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Haddock Fishbeast – garage-psych band (1988-93), feat; Aussie John (later of The Dry Retch). Played Planet X (27.10.89) and supported Melvins at the same venue in 1991. (retro fb page) More info req’d

Hal – Warrington-based band (1997-98), feat; Paul Gallagher (ex Thrash Culture), Duncan Lomax (ex Perfect, 35 Summers, Wake Up Afrika), Pascal Derycke, Kevin Furlong. Released CD ‘Gorilla Conspiration’ on German PDCD label, which later got used by the BBC as theme music to BBC1 series Future Fantastic, which was narrated by X-Files’ Gillian Anderson. Band then signed to Virgin and released ‘Extremis’ which featured Anderson on vocals. Released in 52 countries worldwide and UK No.23 hit.

Half Man Half Biscuit – record label run by Instant Agony, which lent its name to the B’Head band. Rel 2 singles in 1982.

Half Man Half Biscuit – Birkenhead band feat; Neil Crossley (bass) (ex Venomous Youth) & Nigel Blackwell (voc,gtr) (ex Split Gut, North of Watford), Simon Blackwell (gtr), Paul Wright (drms) (both ex Attempted Moustache, Mr Zero, Bisquits), David Lloyd (keys). Rec their 1st LP for £40 & Probe Recs rel ‘Back In The D.H.S.S’ (1985) & John Peel became a big fan, the LP became the biggest-selling independent record of 1986. The follow-up 1986 EP, The Trumpton Riots, & when 2nd single, Dickie Davies Eyes hit No1 in the independent charts, the band decided to split, even though their popularity was still on the increase. A year on a 2nd LP of Peel Sessions & new unused tracks was rel posthumously called ‘Back Again In The D.H.S.S’ They reformed in 1990, with the same line-up. Rel single Let’s Not, then a bizarre cover of the old Edith Piaf song, No Regrets, feat Liverpool actress Margi Clarke. Still on Probe Recs an LP ‘McIntyre, Treadmore And Davitt’ was rel. LPs came out every other year & Paul was replaced on drums by Carl Alty (later of Joyrider) in 1993. A year on, Nigel’s brother Simon also left, and Neil moved onto guitar, with Ian Jackson (ex Jegsy Dodd & The Sons of Harry Cross) on bass. 1996 saw a settled line-up. Ian left and Neil returned to the bass – Ken Hancock (gtr) (ex Jegsy Dodd, Fishmonkeyman). Carl Alty left with Carl Henry (drms) taking over (although Carl A. did continue to appear occasionally at gigs until xmas ’96). The new line-up (incl, Carl A.) rel an EP Eno Collaboration 1996, and played a series of one-off gigs around the country, the band continue to release LPs every 2 years & play sporadic gigs. Orig drummer Paul Wright sadly died 11.07.23.

Hambi – synthpop act, Hambi Harolambous. Final release was the 1987 album ‘Promises’ (1987).

Hambi & The Dance – band formed late ’79, line up ‘til Jun82- Hambi Harolambous (voc,gtr) (ex Tontrix, Victims Of Romance), Wayne Hussey (gtr) (ex Walkie Talkies, later Dead or Alive, Sisters of Mercy, The Mission), Steve Lovell (gtr) (ex Hollycaust, later with Julian Cope), Gazza Johnson (bass) (later China Crisis), Chris Hughes (ex Tontrix, later Adam & The Ants), & a dancer, Paul Rutherford (later Frankie Goes To Hollywood). Signed to Virgin, rel LP ‘Heartache’. Endured many line-up changes, incl; The Major (drms) (ex Montana / Winter, later Windows, The Balcony, Red, Hatework, New Dodos and Logic Of Impossibility), Ged Ryan (drms) (ex, Herbie Pops Out, Bingo Brothers Empire, later Amsterdam, Gary Murphy Band), who replaced Les Hughes (drms) (later White Russians), Phil Coxon (keys) (ex Visual Aids, later OMD). Hambi sadly died 16.10.20.

Hamilton Club – venue in Birkenhead, which held the occasional Punk nights, inc; Instant Agony, Abort The Attack, Unit Q. After closure in the mid 80’s remained empty until being bought by Mr O’Connor, who also owned Ruperts Night Club. Was extensively refurbished and reopened as The Pleasuredrome – a very late 80’s cash happy venue. This eventually lost its appeal and the club began its demise, ending up as a hardcore rave venue with all the trouble and problems that went with that scene. Finally closed in 2000, and was demolished in 2001 – now the site of an office block.

Hardly Fighters – Runcorn band (early 80s), feat; Ade Sleigh (drms) (ex Burning Airlines, Trash Culture, Wild Weekend), Tim Leather (and 2 others). Rel demo of ‘depressing songs.’ More info req’d

Hark Matilda – band (1975-79), feat; Graham ‘Maddie’ Maddrell (gtr,voc) (Cream Soda, Cooper S), Gaz John (gtr), Dave Jones (bass), John Hornby (drms) replaced by Brian Harcombe (drms) (ex Shop Soiled, later Restless), then replaced by Dave Haines (drms). See also Breaking The Mould, 721 (website)

Harlequin Circus – name used by Voodoo 7:2 very briefly.

Harmonics – band (1980), orig called The Frets. Soon changed their name to The Fourmers

Harts – band feat on ‘A Secret Liverpool’ comp LP (Jul84). More info req’d

The Hat Band – feat, Marty (bass), Des (keys), Mark (voc,gtr,sax), Stu (perc), Ed (trmpt), Sharlene (voc) and Chris (drms). They have played in and around Liverpool since early 2003, inc; Zanzibar, the Everyman Bistro, the Casbah Club and the Casa. Most of the members are also members of various other bands, Sharlene also contribute vocals for Shakti, Marty (ex- Zeb) is one of Snappertronics (contact)

Havana Clue – Wirral rock band (formed 2002), feat; Craig McDonald (voc,gtr) (ex Sinner, Stormbringer Switch), Mike Read (gtr) (ex Corkscrew), Clive Cresswell (drms) (ex Blackjax) (all ex Glassback), John Oliver (bass).

Havoc of Fusion – Runcorn synth pop band (c1982), feat; Kev Shields (voc,keys) (ex Beyond the Implode), Marshall Parsons (gtr) (ex Beyond The Implode), Dave Knight (drms). Rec 2 tracks Bombsites and The Decadence in Stockport, which John Peel twice played on his BBC Radio Show.

Heartbeat Recs – Wallasey label of Jealous Heart, rel LP in 1986.

Heart of India – band of mid 80s. Feat; Nick Van Bremen (voc), Pete Lloyd (gtr) (later The Flag) and Mike Kempton Campbell (bass) (later Paper Tribe, Beach Bastards).

Heathen Foetus – Ellesmere Port death metal band (c1993), feat; Phil. More info req’d

Heaven Tonight – band (formed Apr84) feat; Amanda Todd (voc) (ex Zale Out, Topsey Turvey), Dave Lloyd (gtr), Ian Carney (bass), Colin Billinge (drms) (ex Last Chant). Had track on ‘Jobs For The Boys’ comp LP (Natalie recs Jan85). More info req’d

HeeBieJeeBies – Popular club that presented a variety of different themed nights through the week. Highlight being EVOL every Friday with DJ sets from Ladytron and Bugged Out. 10pm-3am, and at £4 it was a steal. Now closed down.

Hell Fire Sermons – band, formed 1987 out of The Decemberists, feat; Colin Pennington (voc,gtr,keys) (ex Tunnel Users), Andrew Deevey (voc,gtr), Andrew Ford(bass), Chris Harrison (drms). Rel 7″ Freak Storm (Hymne recs Nov87).

Hellhounds – (1980s) feat; Chris Martin (voc), Martin Yarker (gtr), Tony Doyle (bass) and Brian Harcombe (drms) (all ex Accelerators), and Tommy Moss (keys).Named after Robert Johnson’s “Hellhounds on my trail”, this was a band that played one-off blues gigs whenever they felt like. Supported Dr. Feelgood at Liverpool Royal Court.

Hello Sunset – acoustic band, formed 1984, feat; Tommy Scott (voc,gtr) (see also Space, The Drellas, The Australians, The Substitutes), Loza Lawson (drms), Steve Keenan (bass), Franny Griffith (keys) (later The Australians, Space). Played at Brian’s Diner. Previously called Porcelain Touch

Herbie Pops Out – jazzy R’n’B band (1984-86), feat;, Andy Parker (sax) (ex Supercharge), John Lewis (gtr) (ex Supercharge, later Blues Shouter), Dave Dover (bass, blues harp) (ex Bunter, Mojo Filter, Supercharge), Ged Ryan (Drms) (ex, Hambi & the Dance, later Empire, Bingo Brothers, Amsterdam, Gary Murphy Band).

Here’s Johnny – band (formed 1983) feat; Roy Corkhill (bass) (ex Black, Third Man, later Icicle Works), Dave Whittaker (bass) (ex Visual Aids, Jass Babies, Herr Lune), Andy Zsigmund (gtr), who was replaced by Mike Bulger in 1985, David Knowles (keys) (ex Achilles, Virgin Dance), Steve Brown (drms) (ex Jazz Babies, Afraid of Mice), Colin McKay (ex Achilles) (voc,gtr) was the main force behind it, writing most or all of the material. Had track on ‘Son of Jobs For The Boys’ comp LP (Natalie recs Jun85) & rel 4 singles on RCA between 1985-86 – I Fall Apart (Jun85), Love You To Death (Mar86), Hellzappopin (Jun86), Idlewild. The band were tipped for stardom but RCA decided to put their money on Fairground Attraction and Here’s Johnny faded away.

Heron – A modern one man band? Well not in the style you would expect. Born and Christened as Robert Heron in L’pool, Heron is known as Paul Heron and began performing music, a sort of lo-fi blues after being inspired by Beck. Heron does everything himself, writes, performs, produces and even designs the artwork. Having done this he initially rel it on his own label Cracked Analogue. The first rel being ‘B-Sides Vol 1’ (CA 001 in Jun01). This feat the brilliantly titled ‘Punk Mothafucka’ A 2nd single ‘B-Sides Vol 2’ (CA 002 in Nov01 was rel which caught the attention of Virgin subsidiary Hut Recs. Hut gathered together the previous singles and added some new material and rel the LP ‘The Brown Room’ in March 2002 (HUT CD/LP 73), which was an odd but attractive mix of blues, hip-hop and even techno.

Herr Lune – band (c2009), feat; Jamie Landsberg (gtr), David Whittaker (bass) (ex Visual Aids, Jass Babies, Here’s Johnny), Stuart (keys) and Jenny Whittaker (voc) (ex Crack The Ice, State of Maine, Whitehouse Puppies, Roadside Prophets).

He Thinks He’s Me – duo (1994-2000), feat; Steve Cottier (voc) (ex Passion Polka) and Dave Purslow (gtr)

Hev’N & Hell – venue on Fleet Street, L’pool – No sooner had Flares become 24-7, than it now gets a new paint job and becomes Hev’n & Hell with the motto ‘Make noise not love!’ Not sure about that, I mean what’s wrong with noisy love? Still offering all your favourite indie/punk sounds.

Hey Marsha! – band formed 1986, feat; Steve Pettitt (bass,voc), Steve Sefton (drms), George Wilson (gtr,voc), Kathy Marsha Morrison (keys)., rel demo ‘Join The Family’, had track Everybodys Friend on Modesty Kills comp (Audio Visual Jan88), then Optimism EP on same label in the summer with a visit to the USA. More info req’d

Higgsfield – band (c1988-89). Feat; Marc Burgoyne (gtr), Tom Saunders (drms), Tim Byrom (keys/voc), Mark Anderson (voc/flute/pipes/harmca) & Nick Loebner (bass/voc/gtr) (also Small Mercies, Uncle Oscar and Dead Men’s Suits). Played a number of gigs (inc, Planet X, Picket, Uni and Jackaranda). Songs incl “Jesus was an Acid Freak”, “The Other Side”, “Dark Night”, “The Hedgehog Song”. Reputedly “the druggiest band in Liverpool” – a reputation not wholly deserved nor resented! Music described as stoney-prog.

High Five – band, feat; Paul Hayes (gtr,voc). The name derives from a cult TV show in which alien criminals are sent to Earth, and promptly begin to do battle with the humans!. Rel the singles ‘ ‘Catawba’ 7’/12′, ‘Cold Steel Gang’, ‘Just Another Girlfriend’ 7’/12′ and their most popular song ‘Working For The Man’. LP ‘Down In The No Go’ rel 1986 to unfavourable reviews, the NME stated that the best thing about it was the sleeve! (Track listing 1. Cold Steel Gang 2. Children Of Change 3. Billy McGuire 4. For All To See 5.Days And Nights 6. Turning 7. If They Come In The Morning 8. The Curse 9. Hard Line 10. On The Banks BONUS TRAX 11. Confessions 12. Turn This Car Around)

Higsbosun – rock-indie band from Waterloo (formed 2008), feat; Sam Mercer (gtr), Steve Parratt (bass) (ex Kinkdale), Kris Purcell (voc), Craig Owen (drms). Steve describes Waterloo as a ‘bit of a shitpit but as they say destruction breeds creation! We currently have 3 songs: Contrabanned, A New Day and Out of Luck, but have roughly an album and a half / 2 short albums worth of material ranging from heavy blues to tight rock to strange acoustic.’ (website)

Hitlerz Underpants – band (c1977) orig feat; Adrian Pratt (keys), Chris Fagin (drms), Simon Catherall (gtr), John Rodgers (various), later joined by Andy McClusky and Paul Humphries (who both went onto form OMD)and some dancing girls! Played at least one gig. More info req’d.

Hit Machine – label from L17, rel It’s Immaterial debut 7″ Young Man (Aug80)

Ho Ho Bacteria – band formed in 1979 by Yorkie (bass), (later Dance Party, Egypt for Now, Space), & Mike Head (voc, keys), (Dance Party, Egypt for Now, Shack), also feat; Neil Buckley (gtr) (later Bneco) and Echo (drum machine, loaned from Echo & The Bunnymen). Songs: ‘Our World’ and ‘Days On Edge’ later feat on Street To Street Volume Two comp by Egypt for Now

Hoi Polloi – Wallasey band (formed 1982), feat; Simon Bennett (voc,gtr) (later of Sonny & A Million, Grown Up Strange), Phil Hayes (keys), Mike Black (bass), James Roberts (drms) or maybe Karl Barrett (drms). By 1984 none of orig line-up was left & band feat; Allan (voc), Ian (voc), Pete (gtr), Neil (bass), Ritchie (keys), Marc (sax), Barry (drms). Rel demo tape ‘Rain’ (1984) & did a 10 date tour of France (Apr85). More info req’d

Hokum Clones – Liverpool duo of Robby Stevenson (voc,gtr) and Danny Roberts (voc,gtr,hrmnca). Formed summer 1999 following a chance meeting in a Liverpool book shop, and soon went out on tour with The Coral

Holly – solo recordings by Holly Johnson (ex Big in Japan later of Hollycaust, Frankie Goes To Hollywood). Rel 2 singles in 1979, Yankee Rose, Hobo Joe on Eric’s label. Debut gig was in Corby supporting The Spitfire Boys, where he & the band had to be escorted out of town under police protection. On at least one side of Holly’s solo single on Inevitable the backing band is Wah! Heat (Wylie/Rob Jones/Pete Younger), who were in the same studio recording “Better Scream.” More info req’d. (website)

Hollycaust – band (May-Oct80) feat; Ambrose Reynolds (bass) (ex Big in Japan, Walkie Talkies, Nightmares in Wax), Phil Hurst (drms) (ex Mystery Girls, Nightmares in Wax), Holly Johnson (voc) (ex Big in Japan, Holly, Dancing Girls), Steve Lovell (gtr) (ex Tontrix). Became 1st incarnation of Frankie Goes To Hollywood. More info req’d

Hologram Recs – Wirral label for Dick Smith Band, rel &” 1980

Holyday For Strings – band feat on ‘A Secret Liverpool’ comp LP (Jul84). More info req’d

Holy Motion – synth pop band formed by ex Ryan member Phil Armorgie, joined by Lez Hawkins. They used session musicians for live work. Had track Northern Ghosts on Modesty Kills comp LP (Jan88).

Honey – band 1998-2000, feat; Steve Chan (gtr,voc) (ex Catapult), Dave Carrington (voc,gtr), David Tolley (bass), Alan Legg (drms) (ex The Electric Morning). Rel single, Too Close to the Sun / Medicine Bag. (on Little Prince Records). Mastered at Abbey Road Studios

Hoonoose – band, feat; Roger Clarke (voc,gtr). Rel 3rd LP ‘Waters Deep’ (2004).

The Hoovers – band from Cantril Farm, feat; John Owens, Gary Grant, Phil Karns and Martin Joseph. Rel LP ‘Tied Up & Tickled’ (prod by Ian Broudie) (Nov92). Phil published The End zine.

Hormones, The – Ulverston punk band (1979), feat; Chris Hutchinson (voc,gtr), Mike Gaunt (drms), both later of Grown Up Strange. Played Buzzcocks, Only Ones & XTC covers. Prev called The Spurts

Hot Carls – Another new group to emerge from the vibrant Liverpool scene (2004). Feat; Sam (gtr,voc), Ste Kelly (bass), Rich (drms). Play a sort of high energy punk type thing, and have been generating a fair bit of interest with regular gigs at all the crucial venues (Barfly etc). The group are also famous for being comprised of very tall people!!

Hot Dick – early name for Supercharge who changed their name once they realised they weren’t getting much work!

Hot Snax – soul-funk band (c1981) formerly called Amigo

H-T – record label (1987). Rel 12″ by Blubberhouse

H2II – Wirral band (1986-87), feat; Geoff (bass) (ex Legsakimbo), Ian ‘Bomber’ Beecham (drms) (ex Dutch Mountaineers). Band were members of WASP. More info req’d.

Hugo Dines Band – (Sep77 – Feb78) feat; Carl Gleeson (voc,gtr) (later Malchix, Cracked Actor), John Hall (gtr) (later MI5, Flashpoint, 6th Sense), Tom (bass), Rob Curtis (drms). A live video of them with the Spitfire Boys was rec at Erics. Used to have several backing singers Vinny, Maureen, Mike, The HairCutz team ..! Rec a single in Chester called Cloud Five Jive! after being signed to Made In Eire Recs (cat no FART2) – but was never released, the track was played on John Peel Show (probably around 1978/79?).

Hurricane – band from Maghull (c1987), played 1st gig at Maricourt School where they did rock covers, with a drum machine & a rhythm guitarist that mimed! More info req’d.

Hurricane – folk-rock band formed in 1992, feat;. Ste Cox (bass) (ex Reaction, Call It Belief, later Lovebomb, Trinity), Jason Parr (voc,gtr), John Marsden (keys) (ex Reaction, Call It Belief), Richie Long (drums). Started gigging with a full-set after only 6 weeks of rehearsals. Had a weekly residency in The Boathouse (Dock Road) for just under a year accruing a large fanbase. Changed name to Traveller (1993)

Hurst, Peter – former guitarist with Marshmallow Overcoat and Whiskey Priests. After W.Priests split up he became a trainee sound engineer at Station House Studious with Phil Burns (later of Reno) as his mentor. Pete moved to London to further his career and ended up working with many successful artists including Rebel MC and bizarrely Sinnita (remember her?). He also worked on many of the early releases in the so called “speed garage” genre. And then worked for the Tidy Boys, a remix team who had great success in the 90s remixing mainstream pop acts for major record companies. Pete also rel some stuff of his own under the name Discocaine. He left London in the late 90s and moved first to Greece and then Spain. He now lives in Norway with his partner and child, and is currently a sound engineer for live bands in Norway. Had a track New Brighton Through The Binoculars of The People on comp LP ‘Ways To Wear Coats’ (Brilliant Genius recs Oct86) was recorded at Station House Studios and was a collaboration between Peter and Pete Pulford (ex Whiskey Priests) although Pulford did not demand any credit. The title is taken from a chapter title in a novel by the American author William Burroughs called Cities of the Red Night. The original title having TIbet instead of New Brighton

Hurt – band (c1990), prev called Dassunser and since reformed (2008) as Dassunder

Hussardz – name (c1982) used by Malchix (also Warz, Warsaw)

Hyper Traffic – band formerly called d:Jenifus, feat; Adam Edwards (voc) (later Oysterboy – NWales section, now Rialto Burns) & Anthony Parry (gtr) (both from Prestatyn), Darren Mellor (bass), Ben Goodheart (drms) (who replaced Chris Millard). Band split after playing in Bar Blu, Rhyl (May05) (website)

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  1. John F Hall
    March 6, 2021 @ 11:15 am

    Hugo Dines Band info …Drums..Rob Curtis, backing singers ..Vinny, Maureen, Mike the HairCutz team ..! HDB also recorded a single called “Cloud Five Jive!” in Chester after beinf signed up to record label. The band broke up and record never completed but the track was played on John Peel Show( probably around 1978/79?)
    according to the former drummer i met up with


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