comp LP (Natalie recs Jan85) with track A Kind of Cruelty. Described as having a typical L’pool sound of acoustic guitars and nice melodies.

Raised On Radio – powerpop band formed 1986, feat; Brian Smith (voc), Tony Ball (drms) (ex Tasp), Trevor (bass), Damian Fitzgerald (gtr). Members of WASP. Rel single Escape (Oct87) on own ROR label & same track on Merseyside Musicians Bureau comp tape (’87). Damian went to run a drama & video course at Everyman Theatre (c87). More info req’d.

Ramjets – band (c1980), feat; Steve Grant (bass) (ex England’s Own Revolutionary Royal Family, later Project 23, Chain Gang), Dominic Harrison (drms), Eddie Harrison (voc,gtr) (ex Chain Gang), Joey Cork (gtr).

Rash – band (c2005), feat; Peter McPartland (voc,gtr) (ex Jactars, The Big I Am, Third Man), Colin Heeney (gtr) (ex the Big I Am).

Rash Records – label (c2012) of Daventry Road (website)

Rattlebus – Wirral based band and formed around dual ‘frontmen’ Martin Ward (ex DaVincis, Mugstar) and Tim Glover (both gtr,voc), Chris Stevens (bass) (ex DaVincis, Cicada Falls, Mugstar) (joined 2001), Jonathon (drms), replaced by Steve Vasey. Had track ‘Special’ on AudioVisual rel Tales From The Riverside (AVCD20) and ‘(Here Comes The) Kryptonite’ on further AudioVisual comp One Nation (AVCD21). The Band is currently (2005) gigging and run the Hell’s Ditch Americana-Alt.Country night at The Pilgrim (last Sat of each month) at which they are the ‘houseband’ playing live on alternate months. (website)

Reaction – Anfield band formed in 1984. Ste Cox (voc,gtr) (later Hurricane, Traveller, Lovebomb, Trinity), John Marsden (keys) Carl Taylor (bass,perc) Andy Dwyer (drms). Still all at school, they played several local venues inc. an ‘energetic performance in front of a vociferous crowd’ Merseymart at Anfield Comprehensive School (may also have feat Darren Ducksworth on voc). Band became Call It Belief

Reaction – Widnes band (1981-82), members went onto form Utopia Dream

R.E.Action – band (Mar83-Mar84), feat; Steve Roberts (voc) (ex Total Look, D-Beats, later In Dangerous Rhythm, 16 Tambourines), Dave Curtis (gtr), Pete Somerville (bass) (both ex –D-Beats), Gillian Metcalfe (drms). Rel 4-track demo Down (1984).

Real People – Formed in 1988 by bros Christopher (gtr) and Tony Griffiths (bass,voc) (ex Numbers 28) with Tony Elson (drms) and Sean Simpson (gtr). 1st LP ‘Real People’ on Warner’s but failed to set the world alight so Warner’s dropped them. This was despite having 5 top 75 singles- ‘Open Up Your Mind’ CBS Rec Feb 91 (this was a one single deal which was picked up by Warner’s on the Columbia imprint), ‘The Truth’ Columbia Recs 04/91, ‘Window Pane (EP) 07/91, ‘The Truth’ was re-issued in Jan 9, followed by ‘Believer’ in 05/92 (reached # 38 in UK chart). After they were dropped a bit of a holiday ensued and then they then started their own label Egg Recs, and rel 2 singles, & LP ‘What’s On the Outside’. Split in the mid 90’s. Orig called Jojo & The Real People

Rebél Da Fé – band (1980-82) feat; Tomo (voc) (ex Ponderosa Glee Boys, later President Beate Route), Gary Williams (bass) (ex Psycamesh, later SOL), Mark Robson (drms) (ex Psycamesh,laterPresident Beate Route, 501 Amsterdam, Bush Telegraph, Catalogue, High Five, Rain, Salvadore), Steve Hadden (gtr), JJ Whitehead (It’s Immaterial). Karen Halewood (keys) (ex Ex Post Facto, Royal Family & The Poor) Tomo leftjust before they recorded a John Peel session (Apr82). After which Mark Robson and Gary Williams relocated to Amsterdam till 1985/6.

Receiver – band (mid80s) feat; Nigel McKeown (gtr,voc) (later Lager Lager). More info req’d

Recent Penguins – band 1979, feat; Mike Kidson (Muffin Men), Dave Gray (ex Flying Blind). Became the house band for the Cosmo Show (Unity Theatre).

Recession Recs – The Body‘s label, rel LP & single by the band 1981-82

Redline – St Helens/Wirral band (1979-82), feat; Les Glover (voc,bass), Phil Burns (voc,gtr), Chris Nagle (keys), Leo Cubbin (drms). Made 2 TV appearances, Granada Reports and Mary Parkinson Show. Supported Wreckless Eric, Flock of Seagulls, Chameleons. Phil went on to run Station Studios with Leo, and then formed the dance duo Reno. Les went on to play solo acoustic and also plays with Henry Priestman (Yachts/The Christians/ It’s Immaterial)

Redo Zebri – Birkenhead band 1984-88, feat; Martin Ward (gtr) (later Da Vincis), Ted Blanchard (voc), Mel Bowen (bass), Ross Waters (gtr), Mike Renshaw (drms). Mel was replaced by Lloyd (ex Mere Dead men, Iconoclasts). More info req’d

Red Pleasure – band of early 80s, Bob Scott (keys,prog), Mark Kemp (voc), Steve Woolley (keys), John Uriel (later Thomas Lang). Some members went on to form Empire and Terrajacks who released “Houseplan” and Total Stranger” (RCA).

Reece – rock/pop band (formed Feb 2001), feat; Paul Garrett (gtr) (ex Riverside), Steven Burke (gtr) (ex Blenn), John Snodden (bass) (ex Riverside), Toby Paz Smith (drms). Ross Erickson (voc) (ex Riverside) left in Jul04, Managers son Dave Wilson (ex 888) replaced him Jun 04 (voc).

Reel To Reel – band 1982-83 feat; Ken Hancock (gtr) (ex Fishmonkeyman, ID, later, Jegsy Dodd, The Power, Vicious Circle, Half Man Half Biscuit), Dave Fairbairn (keys) (ex sessionist with OMD, later The Power), other members?

Redbank – Wirral 5-pc band, formed 1996. More info req’d.

Regular Beat Recording Company label set up & run by Yellowkid. Rel two 7″ singles, each in a ltd run of 500, the first being a split between Ambrose Tompkins and Yellowkid (Jul03). The second hot on the heels!! in Jun04 was ‘Extended Play’, feat more of Yellowkid, Mitch & Murray. Also rel EP by Ambrose Tompkins (Mar05), also ‘Field Recordings’ comp LP (Mar06). Based at P.O. Box 106, Liverpool, L17 4ZR, and at (website)

Reiner Chaos – (band c1982) Dave Hughes (gtr,voc) (later Danse Macabre), Jimmy McVeigh (bass), Chris McGuire (voc,gtr) (later Danse Macabre), Oz (gtr), and Dave Bellamy (drms). Prev called Great British Mistake Part 2, became Das Reiner. Oz says about recorded material, ‘The best thing we ever had was a cassette recording made in my living room in early 1982, I think, which was accidentally recorded over late one night by an out of brain Dave H and was never heard again. Shame coz it was really rather good.’

Reinforcements – Wirral band (formed 1982),feat; Bruce Williams (gtr,voc), Andy Byrne (bass,keys), Andy Wilson (drms). Debut gig Stairways (Feb84), played at the Merseyside Int Youth Fest (85). Had 2 tracks on comp album ’98 Miles’ (Mesa Recs Jan87). Described as having very powerful songs about modern life. Later became Miss USA

Relive The Dream – Wirral pop band (c1987) involved with WASP collective. Formed by Tabby (Paul Kavanaugh), which represented a commercial change in direction for him following his previous involvement with punk band Instant Agony. RTD’s sound was underpinned by driving looped basslines with a vocal and song construction style reminiscient of The Police. The band spent a great deal of time recording, and chose to gig selectively, including a stint at the Bradford Battle of the Bands (c1989).

Renegade – metal band (1981), feat; Raphael Charles (gtr) (later Savage Lucy, Rough Justice), Lee Duplon (bass) (later Savage Lucy, Rough Justice), Mick Marino (drms) (later Savage Lucy). More info req’d

Reno – A Wallasey based production duo feat; Andy Holt and Phil Burns. Who when Andy enrolled in 1999 at a London Uni to study Sound Engineering, his tutor being Phil Burns. They took their name from US 60’s TV show Renegade which Andy was a fan of. Having cemented a relationship they began to lay down a few rough tracks, the best of these were put together as a demo and submitted to Jive/Zomba Recs – the response was good, with 3 of the labels A&R reps turning up on the same day. Not surprisingly a deal was signed, and in Oct02 the 1st fruits were rel as ‘Thinking About the Good Times’ Zomba/BMG. The LP was very well received with critics appreciating the nod the duo gave to their varied influences citing Ry Cooder and even Mike Oldfield! The LP feat a variety of vocalists including Dave Barrett, and Gina Davies and led to early comparisons with Groove Amarda, Faithless and Nightmares on Wax. Reno then returned to the studio and began work on a follow up again featuring differing vocalists. This brought them to the attentions of Nancy Sinatra, who apparently loved the ‘Good Times’ LP. A track ‘Bossman’ was submitted to her, and her daughter wrote a vocal part for. There is a rumour that she is planning to rel it as a dbl A-side, the other track being a collaboration with none other than Morrissey. Currently the LP is scheduled to be rel during Autumn 2004. –

Restless – band formed 1973, feat; Allan Mayes (voc,gtr) (ex Rusty), Mick Cooper (gtr), Eric Wilson (bass), Sheila Norris (voc) and Keith Berg (drms). Marie Woods (voc) (ex-Body) joined in 1975 when Brian Harcombe (drms) (ex Hark Matilda, Shop Soiled) replaced Keith. Regulars at the Moonstone, Sportsman etc., playing a mix or originals and American West Coast covers in the style of Jefferson Airplane. Split 1976. Allan went to the USA, the others became Frantic!, Next to Nothing

Retch records – label set up by Mic ‘Spike’ Raphone of Southport (c1990) (ex Blitzkrieg, Parasites, Paradox UK). Has rel material by these bands & the ‘Get Yourself A Crash Helmet’ comp LP.

Return of The Toreador – band (formed 1985), feat; Steve Grace (voc,gtr) (ex Nasty Pop, Stopouts), Dave Hogg (gtr) (ex Sebastian’s Men), Dave Bathe (drms) (ex Fragile Friends). More info req’d

Reverb Brothers – Hoylake based two piece band feat; Duncan Lewis (bass) (ex Pegasus). James Ray (voc,gtr) also at some point a guy called Colin & gigged up to 1985(ish)

Revolutionary Army of Infant Jesus – band (formed 1985), feat; Jon Egan and (both ex Dead Trout),  David Seddon, Paul Boyce, Sue Boyce, Les Hampson. Rel LP ‘Gift of Tears’ (Probe Plus Oct87). Bronek Kramm, Angela Taylor and Bill all joined later.

Reynolds Girls – 18-year-old Linda Reynolds and her 16-year-old sister Aisling first burst into the pop charts in 1989 with the Stock, Aitken and Waterman-penned ‘I’d Rather Jack’. The song spent 12wks in the charts – and peaked at No.8 – was rel on the PWL label PWL25 in 7′ and groovy 12′ versions. Shortly afterwards the girls parted company with their (in)famous (s)hitmakers and a follow-up song ‘Get Real’ failed to chart. Love them or hate them, it’s unlikely that you’ve forgotten them. They were all that was and sadly still is wrong with the music industry

Rhombus Of Doom –

Rialto Burns – band (formed 2009), feat; Adam Chatterton (voc) (ex Oysterboy, dJenifus), Cogsy (gtr), Al (gtr), Dan (drms), Pottsy (bass). Debut single Radiate (Gung-Ho 14.6.10), followed by For The Asking (spring11) (website)

The Rich Get Richer – orig name for South Parade (c1983)

Richville – band, 1994–95 headed by lead vocalist Christine Lavine backed ex Lost members Mike Shepherd (gtr), Steve Parker (bass) and Pat Davey (drms). Mike and Pat joined Skinny

Rickets, The – band feat; David Wright (ex Ricky Spontane and Spontaneous Cattle Combustion, now of Rejects Revenge Theatre co), Rich (voc,gtr), Ash (gtr,voc), Chris (gtr), John (drms). David has since moved to Japan. Have a cd-r ep of material available from

Riders, The – Halewood band, formed 1979, feat; Moo (bass) (ex Sewer Ratz, later of Verbal Abuse, Tel Aviv, The Pimps), Crud (voc) (bizarrely yes, but no relation to the fabled Neil Crud), Magoon (gtr) (ex The Brothers), Sick Mick (drms). More…

Riley Men – band feat; Tony Mogan (drms) (later of Walking Seeds, Marshmallow Overcoat), Peter Cammell (bass) (later Marshmallow Overcoat)

Ringworm – 3-pc punk band (pre Mar01), feat; Neil (drms), Bibby (bass) (who left Sep01, formed Strangeland & poached Neil). More info req’d.

Riotous Hues – band feat on ‘A Secret Liverpool’ comp LP (Jul84). More info req’d

Ripping Thrash – thrash fanzine of late 80s/early 90s edited by Steve (also ran Musica Ultima Tapes). He subsequently moved to the Midlands where the zine continued from with a tape label, still going strong.

Rise – rock band 1983 -1988, Paul Kinley (voc,keys,gtr), Steve Kinley (bass), Carl Rowley (gtr) and Michael Canavan (drms). Played all the rock clubs in and around L’pool and had a good following. Rehearsed at the Ministry during its heyday and had small amounts of interest from record companies, split in 1988 Canavan left the band

River – folk-rock quartet formed 1986 feat; Siobhan Maher (voc) (ex Peep Show, Persuaders), Tim Speed (gtr) (ex Beat That Drum, Passion Polka), his brother Paul (drms) (ex Beat That Drum, Persuaders), Dave Snell (bass) (ex Peep Show). 1st demo got them on Channel 4’s Chart Show; & signed to EMI, 1st single (What’s Wrong With) Dreaming? (Jun89). The LP ‘Say Something Good’ followed a few months later, California Dreamin’ became a huge hit in Aug90. This Is the World followed Oct91, but they disbanded soon after; Maher then formed Kindred Spirit, Tim worked with Mike Peters (The Alarm), Dave prod Boy George. Siobhan Maher Kennedy – she’s married to musician/producer Ray Kennedy – she’s now living in the States and released her first solo album in 2002 ‘Immigrant Flower’ crosses pop and folk with country and American roots music City People –

Riverside – band (pre-2001) feat; Ross Erickson (voc), Paul Garrett (gtr), John Snodden (gtr), all now of Reece

Riverworks – Wirral band (c1986), feat; Gary Threlfall and Paul Draper (both later of Dassunser) with Sean Bonner (bass) (later of Paragonz) & Mark Price (voc,keys). Gary is also with Joyful Process (c2009)

Roadkill – venue opened 2005 at 32, Hope Street, Liverpool, open to all ages from midday til late (website)

Roadside Prophets – band (1990s) feat; Jenny Hughes (voc) (ex Crack The Ice, Vanilla Beserk, State of Maine, Whitehouse Puppies) (see also Jenny Whittaker)

Robbie’s Angels – L’pool & Cheshire based Robbie Williams Tribute band, feat; Lynn Newall (ex Young World) (website)

Steve Roberts – former vocalist with The Tambourines & 16 Tambourines, went solo & rel 1st LP ‘It Just Is’ (summer01) to high acclaim. Had Radio 2 BBC Session, toured UK, particularly Scotland. New LP ‘Shake It, Make It And Don’t Fake It’ set for summer04 rel. (website)

Romanovs – Birkenhead based new wave type band, who perform their own stuff, which is written by Joe (voc). Have played the Iron Door and are due to appear at The Zanzibar.

The Room – band formed 1980, feat, Dave Jackson (voc) (ex 051, later Benny Profane), Becky Stringer (bass) (later Benny Profane, Flo & The Frets), Clive Thomas (drms), Robyn Odlum (keys,gtr). This line up lasted ’til 1983 when Clive & Rob were replaced by Peter Baker (keys) (later Benny Profane), Paul Cavanagh (gtr) (ex Balcony, Chinese Religion, occ played with Instant Agony & sessioned with Rebél Da Fé), and Alan Willis (drms) (ex Wild Swans, later Holy Joes). Rel a tape ‘Bitter Reaction’ (Box recs 1980), 7” Motion (Box 1980), 7” In Sickness And Health (Box 1981), LP ‘Indoor Fireworks’ (1982), 7″ New Dreams For Old, 12″ Jackpot Jack EP on Red Flame Recs (1985) prod by Tom Verlaine, hitting No.22 in UK Indie Charts. Dave and Becky reformed with new members Darren Brown (gtr) and Ethan Kyme (keys)  accompanied by guest drummer Tom McCabe and rel LP ‘Restless Fate’ (21.02.23 on 9×9 Recs) (bandcamp)

Room To Move – band (1984-85) formed after the split of Blonde Streak, feat; Jimmy Straton (gtr) (later of Waterfront, Giant Killers), Jackie Doswell (voc), Rob Bateman (keys), Carl Bateman (drms), Paul Kelly (bass). Rec Janice Long Session on Radio One (aired Aug/Sep84). More info req’d.

Roscoe Arms – (pic) Andy Barklem of Social Rejects says, ‘This was our local and at times we played as a band up to 3 times a week, being the youngest member I’d sometimes arrive home from school have me tea and by 6pm we would be catching a bus into Liverpool city centre armed with guitars, amps and speakers. The Roscoe was a rough, old time Liverpudlian pub, inhabitated by drunks who used to flick cigarette ash into their beer, meths drinkers were still quite numerous in those days too. Drinks of the day in the Roscoe were: Lager & black, Rum & black, Golden (Lager & bitter mix), poor man’s Black Velvet (Guinness and Cider) and the deadly Snakebite (lager & cider), we were punks drunk.  The nights were wreckless and lawless, the place was frequently raided due to the high volume of under age drinkers. Evenings would often end with fellow band members smashing glasses and slashing the hell out of their wrists and arms, huge gashes that make the phrase ‘Scarred for life’ seem somewhat inadequate. Punk was the melting pot in and out of which came many trends, Right wing skinheads, Left wing socialists, goths, queers aka Bowie freaks and the indie scene. Kicking out time at half past ten was certainly literal, we often got into fights with grown men, giving somebody’s father a good kicking was extremely pleasurable.’

Rough Justice – metal band (1982-83), feat; Raphael Charles (gtr) (ex Savage Lucy, Renegade), Lee Duplon (bass) (ex Savage Lucy, Renegade), Neil Rigby (voc), Mark Railton (gtr) (ex Savage Lucy, later Marseille), Brian Parry (drms) (ex Grim Reaper, later Wrathchild, Original Sin). More info req’d

Roulade – band (1983), feat; Jayne (voc) (ex Savoir Fayre), P.Wallace (voc,gtr) (ex Shwerlemont & The Bad Spadges, Scream in Silence), Darren Brown (bass) (ex Shwerlemont, Scream in Silence, later Jenny Lind, Shell Collectors), Justin Stavely (drms) (ex Wild Swans). More info req’d

Row Z – Acoustic band feat; Richard Smith (b.1977) (voc,gtr) he actually plays lead, rhythm and bass simultaneously. Band have support Courtney Pine on tour. (website) More info req’d.

Royal Court – major venue in the city, noted for the sheer steep angle of the gallery seats. Downstairs was host venue to some excellent extreme metal nights in the early 90’s from The Syndicate promoters, including 400+ rammed in for Fear Factory, G.G.F.H, and Kong.

Royal Family & The Poor – band (1978-88), formed by Mike Keane (voc,gtr,keys,fx) click biog for detailed history.

Rubber Skeleton – punk fanzine of 90s published by Hocky (Bite Back, Instant Agony, 0898, Venomous Youth, Go Heads)

Rubber Soul Band – (1967-71), feat Mike Davenport (gtr) (later Space Cadets), Keith Mullholland (bass) (later Red Rock), Roy (Wicky) White (voc,gtr) (now believed to be in a duo), Ronnie Hodge (drms) (later Free Spirit). Orig band from c1966, played every club in L’pool and North West. Their name appears on ‘The Wall’ in Mathew Street as appearing at the Orig Cavern Club. Subsequently changed their name to just ‘Rubber Soul’ and eventually to Jiminy Cricket and rel single ‘Love Is A See Saw’ (MCA) written by Jeff Daniels and a local lad called Colin McCourt. Although the record never got off the ground it was the start of a long and successfull career in one way or another for most of the band after touring most of the UK and Denmark with the name Jiminy Cricket. Eventually in 1971 Roy, who was married at the time, decided he wanted to leave and settle down so Ronnie, who was engaged, decided it was the right time to leave as well. So all four members auditioned their replacements and they took on Dave Lloyd and John Mylet. This new line up then changed the name again and ‘Nutz’ was born. After some time in retirement Ronnie came back into playing with a comedy cabaret band called ‘Gud News’ then joined ‘Krest’ and then ‘Sparkle’ and now is in ‘Free Spirit’.

Rudi Tear – band feat on ‘Son of Jobs For The Boys’ comp LP (Natalie recs Jun85). More info req’d

Rusty – band of early 70s, feat; Elvis Costello, Allan Mayes (later Restless). More info req’d

Ryan – band from the Vulcan St scene, feat; Phil Armorgie (drms) (later of 56 Kiss, Sex Kittens, Holy Motion, and Power House), Gareth Blazey (gtr) (later of Dirtbox), Billy Frank (bass) (ex Discipline later of Heaven Tonite, Sex Kittens, The Big I am, Power House), Alex Ford (keys), Andy Butler (voc). They had a track Like Men Possessed on comp LP ‘Ways To Wear Coats’ (Brilliant Genius recs Oct86). Phil formed Holy Motion & went on to work for EMI. Ryan orig formed by Nick Belger (ex Crack The Ice)

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