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Kachinas – Named after a Native American doll (of sorts!). Have trk ‘Weeping Willow’ feat on Viper Recs rel ‘Unearthed Liverpool Cult Classics Vol 3’

Kagnee – 4-pc reggae/punk band, (formed late03), feat; Monkey, Sawdust & Iggy, who were later joined by Day Rel LP ‘My Parents Don’t Understand Me’ (Shed Recs) (website)

Kamarg – metal band (1984-85) feat, Bren Spencer (voc) (ex Gaskin), Tony Donohue (gtr) (ex Widow), Rob Hall (bass), John Hughes (gtr) who was replaced by Les.Bennett (keys), and Steve Follin (drms) who was replaced by Chris Blackburn (drms) (also Quit Bitchin’, Damascus). Had track Stoolie on ‘Son of Jobs For The Boys’ comp LP (Natalie recs Jun85). (website)

K&C Recslabel set up by Mike King & Chas Cole in 1984 to rel singles by their band Fragile Friends.

Kappa – see Amazing Kappa

K-Bird Recs – label (1983-84) run by Ian Broudie (later Lightning Seeds), to rel singles by his band Care.

Samantha Kearney – folk singer/guitarist from Birkenhead (c2006), plays many gigs, often with Jo Bywater (bass). (website)

Keep It Dark – band (formed 1984) feat; Paul Reason (gtr) (also Ex Post Facto, US Companion), Jimmy Barrett (voc,gtr), Brian Rawling (drms) (ex 3D) who replaced Paul Stewart. Rel 7″ Dreamer (Charisma Mar86), 7″ I Don’t Surrender (Charisma 86) & LP 1st Down And Ten (Apr86). Terry Kilfoyle (bass) (ex Asylum. Later Big Still, Seconds Out) joined at some point.

Kelso band formed 2000, feat; Andy Holland (voc) (ex Magic Carpets, Vernons, Dharma Bums, Clocktower) and Ian Murphy (gtr) (now Pincushion), then added Kevin Sinnott (bass) and Stuart Carswell (drms) (ex Manbreak). Kelso had the honour of being the group who became the 50th rel on Probe Plus ‘Eat the Evidence’ PROBEPLUS 50CD. Andy now runs Candy Productions

The Key – Wirral/Liverpool based band (2004); Don’t know anything about them, but they seem to be picking up a few gigs at The Iron Door, Birkenhead

K Foundation – reincarnation of the KLF rec versions of Que Sera Sera, Merry Xmas War is Over. Hijacked the Turner art prize awarding £40,000 is cash to the winner for being the UK’s worst artist.

Killer Watt – (1977-1980) feat; Geoff Stalford (drms) (later Flashpoint), Phil Rice (gtr), Steve Charnock (gtr), Greg McGraw (bass). Geoff says, ‘Although we didn’t look the part with long hair etc we played some noisy, raunchy, punky, MC5 style RnR which also included tracks by Eddie & The Hot Rods, Stranglers, Motorhead & occ Quo – I mean what a combination! During ’79 we decided to add a vocalist & things really ‘lifted’ and with a name change to Dark Heart and many more original songs written, we achieved what we had aimed for – locally – a gig at Eric’s, thanks to a telecon with Roger Eagle (RIP).’

Kindergarten Paint Set – band feat on ‘A Secret Liverpool’ comp LP (Jul84). Feat; Mike Badger (Onset), Chris Rhodis, Nicola Cullum (now Dame Nicola Cullum) and Louise plus another guy and another girl.

Kinetics – 3-pc electronic outfit (Nov81) feat; Steve Cottier (voc,gtr) (ex Scope, Xionics, later Passion Polka, Peep Show), Steve Craddock (keys).

King Prawn – fanzine run by Karl Bader-Bailey (bass) (ex Jules Verne, Playhouse, Bulah Wig, Lumiesence, Acacia Gum, Superdude). Also ran Kooltone label

Kit – band (c1984-88), feat; Lyn Sangster (gtr,voc) (ex Send No Flowers), Jake Wakstein (drms) (ex Send No Flowers), Michelle Brown (bass). More info req’d.

Kite – band feat; Tony Smith (drms) (ex Kappa, The Band With No Name, Candy Store Rock, The Blimey Brothers)

Kiteland Recs – label set up by Cook Da Books (1982-84) which rel 4 singles for them; the 1st being a joint effort with Probe Plus.

KLF – Dance act 1989-92 feat; Bill Drummond (ex Big in Japan, Lori & The Chameleons) & Jimmy Cauty. Had massive hits with What Time is Love, Justified & Ancient. An LP ‘The White Room.’ 1991’s biggest selling singles act in the world. Appeared on The Brit awards (‘92) with Extreme Noise Terror, sent a motorcycle courier to collect their award for Best British Group & left a dead sheep outside the aftershow party. Disbanded in 92 at the height of their success & deleted their entire back catalogue. In 1994 they ceremoniously burnt £1m in cash. (see also JAMMS, Timelords, K Foundation, 2K)

Kling Klang – band feat; Pete Smyth (gtr,voc) (later Mugstar), Dave Smyth (keys) (also of aPaTt), Joe Mcloaghlin (also of 20,000BC) (gtr,keys), Amy Corcoran (keys), Ali Mcdonald (drms). Split up 2003

Klubbs – band of late 60s-early 70s, feat; Paddy Breene (voc) (later of Wardog, Skytrain), Pete Tidy (drms) (later Wardog, Skytrain), Norris Easterbrook (bass) (later Wardog), Trevor Griffith (gtr), John Reid (gtr) (later Strife)

Kooky – underground electronic dance music producer since 1995, Gary Kooky was a member of Ism. Rel 12″s on the Silicon Hustler label as well as with Lock Up Music Publishing as a member of duo ‘Hopper’ and High Days Gramaphone Records

Kooltone – small indie label set up in 90s by Karl Bader-Bailey (ex Playhouse, Jules Verne, Bulah Wig, Lumiesence, Acacia Gum, Superdude) and Rob McLean (ex Made For Jane). Rel Pure Morning‘s (now Clinic) first single and a comp tape called Merseykillers feat the Firecharmers and Bulah Wig. Karl also edited King Prawn zine

Knopov’s Political Package – punk band (1980), feat; Wayne Hussey (gtr) (ex Fox Glove, Hambi & The Dance, Walkie Talkies, later Sisters of Mercy, the Mission), Paul Curran (bass) (ex Hambi, later Mogadons, Love Look Away), Paul Barlow (drms) (later It’s Immaterial, Mogadons, Wah!), David Knopov (voc), Alan Peters (brass) (ex Supercharge, later Lawnmower).

Kracken – band 1982-84, feat; Peter Bowe (voc), Graham Pritchard (gtr), Mark Roberts / Gary Rens (bass), Martin O’Hara (drms). They were essentially Stiff Pig with a different bassist.Kraken increased the toured venues across the UK expanding on the regular spots Stiff Pig had occupied. On one occasion they opened up for Spider and met their manager Maggie ? (wife of Tony Wilson – Producer of The Friday Night Rock Show) who convinced them to play more venues in London (and also said someone else was called Kraken!) The last time they performed was at an event for John Mylett – drummer of Rage and Alison his girlfriend who were tragically killed in a car accident.

Krazyhouse – 90s venue in Wood St.

Kripppalz Wiv Kancer – Liverpool punk-hardcore band (2005-06), feat; Seanie (voc) (ex Proppa Unkonshuz), Jay (drums), Rich (gtr), Shaun (gtr), Richie (gtr).

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