Liverpool: M

Machiavellian – Skelmersdale band (formed early06), feat; Kristov (b.1985) (voc) (ex Bloodworks, Soon To Be September), Ant Hurlock (b.1986) (bass) (ex In Pain Die), Nic (b.1986) (drms) (ex Wasp In The Attic), Chris (b.1983) (gtr) (ex Bloodworks), Ste (b.1987) (gtr) (ex Gammorah). (website)

Mac Manus Gang – band (c1987), feat; Cait o’Riordan (voc), Declan McManus (gtr,bass,voc), Ross McManus (trmpt), Steve Hart (keys), Pete Thomas (drms). Rel 7” A Town Called Big Nothing (Demon 1987)

Mada – punk fanzine of late 80s, edited by Mick of Fairfield. Ran for 6 issues. Final issue was a benefit for Child Line there was also a tape available of bands feat inside – Eve Of Scream, Fixtures, Trottel, Steadfast, W;Children, Anarkotics, M; Duck, A.T.V., P; Flowers, I;Autonomy, Armia, Abs, A;Kebab, Instigators, Scraps, Verdun, Jailcell Recipes, Wat Tyler, Bazzy & Budgies, Kismet Hc.

Made For Jane – (1992-1996) mid 90’s guitar band. Rel dble sided single on Kool Tone, ‘Supa Red Intensa / Tycho’s Dream’ (Jan95) . Also rec 2nd single ‘Way Down Deep’ which was never released (rec Jan96). Also had songs on Kool Tone comps, ‘Mersey Killers’ & ‘A&R Heaven for Corporate Scum’. The band had lots of label interest over the years but it never quite happened for them, bizarrely 2 members were signed almost immediately after the band split and even recorded some old Made For Jane material. Started as a 5 piece but most settled line up was as a 4 piece feat; Joanna Harrison (voc), Tim Warriner (gtr) (later formed The Kings of Infinate Space while still with Made For Jane and signed to V2), Steve Doherty (drms) (later formed One Lady Owner and signed to Dedicated, now doing soundtracks inc.Master & Commander), Rob McLean (bass) (later Cicada Falls, Voover, Playhouse, Brownlow, No One’s Son and Mugstar), also ran Kool Tone Records and Head Trash fanzine, now freelance designer and amateur motorcycle racer!

Magic Carpets – band feat; Andy Holland (voc,gtr) (ex Dharma Bums, Vernons, Clocktower, Kelso), Tony Goulden (drms), Paul Goulden (gtr), Paul Kelly (bass), . Rel LP ‘Guided Naafi Missile’ (Probe 1986) Had track Trick of Fate on comp LP ‘Ways To Wear Coats’ (Brilliant Genius recs Oct86). The Bolton Evening News described them as having a late 60’s bluey psychedelic feel. Andy now runs the label Candy Productions

Magic Clock – band (early 90s) feat; Howie Payne (voc) (now of The Stands). Played The Picket & did a cover of The Monkees’ Stepping Stone. More info req’d

Magic Faction – Short lived band (late 80s?) based in Runcorn/Widnes. Feat; Brian ‘Damage’ Harcombe (drms) (ex Restless, Accelerators, Bugs, Death Kit, Shop Soiled, Filibuster, Hellhounds), Colin Ogburn (bass), Tony Reilly (gtr) and Livo (voc).

Mags, The – band (2003), feat; Greg Dudley (voc), Mike Kennedy (gtr), Anthony Wilkinson (gtr), Greig Wilding (bass), Mark Bleasdale (drms). Prev called Double Automatic Jackpot. (website)

Maguires – pizza bar and venue on Renshaw Street that hosts mainly punk bands at the rear of the premises. (c2016 onwards) (website)

Mahalia – pop-rock band (1990-93), feat; Maxine Dunn (voc) (later Steal, CS Drift), Simon Jones (gtr), Graham Jones (bass), Ian Griffiths (keys), Andy Jones (drms). Got took under the wing of Dave Kitson (manager of Ruby Blue) and rec demos at Parr Street in view of release of LP on Red Flame. But never. Happened. Split up in summer 1993. (musical differences).

Martin Malone – ex-member of Innocents Abroad and Eskimos In Chains. He traded under his own name for 2 albums: The Training for Loneliness  (2000) and  Hinterland (2003). Martin says, ‘Then, just when I thought I’d given up, I was asked to play guitar for Simon Armitage in The Scaremongers who released the album Born In A Barn in 2008.’

Malchix – 3-pc band (1978-85), feat; Carl Gleeson (voc,gtr) (ex Hugo Dines Band) feat on the ‘Street To Street, A Liverpool Compilation’ LP with the track Crisis. Also called Warz, Warsaw, Hussardz at some point. Became Cracked Actor in 1985 after Carl did a solo tour as Poland. More info req’d

Malorie – punk band feat; Ian Murphy (gtr) (ex Kelso, now Pincushion). Split Jun04

ManBREAK – Pop punk dance band formed May94 that evolved from 25th of May. Feat; Swindelli aka Steve Swindels (voc), Mr Blonde (gtr,voc) (ex The Firecharmers), Roy Van Der Kerkoff (bass), Stu Boy Stuart Carswell (drms) (later Kelso), Monty (gtr). Ex members incl; Snaykee (gtr) (ex 25th May), Jules (temp gtr). More mainstream version of 25th of May with the intention of making it big in the US etc. Rel album ‘Come And See’ on One Little Indian (famous for Bjork releases) plus some singles.

Manic Depression – Wirral Punk Band – who renamed themselves C.I.5. after one gig 1984-85 (and later disbanded and reformed with new members as The Eyesawz) Ernie Smith (voc), Liam Johnston (gtr), Tim Tyler (bass), Andy ‘Zoff’ Ligget (drms). Supported The Iconoclasts

Mannequin – band feat; Chris Campbell (drms) (ex The Clear). More info req’d.

Mantra Communications – off the wall label run up until at least 1997 by Adam Marshall (ex Where’s The Beach), who released 12″ singles for his own band and 2 comps. (website)

Marbles – band 1996-99 feat; Mark Pountney (voc,gtr), Tommy Clarke (gtr), Edgar Summertyme (bass) (also of The Stairs, Paul Weller, St Etienne, Big Kids, The Joneses). Also feat Russel Prichard (now The Zoutons) (bass) Carl Phillips(drms). Evolved into Supergiant & became Mojave Collective.

Margox – performing name used by Margi Clarke in late 70s when she did gigs at Erics.

Marlowe – band feat; Simon (voc,gtr), Paul (bass), Rachel (violin), Aron(drms), Chloe (voc,keys,sax), Chris (trmpt), Claire (violin/keys), Clare (violin/viola/keys). Rel debut album (late 2000) ‘darksparklecorner’. 2nd album on Probe Plus ‘A Day In July’. Also rel EP ‘Its Turning Me On’.

Married To The Sea – indie band (c2009). More info req’d

Marseille – rock band (1977-1987) fronted by Neil Buchanan (gtr) (of TVs Art Attack), Paul Dale (voc), Andy Charters (gtr), Steve Dunwoodie (bass), Keith Knowles (drms). Rel singles The French Way (Mountain Recs Mar78), Kiss Like Rock’n’Roll (Jun78), Over & Over (May79), Bring On The Dancing Girls (Oct79), & LPs ‘Red,White & Slightly Blue’ (Jun78), ‘Marseille’ (May79). This line up split in 1980 when Mountain Recs collapsed, but the band re-emerged in Autumn 1983 with Paul & Andy replaced by Saw Pearse (voc) (ex Savage Lucy) & Mark Hays (gtr) (ex Madame). Within a couple of months Neil had left for TV land, & Hays was replaced by Mark Railton (gtr) (ex Savage Lucy, Rough Justice). Rel LP ‘Touch The Night’ (Ultra Noise Recs Aug84). Someone wrote that Paul Dale wore glasses at least 3″ thick, although he refutes this claim. Andy now lives in Raleigh, USA and the band (in May08) had reformed with the intention of making a comeback.

Marshmallow Overcoat – band (formed 1982) feat; Barry Sutton (gtr,voc) (later Walking Seeds, Western Diplomats, Goat People, La’s, Mirrorball), Mark Pythian (keys), Lol Geoghan (loops,gtr) (left 1987), Paul Scott (bass) (ex Western Diplomats, later Whiskey Priests). 1984-85- Judith Laity (cello) (ex Royal Family & The Poor, later Goat People) & Elizabeth Kay (violin,gtr) (later Goat People) joined. Band rested in1985, re-emerging summer86 with Barry & Lol joined by Tony Mogan (drms) & Peter Cammell (bass). Also feat; Peter Hurst (gtr) (ex Whiskey Priests). Rel single ‘What’s Going On?’ 1984. Also called themselves Corduroy Dog in 1987

Martial Law – Kirkdale rock and (formed 1984) and not to be confused with Edinburgh band of same name. Feat; Mark Hutchinson (gtr,voc), Geoff O’Hara (gtr), Steve Dagnall (bass), Tony Wilson (bass), George Denham (drms) (also Word). In 1986 Wilson quit and they changed their name to Northern Echoes.

Mave – poet from St Helens had tracks Samantha Box, Thania on comp LP Elegance, Charm & Deadly Danger (Push Dec85).

Maybees – cult band (mid-90s?), feat; Chris Petersen (drms) (now of Mojave Collective)

Mayhem – Southport punk band, formed late 1979, feat; Mick McGee (voc), Johnny (gtr), Deadcat (bass), Mick ‘Collo’ Collinson (drms) (ex Dumb Blondes). Supported Vice Squad who recommended them to Riot City recs & rel 2 Eps Gentle Murder (Riot City Aug82), Pulling Puppet Strings (Riot City Nov83), Bloodrush (on own Vigilante label Feb85) but split before rec an LP. Chris Hind (gtr) was with them from 1981 with Gaz Sumner (bass) (also Blitzkrieg). Dave of US band MDC said they were his fave UK punk band after Deadcat saved him from a beating by nazi skins on that first Dead Kennedys tour. Mandy Brannon used to go out with Mick says, ‘I used to drink in the Houghton pub with them [the one at the side of the station]. It’s now O’Neils. Remember Red Witches for £1 at Sandbaggers?’

Mazey Fade – Power trio, once signed to domino, broke up 1993.

McGann Brothers – popband from Kensington (formed 1983), feat; brothers Mark (ex Special Brew, Mojo Filter), Joe, Steve and Paul. Rel 7”Shame About The Boy (Chrysalis Sep83) as The McGanns. They have all been involved in theatre and TV

Meeting With Ghosts – band (formed 1987) by Phil Jensen (voc,bass) (ex MI5, 6th Sense, Infiltrators), Julia Fassam & Wendy Morris (back voc), Dave Smith (keys), John Hall (gtr), Chris Leckie & Rob Jones (drms). Played various venues in Liverpool & Wirral (inc. The Cavern, and the lost lamented Dale Inn) achieving minor but reliable success and a fanbase ranging from goths to ‘hard rockers’, giving up the ghost in the early ’90’s. (see also Flashpoint, Jingling Cash Registers, Person To Person, Inside Information)

Andy Melia – playwright who did ‘A Need For Heroes’. Ran a ‘Gig-line’ telephone service andhas worked in advertising since 1989 as a copywriter

Mel-O-Tones – band (mid-80s), feat; Martin Dempsey (gtr) (ex Yachts, Pink Military), Frank Martin (voc) (later Walking Seeds), Bob Parker (bass) (later Walking Seeds), Jon Neesam (drms) (later Walking Seeds). Rel 12″EP on Probe Plus; PROBE 3 – ‘Melonheaded’ (Tracks were ‘Bomb Sutra/Burton Buzz/lice Age/Scaffold/40 Nights/I Walked With A Bugs Bunny Bendy Toy) prod by Sir Freddie Viadukt and Martin Dempsey. ‘Bugs Bunny’ was rel on a comp (2002 ) ‘Unearthed Liverpool Classics Vol 1’ on the Viper label. Feat tracks from Big In Japan, Stairs, Wild Swans (website)

Melt – band feat on D-Beat comp tape (on Bop A Dub Sep85) and are basically Lionel Clark, but have also been a full band. More info req’d

Mental Aardvarks – avante garde experimental band (1979-82) brainchild of Paul Grady, a wonderfully off kilter genius from Wigan. Ran their own label Trazom which issued all it’s material on cassette, and operated from Paul’s house in the Platt Bridge area of Wigan Very much an experimental outfit that were in truth not easy listening. Were played with alarming regularity on 80’s pirate station Merseyland Alternative Radio. Following their releases they came to the attention of the United Dairies label and had a track ‘Bogart…Was Three Lemons’ included on the now legendary (and very valuable) compilation ‘Hoisting The Black Flag’ United Dairies UD6 (1980) Ltd 500 copies vinyl – Apparently this was later released on cassette and is still available today. The album included such luminaries as Whitehouse, Nurse With Wound, and The Lemon Kittens so they must of been doing something right..

Mental Eddies – Birkenhead band of mid-late 80s, feat; Simon Blackwell (gtr), Paul Wright (drms) (both ex Attempted Moustache, Half Man Half Biscuit), Paul Spencer (ex Jegsy Dodd, Sons of Harry Cross). Formed when Half Man Half Biscuit split (temporarily) around 1989, Phil Newall says, ‘I saw them at a charity concert for the Hillsborough Fund, where they played a couple of HMHB numbers.’

Mere Dead Men – punk band, formed 1986, feat Mandy Shaw (voc) (ex Iconoclasts, Decomposed), Rag (drms), Richie (bass), Rob (gtr). They made an attempt to liven up a very small and very sad punk scene & succeeded. Steve ‘Hocky’ Hockinhall (voc) (ex Venomous Youth, Instant Agony) joined in ’87 More info req’d.

Merseybeat – the seminal music newspaper, launched by Bill and Virginia Harry in July 1961, which ran for more than 100 issues before vanishing into Music Echo in 1965. It published John and Paul’s first writings, led Brian Epstein (the paper’s record reviewer) to discover the Beatles and covered the Mersey music scene in depth. 24 music newspapers based on Mersey Beat sprang up all over the provinces. Mersey Beat was re-launched on-line in 1999 and has two incarnations on the web. concentrates on the original Mersey Sound while covers Mersey music from the Fifties to the current time.

Mersey Radio Active – Alternative net radio, band news, interviews, downloads etc on all things Liverpool. (website)

Merseyland Alternative Radio – as with all pirate things info is scant but ran from 1981 to about 83. Had a mail address in Moreton and used a remote transmitter thought to be in Moreton or on the Ford Estate. DJ’s incl Matt Black and Mike Stand. Update: DJ Jackie Frost got in touch (Feb10) to say that the station celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2009 and is still going strong (website)

Merseysound – fanzine that ran for a couple of years from the L12,13 area by Ronnie & sold at Probe, The Everyman, News From Nowhere etc at the princely sum of 20p an issue. More info req’d.

The Mess – band of early 70s, feat; Dave ‘Croc’ Newton (bass), Peter ‘Duggy Grasshopper’ Staunton (gtr) and Tony Bolland (voc,drms), who were all 15-16 years old. Orig feat Alex Murphy but he left and they continued as a 3-pc. Would rehearse at Norgreen Social Club, Duggy’s front room and eventually at The Plug Inn music shop (where Tony worked). Tony would go on to play in countless bands

MI5 – band (Jun78- Jan82) feat; John Hall (gtr) (ex Hugo Dines Band), Paul Humber (gtr), Phil Jensen (bass), Mike Westwood (drms), Phil Miles (voc). Debut gig at Erics (26.08.78). Rec 6-track demo at Open Eye Studios (Jan79). By Jun79 Jensen and Miles had quit and formed The Infiltrators and Peter Johnston (bass) joined. Rehearsed at Dock Rd Studios and gigged around L’pool. Rec 2nd demo at WSRS in New Brighton (Feb80), also rel a live tape rec at Hamilton Club (22.10.79). Johnston left and was briefly replaced by Peter Middlebrough (bass) (Jun-Jul80) playing a few gigs and by now Westwood was also playing in Shortlist. By Jul81 Humber switched to bass and Colin Edmonds (voc) joined, and they briefly called themselves Roxette(!). Plenty of gigs were played but the band split when Mike Westwood quit after a gig in the Warehouse (Jan82). John, Paul, & Colin went on to form Flashpoint. (see also 6th Sense, Meeting With Ghosts, Jingling Cash Registers).

Mighty Joe Young – band (1992-93), feat; Mark Singleton (voc,gtr), Mark Lacey (voc,gtr), Nick Murphy (keys). Gigged in Reeperbahn Germany and lived to tell the tale!

Mighty Saguaro – punk band formed summer 1997, feat; Liam, Ben, Kiran, Craig Williams (gtr) (ex Smiley). Played 1st gig at Guinans (Nov97) (website). Band split Mar04, most members reformed as I Am Mike

Mighty Wah! – later version of Wah! Heat & Wah! feat; Pete Wylie (voc,gtr) (ex Crucial Three), Carl Washington (bass), Jay Naughton (keys), Chris Joyce (drms) (ex Durutti Column, later of Simply Red), Charlie Griffiths (keys). Rel Top 20 7″ Come Back (1984) & a couple more singles & the LP ‘A Word To The Wise Guy’ (1984). They split in 1984 when Joyce left to join Simply Red & a retrospective LP ‘The Way We Wah!’ was rel later that year. A John Peel session rec just before they split in Aug84 was rel on Strange Fruit recs in 1987. Reformed (1998-99) with Pete Wylie with Mike Joyce, Paul Capper (ex Amazing Kappa, Catherdral, Candy Store Rock, Cat Scratch Fever), Andy Rourke (Smiths) and Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols) .

Mindless – punk fanzine of early 90s edited by Nig. Ran for at least one issue. More info req’d

Ministry of Love – part of the series that was set and was the first use of the ‘Upstairs at The Picket’, one of the support bands were Happy Mondays!

Ministry of Love – band (Jan86-Aug86), feat; Eugene ‘Redman’ Lange (voc,perc) (ex Mighty Wah!), Levi Tafari (voc,perc), Paul Thomas (sax,perc) (ex Persuaders), Tony Peers (trmpt) (ex Persuaders, Head First, later Supercharge), John McGlone (voc,gtr) (later Steppin’ Razor), Phil Fowler (gtr), Mark Parry (drms,gtr), Jay Caldwell (bass) (latter 4 all ex Western Promise). Rel; Burnin and Lootin 12 EP (Midnight Music May86), & played 26 gigs.

Ministry of Love II – band (c1987), hip-hop heavy metal as described by John McGlone (voc) (also Steppin’ Razor), John Crilly (voc) (ex Fingerprint File, Tears of Joy), Mark Parry (gtr) (ex Thunderboots, Ellery Bop, Western Promise, Steppin’ Razor), Paul Allen (beatbox) (ex Twisted Nervez).

Miracle Workers – Band feat; Gary O’Donnell and Paul Reynolds (ex Almighty Atmosphere)

Mirrorball – band (2004) feat; Barry Sutton (ex Marshmallow Overcoat, Goat People, Walking Seeds, The La’s). More info req’d

Miss USA – Wirral band (mid 80s), feat; Bruce Williams (gtr,voc), Andy Byrne (bass), Tony Goulding (drms). Orig called Reinforcements

Mr Ray’s Wig World – “Psychedelic fuzzed out pop band” “Somewhere between Sonic Youth and the Banana Splits” Formed in Lpool in 1990 and rel 2 singles – the well rec’d “Faster Kittykat Play Play” EP in summer 92. The NME listing it as one of the singles of the year alongside Radiohead’s “Creep” and Suede’s “The Drowners.” Followed by Mad Dog – ltd 7″ Mar93. Also contributed a track “Elvis begins with an E” to “The Dark Side Of The Pool” Liverpool comp LP. Often seen playing at Planet X and The Krazy House and developing a good following along the way – live gigs were often considered something of an event. Also toured extensively around this period incl tour supports with The Verve, Boo Radleys and Cornershop. Rec sessions for John Peel & Mark Radcliffe’s Hit The North, both summer 92. Had a few line up changes 90/91 but settled early 92 Colin Cooper (gtr,voc) (now working in London), Rob Cross (gtr) (now working in Probe records), Roger Sinek (drms) (ex Barbel), Mike Corcoran (bass) (missing in action on the Wirral). reformed May04 with 3/4 of the orig line up, Colin Cooper (gtr,voc), Rob Cross (gtr), Roger Sinek (drms), Terry (bass) (also of Grrr!)

Mr Suit – a one off band (1986), Richard Norris (later of The Grid) was studying in Liverpool in the mid-80s and started a 60s psychedelic club called the Hangout, in what at the time was the Bierkellar in Mount Pleasant (later the 051). Richard was a St. Albans mate of Phil Smee, who at that time was re-issuing a lot of obscure pop/psychedelia on his Bam Caruso label. Wanting to do a “modern” compilation in the same vein, he drafted Richard and a few Hangout mates down to his studio to drum up a load of psyche covers under a variety of assumed names, which appeared on an album called “From The House of Lords.” This was the band that played at The Hangout – Richard Norris (voc), John Finney (bass), Pete Rickard (gtr) and Larry (drms).

Mr Zero – Wirral band, (1982-85), feat: Ray Poret (voc), Tony Mercer (bass), Paul Curtis (gtr), Stewart Clark (drms). Orig feat up until 1983, Simon Blackwell (gtr) & Paul Wright (drms) (both ex Attempted Moustache, later Bisquits, Half Man Half Biscuit). Will Ekbery (bass) (Attempted Moustache, Tasp) has also featured.

Mixies Men – Birkenhead/Wirral punk band formed c1993, and still gigging, feat; Martin Byrne (bass) (ex Martin Malone, Eskimo Chains, Deliverance, Kappa, Insanity Beach, Synchronicity, Fair Warning). – rel the magnificently titled LP ‘Fuck Or Fuck Off’ on Raucous Recs (Jun02). Taken from the web site – Mixie’s Men are the rightful holders of the title ‘Most Offensive Band In Britain’. With their crude, gutter humour to a revved-up Punk-Rockabilly beat, the result is something like King Kurt meets The Macc Lads – typified by the moronic genius of songs like ‘She Looks Like A Bloke But She’s Good For A Poke When The Telly’s Broke’ and ‘I Took Her To Bangor To Bang ‘Er’ Reguarly appear at clubs/pubs in the Wirral area and have even rel their own live DVD rec at The Iron Door Club, Birkenhead in 2002. Special mention should go to them as they rel a single in 2000 ‘The Tranmere Song’ in honour of the worlds finest footie team…. ahem (website)

Moderates – band, 1980-82 feat; John Brady (voc), Heidi Cure (voc), Bobby Carr (gtr) (ex Those Naughty Lumps, Tontrix, later Surreal Estate), Martin Cooper (bass) (ex Those Naughty Lumps), Phil Allen (drms) (ex Big in Japan, later Love Look Away) on the ‘Street To Street, A Liverpool Compilation’ LP with the track I Don’t Want To Go Bald. Rel; ‘Fetishes EP ‘High Heel Shoes / Yes 2 The Neutron Bomb / Don’t Be Silly / Sun Tan’ on Open Eye Recs OE-EP-1001 12″ (1980), ‘For What It’s Worth / Emile’ Hyped Recs BMRB-53 (1981), ‘Yes To The Neutron Bomb / Bus Girl‘ Hyped Recs-BMRB-51 (Apr81). Also feat Mike Percy (bass) (ex Dead or Alive) at some point

Modern Eon – band, formed 1979 by Alex ‘Alix’ Johnson, Dave Hardbattle (drms) and Danny Hampson (bass) who all orig started out in Luglo Slugs, Tank Time, then One Two. Bob Wakelin (keys), Tim Lever (gtr,sax) (ex Activity Minimal, later of Dead or Alive), Cliff Hewitt (drms). Also feat; Joey McKechnie (drms) at some point. Did self rel single, Pieces on Eon Records 1979, rec single Euthenics for Inevitable Records 1980 with Bob Wakelin addeed to the line up. In Early 1981 a re-recorded version it was rel on DinDisc followed by two more singles and, to much critical acclaim, their debut album ‘Fiction Tales’ in Jun 1981. A tour was arranged supporting The Stranglers. But, during rehearsal sessions Cliff Hewitt, whose drumming style had been such an integral part of the bands sound, critically injured his wrist. He did contribute to scheduled appearances for the John Peel, Richard Skinner and In Concert Radio One radio shows, but it soon became apparent that the rigors of a tour would be too much for him and a suitable replacement was not easily found. The solution was that they toured with Cliff’s drum tracks on a tape machine and let Cliff operate it. The end of 1981 found working on demos for a 2nd album and Cliff back in the fold, Modern Eon faded away, never to release a follow up album. (website)

Mogadons – band (c1982) feat; Paul Curran (bass) (ex And The Dance, Knopov’s Political Package, later Love Look Away), Paul Barlow (ex And The Dance, later It’s Immaterial) (drms), Adrian Mitchell (gtr) (later Love Look Away), Nina Guido (voc), Kris Guido (voc) (both from Edinburgh). Rec 2 singles for Total Demoral recs (1982). Also called Mogodons, Mogodonz. Paul Barlow went onto session for Wah!, It’s Immaterial.

Mojave Collective- band formed c2002, feat; Mark Pountney (voc,gtr,keys), Tommy Clarke (gtr,keys), Chris Simpson (bass,trmpt), Chris Petersen (ex Maybees). Used to be The Marbles, Supergiant. (website)

Mojo Filter – R’n’B band (1982-84) feat; Brian Peters, Richard Alan, Jackie Phil Melia (gtr) (later Big Game), Paul Cooper (bass), Andy Hudson (drms) – other sources also list Mark McGann (ex Special Brew, later McGann’s). Competed in a Kirkby school Battle of The Bands comp (’82). Paul and Andy appeared on Gerry Markey’s single Oh John (1984). More info req’d

Monkey Toes –

The Mono LPs – indie band, feat; Ste Wilson (voc,gtr), Vicky Reid (cello,voc), Chris Barlow (bass), Tom McCabe (drms). Debut single Die A Little Death (Oct12 on Cavern Recs), followed by Emilia (03.05.15).  Rel LP ‘Shuffle/Play’ (2021 on Fretsore). Dan Beech (drms) also appeared on the album. (spotify)

Monzas – band (c2005), feat; (all with the surname Monza), Mike (voc), Keith (gtr), Nick (bass), Tom (drms). Winners of L’pool’s Best Unsigned Band by IROZ music. (website)

Moon – band formed 1996, feat; James Hancox (gtr,voc) (ex Nice Party, Drakes), Johnny Jukebox (bass) and Andy Dwyer (drms) (brother of Gary – Teardrop Explodes) later replaced by LB (Ian Folksman). Played at the Masque, Picket, Lomax, Heebie Jeebies, Zanzibar, Manchester Night And Day, Manchester Roadhouse and some dates in London. James is still active today planning world domination shortly.

Moondogs – early 80s band. More info req’d

Moongoose – mainly instrumental project (since c2012) by Dave ‘Yorkie’ Palmer (ex Space, Egypt For Now, The Balcony, The Dance Party). Has several releases, inc, ‘Organic Technology: Reaction Music 2’ (2012) and ‘Tokyo Glow’ (2019) – (spotify)

Moonies – band Feat Steven Banks (gtr,keys,voc), Ryan Clarke (bass), Mike Berry (drms). Rec 4 singles, the last of which ‘The Rock And Rool EP’ was prod by Gordon Paphael (prod. the Strokes). At one point they got mentioned in the NME as part of the No name non-movement.

Morbid Symphony – thrash band from Little Sutton (c1993), feat; Tony Longworth (now Flesh Resonance) & Keith Hill (now Flesh Resonance & Twin Method). Rel demo Evil Cares For it’s Own. May have rel a 7″ with French label Corpse Grinder. More info req’d

More or Less Monthly – free fanzine (c1978) published by Pete Fulwell to promote Merseyside bands.

Mothmen – band feat; Philip Franz Jones (Afraid Of Mice, Next), Charlie Griffiths (bass) (Pink Military, Next)

Motion Pictures – band (c1980), feat; Gordon Longsworth (later Ponderosa Glee Boys, Foundation, Visual Aids), Tony McKenna (drms) (ex Visual Aids, The English). Rel one single ‘Jon/Audio Scan’ on State Records STAT-104 in 1981

MRI – Liverpool psyche-loud-noise band feat; Richie Yates (gtr), Dave Parker (bass) and Ben Coyle (drms). Still very active in 2023 (linktree)

Muffinmen – band formed summer 1990 to play a one off show of Zappa music, to celebrate Frank’s 50th birthday, feat; Roddie Gilliard (check his profile), Ian ‘Bammo ‘ Bamford (ex Munchies, Montana), Paul ‘Rhino’ Ryan (ex Da Biffs, Munchies, Er Turkey, The Flaps, Fat Larry’s Band, Almighty Atmosphere, Bullyrag), Raish, Mike Kidson, Ian Jump, Andy Jacobson, Roy Stringer. They continue to perform and have rel 10 CDs, played over 400 shows in 8 countries, including Stuttgart Jazz Open Festival, Glastonbury and special concerts as “When Worlds Collide” with members of Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. Now feat three members of the Wizards Of Twiddly (Carl, Friz and Martin) along with Tilo Pirnbaum. Often feat original Mother Of Invention Jimmy Carl Black, other ex-Zappa members who have played in the band include Ike Willis, Don Preston and Bunk Gardiner.

Mugstar – band formed 1996 by Steve Ashton (drms) (ex DaVincis) and Adrian Shaw (ex Cicada Falls, The Teen Beat, The Beale). Early line-up inc Martin Ward (bass) (ex DaVincis, Cicada Falls) who was replaced in 1997 by Chris Stevens (ex DaVincis, Cicada Falls, later Rattlebus). Later joined by Neil Murphy (gtr) (ex Fracture). This was the first gigging line-up and lasted until Ade moved to London. He was then replaced by Pete Smythe (gtr,voc) (ex Kling Klang). This line-up rec ‘Shaved Americans’ and ‘Floatation Tank’ both inc on Kabukikore mini-LP ‘Dark Matter’ (KKCD54) and lasted until 11.09.00 when Chris left to be replaced by Jason Stoll (ex Playhouse, Bulah Wigg). Rel debut 7″ “Spotlight Over Memphis” (Critical MASS Records Oct03). Rec John Peel Session (May04), rel 7″ “Flavin Hot Rod”, and a split 7″ with The Hunting Lodge on Farm Girl Recs, made Radio One’s Festive 50 (2005) and rel LP ‘Mugstar’ (Sea Recs 2006) (website)

Mumbo Jumbo – band (c2005), formed by Robbie Watts (ex da Books, Deja Vu) and James Hancox (ex Wah!). Rec own vers of Living In The City which receiving airplay in L’pool. Rel single Mersey Child (Apr06) rec’d airplay at every LFC home game (email)

Munchies – band (1982-86) feat; Ian Bamford (ex Montana, now Muffin Men), Roddie Gilliard (now of Muffin Men, but check his profile), they played 6 nights a week, at every pub in town, playing a mixture of covers and orig material, incl several Zappa songs. The most consitant line-up of Bammo, Roddie, Betsan and Roy Boulter played hundreds of gigs. Betsan Williams (nee Lloyd) went on to play with The Sugarcubes & Cut23, Roy with The Farm. Paul Ryan (ex Déjà vu, Muffin Men, Almighty Atmosphere) also drummed at some point

Munkey Puzzel – band (2003). More info req’d.

Musica Ultima Tapes – tape label set up by Steve with a thrash punk output. See also Ripping Thrash

Mutants – Birkenhead band, formed early 1976, feat; Paul Codman (drms) (later Egypt For Now), Keith Wilson (both later of Geisha Girls see profile), Paul Brady (drms) (later Crawl, Ulterior Motive) and booked to play support to The Damned, they were inspired by the pub rock of Eddie And The Hotrods, The Stooges and the like, they actually evolved out of a space rock band who used to practice above Skeleton records shop. Roddie Gilliard (now of Muffin Men, but check his profile), joined and brought his love of the MC5 and Pink Fairies into the picture. Rel 2 singles in 1977 on local ROX recs label, the 1st; Bossman hit #6 in the Sounds indie chart.

Muthers Ruin – band (c1975) feat; Roddie Gilliard (now of Muffin Men, but check his profile), that played a mutant mix of rockandroll and cabaret at places like sefton park cricket club and hms training ship something or other.

Mutual Aid Centre – squat set up as peace centre – place of learning, vegan café, claiments union strike support group, anti fascist group, hunt sabs, in easter 87. Eventually evicted by piss stained bailiffs (long story).

Mystery Girls – short lived band formed July 1977, feat; Julian Cope (bass) (ex Crucial Three, later of Shallow Madness, Teardrop Explodes), Pete Burns (voc) (later of Nightmares in Wax, Dead Or Alive), Pete Wylie (gtr) (ex Crucial Three, later of Mighty Wah!), Phil Hurst (drms) (later Nightmares in Wax, Hollycaust). Played a superb gig supporting Sham 69 at Eric’s (Nov77) playing mainly covers like I Wanna Be Your Dog and Do Wah Diddy. Their orig name may have been The Tesco Mystery Girls. Some dates conflict, stating they formed in Sep77, but it was all over by November.


  1. Michael Stoddart
    July 28, 2012 @ 10:10 pm

    Re: Merseysound fanzine (“more info required”). I have a copy of this from March 1982 scanned on to my computer, which I’ll gladly send to you if it’s any use to the site. Let me know, and I’ll get straight on to it.

    Marvellous site, by the way. I’m currently putting together a blog post about late-70’s post-punk Liverpool, and Link 2 Wales has been invaluable!


    Mike Stoddart.


    • neilcrud
      July 29, 2012 @ 2:34 pm

      Yes please Mike, and thanks


    • Roger Hill
      May 6, 2020 @ 2:19 pm

      I have all the copies and info, as one of the originators and sustainers of this seminal publication – what do you need|?


      • neilcrud
        May 6, 2020 @ 5:31 pm

        Hi Roger, as much info as you’re willing to spare really… Bit of background – where are they-you now cheers


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