Liverpool: D

Da Biffs – band (1989) formed by Kenny Parry (ex Liverpool Express), with Roddie Gilliard (now of Muffin Men, but check his profile), Paul ‘Rhino’ Ryan (now Muffin Men, ex Déjà vu, Munchies, Almighty Atmosphere) and a guy called Clank. A power boogie band who did a particularly smelly tour of the Isle of Man.

Da Books – band 1985-87, prev called Cook Da Books, feat; Digsy (gtr) (now of Smaller), Owen Moran (voc), John Legget (drms). Also feat; Degs (perc), Gerry Kenny (bass), Brenda Kenny (perc), Dave Clarke (vio) (the latter 2 ex sessionists with Jegsy Dodd & The Sons of Harry Cross). Rel, 7″ Living For The City (Probe Plus Mar86). Reformed in 1996 with Owen Moran (voc,keys), John Legget (drms), Robbie Watts (voc,gtr.keys) (now Mumbo Jumbo), Eddie Robbo (bass,keys). They were about to tour with Chris Rea when their manager suddenly died

D.A. Deluxe – orig name for Animated Classics

Dalek, I Love You – band Nov ’77 – Aug’78 by David Balfe (who left to join Big in Japan in ’78, later of Lori & The Chameleons, Teardrop Explodes, Food Recs) & Alan Gill (voc,keys) (later of Teardrop Explodes) who were both in the punk band Radio Blank. Also feat; David Bates (voc), Chris Hughes (bass), David Hughes (keys) (later of OMD), Hugh Jones (drms). Had numerous single rels incl; Freedom Fighters, Two Chameleons, Dalek I Love you, Holiday In Disneyland. 2 LPs, ‘Compass Kum’pas’ (1980) & ‘Dalek, I Love You’ (1983). Were orig called Dalek I for 1st 3 singles, name came from Balfe wanting to call them The Daleks & Gill wanting Darling I Love You. Andy McCluskey (later of OMD) was also briefly involved. (spotify)

Damascus – band orig called Tarot feat; Dave Bridge (gtr), Bill Campion (drms in 1986) (both ex Thin End of the Wedge), Mike Booth (bass) (later Jealous Heart), Bill Downes (voc), Chris Blackburn (drms) (also Quit Bitchin’, Kamarg). Two demo sessions were rec at Amazon Studios during 1983. With the assistance of Howard Croft as manager the number of gigs played increased and a 4 track EP was produced from the Amazon tapes. Orig sold at gigs for £1.50 it now sells via specialist web sites for around £100. c1986 Mike & Bill were replaced in an attempt to make the band more marketable, and a cassette tape was produced to sell at gigs. Rel 12″ Open Your Eyes (Ryker Recs Nov84). Howard Croft went on to manage / own several rock clubs including the Tivoli in Buckley and the Krazy House in Liverpool. (website)

Dance Party – band 1979-80 by Yorkie (later of Egypt For Now, Balcony, Space) & Mike Head (later of Egypt For Now, Pale Fountains, Shack), played their 1st gig at Wah! Heat‘s debut at The Everyman Bistro. Sounded a little like early Teardrop Explodes, but with a more overtly psychedelic edge. Rel ‘Where You’ve Been’ – Unearthed Volume One comp.

Dance The Girl – Wirral band, formed 1985, feat; David Chappell (voc,gtr) (ex Aix Ensemble), Gareth Edwards (keys) (ex Treason, Toxic Moth), Jules Crowe (bass) (ex Sleive Khan, Ad Lib). reco demos engineered by Alan Gill (Teardrop Explodes and Dalek, I Love You). Many demo’s were also rec at The Station House studio in New Brighton throughout the second half of the 80’s. Many trips to London based labels A&R depts were made but without a deal being secured. After moving to London, Crowe and Chappell formed the band Lemon who wrote/recorded songs and gigged around the city in the mid 1990’s. Crowe pursued a career as an animation compositor in London and also started the film & TV production music library Now older (much older!) and just a little wiser, Crowe and Chappell are now back (Jul05) working together on the early stages of a new album

Dancing Girls – 3-pc 1980 feat Holly Johnson (voc) (ex Big in Japan, Holly, later Hollycaust, Frankie Goes To Hollywood), Brian Nash (gtr), Peter Gill (drms), rec a couple of songs, nothing rel but feat on local TV performing. together a couple of months.

Dancing In Exile – band, formed 1986, feat; Dave King (bass) (ex Western Promise, Ulterior Motive). More info req’d

Danger Quinton, There’s A Dog Behind You! – band. More info req’d

Danse Macabre – band (1982-83), feat; Peter Carroll (voc) (also at same time in Visual Aids and Dark Continent), Paul McNeil (gtr), Karl Anthony (bass) (later Cair Paravel), Pete Chegwin (keys) (ex Ex Post Facto, Oceanic Explorers, Innervision), Graham Gallant (drms) (left 1983 to Straight Cuts) replaced by Perry Leach (later Dream Theatre). Not to be confused with Belgian band with same name. Rel single Angel (Hexagon Recs ’83). Changed name to Innervision. Sources say Dave Hughes and Chris McGuire left Reiner Chaos to form Danse Macabre – is this the same band? Jon Genys (keys) (later Chain Gang,, Dark Continent) was also involved.

Dark Continent – band (mid 80s), feat; Pete Carrol (voc) (ex Visual Aids, Danse Macabre, Quit Bitchin), Jon Genys (keys) (later Chain Gang, ex Danse Macarbe)

Dark Delights – early (c1984) incarnation of Cair Paravel, feat; Damian Bromley (gtr) (ex Self Enforced Exile, Innervision, later Back to Nam), Bernie Ross (gtr) (later Innervision), Mike Owen (drms).

Dark Entries – band, formed as Barbed Wire in 1980, changed name in ’81. Feat; Lee Walker (voc), Lem Mellor (gtr), Grant Walker (drms), Steve ‘G’ Griffith (bass). Split after a series of riotous gigs. All bar Lem went onto form Last Night At The Fair

Das Reiner – (1983) punk band formed out of Reiner Chaos, feat; Tudor (ex Public Disgrace, later Dementia, Gone To Earth, Mr Toad & The Naughty Majorcans), Chris Dollah (voc), Oz (gtr), Dave McBellamy (drms), Jimmy McVeigh (bass) (later Dementia). Demo sounds very Lurkers influenced & feat; Funny Farm & Problem In My Head

Dassunser – band (1989-1991) feat; Jon Lippit (voc,gtr), Paul Draper (gtr), Gary Threlfall (voc,keys) (also in Joyful Process). Gigged in town and the North West, later called Hurt. Reformed as Dassunder (2008). Paul & Gary were in Riverworks. (spelling may be Dass Unser)

Davies Records – label run by Carl Davies whose only known release was ‘A Secret Liverpool’ comp LP (Jul84)

DaVincis – guitar influenced band in the style of the Replacements, the Windbreakers formed 1984 as The Dream Play, feat; Paul McCormick (voc,gtr), Martin Smith (gtr), Chris Stevens (bass) (later Mugstar, Cicada Falls, Rattlebus), Faith Moore (drms). Changed name to The Davincis in 1985 soon after which Martin Smith was replaced by Martin Ward (ex Redo Zebri later Mugstar, Rattlebus). In 1986 Faith was replaced by Iain Bickle (ex Fire). This line-up had track ‘The Book’ on Brilliant Genius comp Ways To Wear Coats (Vulc.001), rec first John Peel session (Jan87) and rel mini-LP Eating Gifted Children. Iain married and relocated to Canada. 2nd Peel Session (Sep88) and ‘Pull’ single (on Pink Moon) were rec with Steve Ashton on drums. Mike James replaced Martin Ward on guitar for a short German tour (Nov/Dec89). Were on the same bill as Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, My Bloody Valentine amongst others. They also toured France before changing several lead guitarists, operating as a 3-piece briefly, then calling it a day due to one too many runarounds from major labels playeing their last gig in Mar90. Paul McCormick also rel a solo 12″ on Pink Moon ‘Another Day At Home’ & now lives in New York & is a member of Sumac On 08.07.02 The DaVincis (Martin W, Steve, Paul & Chris played a reunion gig at The Slaughterhouse).

Day 2 – project feat; Steve Day (Bless The Weather, 11:59, Oklamotif), Ian Powell (ex Alien Heat, 11:59). Described as a 3 voice – 2 guitar unit. Played many gigs in summer86 with a Friday night residency at Penny Lane Wine Bar. Split Sep86.

DDA Seex – band played Larks In The Park festival 1979. More info req’d

Dead Belgian – prog-folk band dedicated to playing the music of Jacques Brel. Feat; Matthew Wood (acc,voc), Simon Jones (sax,mand,voc), Andy Delamere (drms,voc), Fionnuala Dorrity (voc,gtr). Rel LP ‘Love & Death’ (02.07.12) (website)

Dead Class – band (formed 2006), feat; Villy (voc,gtr), Alex Jizz-Jazz (gtr) (joined 2015), Jake Billy John (bass), Tony Vermin (drms) who replaced The Ten Foot Toads in 2008. Rel LPs ‘Boo’ (2006), ‘It’ll Damn Near Kill You’ (2008), ‘Stick’ (2010). And these singles: ‘That All You Got/ Alyeah’ (2007), ‘Age of Paranoia/ Pulse and a Heartache’ (2009), ‘Lonliest Man in the World’ (2010), ‘Horrorshow’ (2015), ‘Attack’ (2015). Played 100s gigs across UK and Ireland inc lots of festivals like Rebellion and Nice n Sleazy. They completed 7 full tours of Europe taking in Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Rep, Belgium and Holland plus a couple of one off’s at huge festivals including Frequency Festival in Austria (2008), Bunt und Laut Festival (2011) and Krach and Bach Festival (2012). In early 2012 they went to the USA and played 12 dates across the west coast including Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Diego. They’ve supported huge bands like Nomeansno, Star Fucking Hipsters and The Pogues’. Took a break between 2013-2015. Returned in Jul15 for just 2 dates, District, Liverpool (with Elmo And The Styx, 2 Sick Monkeys and Billy Liar) and Wonkfest at the Dome in Tufnell Park, London (with Wonk Unit, Citizen Fish, Slaves, Murderburgers, etc), which led to them being offered a headline slot at Pie Race Fest in Leeds in Nov 2015. Associated bands; Vermin Suicides, Vamos, Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies, Sheepy, Villy Raze band, Wanweird, Superfast Girlie Show. Managed by Simon Geddes. (website)

Dead Fly – label run by St Helens Academy of Unrest. rel 12″ Sheol Hex (Apr85)

Deadly Intentions – Southport indie band (early 90s), feat; Carl Albut (voc), Lance Baggaley (gtr), Ben Caines (drms), Simon Court (bass). Rec mini-LP ‘The Roberts’ (Pinewood recs)

Dead Men’s Suits – psychedelic blue tongue in cheek band formed 1986 by Mick Bawden (aka Mick Suit) (voc) and Marc ‘Smed’ Smedley (gtr). Mick says, ‘The band went through a lot of drummers (inc Pete Fuck) and guitarists, a bass player called Lou who played our first gig at The Bierkeller (L’pool) with Moz (RIP) on drums Smed on guitar and Ezzy on guitar and me on vocals.’ This was the line-up until Chris Clarke (bass) (ex Ex-Post Facto) joined as bass player. Rec 3 demos at Amazon studios, eng by Ken Nelson (later of Coldplay engineering fame). DMS also came runner-up on Radio One Rock Wars and later rel CD. Built up a good following and headlined Earthbeat festival (Sefton Park) 2 years running. Other members may have incl, Nick Loebner (also Higgsfield, Uncle Oscar, Small Mercies), Pete ‘Cosmic’ Fuck (who rejoined on bass ’88) another guitarist (?) was ex-China Dolls.

Dead On Arrival – band (1979-81) feat; Steve Lynn (voc), Ian Jackson (bass) (later of Politburo, Jegsy Dodd, Half Man Half Biscuit), Steve Major (drms), Paul Denheyer (gtr) (later of Politburo, Fishmonkeyman). Rel a C60 tape ‘Greatest Hits’. Played a couple of times on the Wirral probably at The Hamilton and possibly at a one off concert hosted by Merseyland Alternative Radio in New Brighton, also Played Brady’s, Lincoln’s Inn, Ruthin Free Festival and local pubs. Supported Killing Joke and rec Peel Session 81. Heavily influenced by Joy Division and Magazine

Dead Or Alive – band formed May80 by Pete Burns (ex Mystery Girls, Nightmares in Wax) & Martin Healy (ex Nightmares in Wax & married to Lori of Lori & The Chameleons), with Ming (gtr), Sue James (bass), Joe Musker (drms). And 1981-83, Wayne Hussey (gtr) (ex Fox Glove later Sisters of Mercy, Mission). Main successful line up feat Pete Burns, Tim Lever (ex Activity Minimal, Modern Eon), Mike Percy (bass) (later Moderates) and Steve Coy (drms) (ex Ponderosa Glee Boys). 1st Top 40 hit was That’s The Way (I Like It) then rel debut LP ‘Sophisticated Boom Boom’ Had massive hit single You Spin Me Round Like A Record. Rel LP ‘Youthquake’ in ’84 which is still a massive cornerstone in dance music, 3rd LP in ’86 ‘Mad, Bad, And Dangerous To Know’. The unit produced 17 years’ worth of hit singles, 6 albums that have gone gold and multi-platinum worldwide. Pete Burns sadly died 23.10.16.

Dead Raze – garage punk band, feat; Matthew ‘Villy’ Cawe (voc,gtr) (also of Dead Class, Wan Weird) and Ollie Fontaine (drms,voc). Rel debut single Horrors (09.12.22). (bandcamp)

Dead 60s – ska-punk band (formed early03), feat; Matt McManamom (voc,gtr), Ben Gordon (keys,gtr), Charlie Turner (bass), Brian Johnson (drms). Signed to Sony, Rel single Riot Radio (Oct04), & You’re Not The Law (Jan05). (website)

Dead Trout – punk band (1976-80), feat; Jon Egan (later The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus) and Julian Hargreaves, who were the core members, and Frank McLory (bass). Feat on the ‘Street To Street, A Liverpool Compilation’ LP with the track The Arab. Some members from Widnes and Warrington, played with The ID at Eric’s. Changed their name to Think of The Winter for a while and disbanded when some members went to Uni. Also feat Vincent McGrail (also of Revolutionary Army)

Deaf School – band (Jan74–Apr78) feat Steve Allen (voc) (aka Enrico Cadillac) (later Original Mirrors, Tremblers, Perils of Plastic), Clive Langer (aka Cliff Hanger) (later Big in Japan, Clive Langer & The Boxes), Bette Bright (voc) (later of Illuminations), Max Ripple, Tim Whittaker (drms) (later Lori & The Chameleons, Pink Military, Gale Force), Ian Richie (sax) (later Jane Aire & The Belvederes), Steve Lyndsey (bass) (later Big in Japan, Secrets, Planets). Paul Pilnick (gtr) (ex Stealers Wheel) played with Deaf School (Nov75-Jun76). Rel 3 singles on Warner Bros Recs, What A Way To End it All (1976), Taxi (’77), Thunder & Lightning (’78), & 3 LPs ‘2nd Honeymoon’ (’76), ‘Don’t Stop The World’ (’77) & ‘English Boys, Working Girls’ (’78). Other members have been Roy Holder (gtr) & his eventual wife Sandy Bright (voc), Mike Evans (sax), Hazel Bartram (voc), Eric Shark (drms). Castle Communications Recs rel a dbl CD anthology ‘What A Way To End It All’ (Jan04) feat; all 3 LPs incl Peel sessions. Regarded as one of the most influential bands & 1st bands of the alternative L’pool scene. Have been active again since 2009. (Listen to Peel session)

Dean Johnson & The British Invasion – band (c1987) formed by Dean Johnson (ex Language). Rel live tape of a gig at Southport Arts Centre 25.7.87. Dean last heard of on tour supporting Wet Wet Wet. More info req’d

Death By Monkeys – Orig name for punk band (2002), All Rights Rejected.

Death Kit – (Jan69-June72) feat: Ralph Holden (gtr), Dave Lacey (bass), Tristram Shepard (drms), Nick Morgan (sax), Charlie Morgan (gtr), Jim Stewart (voc), Carolyn Stewart (voc), Mark Lockett (keyboards), Steve Tier (keyboards). Began as a three piece blues band based in Crosby called WASP. They expanded in 1970 and began to explored multi-media, incorporating poetry, light-shows and theatre. They wrote their own material which was primarily influenced by Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, Frank Zappa, Miles Davis and the Velvet Underground. In late 1971 they became based at the Great Georges Community Arts Centre in Liverpool where they performed at ‘Terminal Experience’ in April 1972, an event created by Bill and Wendy Harpe. Their final performance with this line-up was in late June 1972 at Liverpool University where they were on the same bill as Roxy Music and Robert Wyatt’s Matching Mole.

Death Kit – band (Jul72-Aug73), feat; Nick Morgan (sax), John Watkins (gtr), Charlie Morgan (gtr), Arther Dick (gtr), Mick Trim (keys), Janet Gregory and Les Roberts (flutes), Jim Stewart (voc), Carolyn Stewart (voc), Chris Dufton (bass) who replaced Dave Lacey, Brian Harcombe (drms) (ex Shop Soiled, Filibuster, later Restless and many others) joined Jul72. An amazing jazz/rock outfit, sort of Ornette Coleman meets Captain Beefheart. Played with Pete Brown (trumpet), Adrian Henri and Kinks amongst others. Did Edinburgh Fringe 2 years running. Also recorded a bizarre session for BBC Radio Merseyside – listen here. Also involved were Toby and Ro Shannon, who created the lighting and the inflatables and went onto work in the Science Fiction Theatre in the Everyman and also the National Theatre south bank London. John Watkins is father of Matt Watkins (of Holyhead based Mongolian Dethkit)

Debonaires – Southport band (1981-83), feat; Diane Rowland (voc), Mark Lunt (bass), John Kirway (drms), Steve Travis (bass). Rel 5-track demo 1983. Split 1983 and Steve joined Fragile Friends, he rejoined 1984 and they re-emerged as Six

Decemberists – band (1984-87) feat; feat; Colin Pennington (voc,gtr,keys) (ex Tunnel Users, later of James), Andrew Deevey (voc,gtr), Andrew Ford (bass), Chris Harrison (drms), Karen Jones (voc). Karen left to go solo in 1985. Had track Giff Horse on comp LP ‘Ways To Wear Coats’ (Brilliant Genius recs Oct86). Band changed name to Hell Fire Sermons.

Decomposed – West Kirby/Hoylake group (c1986). Feat; Keith Goodwin (voc), Andy Kerr and Mandy Morgan (Iconoclasts, Mere Dead Men). A traditional punk group in the style of The Exploited etc. 1st gig at The Munro in Duke Street (at which Phil Newall was the photographer!), they also supported The Macc Lads at Stairways B’head. Keith was later a lodger with Doreen Allen (Erics/Planet X) and Kenny in their flat in L’pool and worked at Planet X, as well as assisting Doreen with the running of the Frankie fan club. Prev called Fight Back

Ded Byrds – orig name for Walkie Talkies who changed name on the request of Sire Recs who signed them in 1979.

Deecot Co-op – band feat on Birkenhead Blues comp LP (on Bop A Dub Jan86). More info req’d

Deeper & Deeper – fanzine of 1980s, by K. Murry, of Shelton Road, Prenton, Wirral

DEFCON An excellent free magazine has also been produced as a tie in with features on each of the bands playing, cartoons and features on interesting L’Pool characters, fake live reviews – Dido @ The Grafton!! Described as an Anti-Festival running throughout June/July 2004 with bands played at Hev’n & Hell each and every Friday.

Déjà Vu – band (c1980s) prev called Trans Am. Feat; Eddie Robinson (bass), Reggie Seddon (gtr), Harry Seddon (voc), Michael Ryan (drms) who went to America in 1982 and was replaced by his brother Paul. Eddie was replaced for a time by Mark Cullen (bass), and Robbie Watts (gtr) (Cook da Books, Mumbo Jumbo) joined. Gary Jones (ex Fourmost) played guitar for about 2 years. Alan Lynch (Paul Young’s roadie in the Q Tips days) played bass for a bit. Eddie Robbo has been playing with China Crisis recently. Paul says, ‘Harry keeps the name alive in a duo,’ (called Deja Vu 2).  Ian Forshaw (gtr) (ex Second Vision, later Caroline 199) replaced Robbie for 12 months.

Del Bloods – band feat; Robert Parker and Anthony H Morgan (both ex Walking Seeds, Mel-O-Tones), rel, 7″ single ‘Black Rabbit’ (on Seminal Twang 1991). See also White Bitch

The Delian Pool – Liverpool outfit, feat; Martin Ward (voc.gtr), Kevin Downey (bass) (both ex Cellophane). Rel 2 albums ‘The Delian Pool’ (2017), ‘Affectedly Yours’ (2019). Martin sadly died 2021. (bandcamp)

Deliverance – band feat; Martin Byrne (bass) (ex Martin Malone, Eskimo Chains, Kappa, Mixies Men, Insanity Beach, Synchronicity, Fair Warning).

Delta Fiasco – duo (c2006) playing good punk stuff. More info req’d

Deluge – Wirral based ‘rock’ group who display there obvious influences (Nirvana, QOTSA, Led Zep etc), a 4 piece feat; Jo Barnes (gtr), Greg Colton (voc), Andy J (bass), and Jon Green (drms). Initially began in 2001 when Jon and Jo started a band (Cid) which basically did covers of Cobain numbers, at this point vocals were handled by Eric Blakemore (now of Cabletwitch) though this was a temporary set to allow them to enter a Battle Of The Bands comp. A permanent vocalist was found with the arrival of Greg Colton (previously of Crescent), the line up being completed after a poster advert in Liverpool was answered by Andy J, (previously of Bled Through) and the group began to work on their own material. They obviously enjoy The battle of The bands comps as they are currently (03/04) down to the last 4 of a L’pool comp, the prize being a trip to New York with free studio time.

Dementia – Merseyside punk band (1983-85), feat; Jimmy McVeigh (voc) (ex Reiner Chaos, Das Reiner), Tudor (gtr) (ex Public Disgrace, Gone To Earth, Das Reiner), Mike Poole (bass) and Peter Hurst (drms). Signed to Skysaw recs & rel LP ‘Easy Way Out’ (1984). Played Rock For Your Rights Fest (Nov85). (hear album)

A Design For Living – Ormskirk avant-garde band formed in 1977 by John Talbot, Steve Whittle, Steve Wood and Geoff Cook. Rec LP ‘7 Objects’ but was never released. Evolved through various personnel changes into The Flag, Marinebeat and finally The Paper Tribe. The musical style also changing from a raw edged “summer of punk” guitar-driven vibe to a post punk electronica. This fertile time was punctuated by support slots for various bands including Howard Devoto and Fad Gadget as well as headliners, usually in L’pool or Bristol. Steve left the band in 1980 but rejoined the Beach Bastards in 1988.

Destroyers – band of mid to late 70s, feat; Ian Barry (bass) (later of 3d A Fish in Sea, Snapshots, Sneax), Mark Barry (gtr), They played Erics more times than any other band (resident band early 77 to early 78). Ian has sinced moved to California & Mark is recording a Granada TV (Jan03) for Peter Hooton (The Farm) about the Liverpool scene in the late 70’s early 80’s.

Devoid – Wallasey band (formed 1988), feat; Loui Fellows (voc) (now of Goat Throttler), Carlo Regadas (gtr) (later Carcass), Stu Crosbie (drms), Paul Craig (bass) and Jim Dawson (gtr). Carlo and Paul lived Liverpool side but the rest were from the Wirral. Alongside Carcass and Anathema they were the only death metal bands from L’pool on offer in the day, 1st demo “Human Plague” sold nearly 500 copies (in fact, more than the LP sold!) Played quite a few decent shows with the likes of Carcass, Benediction, Cerebral Fix, Sick of It All, Harmony as One, Downfall etc. Loui left just after the LP ‘Blackened Empire’ on Skysaw recs was rel, he managed to help them find a new vocalist but unfortunately the band didnt last too much longer after that, they split when Carlo left to join Carcass. Ian Burrows (gtr) and Chris Price (bass) were orig members with Loui and Stu and they went to the same school. Unfortunately this line up didn’t last that long due to personal issues.

De Zootman Band – Wirral band (c1987) involved with WASP collective. Feat; Daz Walker (voc), Lee Humphries (gtr) (later Warfare), Martin Walker (gtr), Ian Humphries (bass) Cliff Morrow (drms) (later Tin Soldiers). Liam Johnston (aka Liam Trotsky) says, ‘My early involvement with the Zoots was rehearsing with Lee, Ian, Martin and Daz on drums! Never had a name then, but later Daz went on vocals and they ended up getting a deal and touring the UK’s universities – can’t remember why I left, but I’ve done it with numerous bands. Got a very short attention span.’

Dharma Bums – band feat; Andy Holland (voc) (ex Magic Carpets, Vernons, Clocktower, Kelso).

Diamantina – death metal band who released an album called Arcana Doctrine in the metal label Ossuary Industries

Diamond Sutra – band formed 1997 by Jeremy Kelly (ex Lotus Eaters, Wild Swans, Psycamesh, Care, Lovers). More info req’d.

Dick Smith Band –
New Brighton 5-pc band (formed 1978), feat; Dave Barrett (voc), Steve Barrett (bass), Paul Downes (gtr), Paul Madden (guitar), Steve Swift (drms) replaced by Paul Conway Stuart. Rel, 7″ Motorway Madness (1979 on Smile) and 7″ Way of the World on own Hologram label (HOL001 1980). A retro album ‘We Mean It’ (rel 29.01.19).

Dirtblonde – Neston based outfit who are picking up regular gigs in L’Pool and Manchester. Feat; Lula Blue and Ivan Hell with a drum machine. They make a truly wondrous racket, with gigs generally collapsing after about 20 mins. Have signed to Regular Beat Recording Company, and a split single, (other side being Acton Bell) (Oct04)

Discipline – band feat on ‘Jobs For The Boys’ comp LP (Natalie recs Jan85). More info req’d

Discocaine – project of 1990s by Peter Hurst (ex Marshmallow Overcoat, Whiskey Priests), then London based. See his profile in H section.

Diverse Records – Runcorn label run by Eddie Smith (of Beyond The Implode) 1979-80. Rel 2 Eps by the band.

Divine Thunderbolt Corporation – band (c2004) named after the Jap WW2 Kamikaze pilots formed by Tim Whitaker & feat, Jake Brockman (also Echo & The Bunnymen), Andy Eastwood (voc), Kate Milner (voc) and Pete DeFreitas after the split of Sex Gods. After Pete’s death, his brother Frank joined on bass. Mike Mooney (ex Sex Gods, later of Spiritualised) also feat at some point.

D:Jenifus – band (formed Jan03) changed name to Hyper Traffic (Jan05) Orig drummer Gary Pennington left to concentrate on X-Cell.

Doghouse – rock band formed 1997, feat; Andy Penington (gtr) (ex Insanity Beach), Rob Carubia. More info req’d.

Donnyfatso & The Bellybuttons – punk band (c1987) from Maghull, feat; Donnyfatso (voc) (editor of Get Set Go zine), Macker (gtr), Kev C (bass), Ian (drms), John (gtr). Played debut gig at Deyes High School (26.09.87) for 15mins before someone turned the PA off! More info req’d.

Dorian Gray – band of early 80s feat; Ray Greenall (bass), Brian Cornthwaite (voc) and Steve Reddy (keys) who formed Some Party. More info req’d

Double Automatic Jackpot – band (2003). Rec EP ‘We Told You So’ (Apr03), changed name to The Mags

Drakes – band (formed 1991) feat; Zip Lob (James Hancox) (keys,gtr,voc) (ex Nice Party, later Moon), Drake Mallard (Russ Williams) (bass,voc) (ex Nice Party), Spicey Spicey (Stuart Williams) (gtr,voc,keys) and Grez Romance (Gary Hodgson) (drms). Rel 7″ Shady Man. James explains; ‘We used to turn up for gigs in 2 battered Austin Maxis and wore 60’s leather jackets of the most ridiculous styles and colours as we could find. Of course we were into drugs it was the time of the Mondays and the Roses. The Drakes also done some gigs supporting serious bands under the pseudonym of “the Bootleg Wankers” the first being in Storeys, Widnes and we all had these stupid wigs on, mine was a Tina Turner one and I must have looked like Pat Sharp with rabies.’

Dream Legion – Ian Lewis (voc,keys) (ex Precautions, Lilac Trumpets, Alternative Radio), Martin Drury (voc,gtr). Formed as duo in 1986 and built up healthy following in Merseyside and N Wales. Reld dance mix version of “Brown Eyed Girl” (2000) feat. Marty Stone (voc) and was a hit in Europe. Re-introduced full live band with Ed (drms) who was replaced by Mike Baird (ex-Sahara Crew, Pyjama Party). Martin replaced by Ian Davies in 2005 (ex Look Out Oscar, Sahara Crew, Dansette Alligators). Ian Lewis runs Whitby Studios

Dream Play – orig name for DaVincis

Dregs – punk fanzine from mid-90s edited by Duncan who lived off Catherine St but used his friend’s (Gary) house as a secure address. Ran for at least 5 issues & noted for intelligent & humourous content. Duncan, Gary & Mick Mada put together a punk picnic at Sefton Park before a Fugazi gig at the uni 1990.

The Drellas – psyche-indie band (c2010), feat; Tommy Scott (voc,gtr) (ex Space), Phil Hartley (bass) (later Super Fast Girlie Show), Allan Jones (drms). Rel single Violence is Art. (website)

Drills – more info req’d

Drive – band from Woodchurch (formed 1989), feat; Iain Roachie (voc,gtr) (later of Dina), Jeff (drms), Dan (bass). Rel singles No Girls and Greasegun, which were packaged year later as a mini-LP ‘Greasegirls.’ Next single in 1991 Go Out Be Happy was described by the NME as ‘shit’. Then an LP ‘Out Freakage’ (1992).  (spotify)

Drowning World – duo (c2007) formed by Joanne Louise Griffiths (ex I-Lands) who is a solo artist

Drums In The Night – more info req’d

The Dry Retch – band (formed 1987), feat; Aussie John (voc,gtr) (ex Sonic Rednecks, Burning Eyes, Haddock Fish Beast), Dave Whyte (bass) (ex Instant Agony, Sonic Rednecks, 0898), JP (gtr) (ex Head Of John, Sonic Lodge, Naut), Wils (drms) (ex Head of John, Mard, Naked, Spudgun, Bronx). Rel albums, ‘Columbus Was Wrong’ (2002 re-rel 2021)), ‘The World Is Square’ (2003), ‘The Eagle Has Fucked Off’ (2003), ‘Play The Stooges’ (2006),  ‘Smells Like Fat Lass’ (2009), ‘The Origin Of Faeces’ (2019), ‘A Kick In The Gulags’ (17.03.19), Pyongsang Kaensaeng’ (29.02.20), ‘Cultural Backslidin’ (Feb21), then an album of anarcho-punk covers ‘Operation Uranus’ (22.01.22) (bandcamp)

– band feat; Guy McKnight (voc) (ex 80’s Matchbox B-Line Disaster). Rel a number of online singles since 2018 and known for their ‘intense’ live performances. (spotify)

Dumb Blondes – band (Southport? c1980), feat; Mick ‘Collo’ Collinson (drms) (later Mayhem). More info req’d

Maxine Dunn – ex vocalist with Mahalia, Steal, CS Drift. currently recording solo album at Studio 33. Ronni O’Keefe producer. Hoping for release 2006.

Dunno – band (pre-1980), feat; Brian Dring (gtr) (now Fag Ash Lil), Kenny Spencer. More info req’d

Dutch Mountaineers – Wirral band (1983-84), feat; Steve Chan (voc,gtr) (later New Frontiers, Just Like June), Tony Ward (keys) (later New Frontiers, Contortion Co.), Ian ‘Bomber’ Beecham (drms) (later H2II), Mark Buckley (bass) (later Back Of Beyond). More info req’d.

Dutch Porn Thursday – band (c2004-05), feat; Paul Robinson (voc,gtr) (ex Stun The Guards, Robbers Dog), Andy (gixxxer) Ireland (bass) and Tony Whitehead (drms). After just a hand full of promising gigs tragedy struck the band when Andy was killed in a motorcycle accident the morning after returning from an acoustic set in Snowdon. Paul says, ‘Many thanks to Patrick Rossiter of “The Post War Wage Slaves” who played bass for the bands next booking just three weeks later, our collective birthday party (all the same week) it would have been Andy’s 22nd. Paul and Tony continue to keep the faith and borrow bass players to jam with but insist that only holistics can provide a like minded bass playing soul.’

Dying Breed – band (St Helens?) of early 80s, feat; Dave Taylor (gtr) (later Snatchback). More info req’d

Dying Habit – Wirral based band (2004); Don’t know anything about them, but they seem to be picking up a few gigs at The Iron Door, Birkenhead

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