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Jabber Karran – band feat; Mal Brookfield (ex Vanilla Beserk, Experimental Gardens, Oh Yeahs, 0898). More info req’d

Jacaranda – venue on Slater St, opened in 1957 by Allan Williams, offering a stage for up and coming artists. Scene of the first ‘publicly announced’ Beatles gig, as the band used to rehearse in the basement. Squatted by members of Unrest & Radio Mongolia who said at the time. ‘Great festival here feat Generic among others’. Once considered the only real alternative to Planet X. In recent years, main floor houses a bar and space for acoustic acts to perform, with a small venue downstairs. Co-hosted Crapfest (2022 and ’23). Upstairs was the home of Jacaranda Records. For more than sixty years, this has been the stage on which generations of young artists have tried to make the grade, earning the venue a status in Liverpool’s music history that cannot be manufactured.

Jacaranda Records – label once at the Jacaranda on Slater St. now a virtual entity and very active. (website)

Jack Kennedy’s Outlaws – band (90s), feat; Mark Doran and Dave Doran. Rel CD ‘Boot’ on Probe Plus. More info req’d

Jack Russell & The Motherlovers – brief name for Tramp Attack

Clive Jackson – better known a the Doctor from Doctor and The Medics, born 07.07.61 in Knotty Ash. Had No.1 hit with Spirit In The Sky (1986). Still plays the gig circuit as the Medics, but now as a covers band. Resides in Brecon, South Wales.

Jacqui & Jeanette – Girl duo (1979) feat on the ‘Street To Street, A Liverpool Compilation’ LP with the reggae track 194 Radio City. Band members were Ian Broudie (ex Big In Japan etc), Budgie (Big In Japan etc), Ambrose (ex Walkie Talkies, Ded-Byrds), Steve Lindsay (ex Deaf School), and Gary Dwyer (later Teardrop Explodes). Have seen a note to suggest a single came out on Object Music, label shut down in 1981.

Jactars – Liverpool band (1985 – 88), feat; Ian Travis (voc,gtr), Tony Lonorgan (keys), Dave Morgan (bass) (later Barbel), Huw Williams (drms) (ex Crikey It’s The Cromptons, The Big I Am) (now lives in Anglesey). Very much in the style of Josef K with distinctive choppy guitar rhythms. Left in their legacy 2 releases the 12″ “Wadlow” and the LP “Pull The Plug”. Peter McPartland (ex Third Man, now Rash) played on their 2nd LP and Peel Session.

Jalapenos – Birkenhead blues-rock band (formed 1997) , feat; Diamond Dave (drms) (aka Ape ex Engine), Charlie Davison, Doctor Martyn. Play their brand of rock’n’roll everywhere! Rel 2nd LP ‘Go Ape’ (3D Discs Mar07), rec after ‘we pissed about in the studio for 5 days’, that studio being Foel in Llanfair Caereinion. (website)

Jammers – band formed late70s by duo John “Mad Dog” McArdle (voc/gob iron) & Ned Drisley (bass/keys), other members over the long hazy years have incl guitarists Ralph McIntyre, Andrew Dooley & Kenny “The Hacker” Mainey and Paul McIntyre (drms). A jamming career lasting over 20 years finally resulted in their 1st rel on Ned Recs, the EP “Sportscar” in 1996 which was followed up by “It’s Just A Jam” LP in 1999

Jass Babies – band (1981-82), feat; Peter Coyle (later No Trace, Tin Ethics, Living Legends, Lotus Eaters), Rob Boardman (gtr) (ex Visual Aids, later Personal Column), Dave Whittaker (bass) (ex Visual Aids, later Here’s Johnny, Herr Lune), Steve Brown (drms) Steve Brown (drms) (ex Visual Aids, AOM, Here’s Johnny). R’n’Bluesy minimalist band, rel 1 single on Open Eye Recs. Dave married Jenny Whittaker (nee Hughes)

Jealous Heart – (pic) band (mid 80s), feat; Peter Farley (bass,voc), John Donoghue (gtr,voc), Kevin Howins (drms) (ex Elegy), Alan Grice (keys), Mike Booth (bass) (ex Damascus). Band have been around since 1979 under names of The Issue, Some Day Blue, Web. Members have also been Innocents Abroad, Thin End of The Wedge. Rel LP And They Said It Wouldn’t Rain (Heartbeat 1986), with Ian Wadkins as studio engineer.

Jegsy Dodd & The Original Sinners – new band (Feb05), feat; Jegsy Dodd (voc), Rob ‘Staunch’ Prance (bass), Andy Gibson (gtr), Patmo Sheeran (gtr), Carol Bushell (keys,voc), Bobby Sox (drms). Played on Radio One.

Jegsy Dodd & The Sons of Harry Cross – band formed Sep85, feat; Jegsy Dodd (voc), Ian Jackson (bass) (ex Dead On Arrival, Politburo, later of Half Man Half Biscuit), Ken Hancock (gtr) (ex Fishmonkeyman, ID, Reel To Reel, The Power, Vicious Circle, later of Half Man Half Biscuit), Paul Spencer (drms) (later of Mental Eddies). Neil Crossley (of Half Man Half Biscuit) joined in Nov87 for German tour. Rob Prance (bass) replaced Ian in Jul86 & Rob Stead (drms) (ex Vicious Circle) replaced Paul at same time. Pete Cosmic (drms) (aka Pete Fuck) did 3 rehearsals before being sacked (1988). Rel tape ‘Polluted Minds’ on Skysaw (1985) which feat; Dave Clarke (vio) & Brenda Kenny (voc,perc), both of whom have sessioned with Da Books. Rel LP ‘Wine Bars & Werewolves’ (Probe Plus Feb86) & 12″ Jewel In The Flatcap (Probe Feb87) which feat; Jane Alexander (voc), Andrew Holland (harm). Jegsy began as a solo performer before starting the band & continued doing solo spots up ‘til Jan86. Played debut gig with HMHB at Dingwalls, London 27.2.86. Dave Thom (bass) of Gone To Earth played a gig as Ian was gigging with Politburo.

Jenny Lind – band from Sefton (1983-87), feat; Neil Carr (voc,gtr) (ex Swim Naked), Ken Nelson (gtr) (ex Builders, later Bonanza), Darren Brown (bass) (ex Shwerlemont & The Bad Spadges, Scream in Silence, Roulade, Shell Collectors), Chris Harrison (drms) (ex Product H, later Hellfire Sermons), replaced in 1985 by Mick Clarke (drms) (ex Fourmers, Suspect Greenhouse, Second To None, Shell Collectors, Fallen People). Darren’s brother, Carl Brown played in Bonanza, Playing Fields.

Jessica’s Ghost – folk-rock band formed summer 2006, feat; Emma Longwoth (voc,gtr), Martin Gratton (keys,mandolin,gtr,voc,harm), Moxy (dbl bass,mandola), Sarah Bloor (electric cello), Sebastien Beilski (drms).EP ‘Return to the Start’ rec 2006 (Catalyst, St. Helens). (website)

Jigger – Bootle band (c1974), feat; Dave Woods & Marie Woods (both later of Bugs). More info req’d.

Jiminy Cricket – later name for Rubber Soul Band, see also Nutz, Free Spirit

Jingling Cash Registers – punk-pop duo (Jan-Jul78), John Hall (gtr,voc) and Phil Jensen (gtr,voc), played only one gig at a church social club (Jul78) before forming MI5. (See also Flashpoint, Meeting With Ghosts, Person To Person, 6th Sense, Inside Information, Infiltrators)

The Jinx – orig name for duo Ad Lib

Jojo & The Real People – orig name for The Real People

Joker – band feat; Andy Hughes (bass) (ex Love Ponies)

Edgar ‘Jones’ Jones – Bit of a Liverpool legend is Edgar, formed many bands inc; The Stairs, The Big Kid’s, The Jones’s, and The Isrites. The Big Kids also included Howie Payne (The Stands), and a couple of future Zutons. Has since worked with and appeared on record with Paul Weller, Johnny Marr and St Etienne. Rel his own solo album ‘Soothing Music For Stray Cats’ (Viper 05/2005) to wild critical acclaim, he is loved by Noel Gallagher amongst others.

The Jones’ – early incarnation of Afraid of Mice, feat; Philip Franz Jones, Edgar Summertyme (bass) (later of The Stairs, Paul Weller, St Etienne, Big Kids, The Marbles) More info req’d

Joyful Assault – Liverpool punk band (c1982) feat; Dibble (gtr,voc) (later of Iconoclasts, Bite Back), Mo, Janet, Karen. More info req’d

Joyful Process – project (c2009) feat; Gary Trelfall (ex Riverworks, Dassunser) and Dave Butcher (ex Pale Fountains, Shack) (website)

Jules Verne – band (c1991-92) feat;Danny Hunt (voc,gtr) (now Ladytron), Paul Winstanley (gtr), Karl Bader-Bailey (bass) (later Playhouse, Bulah Wig, Lumiesence, Acacia Gum, Superdude) and Rob Harrison (drms).(ex Boo Radleys). Rob didn’t get on with Danny and was replaced by Karl’sDave Potts just prior to recording a Peel Session in May92. Karl says, ‘We ‘hung out’ occasionally with other bands on the ‘scene’ at the time in Planet X, The Pink Parrot, Krazy House, Hardy’s etc such as Ricky Spontane, Mr Ray’s Wig World etc and played a few gigs with them and Breed in different places around the UK.’ He continues, ‘I remember one particular gig down in Romford, where the promoter did a bloody runner with the money while we were on stage, and we also had a manager called Mark who worked at Probe who sadly died so young so I guess you could say we were a bit ill fated. Anyway, after the Peel Session we had a bit of attention, mostly from a new Indie label from London who came to see us 3 or 4 times, and eventually told us it was between us and another band from London who they’d sign called Suede. Bastards! Not long after that, Dave fell out with Danny and I was in a really awkward postion so I stuck with my mate and left as well! I heard Paul went ‘a bit mad’ and lost it for a while, and Danny went on to promote nights at Hardy’s and various other things and is now on a 3rd album and world tour with Ladytron apparently.’ Karl also ran indie label Kooltone and edited King Prawn fanzine

Jung Festival – arts festival held on Matthew Street 06.06.76 and again in Jun77, organised by Swiss promoter Carl Gustav Jung. Anarchic off the wall event that featured plays, films, exhibitions, poetry and bands such as Deaf School, Albert Dock, ATV, John Cooper Clarke, Patrik Fitzgerald and also a skip filled with custard that people could dive into!

Junk Art – Birkenhead punk band, feat; Malcolm Bene (voc), Snips (gtr), Aiden (keys). Had track Total on Blanktapes Vol 1 comp (Skeleton Recs 1979).

Justified Ancients of Mu Mu (JAMMS) – 1987 project by Bill Drummond (ex Big in Japan, Lori & The Chameleons) & Jimmy Cauty. Rel LP ‘1987 What The Fuck is Going On?’ full of illegal samples, Abba threatened to sue. They went to Sweden to confront Abba but never saw them & burnt the remaining copies of the LP in a field. They then found 5 copies & sold then for £1000, advertising them in The Face magazine. (see also Timelords, KLF, K Foundation, 2K)

Just Like June – Wirral band (formed Aug86), feat; Steve Chan (gtr,voc) (ex Aix Ensemble, Déjà Vu, Dutch Mountaineers, New Frontiers), Pete Millichap (voc,gtr) (ex Founder Members, Waterfront), Neil Banton (bass) (ex New Frontiers), Bob Burbidge (drms) (ex Venom, Venomous Youth, New Frontiers). Financed their 1st 4 track demo (rel Jul87 feat; Can’t You Feel The Pain) with prize money off Battle of Bands competition. Released 2 track tape, including tracks Something I Can’t Have (Millichap) and House She Built (Chan), recorded at Station House, 1989. In Jan23, Rob Burbidge (drms,voc), Neil Banton (Bass) and Steve Chan (gtr,voc) after previous collaborations in various bands, form new Liverpool based band Awkland.

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