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The Naafi – one of the names for Naafi Sandwich used between 1981-83, rel tape ‘Another Rum Un’ (1981), followed by 7″ single D’ya Hear Me (Naafi Prod Oct81), then another tape ‘Maybe It’s Because I’m Not a Londoner’ which also feat Max Eadroom (voc), Ros McMoon (keys). Then an LP came out in 1982 ‘Yum Yum Yum Yum Yah’ (Ark Recs).

Naafi – Locksman – band feat; Jerry & Brenda Kenny (of Naafi Sandwich), Eugene Lauge (voc,keys), Keith Cole (perc,voc), Jo Ross (sax), Carl John (perc,voc), Bomber McBain (drms). Rel LP in Mar85 on Situation2 Recs (rec in Sep83).

Naafi Sandwich – duo from Earlstown, Merseyside, Jerry Kenny (voc,bass,gtr,trmpt) & Brenda Kenny (voc,perc,drms,keys) (aka Sir Freddie Viaduct & Poly Rhythm). Rel C-30 cassette on the Rum label RUM-1, and a single ‘Slice One/Slice Two’ on Absurd Recs (1979) Absurd 8 (home to the once mighty Bet Lynch’s Legs).

Nadsad Fashion – band (c1979) feat; Peter Carrol (voc), Paul Reynolds (gtr) (later Flock Of Seagulls), Duane Clarke (gtr) (later Feathers & The Fire), and Mark Edmundson (later Royal Family, Feathers & The Fire, Visual Aids, La La Bam Bam, Flock of Seagulls). Rehearsed at Mike Scores hairdressing shop “Sukies” on Whitechapel.

Nappy Rash – Widnes punk-metal band (mid 80s), fronted by Bazzy (of Bazzy & The Budgies, and Blown To Bits zine). More info req’d

Nasty Pop band (1975-78) feat; Steve Grace (voc,gtr) (later Stopouts, Return of The Toreador), Anthony Wimhurst (gtr), Keith Wilkinson (bass), John Fitzpatrick (keys) and John Heath (drms), replaced by Steve Corduner (1976). Rel 2 LPs Nasty Pop (Island 1975), and Mistaken I.D. (Polydor 1977). Wimhurst and Corduner joined Twist (1979). Keith later joined Squeeze from 1985-95.

Natchband – Punk / Pub Rock band from Liverpool (c1977), signed to Made in Eire Recs and released 7″ single ‘Cadillac (Made U.S.A.)’ . More info req’d

Natural Gazz – Latino style band (mid 80s) led by Alan ‘Gaz’ Gaskill (ex Supercharge)

Nature Tablets – project (1985-86) by Kenny Peers (voc,keys) (ex Dalek i, Bamboo, Sex Tribe) feat on D-Beat comp tape (on Bop A Dub Sep85). More info req’d

Neon Hearts – band (c2006), feat; Smokin Sean Butler (gtr), Curly Sue Donaldson (flute,voc,perc), AD2020 (keys,voc). Boomboom Rowan (bass), Stupot Carrswell (drms).

Neuklon – band (1979-86), orig feat; James Johnson, Anthony Marshall, Mike Lloyd (keys) (later of Lloyd Collection). Played debut gig at Eric’s supp OMD with 2 screaming female singers & untuned instruments. Line up changed frequently with up to 60 different people & by 1984-85 feat; Lloyd, Lee Mavers (voc) (later La’s), Colin McCann, Donna Lowe (voc) (latter 2 joined Lloyd Collection). Were known as Venus Beat Mushrooms in 1982. Had track The Phoenix on ‘Jobs For The Boys’ comp LP (Jan85).

Neuroma – death metal band who released the album Extermophile on Grindscene Records and a split CD on Grindethic Records called Northern Discomfort which contains five of their songs  and five by Hartlepool death metal band Dawn Of Chaos.

Neutral Covers Ups – band (c1980), feat; Mike Nelson (sax) (later Systems). More info req’d

Never Nevers – band (1981-82), got amazing reviews from gigs in L’pool. More info Req’d

New Boys – Wirral band (c1987), formerly called Caspar’s Engine

New English – indie-pop band (c1987), noted for lively gigs. More info req’d

New Found Sorrow – band (early 80s), at least one member went onto Final Cut

New Frontier – country band formed late 90s

New Frontiers – Wirral band (formed Mar84), feat; Steve Chan (b.1963) (voc,gtr) (ex Aix Ensemble, Déjà Vu, Dutch Mountaineers, later Just Like June), Tony Ward (b.1965) (keys) (later Contortion Co.), Neil Banton (b.1966) (bass), Bob Burbridge (b.1964) (drms) (ex Venom, Venomous Youth, later Just Like June). Daniel Kyte (also of Tasp) joined on voc (Oct84-Apr85) & Keith Hughes (ex Legsakimbo, later Contortion Co) replaced Bob on drms (Jan86). Band split Apr86. Rel 4 track demo (Aug85) feat No Sadder Affair. More info req’d.

New Life – solo project (mid-80s) by Ron Jackson of Apologies For Innocence.

New Winter Brides – punk band (formed 1984), some members were in LT Vex. More info Req’d

News From Nowhere – feminist anarchist bookstore firebombed by the NF on many occasions, great source of info & supporter of the local scene. Legendary Liverpool bookshop and now online outlet for all things radical/feminist, etc. Now based at 96, Bold Street, Liverpool L1 – a celebrating its 30th Birthday this year! Opened its doors on Mayday 1974 in tiny premises on Manchester St and in its 30 years of existence has moved three times before occupying its current site on Liverpool’s bohemian Bold St. This 5-storey building is now owned by the Workers Co-operative which runs the bookshop as a not-for-profit community business, thus securing its future as an essential resource for the people of Liverpool. It has also been a Women’s Collective since 1981, providing many women, as members of the collective or as volunteers, with the experience of running a business, and building up their skills in bookselling, retail and accounts. It’s not very often now that a man will take one look at the woman behind the till and ask to see the boss, but it does still happen!

Next – band (1978), feat; Philip Franz Jones (voc,sax) (Mothmen), Ronnie Stone (gtr), Steve Emberton (bass) (later Motion Pictures), Terry Sterling (drms), later joined by Geoff Kelly (ex Strange Band) Charlie Griffiths (keys) (also Pink Military, Wah! Heat, Mothmen, James, Simply Red). Clive Gee remembers, ‘They did a set of songs on the theme of ‘Oliver Twist’ which saw Phil Jones adopting a variety of costumes and voices. That might seem pompous now, but it was highly entertaining in a small local pub and their performances, particularly Phil’s were always engaging.’ Rel single Funny Lady and rec an LP which was unreleased due to the punk explosion. Ronnie became a big producer.

Next Issue – duo (mid 80s) who went onto become Sex Lies & Religion. Said to have a Japan / OMD infuence

Next To Nothing – Southport ‘supergroup’ c1987. More info Req’d

Niagara – duo (1985) from Skelmersdale feat; Rick & Phil

Nice Men – band from all over the country, but settled in L’pool (1979-81), feat; Harry Crips (voc), Simon Ritchie (gtr), Rob Tasker (bass), Max (drms). Rel 3 demos until a 7″ single Senile Youth (Demon Recs Mar81).

Nice Party – Runcorn band (formed Oct88), feat; Russ Williams (later The Drakes), Gary Hodgson (drms) (later Drakes), Dave Upton (later 35 Summers), Simon Sheard, James Hancox (keys) (later Drakes, Moon). Gigged all over the UK (picking up reviews in NME & Melody Maker), but particularly L’pool. Played Planet X, the Picket, Hardman House…etc. And unusually went under a different name each night they played (i.e. Dave Upton and the Uptones). Shared bill with: The Real People, 16 Tambourines, Rain, 25th Of May, Eyedance, Eskimos in Egypt, 35 Summers, Bradford (Morrissey’s favourite band (you have to say that after mentioning Bradford)) and a host of others. Scared the hell out of clean living 25th Of May; they came to one of their after-gig parties in Runcorn with them again after that. Rel, Particle Love 12″ (1989), & Grooveness EP. Simon states; ‘The band imploded under the pressure of its own talent…, or, maybe it was a particularly heavy mushroom season, in 1991. I can’t remember.’ Russ and Simon drifted off into folk after a bloke in the pub told them it would be the next big thing. Dave was guitar with 35 Summers. Gary is a session drummer.

Nighthawk – heavy metal band (c1980), feat; Pete Brady (voc). Were members of Merseyside Musicians Collective

Nightmares Reality – Punk band, early 80s. More info Req’d

Nightmares in Wax – Feb79-May80 outfit 1st line up feat; Pete Burns (voc) (ex Mystery Girls, later of Dead or Alive), Mick Reid (gtr) (ex Crash Course), Martin Healy (keys) (later Dead Or Alive), Paul Hornby (drms) (later of Pink Military Stands Alone, 051, Shattered Dolls, Lies all Lies, Dogs d’Amour, The Quireboys, Gunslingers). More…

Nightmare Visions – thrash band of late 80s, feat Andy (drms) (later of Hecate Enthroned – see North Wales section). More info req’d

Nightwing – Liverpool / NWales metal band (formed 1979) by Gordon Rowley (voc,bass) (ex Strife), Alec Johnson (voc,gtr), Kenny Newton (keys) (ex Nutz), Steve Bartley (drms). By 1983 Max Bacon (voc) joined from Northwich metal band Destiny (who Alec also played in) and by 1984 both had left Nightwing and joined Bronz and The Alec Johnson Band respectively. This allowed Glynn Porrino (gtr) and Dave Evans (voc) to join.

No – anarchist fanzine that ran for at least 10 issues in early 90s. More info req’d

No – band (c2005), feat; Steve Westwood (voc,gtr), Lewis Hamilton (voc,gtr), Kath Hartley (bass), Andy Fernihough (drms). Call themselves a spiky rock outfit, have track on the Inner City Sumo II comp CD. (website)

No Bitches blues band 1988-91, feat; Jamie Roberts (bass), Mike Watson (gtr), Lonesome Pete (voc,harm), Mal Bailey (gtr), Pete Tidy (drms)

Phil Noble – singer from Tuebrook (1987), finished 2nd in ‘Tetley Bitter Search For a Star’ contest in Southport

No Exit – band (1981-84) feat; Graham Trust (voc,bass), Martyn Gilbert (gtr), Perry Leach (drms), replaced by Colin McCormick (drms) (later Cracked Actor). Rel LP ‘Songs From The Wilderness’ See also The Vow. (website)

No Identity – Wirral rock band (c1982). More info req’d

Noizebleed – punk band feat; Phil (gtr), Nik (gtr) and Alan (bass) (all ex Proppa Unkonshuz), Jay (vocs) joined on 7th gig and Rob (drms) (ex Go Heads, Instant Agony). 3 rel on their own label GEER (Give Em Enough Rope Recs) ‘The World Wants To Know’ Ep, Live at the Zanzibar LP, ‘Fuck It Then Eat It’ LP. Split Feb04.

Northern Echoes – Kirkdale rock band (c1986), prev called Martial Law, feat; Mark Hutchinson (voc,gtr), Geoff o’Hara (gtr), Steve Dagnall (bass), George Denham (drms) (ex Word).

North of Watford – Birkenhead post-punkband (1980-82) feat; Nigel Blackwell (voc) (ex Split Gut, later of Half Man Half Biscuit), Mike Isherwood (gtr,voc), Roy Davies (bass), Peter Corner (drms)

No Self Control – name for Nightmares In Wax just before they became Dead or Alive

No Solution – Garry Fielding’s second venture into fanzine publishing was this Oi-influenced publication which lasted for two issues. But this was slightly different in that it featured a reggae section courtesy of Ashok Burman.

Not Quite Beethoven – band (c1985) feat; Ken Kelly (voc) (ex Crowded, later Innervision, Get That Smile)

No Trace – band (1980-81), feat; Peter Coyle (later Tin Ethics, Jass Babies, Lotus Eaters). Described as ‘R’n’B orientated new rock band, excellent on stage.’ Had tracks Africa, Talk in Tongues. More info req’d

Nova Mob – band Dec’77-May’78 feat; Julian Cope (bass) (ex Mystery Girls later Shallow Madness, Teardrop Explodes), Pete Wylie (gtr)(ex Crucial Three, Mystery Girls later of Crash Course, Wah!), Pete Griffiths (voc)(ex Spitfire Boys), Budgie (ex Spitfire Boys, later Big in Japan, Opium Eaters, Secrets, Planets, Slits, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Creatures)

Novice Mathematic – indie/punk band (c2008), prev called Ultra Magnus, feat; Mike Evans (voc,gtr), Matt Southern (gtr), Chris (Jef) Norman (bass) Huw Thomas (drms). Orig feat; Paul Manchester (bass) who quit Oct09. (website)

Now Hear This – band feat; Mark Singleton (gtr,keys) (ex Afraid of Mice, Gambler, Bobby Arnold Band), Carl Daniel (bass) (ex Afraid of Mice), Nick Murphy (keys) (ex Afraid of Mice) Mark Lacey (voc). Mark Singleton wrote the LP ‘Now Hear This’ and indie singles rel ‘Dream about the Girl’ (1998), ‘I Don’t Know’ (’99), ‘The Closer I Get To Heaven’ (2000) signed to German label, rec 4 songs in Hamburg, tracks never rel. Band split 96. Mark & Nick also gigged with Phil Jones’ Up & Running on both Empire and Royal Court gigs in later years plus a reformed gig Royal Court 96. Mark wrote book Art of Gigging (2006) – also hear songs on website

Now Is The Time To Forget Whimpering Child – Become The Warrior! – band (1982-83) formed by Geoff Kelly (voc,bass) (ex Afraid of Mice), Steve Brown (drms,keys) (ex Jass Babies, later Afraid of Mice, Here’s Johnny)

Now Love Returns – Southport band (1983), feat; Paula Skidmore (voc,keys), Jean Stormer (voc,keys) both ex Pieces of Glass, Chas Cole (ex Fragile Friend)

Numbers 28 – band feat; Jonte Wilkins (drms) (later of Young Lions), Sue Forshaw (voc), Tony Griffiths (bass) (later Real People), Ally Tremaco (gtr), Martin Green (sax,flute) (later China Crisis, White Russians, Black), Phil (Weston) Tootill (keys) (ex Afraid of Mice, Cracked Actor). Lasted from late 82 until Xmas83 – its first ever gig was The Tube on Channel 4 (Mar83), also did Larks in the Park 83 and a few other largish venues such as Dingwalls and the Royal Court alongside some truly crappy pub gigs in Bootle and Kirby which broke up the band. Martin is now a London based session musician.

Nutz – band (1970s), feat; Mick Devonport (gtr) (later Space Cadets, ex Rubber Soul Band), David Lloyd (voc), Keith Mullholland (bass), John Mylett (drms), Kenny Newton (keys) (later Nightwing). Rel LPs ‘Nutz’ (1974), ‘Nutz Too’ (1975), ‘Hard Nutz’ (1977), ‘Nutz Live Cutz’ (1978). The 2nd LP made the lower regions of the UK Chart, but they had a disastrous tour of USA & they were only saved from splitting when A&M recs offered them a tour with Black Sabbath plus a slot at Reading Festival.Toured with Budgie but had little support from their rec co. & the advent of punk saw them decline with the 4th LP not selling well, had to see out final 2yrs of their contract with a residency in the Channel Isles performing for a living. Reappeared as Rage (website)


  1. Wayne Mallen
    February 13, 2022 @ 8:56 am

    Two Liverpool bands notion your list that you might like
    Diamanthian – A death metal band who released an album called Arcana Doctrine in the metal label Ossuary Industries and Neuroma – A death metal band who released the album Extermophile in Grindscene Records and a split CD on Grindethic Records called Northern Discomfort which contains five songs by Liverpool band Neuroma and five songs by Hartlepool death metal band Dawn Of Chaos.


    • neilcrud
      February 13, 2022 @ 2:26 pm

      Sorted, cheers


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