Liverpool: F

Face To Face – synth-pop band from St Helens (c1984)

Faction – The first – at least in Liverpool – of at least 3 bands of this name. When Pink Military went into what was meant to be temporary hibernation, John Tuite – aka Nicky Hillon or Nicky Cool, (ex Pink Military), Colm Redmond (ex Psycamesh, Wah! Heat, Pink Military) started recording at SOS (Dec80), with help on various tracks from whoever was around. [The name was originally going to be The Pink Military Faction] Guests incl Joe Musker (drms), Alan Peters (Lawnmower, Supercharge & owner of SOS) on trumpet, and Pete Coleman (the engineer) (keys), plus Pete Wylie (gtr,drms) (Wah,Crucial Three), Miss Li (voc). An “EEP” (Extended EP) was released – called Faction – on Inevitable (INEV007). It was a full-length album and it should have topped the Indie album chart in its 1st week but it was sold at below the minimum price. There was 2 singles Jamaica Day & Faction (Inevitable Jan81), eng by Pete Coleman with assistance from Gil Norton, then a staff engineer, now prod of just about everybody. They rec an LP at Amazon, with drums by Joe Musker and Dave Reilly (then of China Crisis, ex Builders, Screaming Addicts), and sax by Tim Lever (Modern Eon etc). It was never released and they never worked again

Faction – Mod band (formed 1982), feat; Gary ‘Ozzy’ Osborne (gtr,voc), Tony Piggott (bass,voc), Ian Wilkinson (drms) who was replaced by Mark Turner (1984). Rel 2 demos, 5-tracker (Jun83), & 4-tracker (Mar84), & their anthemic Jobs For The Boys was feat on a comp LP of the same name on Natalie Recs (Jan85). Played debut gig on World Cup Final night (1982) on the back of a trailer at the Baltic fleet pub on the Dock Road by the Pier Head & only mates and women who didn’t like football showed up. Also supported Tears for Fears, Afraid of Mice, the Farm and Madness at the Empire, also played The Mayflower many times. Ian is now in the Fire brigade, Ozzy is a bricklayer, & Tony is a capitalist in Tunbridge Wells.

Faction – band formed 1985, feat; Peter Brew (ex Mind That Child). More info req’d.

Factotums – 4pc band (formed 1965) and likened to Beach Boys, in fact 1st 2 singles were covers of that band. In My Lonely Room (Immediate Oct65) was the 1st of 5 singles with Mr And Mrs Regards (CBS Apr69) being their last before they fizzled out.

Fag Ash Lil – Southport rock band, formed Aug01, feat; Babs Norris (voc,keys) (ex Thin End of The Wedge), Debbie Rimmer (voc,perc), Steve Norris (gtr), Brian Dring (gtr) (ex Dunno), Ian Hudson (bass), Ken Lloyd (drms). Rel CD ‘How It Really Is’ (Jul02). (website)

Joe Fagin – singer/songwriter, ex-member of The Strangers (1958-62), and French band Playboys (1962-64), also did a stint at the Starclub, Hamburg and as a backing vocalist for Ben E King and Stevie Wonder. Rel 1st debut LP Cry For No One (Intercord 1982) in Germany, followed by the famous single That’s Living Alright (1983) off the LP Don’t Try To Tie Me Down (Intercord ’83) and then Time Is A Thief (Friends Mar84)

Fairground – sixties style pop band who had a track In Fear of You on comp LP ‘Ways To Wear Coats’ (Brilliant Genius recs Oct86). More info req’d

Fair Warningmetal band from St Helens (early 80s), feat; Martin Byrne (bass) (ex Martin Malone, Eskimo Chains, Deliverance, Mixies Men, Insanity Beach, Synchronicity, Kappa).

Faith In Pleasure – fanzine ran from 1984-88. Feat local and national bands and had an editorial stance which was very much opposed to the pretentiousness of ‘scene’ and ‘indie’ bands. Started by Ian McKechnie and Mike Grant and was later edited by Craig Gerrard, Grant Gerrard and Dave Wiggins. Radio Merseyside DJ Roger Hill frequently cited it as his favourite local zine.

Falaun – anarcho/hardcore band. Rel download albums ‘Holiday In The Hague’ (Mar19), ‘These Walls Must Fall – Live’ (Sep19) and ‘Fools’ (Apr20) (bandcamp)

Falcons, The – Orig formed by Bernie Nolan, Steven Ashley and Frank Perry and later incl Ian Buckley, who, together with Bernie went on to form The Outer Limits. Steve and Frank added Johnny Mitchell and occasional ‘visiting’ guitarists and played the pubs and clubs of Liverpool during 1981 to 1983. Were the last local band to play The Warehouse before it burned down, possibly an act of divine retribution. Heavily influenced by The Meteors and The Cramps, they styled themseves as a ‘Punkabilly’ band.

Fallen Angel – Runcorn / Warrington metal band (formed 1982), feat; Nick Cookson (voc) (ex Troyen) who replaced Paul Thomson (later FTW) in 1983. Had track on Rock-Zene comp tape (1983). More info req’d

Fallen Heroes – band 1981-82, feat; Steve Matthews (voc), Fred Manslow (gtr), Pete Goulbourne (bass) (later Firing Squad), Keith Butler (drms) (later French Lessons). Steve Burkhill (gtr) (ex Wardog, Skytrain) replaced Fred in 1982, as did Dave Lewan when Keith left.

Fallen People – alt-country band (from Sefton?) 1986-88, feat; Sarah Parry (voc), Neil Griffiths (voc,gtr), Andy Taylor (bass) (ex Shell Collectors), Graham Harley (gtr) (left after refusing to join La’s), Dennis (drms) who was replaced by John who was replaced by Tony Mogan (later Walking Seeds) who was replaced by Mick Clarke (drms) (ex Frets, Suspect Greenhouse, Second To None, Shell Collectors, Jenny Lind, Western Promise). Graham left in 1988 & Carl Brown (ex Jenny Lind, Bonanza) joined. Renamed themselves Shell Collectors (Jan88) after Mick Clarke’s old band. Had track Wonderful Shirt on Twist & Samba comp LP (Oct86), & 5 track demo rec Oct87. Ian Wadkins (South Parade) engineered a debut single & band split just before its release. (Andy Taylor’s website)

Famous Last Words – occasional name for Trilby

Fantastics – band (early 80s), feat; Kenny Shearer (ex Supercharge). More info req’d

Fantazia – poprock band (c1985), feat; Jaqui Mercer (voc), Alison Templeton (voc), Kieran Walsh (gtr), John Baden (bass), Tony Baden (keys), Liam Rice (drms).

The Farm – band 1983-94 , feat; Steve Grimes (gtr), Peter Hooton (voc) (also editor of The End zine), Phillip Strongman (bass), Andy McVann (drms). And full time brass section feat; Steven Levy, George Maher, Anthony Evans, John Melvin. They had a string of 3 indie singles but little success & the death of Andy McVann who died in a car crash after trying to outrun the police would’ve ended many bands, but Roy Boulter (ex Munchies) joined & bassist Carl Hunter replaced Strongman. They dropped their horn section and added keyboardist Benjamin Leach & 2nd guitarist Keith Mullen & adopted a more synthpop sound. Their 4th single 1988’s “Body and Soul,” became a minor club hit. By 1990 they had a Top 50 hit with Stepping Stone & found themselves part of the ‘baggy’ scene. Next single “Groovy Train,” hit the UK Top 10, & the follow-up “All Together Now” hit the Top 5 selling over ½ million copies. Eight years after their inception, they rel their debut LP ‘Spartacus’ (1991), which entered the UK charts at number one, and international deals with Sony and Sire quickly followed. The band’s moment in the limelight was a brief one, however; their next 2 singles, “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Mind,” both failed to make the Top 30, and 1991’s quickly produced follow-up LP, ‘Love See No Colour’, sank without a trace. Aside from a Top 20 cover of the Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me?” in 1992, the Farm essentially vanished from sight, rel 1994’s Hullabaloo to minimal notice.

Faron’s Flamingoes – Merseybeat band from the 60’s, still going in the 90’s!

Far Out Hit – band (c1984), played Larks In The Park festival. More info req’d

Fashion Play – poprock band from Anfield, formed 1986 by ex Orchird Falls members Gary Bush (voc,gtr), Sam McCosh (bass), Diane Love (keys), with Tim Reddy (drms) (later Oceans Eleven). Split late ’86 but Gary continued under the name as a solo artist gaining interest from RCA

Fast Movers – rock band (c1985), feat; Craig Price (voc,gtr), Paul Kirakodis (gtr), Mark Price (bass), John Harris (drms)

Fatal Impact – punk band from St Helens (early 80s), feat; Ducky, The Captain, Reg, Gramby. Capt and Reg were in iLos and later in Happy Accident. The Captain went on to be in Riotous Hues, Tiki Rapids, Incredible Kitchen Music, Us and Space Cakes. Ducky went to prison!

FBI –Newton-Le-Willows band feat; Rick Astley who were spotted by Pete Waterman, the rest, as they say, is history…

Feathers And The Fire – band that only really existed in the rehearsal rooms called The Ministry in Peter St. The line up was constantly changing and was sort of a testing ground for waifs and stray musicians hanging around the alternative club scene in L’pool at the time (circa 79-80) some members included Mark Edmundson (gtr) (later Nadsad Fashion, La La Bam Bam, Royal Family, Visual Aids, Flock of Seagulls), Duane Clarke (gtr), Jon Genys (keys) (now Chain Gang, ex Danse Macarbe, Dark Continent), Peter Reynolds (ex Object Art), Bobby Scott (keys), Ian Donnelly (keys), Peter Carroll (voc).

Feedback – fanzine of 1980s from Wrigley Rd, Haydock, Merseyside. Since become a website and publishers. Rel book ‘Bridge Over Muddy Water’ by Jaki Florek (ex Adams Family) full of photos and stories of bands and people from Runcorn and Widnes. Jaki is also working on a new book about Eric’s Club. (website)

Fevertree – one off name for band line-up of ex Bloody Picnic mainstay Ste Elms (gtr,voc), with Ray Jones (bass), Ant Brown (drms), Jon Underwood (keys) and Dave Corns (gtr) (also of Never Revolution), who played a single gig at Crosby Civic Hall with Stein, Dust (ex-Benny Profane) and Jellystone Park (later Clinic), and one further gig at Marsh Lane Community Centre with a star turn by self-styled cabaret rocker Tony Moore. (see also Sunprobe)

Fiascos – six-piece female band (c1985), feat; Rose Goodwin (trmpt) (later Flo & The Ferrets). Feat on a feminist programme on Channel 4 (1985)

Fifth Column – pop duo, feat; Carl and Paula Staunton (1985-86) who split the project to set up the Merseyside Musicians Bureau (early’87)

Fifty Fifty – rock band from Southport / Formby (c1986)

Fifty Missions – band, early 80s, feat; Tony Owens (voc). Rel 3track demo (1983) Here Is Where I Find It, Particular Favourite, How Long Do I Wait?

57th Parallel – rock band (early 80s), feat; Gary Everatt (voc), Paul McGee (gtr), Andy Kynaston (bass), Scott Brisco (drms). Sounded like the Comsat Angels. Rel 7″ In This Light (Rising Sun 1981)

56 Kiss – 50’s style band of mid-80s, feat; Ian Buckley (ex One Last Fight, Falcons, Buckley), Phil Armorgie (ex Ryan later of Sex Kittens, Holy Motion, and Power House), Billy Frank (ex Ryan, later of Heaven Tonite, Sex Kittens, The Big I am, Power House, Contagious).

Fight Back – Apparently they were forced to change their name to The Decomposed, following an incident at a Liverpool recording studio. As history has it Fight Back were recording a few demos in the studio, in an adjacent studio was an array of equipment belonging to the (not yet famous) The Farm, though this fact was not known to Fight Back. One of the band took it upon himself to steal a bass guitar, when The Farm discovered the theft they were less than happy and sought out Fight Back, thus the name change.

Filibuster – (Feb71-summer72) band feat;Jim Kane (bass), Bernie Prescott (gtr), Colin Burns (gtr) and Peter “Roadie” Moores (gtr) (all ex Village Band) were joined by Joe Roper (voc) (ex Familiarity Breeds) and Brian Harcombe (drms) (ex Shop Soiled, later Restless, Accelerators and loads others). A seriously hard rock band who tended to batter audiences into submission. Acted as backing band for Screaming Lord Sutch on one occasion at Liverpool Poly. Joe Roper left in 1972 and was briefly replaced by Philippa Rougan

Film Stars – band formed Feb82 by ex members of Asylum. More info req’d

Final Cut – ‘strong rock’n’pop dance band’ (formed 1986), feat; ex-members of Onslaught, Fire, New Found Sorrow, Cutting Edge, Last Night at The Fair. More info req’d

Fingerprint File –

Fire – band (1982-86), feat; Dave Wibberley (voc,gtr) (ex Walkie Talkies, Evad-Flab), Dave Dickie (keys) (also of Black), Ian Bickle (drms) (later Da Vincis), Jamie Dickie (bass). Also feat Jeff Gill (keys) on single ‘Stars (Looking up At)’ / ‘England’ on 12″ (Big Step Recs Aug85 (Fire 2), and ‘Tingling Lies’ / ‘The Raver’ on 7″ again on Big Step (1986 -Fire 3). Orig demo ‘Toward The Big Step’ (Feb83)

Firecharmers – band (c1984) feat; Gary Cook (voc,gtr), Roy van der Kerkoff (bass), Gareth ‘Mr Blonde’ Watford (drms), Rod Cooke (gtr). Also feat at some point, Frank Holden (gtr), Andy Killian (drms). Orig called Feast of Blaze. Got back together Jan09 (website)

Fireflys – Runcorn rock band infl by Led Zep, Chilis. Played In The City 2006. More info req’d

Fire Glow – band (early 80s?), feat; Ian Andrews (voc,gtr) (ex ALS, later Horizon). More info req’d

Firing Squad – band (1983-86) feat; Andy Griffin (gtr,voc), Pete Goulbourne (bass) (ex Fallen Heroes), Phil Carrigan (drms), Alistair Cookes (gtr) (later Tawn Taw) who was replaced by Steve Burkhill (gtr) (ex Wardog, Skytrain, Fallen Heroes). Griffin also sessioned for Lovers By Design

Fishcake Shake – folk rock band (80s), feat; Dave Symonds (voc,perc), Steve Grocott (voc), Frank o’Neill (keys), who were the foundations of the band along with Frank Keenan, Ron Bentley, Peter Kenny, Hamish Cameron, Paul Bonnett, Mark Cardwell, Steve Eastwood and Richard Hill. Rel critically acclaimed debut LP ‘Do The Heart Beat’ (Probe Plus Sep87)

Mark Fisher – keyboard disco/funk artist. Rec demos with Dotty Green (voc) (c1985)

Fishmonkeyman band formed 1989, orig feat; Paul Denheyer (voc,gtr) (ex Dead on Arrival, Politburo), Carl Henry (drms), Jason Orr (bass,voc), Allan Sadler (gtr). After many local shows they were discovered by Radio One’s Richard Skinner and were invited to record a session for his show. Allan left shortly after and was replaced by Ken Hancock (ex Jegsy Dodd & The Sons Of Harry Cross, The Power, Reel To Reel, ID, Vicious Circle, later of Half Man Half Biscuit) & rel 1st EP for Furious Fish Recs which eventually made Single of The Week in NME & Melody Maker. They signed to Warners & rel ‘If I’ve Told You Once` that made the lower reaches of the charts. In Apr91, the band went into Black Barn Studios to start work on the debut LP ‘Gryst`. Recording went well but, on completion, it became clear that Warners were getting cold feet about a rel date. ‘Gryst’ wasn’t the album they were expecting it to be! Following a fraught return to Maida Vale, where the band rec a mediocre Radio 1 session for Mark Goodier, a combination of internal disagreements and record company indifference led to the split, which was anything but amicable. Paul stayed at Warners until mid 1992, recording demos for a new album until the A&R Director, who had initially signed the band, returned to America and the project was dropped. Also feat at some point Ian Greenwood (ex 35 Summers)

Five 5 Five – Wirral band (c1987) involved with WASP collective. More info req’d

Five Play Dutch – band (1982-83), feat; Trisha (voc,gtr) (later Love Deuce). Fiona (voc,sax), Nessa (keys) (who were all in Kaos), with Dave King (bass) (ex Ulterior Motive, Choirboys) and Tim (drms) who was replaced by Mick Clarke (’83). Fiona and Nessa formed Ze-Saga

5000 Spirits – poprock band from St Helens. Had track Saigon Rain on ‘Elegance, Charm & Danger’ comp LP (Push Recs Dec85)

Flaccid Botulists Incorporated – project involving Adam Marshall (ex Where’s The Beach). Had track Incubus Sucubus played on BBC Radio Lancs’ On The Wire show. More info req’d

Flagmasher – Wirral based group who by their own description fashion a ‘superrock’ sound!They are Mark Cooper (gtr), Mark Evans (drms), Dave Kinder (bass), and Dave Robinson (voc). The group have generated a loyal fanbase to which they distribute their own free fanzine.Rel a live EP and LP in the past and are starting 2004 with a gig at The Barfly, L’Pool, prior to returning to the studio to continue working on a 2nd album.

Flambe Flabs – comedy duo, Muriel Box and Sue Greenough who got together in 1984. Provided entertainment between bands at Larks In The Park

Flamingo 50 – garage-punk band formed at Liverpool Uni in summer’99, feat; Louise (voc,gtr), Karen (bass), Morgan (drms). Began playing gigs in the city & supported Le Tigre in Dec00 & met Nat of No Concessions Recs who invited them to the Ladyfest in Scotland. & met a french band called Lack of Reason who invited them to play in France in Jun02 (7 dates). Rel ‘Go Betsy Go!‘ in May02 & played on Steve Lamacq and John Peel on Radio 1 (UK). Rel single ‘First In Line’ ltd and numbered to 500 copies on Keith Recs. Karen left the band in 2003 to join Lovecraft. Laura Pye (bass) joined on bass til Oct04. Will Fitzpatrick (ex Fuzz Wah) now on bass. (website)

Flashpoint – rock-pop band from L18 (Apr82 – Apr84) feat ex MI5 members, John Hall (gtr), Paul Humber (bass) and Colin Edmunds (voc), with Geoff Stalford (drms) (ex Shortlist). They were basically MI5 with a new drummer, the initial line up didn’t gig but rec a demo at SOS (May82).  Band split Nov82 and Hall teamed up with Phil Jensen for writing and rec sessions in New Brighton, Preston & B’head before Hall reformed the band without Colin and adding Dave Evans (voc,gtr) in Sep83. Rec 3 demos and gigged until Humber quit in Feb84 paving with way for Dave’s brother, Mark Evans (bass) to join, but it didn’t work out and the band folded with 2 months. Minus Hall, the remaining 3 formed a cabaret rock band (name?) and John Hall went onto 6th Sense. See also Infiltrators, Meeting With Ghosts, Jingling Cash Registers, Cracked Actor, Inside Information

Flesh Impact – Runcorn band (formed 1982), changed name to Alphabet Law and then Autumn Pandas

Flesh Resonance – (pic) Wirral based dark ambient project (2002), feat; Tony Longworth (bass,voc) (ex Morbid Symphony), Keith Hill (gtr,voc) (ex Morbid Symphony, also of Twin Method), Andy Morris (keys), Melanie Webb (voc). Rel LP ‘The Dark Between The Stars’ (2003). (website)

Flex – Splinter band formed by Tony Dolman (drms) and Tony Doyle (bass) (both later Cat Scratch Fever, Perfectly Frank) while with Lawnmower in the 80s, with Mike Royden (Stealer, Dave Easter Band, The Warp Band, Glory Box) and Charley Seeley (voc) (later well known local Club DJ) did a few gigs such as the Everyman Bistro before other band projects took over.

The Flies – Wirral rock band (1974-78). Feat; Alan Carr (voc), Phil Smith (gtr), Mij Hunschok (gtr), Mr Martin (bass,brass), and Wild Pete Murdoch (drms) later replaced by Kris. Played Moonstone, Black Horse, The Dale, Mr Digby’s and lots of other venues.

Flo & The Frets – band feat; Ali Williams (keys) (later of Barbel). More info req’d.

A Flock Of Seagulls – band formed 1980 by hairdresser Mike Score (voc,keys) (ex Tontrix) & his brother Ali Score (drms), Frank Maudsley (bass) (ex Almighty Atmosphere, later Lawnmower), Paul Reynolds (gtr) (ex Almighty Atmosphere, Nadsad Fashion, later World Service, White Russians) who replaced Willy Woo. Rel 7″ It’s Not Me Talking on Cocteau Recs before signing to Jive & moving to London. Became hugely successful in the UK & USA with debut LP ‘A Flock Of Seagulls’ being a mainstay in both charts with 14 singles to promote that & the following 3 LPs. The band suffered after dumping their long time producer Mike Howlett for the 3rd LP. Mark Edmundson (later Nadsad Fashion, Feathers & The Fire, Visual Aids, La La Bam Bam, Royal Family) joined briefly in 1980 when Mick and Ali fell out (Ali rejoined when Mark fell ill). In 1984 Reynolds left to be replaced by Gary Steadman (gtr) (ex Classix Nouveaux) who left within 18 months to join The Roytes. The band broke up but Mike still continues using musicians from Philadelphia & rel a CD in 1995 & soon to rel more. Orig line up performed ‘Bands Reunited’ Show on VH1 (aired 30.03.04). (website). Paul Reynolds website

Flood –

Ronnie Flood –

Flower Perverts –

Fludd –

Flying Blind – (1975-79) Gary McGuiness (voc,gtr.keys), Dave Gray (bass, voc), Paul Williams (gtr), Colin Ventre (drms) – played mainly in Liverpool in late 1970s, eventually becoming Walter Mitty’s Little White Lies

Flys –

Fontana Mix –

Food Records – label launched by David Balfe (ex band member of Big In Japan, Dalek I Love You, Lori & The Chameleons, Teardrop Explodes). Signed bands such as Jesus Jones & Blur.

Force 8 –

Foreign Bodies –

Forever In Debt – former name for grunge band Infants

Forgotten Image – Maghull Band (1981-82), feat; Steve Swinnerton (gtr,voc) (ex Frets, Harmonics, Fourmers, Suspect Greenhouse, Between The Lines), M.Swinnerton (bass) (ex Frets etc), Paul Marters (gtr,voc) (ex Shwerlemont & The Bad Spadges, later Second To None, Blueprint), Mick Clarke (drms) (ex Frets etc, later Suspect Greenhouse, Second To None, Shell Collectors, Jenny Lind, Fallen People). Played 50,60s style music. Ian Smith (bass) (ex Atomic Warlords, Anon, Wargame, Skydog, later Suspect Greenhouse, Between The Lines) replaced M.Swinnerton in 1981. Alan Topping (keys) (same b-grnd as Ian!) joined 1981.

Formal Sigh –

Foundation – band (c1985), feat; Gordon Longsworth (gtr) (ex Motion Pictures, Visual Aids, Ponderosa Glee Boys), Andy Parle (drms) (ex Western Diplomats, later Space), John Cornforth (keys) (ex Western Diplomats), Gary O’Donnell (voc,keys) (ex Korean Kareer)

Founder Members – Wirral band (1984-85), feat; Chris Clews (keys), Johnno (bass), Tony Potter (drms), Pete Millichap (voc,gtr) (later Waterfront, Just Like June), Mark Tilliston (gtr) (later Waterfront, Look Out Oscar). More info req’d.

Four Checks – early 60s band from Scotland Rd, feat; Gerry (gtr). First L’pool band to play Shay Stadium. Gerry went onto TV work and appeared in all the soaps, eg Dallas, Dyansty, Knots Landing etc.

Fourmers – band (1980-81), prev called Frets, Harmonics, feat; Steve Swinnerton (gtr,voc) (later Suspect Greenhouse, Between The Lines), Mick Clarke (drms) (later Suspect Greenhouse, Second To None, Shell Collectors, Jenny Lind, Fallen People), M. Swinnerton (bass), R.Bailey (voc) (left 1980). Became Forgotten Image

Foxglove – band formed 1974 at Halewood Grange Comprehensive School. Played first paying gig that year. Feat; Les Rogers (bass) (later Eat At Joe’s, Tutors), Pete Phillips (gtr) (later Liverpool Express), Jeremy Weston (gtr,voc), Neil Walsh (drms) (later Dodgemz). In 1977, after touring and doing Northern Club circuit and ‘learning our musical chops’ Neil and Jeremy left the band. They called upon the services of Alan Cosgrove (drms) (later Merseybeats, Rumours of Fleetwood Mac) who was a fan of the band and Colin Frost (gtr) (later Eat At Joe’s, Tutors, Supercharge, Circus Circus, Laughing Freeman). Later, when Colin Frost left to form Eat At Joes in early 1978, Les placed an ad in the Liverpool Echo, ‘The first call I got was from a guy by the name of Wayne Hussey. He was a Mormon from Bristol and was new in Liverpool. Talented and a prolific song writer, he got the gig as Col Frost’s replacement.’ Wayne Hussey (later Dead Or Alive, Ded Byrds, Walkie Talkies, Sisters of Mercy, Mission) stayed with the band for about 3 months and then split to pursue an outfit that played entirely its own material. With Foxglove now 3-piece, they did a final tour of Scotland and broke up in late Aug78.

Fragile Friends – band (formed Oct81) feat; Mike King (voc) (ex Tradition), Chas Cole (gtr,keys) (ex Tradition). Became 5-pc in 1983 adding Steve Travis (bass) (ex Debonaires, later Six), Steve Rimmer (keys), David Bathe (drms) (later Return of The Toreador) to the line-up. Paul Fisher (bass) joined briefly, until Mike and Chas est new line-up in 1984 with Neil Brighouse (bass) (later Chance), Cliff Ray (trmpt), Denise D’Arcy (sax) (ex Walkie Talkies, Zale Out), Steve Eastwood (drms). Rel; 7″ Paper Doll (K&C Jan85), The Novelty Wears Off (K&C May85), also feat on ‘Son of Jobs For The Boys’ comp LP (Natalie recs Jun85). Neil and Denise left in 1985 and Mike Keane (gtr) (ex Royal Family & The Poor) joined briefly. By mid85 Mike and Chas had again est a new line-up, feat; Steve Greenmantle (bass), Gary Johnson (trmpt), Phil Johnston (sax), Maurice Cheetham (drms)

Fragment – feat; Roddie Gilliard (ex Afraid of Mice, Windows etc. now of Muffin Men, but check his profile), Rel 2 singles ‘Nut Bush City Limits/Fragments’ on Shattered Records SHAT-1 and ‘Some Other Guy/Intro Mental’ on Shattered Records SHAT-2

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – (the first line up – changed name from Hollycaust), feat; Holly Johnson (voc) (ex Big in Japan, Holly, Dancing Girls, Hollycaust), Ambrose Reynolds (bass) (ex O’Boogie Brothers, Big in Japan, Walkie Talkies, Nightmares in Wax, Hollycaust), Phil Hurst (drums) (ex Mystery Girls, Nightmares in Wax, Hollycaust). This line up rehearsed for a couple of months but never played live before splitting. Holly went on to form another FGTH, which was this 5-pc formed early 1982, feat; Holly Johnson (voc) (ex Big in Japan, Holly, Dancing Girls, Hollycaust), Mark O’Toole (bass), Peter ‘ped’ Gill (drums) (ex Dancing Girls), line up later joined by Ged O’Toole (gtr) but he was replaced by Brian Nash (gtr) (ex Dancing Girl), Paul Rutherford (ex Spitfire Boys, Opium Eaters). Signed to Trevor Horn’s ZTT label in May83, rel Relax (Nov83), which was out for many months before hitting the No.1 spot, also banned by the BBC when the then radio 1 DJ Mike Read was ‘horrified’ to discover that ‘come’ & ‘suck’ printed on the cover (but not the actual lyrics) meant ‘to orgasm’ & ‘fellatio’. The ban made the single (at the time) the 9th best selling single ever and sold 5 million copies world wide & No1 in the UK charts for 5 weeks. It’s follow up Two Tribes fared better becoming the 4th best-seller and No1 for 9 weeks. ‘Frankie Say…’ t-shirts sold in millions. After 2 albums and 7 singles rel in total, the band split in 1987. (website)

Freedom – band (1976-77), feat; John Loughlin(gtr), Paul Connor (gtr), Ste Holland (bass), Alan  Judge (voc), Ian Mackay (drms). More info req’d

Freemaker – Wirral band (2003), feat; Steve Robinson (gtr), Andy Metcalfe (voc), Liam (bass), Scot Daly (drms), Peter Flynn (gtr). Getting a bit of local press attention, and are due to play at the upcoming Eden Festival in August at Arrowe Park. Used to be called The Shine

Free Spirit – band (formed 1990), started out as a trio feat Pete (Gilly) Gilroy (gtr,voc) (now The Bumper Blues Band), John (Robo) Robinson (bass,voc) and Ronnie Hodge (drms) (ex Rubber Soul, Jiminy Cricket, Gud News, Krest, Sparkle). Successful on the ‘social club circuit’ for quite a while until John got married and left to live in Coventry. The trio started again with two new members joining Ronnie, Jimmy Cave (gtr,voc) (now of Sticky Fingers, ex Geoff Neugents Undertakers) and Steve (bass,voc). Jimmy and Steve eventually left to play rock in pubs and Ronnie joined up again with Mike Davenport (now Space Cadets,exRubber Soul, Jiminy Cricket, Nutz) and Keith Mulholland (now Red Rock ex Rubber Soul, Jiminy Cricket, Nutz), and with Ian (Bammo) Bamford (gtr,voc) (now Red Rock) and went out as 4-pc. Free Spirit have since evolved through two or three different line ups inc Jimmy Cave coming back along with Mike Devlin (bass,voc) (now Sticky Fingers, ex Devlin Showband). The eventual line up is now playing the clubs as a 4-pc feat Alison Cottenham (voc), Steve Maloney (gtr,voc), Patricia McInnes (bass,voc) and of course Ronnie Hodge (drms), playing harmony rock covers inc Fleetwood Mac, Bee Gees, Shania Twain, Queen, Gary Moore, Tina Turner and even The Beatles.

Freeze Frame – band (1980-1985), orig feat; Steve Byrne (voc), Ronnie Stone (gtr,keys), Mick Douglas (keys). By 1982 Mick had left and Godot members Martin Cooper (sax) andDave Hughes (keys) joined for live work. 1983-84 Clive Gee (perc,keys) (ex Afraid of Mice, The Press later Sleepwalkers, Strangeheart) joined before leaving Steve and Ronnie as a duo and rel 2 singles ‘Touch/Life Is Just A Game’ on Crackin’ Up (CRAK 2), and ‘Your Voice/Conversation Piece’ on Inevitable (INEV 12). Changed name 1985 to Push Button Pony. Ronnie is now a well know producer.

Frets – band formed 1979, changed name in 1980 to The Harmonics & finally to Fourmers.

Friday Skive – Monthly acoustic event held at The Masque Bar, L’pool on last Friday of each month. Started Sep03, the event has played host to top acts such as The Maybes?, The Aeroplanes, 28 Costumes, Beggars Belief, Tramp Attack, The Great North Western Hoboes, Iconoclast and The Crescent to name but a few. (website)

Frontline Jazz Rock Band – band (c1979), feat; Dave James (gtr), Peter (bass), Jonte Wilkins (drms) (later of O Boogie Bros, Flock of Seagulls & many others). Came 2nd in a L’pool talent comp.

Froth – band feat; Baz & Lee (both ex Walking Seeds)

Pete Fuck – Toxteth native musician (b.1968), now living in Sheffield. Is dotted around these archives under the names Peter Jones, Peter Flip, Cosmic Pete, Street Beat Pete. Has played in numerous bands inc; Loop Garu, Royal Family & The Poor, Dead Men’s Suits, Sonic Death Attack, Jegsy Dodd as well as many Sheffield bands. By his own admission, ’35 bands and all failures.’ (website)

Fugitive – Wirral based rock group formed in 1983 and described as “bikers entertaining bikers”, which should give you an idea of the direction they are coming from. Feat; Mikee, Paul Tee (bass), Ranko, and The Judge. They hammer out a solid rock sound feat their own material with a few classic covers (Thin Lizzy, Ozzy etc). They have performed all over the country at numerous bike festivals and are confirmed to appear at Speedfreaks Ball 2004 held at Santa Pod. They operate their own label, Cat Recs and so far have put out one limited edition single ‘Crazy’ which sold out of its 500 print run, the single is now available as a free MP3 on their website

Pete Fulwell – The ‘quiet man’ behind Eric’s as he kept himself out of the limelight. Moved to L’pool in early 70s to go to Uni. Co-managed Eric’s venue with Roger Eagleand Ken Testi in 1977 and also the Eric’s record label. Began managing bands like The Christians. Still involved with Merseyside music projects. Also published a zine More or Less Monthly in late 70s.

Fun – band (1978-79), feat; Roy White (voc) (ex Berlin, Victims of Romance, White & Torch, Roy White Band), Johnny ‘Riff’ Reynolds (gtr) (ex Berlin, 3D), Jim Mealy (bass) (ex Berlin, Victims of Romance, White & Torch, Roy White Band, Bamboo Fringe), Gerry Garland (sax) (ex Berlin, Victims of Romance, Bamboo Fringe), Brian Rawlins (drms) (later 3D, Keep it Dark, Victims of Romance, Liverpool Express). Feat on the ‘Street To Street, A Liverpool Compilation’ LP with the track I Heard You Call My Name. Gerry guested on “Iggy Pop’s Jacket” by Those Naughty Lumps. More info req’d

Fuzzy Logic – band, feat; Carl Brown (voc, gtr) (ex Jenny Lind, Bonanza, Playing Fields, Sizer Barker, Wave Machines) – more info req’d

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