Liverpool: P Q

Pacific Drift – band of early 70s, prev called The Sponge, feat; Lawrence Arends (drms,voc) (ex Dee Fenton & The Silhouettes, Just Four Men, Wimple Winch, later of Mr Suit, Paragonz), Brian Chapman (voc,keys), Barry Reynolds (gtr), Graham Harrop (bass). After band split Lawrence began putting on gigs at Central Halll, St Georges Hall & the Everyman.

Pagan Dance Label – was linked to the Kenaz label in London though PDL had an address in L’pool at Holmes Building, Wood Street, Liverpool, L1

Pale Fountains – quiet pop band, formed 1981, feat; Michael Head (voc,gtr) (later Shack, Dance Party, Egypt For Now), Chris McCaffrey (bass), Thomas Whelan (drms) (later Australians), Andy Diagram (trmpt) (ex Dislocation Dance). Rel debut single on Operation Twlight label with (There’s Always) Something on My Mind, & signed to Virgin for £150k & rel Thank You & the LPs ‘Pacific Street’ (1984) & ‘From Across The Kitchen Table’ (1985) prod by Ian Broudie. Success that beckoned so much did not come & they split. Also feat at some point Dave Butcher (later Shack, Joyful Process)

Paradox UK – Southport band (c1988), feat; Mic ‘Spike’ Raphone (voc) (ex Blitzkrieg, Parasites), Ales (Martin) (gtr), Si (drms), Ducky (bass) who was replaced by Jay in 1990. Rel EP Charmed Existence on Retch Recs, & Malaysian Madness EP. 12″ ‘Disenchanted Land’, followed by ‘Retch Files Vol 2’ – Split with Blitzkrieg.

Parasites – Southport band (c1986) feat; Mic ‘Spike’ Raphone (voc), Bambi (drms) both ex Blitzkrieg. Toured the UK & rel split LP with The Sanity Assassins. See also Paradox UK, Retch Recs. More info req’d.

Paragonz – band (formed 1986), feat; Lawrence Arends (drms,voc) (ex Dee Fenton & The Silhouettes, Just Four Men, Wimple Winch, Pacific Drift, Mr Suit), Robbie Cardinal (gtr) (ex Splatman), Sean Bonner (bass) (ex Riverworks), Steve Stafford (voc) (who replaced orig voc Tony). By 1987 Steve had gone & Steve Morgan (voc,gtr) & Chris Lloyd-Banks (gtr) (both ex Snake Lloyd Davies) had joined.

Pardon Us – street-punk band (c2017). Rel eponymous EP

Parker –Wirral band (2004), gaining gigs at The Iron Door, Birkenhead

Passion Polka – band (1982-84) feat; Steve Cottier (voc,gtr) (ex Scope, Xionics, Kinetics later Peep Show, He Thinks He’s Me) & Keith Leary (keys) (later Peep Show). Live shows also had drummer Stan Tickle & female singer Siobhan Maher. Tim Speed (gtr) of Beat That Drum joined later. Rel 7″ Juliet (80,81?), & Obsessions (Kinetic ’83). Also played live twice as Vertical Seeds. Andrew was their roadie.

Pearl Distribution – distributor based at London Road, Liverpool, L3 contacts listed as PatrickO’Kill and Keith Leary. Was running in the mid 80’s and distributed industrial/difficult releases such as Sixth Comm/Vanishing Heat, and Mother Destruction which Patrick O’Kill was a member of, was the distributor for The Empty Quater label. Possibly Mother Destruction evolved into Sixth Comm who released material onPagan Dance Label

Pear Recs – label of early 80s, ran by D. Johnson, of Kylmore Drive, Heswall, Wirral

Pedantics –band formed 2005, feat; John Bandit (voc), Scott Bandit (bass) (both ex Bandits), Stu (gtr), L’il Nick (drms) (ex La’s).

Peep Show – band (1985-86), feat; Steve Cottier (voc,gtr) (ex Scope, Xionics, Kinetics, Passion Polka), Keith Leary (keys) (ex Passion Polka), Siobhan Maher (voc) (later Persuaders, River City People), Dave Snell (gtr) (later River City People), Stan Trickle (drms)

Pegasus – band of late 70s, feat; John Bleasedale (voc,gtr) (later of Body), Duncan Lewis (bass) (later of Reverb Brothers), Ade (keys), Si Bateman (drms). Si was one of many drummers. Band had wild aspirations & once hitch hiked to Paris armed with tins of peaches before being offered a place to stay in Brixton. After Ade left Andy McCluskey (later of OMD, The Id, Hitlerz Underpants) joined.

Pele – band formed 1990, feat; Ian Prowse (voc,gtr), Andrew Roberts (gtr), Dally (drms), Jimmy McCallister (bass), Nico (violin). Rel LP ‘Fireworks’ (M&G recs), & singles Raid The Palace, Megalomania (Feb91), Fair Blows The Wind For France (Jul92) & Fireworks Celtic Rumour E.P (Nov92) & a huge headline tour. Fat Black Heart was the 1st single off the new LP ‘Sport Of Kings’ (Dec93) after the LP was finished Jim mysteriously disappeared and only surfaced in Jun88 in exactly the same clothes! He was replaced by Wayne Morgan. Legal wrangles with M&G meant the 3rd LP ‘A-Live A-Live-O‘ had no promotion & eventually the 2 parted company. Dec01 saw the rel of the 3rd studio LP ‘This Time Next Year’, a collection of recorded songs and demos from 1994/5.

Pentagon Recs – label ran by Exhibit B (1986-88).

Penultimate Vehicle – Kirkby school band (1981), feat; Gary Williams (keys) (later Secluded Places), Tony Oshaughnessy (keys,gtr) with Paul Cassidy (keys) joining Jan82. Only played one gig, at Davo’s house for his 16th b’day party, before morphing into Radio Blue, then That Volcano

Perchange Recs – B’Head label run by Pete Roberts who used his redundancy money to rel a single for Chinese Religion in 1982.

Perfect band of early 1980s, feat; John Smith (voc,gtr), Duncan Lomax (gtr,voc) (later Wake Up Afrika, 35 Summers, Hal), Andy Frizell (bass,sax,flte) (later Wake Up Afrika, Vernons Wizards of Twiddly), Dave Francis (drms). Played many gigs in and around L’pool and Chester at The Venue, Mardi Gras, Bierkeller etc .Supp Men They Couldn’t Hang and Microdisney. No commercial releases, but initial demo was produced by Mike Head (Pale Fountains, Shack).

Perfectly Frank – Lounge Lizard Sinatra band with David Knopov (voc) (ex Ded Birds), Tony Dolman (drms) and Tony Doyle (bass) (both Lawnmower, Beach Bastards, Flex, Pirahna Brothers, Cat Scratch Fever)

Perfect Virus– Liverpool band (formed late99); feat; Neil Sahgar (voc,gtr), David Coleman (gtr,voc), Paul Reay (bass). Play what is described as a cross between electronic beats, basslines and distorted vocals, sound like a more metal version of NIN. The track ‘This Day’ was used on an MTV ad back in 2000, this plus other tracks are available to download at (website)

Perils in Plastic – band, feat; Steve Allen (ex Deaf School, Original Mirrors).

Personal Column – (pic) band (1980-86) feat; Marc Vormawah (voc,gtr) (ex Upsets), Colin Brown (keys), Terry Sterling (drms) (ex Afraid of Mice), Mike Hayes (bass) (later Afraid of Mice), Rob Boardman (gtr) (ex Jass Babies, Visual Aids, later Clique) joined later as did Phil Hargreaves (sax). Orig drummer was Mike Carroll (joined Sebastian’s Men). By 1985 Shaun McLaughlin (bass) (ex Afraid of Mice, later Acheans) and Tony McGuigan (drms) (ex Indangerous Rhythm) were in the line-up. Rec 3 Peel Sessions as well as ones for Kid Jensen and Simon Bates. Rel 2 self financed singles, Ignorance is Bliss and Same Old Situation, then signed to Stiff Recs and rel 3rd single Strictly Confidential. The orig line-up also rec a session with metalhead John Hall in 1982 as Inside Information. Vormawah signed a deal with MCA in 1986. (website)

Person To Person – songwriting project (Jun84 – Mar85) by John Hall (gtr) and Phil Miles (voc) (both ex MI5). Became 6th Sense when Phil Jensen joined. See also Jingling Cash Registers, Flashpoint, Inside Information, Infiltrators, Meeting With Ghosts).

Persuaders – band (Feb82-1989), feat; John Jenkins (keys) (ex Come in Tokio), John Gillin (ex Come in Tokio), Dave Price (bass), Gary Cooke (drms) (ex Change To The East, Hi-Tech, later Foundation), Siobhan Maher (ex Peep Show) left in 1987 and formed River City People – at one point playing in both bands (Siobhan always thought herself as a session singer rather than part of the band). Signed a management deal with KRT (Sting’s management co) and then broke up in Sep89. They had a Peel and Janice Long session in 1985 but there best line up was in 1986 with John Kennedy (voc) and Paul Speed. At one point was an 11 piece band. Some members went onto form Badger & The Buck Boys, and other members inc, Tony Upham (voc), Brian Farrell (drms) (ex Our Kid), Howard Northover (drms) (later Only Child, Absaloot, Big Unit Agricultural Regime). (biog)

Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies
– kitchencore ‘punk’ (in attitude) band formed by Pete Bentham (voc,gtr) (c2010) (ex OUT) and have built up a strong reputation for great live gigs and observational songs, and of course The Dinnerettes (Patty Cakes and Peggy Bread). Current line-up includes, Pete, Tony ‘Vermin’ Calzone (drms), Sonny Rollingpin (sax), Pete Andtwoveg (bass) (also of The Wasters). Prev members have been – Marigoldy, Tamara Sauce, Paella Fitzgerald, Savage Lily (all bass), John ‘The Caretaker’ Lewis, Mufti Day (sax), Audrey Heartburn, Gabrielle Fray Bentos, Ben Harwood (drms), and prev Dinnerettes have been Pam Fritter, Kitty Litter, Amy, Granny Smith, Joyce D’Vision, Betty Spaghetti.  Rel LPs on Free Rock’n’Roll Recs ‘The New Underground’ (2011), ‘I Love Here’ (2013) and ‘England’s Up For Sale’ (2019) (on Antipop) as well as a best of album ‘This Is Kitchencore’ (2018). Rel new album ‘What’s On The Inside Must Come Out’ (Nov22) (bandcamp)

Peter Ferret’s Party – “Improvisational synth” band, app on cassette comp ‘Illigiti Non Carbonori’ rel by Alternative Capitalists Recordings ACC-001 (of Leic), rel an eponymous titled C90 on Alt Cap ACC-002. App on cassette comp ‘No More Kitchen Cooking’ on Alt Cap ACC-005. More info req’d.

Phantasee – band feat on ‘Jobs For The Boys’ comp LP (Natalie recs Jan85). More info req’d

Philip Johnson Cassettes – label from Norris Green active at least til 1984. Rel Sprat & Livo. More info req’d.

Phobia – band (Sep82-Nov82), feat; Ste Richmond (perc,voc) (later of Cyclic Amp, ECM, Sharon & The Slobz), Joe Colleran (voc), Trev (drms), Dave Cartwright (keys), Tim Newton (gtr). Band split due to musical differences.

Phoenix From The Crypt – punk zine run from Kelsall Ave, Eastham, Wirrall. Ran for at least 2 issues. More info req’d

Phoenix Militia – punk fanzine edited by Bill Steer (of Carcass), ran for at least 8 issues. Final issue is online uploaded by Loui Goat Throttler

Photons – band formed 1978, feat; Dave Littler (gtr) (ex Spitfire Boys, later White Brothers), Steve Strange (voc). Played 2 or 3 gigs and rec 3 tracks prod by Stewart Copeland – ‘Tar’, ‘Mind of a Toy’ and ‘Madame Carla’. Steve went on to record Tar and Mind of a Toy with Visage which led to he & Dave falling out. More info req’d.

Picasso Sisters – a male duo feat; Bernie Carroll and Al (Chez) Cherry, who performed at the open air ‘alternative jubilee’ gig in 1977. Thought to be a part of the Matthew Street/Liverpool School crowd. Bernie now does posters to be seen in more or less every Liverpool pub, while Chez is with the Skiffle Dogs

The Picket – venue on Hardman St. Really called The Flying Picket. Hosted thousands of acts from 1983 to 2004. The Style Council played on the opening night. Over the years a host of successful Merseyside bands played at the venue including The Coral, The La’s, Space and Cast, with concerts broadcast on Radio 1. The Picket also provided a home for hundreds of smaller Merseyside bands and, from 1986, a recording studio. It closed in April 2004 due to lack of funds. A Save the Picket campaign supported by names including Sir Paul McCartney, the late John Peel and Joe Strummer, Elvis Costello, Pete Townsend and Paul Weller failed to see the existing site re-open, with a new Picket – later called District – being launched in Jamaica Street in 2006. (list of acts who’ve played at the venue)

The Pictures – band that eventually became Cooper S

Pieces – rel ‘Second Still / Choreography / plus two un-named’ No label details, came out in 1980. More info req’d.

Pillarbox Boutique – brief band (1980s), feat; Paul Cassidy (ex That Volcano), Paul Whittaker. More info req’d

Pincushion – grunge-punk band (formed Jul04) feat; Katie Evans (voc), Ian Murphy (gtr) (ex Kelso, Malorie), Paul McCay (bass), George Hitchmough (drms) (ex Tempus Fugit). Signed to Candy Productions. (website)

Pinhole – pop punk outfit formed 1998. Feat; Matt McManamon (voc,gtr), Charlie Turner (bass,voc) and Rob Winter (drms) who was replaced by Bryan Johnson (ex-Smiley) in Sep00 and Ben Gordon (ex-Smiley) was drafted in as lead guitarist. Rel Debut EP ‘Breaking Hearts & Windows’ on Thrill City rec (2001). Rec John Peel session, lots of Radio support from Lamacq and XFM. Gigged extensively throughout the UK, supporting the likes of Green Day, the Hives,
Reel Big Fish.. Rel single So Over You / Morning Rain (Sep02) (prod by Mark Freegard of Breeders/Manics fame). Great Radio support again from Lamacq and Peel. Also rec BBC 6 Music session. Split up Jan03.

The Pink – recording studio run by Hambi. Sound engineer Steve Power went on to record the early Robbie Williams albums with Guy Chambers.

Pink Industry – band formed following the split of Pink Military feat; Jayne Casey, Ambrose Reynolds and Tadzio. German label; Isegrimm rel ‘Low Technology’  (Aug09) – Lovely package that has a remastered version of the original vinyl release coupled with the ’45 EP’ and some additional tracks. Ltd to 1000 copies worldwide. See Pink Military biog (click panel on left)

Pink Moon Recs – started as a retail shop in Lpool in 1986 and developed a label in 1988. Now operating as a mail order outlet from Birkenhead. Dealing in all types of music and specialists in Liverpool and Merseyside indie from early 1980s to present day.. (website)

Pink Military – formed 1978, feat; Jayne Casey (voc) (ex Big in Japan), Martin Dempsey (bass) (ex Yachts later of It’s Immaterial), Nicky Cool (gtr), Charlie Gruff Griffiths (keys) (later of Wah! Heat), Chris Joyce (drms) (later Simply Red), Neil Innes (perc).. Colm Redmond (ex Wah! Heat, Psycamesh). Orig called Pink Military Stands Alone. Click biog on left panel

Pink Military Stand Alone – orig name for Pink Military, feat; Jayne Casey (voc), Nicky (keys), Jon Higham (gtr), Wayne Wadden (bass), Paul Hornby (drms) (later of 051, Nightmares in Wax, Shatted Dolls, Lies all Lies, Dogs d’Amour, The Quireboys, Gunslingers). Rel single; Buddha Waking Disney Sleeping (1979)

Pink Museum Studio – run by Hambi (ex voc Hambi & The Dance, Tontrix). Oasis rec Supersonic here.

Placenta Sisters – band feat; Chris Clarke (Ex Post Facto, Goat People)

The Planets – band, formed Feb80, feat; Steve Lindsey (voc,bass) (ex Big in Japan, Deaf School, Secrets), Tony Wimshurst (gtr), Chris Skornia (keys), Andy Duncan (drms). Initially a solo project by Steve ‘Mr Average’ Lindsey who rel LP ‘The Planets’. Then got a band together & rel LP ‘Goon Hilly Down’ with drums by Budgie (ex Spitfire Boys, Big in Japan, Opium Eaters, Secrets, later of Slits, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Creatures). May80 Tony & Andy had been replaced by Larry Tolfree (drms) & Barry Lines (gtr). Rel LP ‘Spot’ (Oct80). Steve also rel 2 solo singles prior to this band; one under the name Steve Tempo.

Planet X – punk venue a club owned and run by Doreen Allen (Jun83), who was secretary of Eric’s throughout its life and then office manager for Inevitable Records. Kenny Dorick (Ex-Post Facto) was the promoter in late 80s. Began life at Macmillans on Concert Street (for about 8mnths), before moving to Temple Street. Closed in 1993.  Club reopened for 25yr renunion (May08), and began operating again (with Doreen at the helm) with occasional nights. Phil Newall runs a website full of old pics

Platnum-Hi – band 1984-86, feat; Peter Bowe (voc), Graham Pritchard (gtr), Rob Rea (bass), Martin O’Hara (drms). Apart from Rob the band had been Split Pig and Kracken. Moved to London and started the usual rounds of The Ruskin Arms Marquee Club, Half Moon, Royal Standard etc.Their largest gig was to 8000 at the Tamworth Music Festival 1986? when they took a move up the billing after the original headliners didn’t show. Wolfesbane headlined the following evening. The band split when Graham left 3mnths later after a period of no work, he went on to write several songs with friend Clive Burr but no publishing was sought. Rest of band became Lo Girls

Plato’s Ballroom – venue (c1981), odd weeknights at a club off London Road called Pickwick’s set up by Arthur McDonald & Nathan McGough (both at the time of Royal Family & The Poor). Gigs were the Bunnymen, when the stage was covered in camouflage netting (Frantic Elevators supporting ?); New Order, Cabaret Voltaire, Durutii Column; China Crisis (supporting New Order?); Dead Or Alive; Jah Wobble with Windows supporting and Frank Clarke and Alexandra Pigg (writer and co-star respectively of “Brezhnev”) doing a dance effort between bands, feat lots of naked flesh and simulated sex. Same venue also hosted other gig nights, under various names. Geisha Girls played with a pick-up band called Sphinx fronted by Nik Turner – they had very little gear and ended up using a lot of Geisha’s, incl keys, their guitarist had just been brought in and didn’t know much stuff, Roddie Gilliard ended up jamming a whole bunch of old Hawkwind tunes with them

Playhouse – band of mid-90s, feat; Karl Bader-Bailey (bass) (ex Jules Verne later Bulah Wig, Lumiesence, Acacia Gum, Superdude). Karl was with them for about a year before forming Bulah Wig and was replaced by Jason Stoll (also Bulah Wig)

The Playing Fields – Bootle/Maghull band (1985-94), feat; Carl Brown (voc, gtr) (ex-Jenny Lind, Bonanza, later Fuzzy Logic, Sizer Barker, Wave Machines), Steve Frankland (bass), Darren Frankland (drms). Debut gig at Hardman House Hotel. Had track on ‘Twist & Samba’ comp LP (Oct86). Existed as a 3-pc till 1990, when Darren left, and was replaced by Wal Riley (drms) (ex Ulterior Motive, later Chameleon Zoo) and added Lee Griffin (gtr). Later, Frankland left and was replaced by Paul Smith on bass. Did some gigs, but was mainly studio based (Carl was an engineer in Benson St studios and later, Liverpool Music House). Wal & Paul left around ’94. Carl and Lee then worked with session players Carl Woodward and Gary Johnson. Steve is currently involved in a dance remix production company based in L’pool called Trinity.

Plenty – band (mid80s), feat; Brian Hulse (gtr) and Dave Jones (bass) (both ex A Better Mousetrap), Tim Bowness (v0c) and Michael Bearpark (gtr) (both ex After The Stranger). Tim had orig met Brian and David when he auditioned to be the singer in A Better Mousetrap (1983). Although not right for the band at the time, a mutual respect led to Tim and ABM keeping in regular contact, and Brian sessioned on Tim’s LP in 1986. Rel eponymous 3 track cassette EP (1987). Shortly after, Michael left and the band carried on as a trio, and  this more stable line up produced 2 further cassette releases; ‘Sultry Songs (for swinging celibates)’ inc Life Is Elsewhere, which later became a staple in No-Man’s (the band Tim  formed with Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson) live set.  Had 2 tracks on dbl vinyl comp LP (curated by Steven Wilson and with a cover designed by Bowness) called ‘Double Exposure’.  Plenty performed live twice in 1988, at the Concert for Comic Relief at the Queen’s Hall in Widnes and at the Studio Theatre in Cronton, and rel ‘Stripped (For the sake of St. Anthony)’ 7 track cassette (late88). Split in 1989 when Tim moved to London and joined Steven Wilson in No-Man on a full-time basis, although in early 90s Tim, Brian and Michael rec and rel a new cassette, ‘Swanky (A Beginner’s Guide To Love Motels)’. In late 2009, Tim, Michael and Brian Eno collaborator Peter Chilvers decided to revisit the songs of Plenty and rec an album’s worth of material with the aim of playing live again.

Plug Inn (The Forgotten Years) – series of books by drummer Tony Bolland (currently up to Vol.7) detailing the history on the Merseyside music scene from the perspective of being an employee at the ‘Plug Inn’ music shop, which was owned by Frank Hessy and situated in Wavertree. (more info)

Poisoned Electrick Head – St Helens prog-punk band formed 1985. Began playing the ‘squat’ circuit in Liverpool & noted for wierd shows & wonderful costumes. Rel LP on their own label in 1992 with prize money from a Battle of The Bands competition, it hit No.19 in the Indie Charts. 2nd LP was on tape only thru mail order called ‘Umistakeably Rainbow Trout’. In spring 1994 having signed to Abstract the single “Out of Order” charted at No.1 in the Indie charts, followed by the LP “The Big Eye Am” which made the top 30 (26). Played a Dutch squat “demolition” party, which ended in band and audience being doused with vats of human excrement! 4th LP ‘The Hanged Man’ rel 18.11.96.

Poland – solo project by Carl Gleeson (gtr,voc) (ex Hugo Dines Band, Malchix, Cracked Actor), Deivid (?) Peel (bass), Bobby Bilsborough (sax) (later Farm, Thomas Lang), Stevie (gtr), drummer? and Phil Tootill (keys). Carl became known as Carl Poland.

Politburo – Wirral based group (1982-86). Feat; Ian Jackson (bass) (ex Dead on Arrival, also Jegsy Dodd), Paul Denheyer (voc,gtr) (now Fishmonkeyman), Carl Henry (drms) (ex This Final Frame). Rel 7″ flexidisc for Radio Merseyside – room 205comp ‘Jobs For The Boys’ inc; Innocence12″ single Skysaw Recs – Euphoria. Supported Its Immaterial, Icicle Works, The Farm, Half Man Half Biscuit,did Larks In The Park etc.

Polvoltors – band (early 80s), feat; Pete Lewtas, Rob Lewtas, Chris Willan. More info req’d

Ponderosa Glee Boys – band (1979-82), feat; Tomo (voc) (later Rebél Da Fé, President Beate Route), Carl Eaton (bass – voc after Tomo left) (later Always The Now & father of Natalie Reeves of Chion), Steve Coy (drms) (later Dead Or Alive), Dave Banks (gtr). John Tuite (Pink Military) played on the 1st demo. Early gigs played at a whore house (Somali Club) & Bradys supported Generation X, Theatre of Hate, Killing Joke. Brian Swenson (gtr) replaced Dave (1980) & they rec a Peel Session & they to signed to Inevitable Recs but nothing was released. Carl & Steve continued the band with Gordon Longsworth (gtr) (ex Motion Pictures, later Foundation) who was later replaced by Ian Martin (later President Beate Route), & Bob Davies (bass) (later Change To The East). Carl now lives in Australia and has revived the band to rel albums ‘Awake’ (2019) and ‘Demigods Of Bedlam’ (05.05.22) (bandcamp)

Pontoon – ‘In A Couple Of Weeks’ feat on ‘Unearthed Liverpool Cult Classics Vol 3’ (on Viper Recs) and had a trk ‘The Spider Song’ feat on the ‘Great Acoustic Experiment’ LP again on Viper.

Popular Music Show (PMS) – The longest running alternative radio show in local BBC music history. Orig call RockAround and hosted by Phil Ross, and then Roger Hill.

Porcelain Touch – band that became Hello Sunset

The Power – band 1983-84 feat; Ken Hancock (gtr) (ex Fishmonkeyman, ID, Reel To Reel, later, Jegsy Dodd, Vicious Circle, Half Man Half Biscuit), Dave Fairbairn (keys) (ex Reel To Reel & sessionist with OMD). Sounded similar to Cabaret Volitaire. Not to be confused with soul act with same name.

Power House – Rock band of late 1980s and early 1990s, feat; Phil Studdart (gtr) (ex Sex Kittens), Pete Frank (gtr) (ex Sian, later of Contagious and Enemy of Thought), Phil Armorgie (ex RyanSex Kittens and Holy Motion), Billy Frank (ex RyanHeaven Tonite, Sex Kittens,and The Big I am, later of Contagious), Paul (voc).  Won a BBC session for Tommy Vance’s show in the 1988 ‘Rock Wars’ Competition.

Position 69 – Formed in Liverpool during 2002, though no longer active. Could be described as a Metal/Punk group in the style of Blink 182, main man being Dave Cruise, who was also a member of Babies On A Hook at the same time.

Precautions – band (1982-83), feat; Neil Senior (bass) (later Lilac Trumpets), Steve Coughton (gtr) (later Lilac Trumpets), Ian Wilson (voc) (later Action Transfers), Dave Cooil (drms). Tony Elson (drms) (ex Visual Aids, Systems, Young Lions, Islands of Dance) replaced Dave and Dave replaced Tony in 1983 for 2 gigs! Also added Ian Lewis (keys) (later Lilac Trumpets, Alternative Radio)to later line-up. Rec at Amazon Studios in 1983. Ian now runs Whitby Studios

President Beate Route – band (c1987) feat; Mark Robson (drms) (ex Rébel Da Fé, 501 Amsterdam, Bush Telegraph, Catalogue, High Five), Tomo (voc) (ex Ponderosa Glee Boys), Justin Smith (bass), Ian Martin (gtr) (ex Ponderosa Glee Boys). More info req’d.

The Press – early incarnation of Afraid of Mice, feat; Philip Franz Jones, Geoff Kelly, Roddie Gilliard (now of Muffin Men, but check his profile), & Clive. After taking a year out following the breakup of Next, Phil & Geoff began writing new material, Roddie and Clive joined, rec demos and played loads of gigs around Cantril Farm and Huyton, before moving into town.

Pressure Drop – punk band (formed 1983) feat; Mark Hodgkiss (voc), David Ball (bass), David Austin (drms), Tony Turner (gtr), and Warren Peacock (gtr) (who quit in ’83). Rel single, From Here To Eternity / Navy Blue (Noose Rec Jun83 with 2 diff sleeves) followed byDaddy Buy Me a Rifle / Guinea Pig (on Proble Plus PP10 1984), Rifle track was on ‘Jobs For The Boys’ comp LP (Natalie recs Jan85).

Priory Falls – band (now defunct), feat; Ben Sherwen and Phil Stevens (drms) (both now of The Grande)

Probe – record shop run by Geoff and Annie Davies, orig based in Clarence St (opened 16.01.71), before moving to Wood St. They also had a market stall at Silly Billies. The shop was a focal point for the thriving local scene in the 80s & the likes of Julian Cope, Pete Wylie & Pete Burns have all worked there. Annie took over the shop and Geoff concentrated on his Probe Plus label. Since divorced, Annie sadly died at the end of Aug23 and Geoff (12.09.23) aged 80. John Robb said; ‘Geoff (and Annie) was one of the true architects of the Liverpool music scene. One of those mavericks who seemed to live through every pop culture generation and facilitate the action. Every music scene is about space. A space where things happen. Probe was one of those spaces. The space where the freaks came to play and go home with new sounds in their bags and new pals to make art and music with.’ (biog by Penny Kiley)

Probe Plus – label run by Geoff Davies of Probe. Released several albums by Half Man Half Biscuit, as well as stuff from Walking Seeds, The Farm, Fflaps among many others.

Product H – early 80s band feat; Chris Harrison (drms) (later Jenny Lind, Hellfire Sermons). More info req’d

Professor Jism and The Backstage Bandits – short lived punk-metal band who played 3 gigs in early 2005

Professor Oh & The Oh No’s – band (Jul80-May82), feat; Ernie Pollard (gtr) & Paddy Collis (keys,voc) (both also in Cyclic Amp, later ECM, Sharon & The Slobz), Andy Barlow (drms) (also Cyclic Amp, Sister Moon, Sharon & The Slobz), Neville Hawkins (voc,gtr,keys), later joined by Burt Lancaster (voc). Rel ‘Night Flight To Cuba’ tape (1980) & The Professor Oh Story (Cyclic tapes 1984).

The Project – band (1985) formed by Damian Bromley (gtr) (ex Dark Delights, Self Enforced Exile, Cair Paravel, later Back to Nam), Bernie Ross (gtr) (ex Dark Delights, Innervision, Cair Paravel). Formed after the split of Innervision and ran concurrently with Cair Paravel. Also feat; Karl Anthony (bass), Dave Scott (drms) (both ex Innervision). Damian left after 2 months and the band took on the Cair Paravel name before becoming Out On a Ledge

Project 23 – band feat; Steve Grant (bass) (ex England’s Own Revolutionary Royal Family, Ramjets, later Chain Gang), Mark Coleridge (ex Glass Torpedoes). More info req’d

Proppa Unkonshuz – Liverpool hardcore band (1999-2000), feat; Nik (ex Radio Mongolia), Seanie (voc), Phil Bowen (gtr) (ex MDM, Glass Fad, SO77), Alan North (bass), Sean Howe (drms). Played 10 crazed gigs. (website)

Protocol – punk band (2002) feat; Carl Moorcroft (gtr,voc), Ste Miller (bass), Ste Dutton (drms). Rel 5 track EP ‘What’s The Plan?’. 2005 now having to change their name due to legal reasons. signed to Mimashima recs

Psycamesh – band (1977-81) feat; Brian Moore (voc); Mark Robson (drms) (later Rébel Da Fé, President Beat Route, 501 Amsterdam, Bush Telegraph, Catalogue, High Five) and Gary Williams (bass). Orig guitarist was Jeremy Kelly (later of Systems, Wild Swans, Care, Lotus Eaters) left & Colm Redmond (aka The Enigmatic Reg) (gtr) (later Wah! Heat, Pink Military) joined. Gigs incl support at Eric’s for The Pop Group, Slaughter & The Dogs and Adam & The Ants (in camouflage-makeup days, with the musicians who quit and became Bow Wow Wow); and support at the 1st ever Wah! Heat gig, at the Everyman Bistro, along with Modern Eon, Julian Cope played keys for Wah! Heat that night. Colm left (playing his last gig 01.04.1980) & was replaced by Steve Hadden (gtr) and the band relocated to Amsterdam, living in squats and supporting OMD at a major gig that degenerated into a riot.

Psycho Mafia – Ellesmere Port punk band (1978), feat; Paul Hambleton. Played approx 10 gigs

Public Disgrace – band, feat; Tudor (gtr) (later Das Reiner, Dementia, Gone To Earth), Andy (voc), Dave (bass), Cally (drms) (also a train driver). Rel ‘Toxteth’ EP on Probe Plus PP2 came in a B&W fold out sleeve in about 1982, it named checked ‘Oakey’ on the cover – a legend amongst the L’Pool punk community. Tudor was named after the crisps (being a Geordie), Cally (Brian Callaghan) sadly died of a heart attack 2.10.08 at the Standard Liege v Everton match..

Pure Fiction – South Liverpool band (1979-82). Feat; Steve Williams (voc,gtr), Dave Large (gtr,keys), Pete Ewart (bass), Tim Duffield (drms), Richard Fentiman (gtr). Split up due to musical similarities.

Pure Morning – Formed in late 1993 in the sleepy Liverpool outpost of Crosby by Ade Blackburn (voc,gtr,keys) and Hartley (gtr,keys). Self rel their 1st single ‘I Don’t Want You Around’ on Kool Tone KT002 in Mar94. This led to a 2nd rel on the Amulet label ‘Sick Profit’ (Amulet 01) in Oct94. This in turn led to the attentions of Radarscope Recs who signed them at the beginning of 1995. In total 3 singles were rel before an LP was put out ‘2 Inch Helium Buddah’ (Scan CD/LP) during Jun96 and then they called it a day, reforming as Clinic

Pure 9 – R’n’B group (2003) feat; Paul Potts (voc), Stefan Bujack (bass). More info req’d.

Purple Gekko – indie band (c2010), feat; Luke Jones and Ollie (both later in Sheepy). Used stage props like inflatable hammers and purple hair dye!

Pussy –
70s band, feat; Mike Bersin (gtr), Jeremy Lewis (gtr), Steve Lewis (voc), John Fitzpatrick (keys), Ken Hart (drms).

Pyjama Party – Wirral band (orig called Look Out Oscar), feat; Mike Baird (drms) (ex-Sahara Crew) and Mark Dare (gtr), Trev Dodd (voc), Ian Davies (bass) (ex-Sahara Crew), Steve Lawson (keys) (ex Founder Members), Split mid90s

Q-Clinique – Croxteth band (1984-86) feat; Kevin Pettit (voc,gtr,keys) (later A to Z), Michael Feerick (bass) (later A to Z), Geoff Bradbury (gtr,voc), Tony Jeffries (drms). Rel 4 track demo When The Fire Came (May84).

Quadrant Park – 90s venue and dance club, now has dedicated website packed with info etc.

Quango Mouse – band feat on ‘Son of Jobs For The Boys’ comp LP (Natalie recs Jun85). More info req’d

Quatrain – Birkenhead heavy band (c1980)

Queen Zee – crazed-punk-glam band (2016-19); feat; Zee, Dave, Frank,Jay and Ash. Shone very brightly in 2019 before announcing their split on 07.10.19 (bandcamp)

Quit Bitch’n – band (1987-94) feat; Peter Carroll (voc) (ex Danse Macabre, Visual Aids, Dark Continent), Chris Blackburn (drms) (ex Damascus, Kamarg), Paul McMonnies (bass), Tony Donohue (gtr) (ex Widow, Kamarg)  (website)

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