Pink Military

Formed 1978, feat; Jayne Casey (voc) (ex Big in Japan), Martin Dempsey (bass) (ex Yachts later of It’s Immaterial), Nicky Cool (gtr), Charlie Gruff Griffiths (bass) (ex Next, later of Wah! Heat), Chris Joyce (drms) (later Simply Red), Neil Innes (perc).
Rel 2 singles: Blood & Lipstick (1979), Did You See Her (1980). An LP the same year ‘Do Animals Believe in God’. Orig called Pink Military Stands Alone. Colm Redmond (ex Wah! Heat, Psycamesh) joined just as they were about to close down while Jayne had her baby, and played on what proved to be their final gigs – one at Brady’s and one headlining at the Lyceum in London.
There was then a series of recording sessions at SOS and Pennine, none of which was ever released. For these Chris Joyce (later of Simply Red), who played on the album, returned on drums; after Dave Baynton-Power (later James) had replaced him for their tour, Martin Dempsey had left by then and someone called Dave was playing bass. If anyone has a cassette copy (or any copies) of these sessions please get in touch!

There were at least 3 further versions. At one stage, when Jayne had formed what became Pink Industry with Ambrose Reynolds (ex-Walkie Talkies etc etc), Colm and John got together with them a few times to try to write songs for a final PM release, but nothing was recorded. Then Jayne and John did several days of sessions at Amazon with a variety of musicians they hadn’t used before incl extraordinary guitar by Will Sergeant on one track, & Mike Keane (Royal Family & The Poor). Again nothing was released.
And between the PMSA version and the version that recorded the album there was one feat Roy White (gtr) (ex Big in Japan, later White & Torch, The Truemen) Steve Torch (bass) and an American drummer (name?), which played live and recorded the Blood & Lipstick 12″. When PM headlined at the Lyceum (5/10/80) the rest of the bill was Killing Joke, Wah!, Lilliput and the Comsat Angels. But after KJ finished much of the crowd went home.
The band also had Peter Lloyd as bassist from Feb79-Nov79. This is his story…
‘The Pink Military time I had was magnificent. I saw them at an Eric’s Matinee when I was 16, and thought their bass player, Wayne Waddell, was shite. He was obviously on something, and was sort of New York Dolls looking, but hopeless, so when I saw an ad in Probe for an audition, I skived off school, went to 8 Ullett Road and rehearsed with the band. Got the job and played in Manchester (The Factory) on 14.2.79 as my first gig, leaving school that day (I had lied to Jayne Casey about my age).’

‘By the time I joined them, Holly Johnson (soon to be Frankie GTH) was their fill-in bass player and I usurped him, which, bearing in mind by this time we were both working in Erics, was awkward. I think he even took back his bass guitar which I was using. We shared 8 Ullett Road with Teardrop Explodes and Echo and the Bunnymen. I vividly recall an old woman neighbour one time come round one autumnal afternoon, to complain about the noise (last time I checked – 5 years ago – the old rehearsal studio had been converted into a flat. As I stood there looking like a stalker, I wondered if the owner knew what history was in that flat).’
Peter went onto play for Nightmares In Wax & now lives in Thailand as a real estate lawyer.



Pink Industry



followed the split of Pink Military and was just Jayne Casey and Ambrose Reynolds and Tadzio. They had the first release on Zulu Records ‘Is This The End/47/Don’t Let Go/Final Cry’ ZULU-1 a 12′ EP in Feb 1982. Zulu were based above a shop in Bold Street 


This was followed by the truly wonderful (even now 20yrs later) album ‘Low Technology’ ZULU#2 which got a 4 star review in Sounds at the time.

This was followed by the 12′ ‘New Beginning’s, (anyone with a copy they wish to sell?).

The album ‘Who Told You, You Were Naked’ followed and was the groups last release.

A compilation album came out ‘Cathexis Recordings’ on the Cathexis Recordings label9Based in Glasgow) in 1988 CRL 18 – though due to poor distribution was not easy to get hold of. This was re-released in 1990/91 on CD though titled ‘Retrospective’, came out on the Parade Amoreuse label which was based (I think) in Belgium odd label that also put out stuff by Nocturnal Emissions and Muslimgauze. Another CD comp came out on another European label New Naked Technology (Compilation CD) (Cri Du Chat Disques 1995)

A fan web site for Pink Military/Industry exists with MP3 samples go to

Nicky Hilton from PM is now known as Nicky Tuit and works in Film and TV music.

On a personal point Pink Industry were one of the finest bands ever to emerge from the L’Pool punk scene, a band that never received the credit they were due. Perhaps the finest was ‘Low Technology’ and the track ‘Don’t Let Go’ I did once write to Jayne to enquire as to who holds the rights to the material, but I never got a reply. Maybe she doesn’t want it to be available who knows. If anyone ever see’s any of their stuff – buy it! The owner/buyer at Hairy Records in Bold St offered serious money for mine – but he aint gettin it.

Ambrose Reynolds

– Released the mini LP (The World’s) Greatest Hits’ on Zulu ZULU#3, this was a vinyl release of the tape first put out by M’Chester based New Hormones Records in 1982

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