Liverpool: C

Cabletwitch – band feat; Eric Blakemore (voc) (ex Deluge). More info req’d

Cadium – (pic) band (2003), feat; Stuart Doherty (voc,gtr), Graham Coburn (gtr), Col Smith (bass), Mark Darlington (drms). (website).

Cair Paravel – band (1984-85) feat; Damian Bromley (gtr) (ex Dark Delights, Self Enforced Exile, Innervision, later Back to Nam), Bernie Ross (gtr) (ex Dark Delights, Innervision), Mike Owen (drms) (ex Dark Delights), Andy Edwards (bass) (ex Polvoltors), Phil (voc) (ex Oceans Eleven). Damian says, ‘We had an amazing rehearsal space on the top floor of a huge warehouse in Walstenholme Square opposite the ‘Conti’. This was the dangerous venue for our first few gigs! We played at The System (Pyramid) several times in 83/84. Me and Berni could always be found at the Armadillo Tearooms making one pot of tea last all day! And were also regulars on the Alternative club and live circuit.’ Bernie and Damian also played in The Project at the same time, but Damian left both bands after a couple of months and The Project took the Cair Paravel name with a line up of Dave Scott, Gary Mac, Karl Anthony (bass) (ex Danse Macabre, Innervision), Paul Dillon, and changed name to Out On a Ledge. Damian continues, ‘I shot several (no budget) pop promos for them, which was not so easy back in 85/86! This got me into film school. I am now working as a Cinematographer shooting feature films inc Going Off Big Time (shot in Liverpool) Football Factory and The Business.’

Call It Belief – Anfield band formed in 1984 as Reaction, feat; Ste Cox (voc,gtr) (later Hurricane, Traveller, Lovebomb, Trinity), John Marsden (keys) Carl Taylor (bass,perc) Andy Dwyer (drms), Rob White (voc).

Came Under Mayne – band c1980. Rel LP ‘Girls’ (on Kerrysmile Recs). Played Everyman Bistro. More info req’d

Candy Opera – acoustic band (formed 1982), feat; Paul Malone (voc), Ken Moss (gtr), Mike Wiggins (bass), Ian Haskell (drms). Within a year Ken left and Paul moved to gtr with Colette Roy (voc) joining. Rel demo ‘Honeysuckle Rose’ (Sep83) with Carl Hodgson (gtr), Steve Lea (keys), Bryan Evans (clar). Ken rejoined in 1985 and they rel 5 track demo ‘Serious’ (Aug85). Lee Mavers (La’s) cited Paul as a big influence on him. Also feat Alan Currie (drms), Frank Mahon (bass) (both ex Come in Tokio, later Wailing Souls) at some point. Reformed in 2018 with Brian Chin Smithers (gtr,voc) and released first album in almost 3 decades, ‘The Patron Saint Of Heartache’ (2020) (bandcamp)

Candy Productions – label set up by Catherine Bore & Andy Holland (ex Dharma Bums, Vernons, Clocktower, Kelso, Magic Carpets). 1st signing are Pincushion (website)

Candy Store Rock – band (1989-92) feat; Paul Capper (gtr,voc) (now Amazing Kappa Band, ex Pete Wylie, Cat Scratch Fever, Cathedral, Stamp Sisters and The Blimey Brothers), Tony Smith (drms) (ex Kappa, The Band With No Name, The Blimey Brothers), Shaun McGee (bass) (ex Juliet Turner, Pugwash) More info req’d

Carbon Atom  (pic) formed 1998 after graduating from Paul McCartney’s Institute Of Music. 1st line up feat; Justin Roberts, John Lavery, Mick Collins and Woody. Rec LP ‘Restart’ and also feat on World Cup anthem ‘Golden Balls’ with PSST (see North Wales). Carbon Atom were the 1st English band to play ‘The Breeding Ground’ in Rhyl. The band now run their own rehearsal rooms in Liverpool. Keyboard player Woody was been replaced by ‘The Bishop’.

Carcass – gore-core legends formed in late 80’s, feat. Bill Steer (gtr) (later of Firebird but also on key early Napalm Death LPs, also editor of Phoenix Militia ‘zine), Jeff Walker (bass,voc) and Ken Owen (drms) (now environmental scientist), joined by Swede Mike Amott (gtr) from 3rd LP, who was replaced by Carlo Regadas (ex Devoid). Orig vocalist was Sanjiv (on the Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment demo). Apparently met while medical students in Liverpool and combined detailed scientific terminology with grinding, blistering death metal to much success, you’ll learn far more from their lyrics to gems such as “Cadaveric Incubator of Endo-Parasites” and “Hepatic Tissue Fermentation” than you will from watching Silent Witness. Rel 5 LPs, ‘Reek of Putrefaction’ (raw horror), ‘Symphonies of Sickness’ (genre defining), ‘Necroticism’ (technical masterpiece), ‘Heartwork’ (their equivalent of Metallica’s Black LP) and ‘Swansong’ (gone a bit rocktastic) before rotting slowly away via compilation LP ‘Wake Up and Smell the Carcass’. Favourites with John Peel (at least 2 sessions), he was often to be heard gargling along to their ditties. Their cover art of collages of pictures taken from autopsy handbooks was reported to have made one HMV manager puke up in the shop, and also lead to a raid on the Earache Recs label offices by the Obscene Publications Squad, no charges brought. Despite signing direct to Sony, grunge obsessed conservative America couldn’t stomach them and they folded in mid 90’s. Legacy of many clones, tribute LPs and unhealthy obsession with corpses lives on.

Care – band (1983-84) feat; Paul Simpson (ex Teardrop Explodes, Wild Swans, Industrial Domestic, later Skyray and Ian Broudie (later Lightning Seeds), during 1983 they rel 3 singles the biggest being Flaming Sword (#48 UK charts), and also My Boyish Days and Whatever Possessed You. They rec LP ‘Love Crowns And Crucifies’, cover artwork was completed, a collaboration between the duo with Ian Astbury, Paul Sangster, Tony Wikelan and Alan Wills, but it never saw the light of day due to Simpson and Broudie’s opposing musical views and imminently split a year later. A retrospective LP was released in 1999 without their permission, ‘Diamonds and Emeralds’ made up of unfinished demos etc. (spotify)

Carling Academy– Not content with putting on nearly every band in the city they now also do a few club nights. On Fridays they host Subculture for all alternative/rock types with DJ’s Simon Clarke, and Big Jim 10pm-3am £4. Saturday its the turn of Ramshackle which was voted Best Club Night 2003 (apparently) for more Indie, Punk, Hip-hop etc with DJ’s Steve Gerrard 10pm-3am and a snip at £3

Caroline 199 – rock covers band (c2008), play city centre (Cavern, Flanagans), feat; Ian Forshaw (voc,gtr) (ex Second Vision, Deja Vu). Keith Gunson (bass) (ex Cherry Boys, City Lights) Peter Alcock (drms) (ex Spit Ya Pippins)

Cassidy – band formed Apr02 in Liverpool, feat; Paul Foxall (voc), Emlyn Franks (gtr) (ex Gizmo) later joined Paul’s brother Dave Foxall (voc,gtr), Chris Thomas (bass) and John Treacher (drms). The band have recently filmed a documentary due to be screened late Jun03. Had positive reviews from XFM in London, and signed to Viral Music

Cast – Another of John Power’s (bass,voc) bands, Cast rose to popularity during the Brit-Pop era of the mid 90’s. Power had previously played guitar in The La’s, but left due to a dispute with Lee Mavers over the use of his own material on The La’s 2nd LP. Power formed Cast with Liam Tyson (gtr), Peter Wilkinson (bass), and Keith O’Neill (drms) early in 1994. Rec’d 1st big break when Elvis Costello had the group open for him on his summer 1994 UK tour. By the end of 1994, Cast had signed a contract with Polydor Recs, and began recording with John Leckie (XTC, Stone Roses). Rel single Finetime (Jul95) which reached #17 in UK charts. Successive singles reached even higher chart places with the Oct96 rel ‘Flying’ hitting #4. 1st LP ‘All Change’ rel late ’95 and debuted in the Top 10, eventually going on to gain platinum sales status. Travelled to USA in 1996 for a couple of tours. Returned to the UK to coincide with rel of 2nd LP ‘Mother Nature Calls’ Apr97. LP spawned another hit single Live The Dream though did not sell as well as the previous rel. Power bounced back with the very catchy ‘Beat Mama’ which also went Top 10 though after this the band split around 2002, citing unnecessary press intrusion and artistic pressure. Reformed in 2010 for an anniversary tour, which led to financing their 5th album (supported by an online campaign).

Catapult – (1996-2000) feat; Tony Elliott (bass,voc) (ex 16 Tambourines, Tambourines, Sebastians Men), Tony Potter (drms), Steve Chan (gtr,voc) (later of Honey). Various UK tours and regional radio appearences. Track ‘Everybody Gets There In The End’ feat on ‘Tramspotting’ comp (Moonman).

Catch 22 – band of late 80’s. Feat; Riley, Bradley, Dolan, Farebrother and Jameson. Appeared on compilation tapes. More info req’d

Catfish – more info req’d

The Cathedral – Formby post-punk indie band (1982-89), feat; Paul Capper (gtr,voc) (now Amazing Kappa Band, ex Pete Wylie, Cat Scratch Fever, Candy Store Rock, Stamp Sisters and The Blimey Brothers), Roger Jones (bass). Not to be confused with the metal band with same name. Martin Byrne says, ‘the singer from Cathedral made a threatening phone call to Paul Capper, demanding he stopped using the name THE Cathedral.....despite Paul Capper’s band being around when Cathedral’s singer was still in Napalm Death.’

Cat Scratch Fever – Trockabilly infl band (1992-98), feat; Tony Dolman (drms) and Tony Doyle (bass) (both Lawnmower, Beach Bastards, Flex, Pirahna Brothers, Perfectly Frank) and Paul Capper (gtr) (now Amazing Kappa Band, ex Pete Wylie, Cathedral, Candy Store Rock, Stamp Sisters and The Blimey Brothers). rel 2 LPs ‘Death Western’ (1996) and ‘The Big Bang’ played Glastonbury 97 and Cropredy 98. Tony Doyle was also in Accelerators

Cecil – Formed in Liverpool in 1993 by Steve Williams (voc), PatrickHarrison (gtr), Ally Lambert (drms), Anthony Hughes (gtr), and Jay Bennet (bass). They took part in a Liverpool Echo sponsored(?) Battle Of The Bands. This brought them to the attention of EMI sub Parlophone Recs who rel their 1st single ‘No Excuses/Upside Down Smile’ (R 6418) Oct95. I never quite understood Cecil, couldn’t work out what they wanted to be, or even where they saw themselves. They played competent hard rock that wasn’t quite, but wasn’t really ‘alternative’ either. Being on EMI gained them support slots on a few headline tours with The Levellers and Skunk Anansie. A few more singles followed prior to the rel of the LP ‘Bombar Diddlah’ CD/LP 7384), which helped gain a few more followers. A single was rel in Oct97 ‘Hostage In A Frock/Stubborn Feather’, EMI pulled out the stops and put out limited green vinyl, bonus CD singles etc etc (R 6471), which helped the boys score a #68 entry onto the UK Chart. A further single, again in various formats ‘The Most Tiring Day/Sliphillclimb’ was put out in early 1998, and followed up by the 2nd LP ‘Subtitles’ (CD/LP 859821). The promise created by the sales of the previous two singles did not continue and Cecil called it a day, with EMI deleting all their material shortly after.

Cellophane – band (c1992), feat; Martin Ward (gtr), Kevin Downey (both later in The Delian Pool). Played storming gig at Talbot in Oxton one Xmas eve where Martin obliterated his guitar on the floor with a mic stand.

Chain Gang –
Bootle band (formed Jul86) feat; Steve ‘Syko’ Grant (bass) (ex England’s Own Revolutionary Royal Family, Project 23, Ramjet), Tony ‘Okay’ O’Keefe (drms) (ex Kappa, The Interns, Toy Taboo), Jon ‘Le Rocka’ Genys (voc) (ex Danse Macarbe, Dark Continent), Eddie ‘Lektrik’ Harrison (gtr). Rel 12” More Than A Dream (Troll Kitchen Feb87) and 12” Long Time Come (Idea May87), both releases had the same sleeve!

Chain of Command – (1979-81) Wirral synth-rock band,  feat; Neil Whitehead, Dave Taylor, Matt Adams. Debut gig at Birkenhead Park Rugby Club. had a couple of tracks released on compilation albums. Some Aspects on the ‘Subtle Hints’ album, and Borderline on ‘Jobs for The Boys’ (website)

Chalwa – Andy Marshall (voc) Gerard Greaves (gtr) Mike Green (bass): Jazz-tinged 1985 Liverpool reggae band whose smooth sounds were in sharp contrast to the entertainingly acrimonious split. Greaves and Green went on to form Uncle Oscar

Chameleon Zoo – band (1982-85), feat; Steve Owen (voc,gtr), Charlie (bass) and 2 others (names?), by 1984 only Steve remained from this line up with Chris Shepperd (gtr), Paul Bunting (bass), Frank Mahon (drms) (also Come in Tokio). Made live debut at the Warehouse (Oct82). By 1995, Wal Riley (drms) joined Steve (voc, gtr) and Neil Shenton (bass), gigs around the L’pool area followed. c2000 Neil left, and the band changed name to Satellite, and changed again shortly after, to The World Turned Edgar.

Champagne For The Soul – more info req’d

Chance – band (formed Oct82), orig called Last Chance For A Slow Dance but shortened name Jul84, feat; Neil Storey (voc,gtr), Neil Brighouse (bass) (ex Fragile Friends), David Storey (keys). Andrew James (drms) (ex Rafique) joined Nov84. Rel 3-track demo ‘You Hearts Desire’

Change of Image – band (late 70s) feat; Andy Warren (gtr) (later Systems, Islands of Dance). More info req’d

Change To The East – band (c1983) feat; Stuart Wood (gtr), Mark Chesworth (voc,gtr), Ian Baker (bass), Paul Benson (drms), Bob Davies (roadie) (ex Ponderosa Glee Boys), described as a very odd lot, had own rehearsal room bordering Sefton Park; band reputed to sleep in coffins, although this was denied by Mark in Jul04 but he said but used to have fairly infamous LSD orgies which ended up getting more promotion than the band. Neil Tilly (of Breakout) managed them from Oct85. They rec 4 tracks in 1986 for Victoria Recs (California based), Victoria Street, Wide Awake, Never Again, White Gates. But nothing happened and they split in 1987. In 1989 the label rel the EP but the distributor went bust. Stuart went on to be a lighting engineer & was in the States with The Real People in 1992 & met the rec co who gave him a few copies. It is now available thru Tower Recs. Stuart says, ‘We were an odd lot as I recall, but the recollections are very hazy. The 80’s were an odd time… I think we were a sort of bizarre mix of Glam rock fused with Psychedelia and punkiness trying desperately not to appear New Romantic, but failing! Still, it was a fun time and those few years in the 80’s were like our own 60’s. We had a go, pretended to be pop stars, and moved on.’ (website)

Charlie Don’t Surf – more info req’d

Chasing the Train – more info req’d

Che – After the collapse of Modern Eon, Alix Plain (born Alex Johnson) took some time out before returning to the music business when he teamed up with the legendary Adrian Sherwood (Founder/Owner of On-U-Sounds). They took the moniker Che and rel their first offering in Jun89. Rel on DEsire Recs (WANT/+X3) in 7′ & 12′ format the single was a Dbl A side ‘What You’ve been Through Is Love/(‘A’) Version. This hardly set the world alight and another hiatus set in, with nothing being heard until the release of the single ‘I Wish He Didn’t Trust Me So Much/Fireflies In Summer’ in Jun89 on the Siren label SRN 115). This was a taster for the immediately released LP ‘Narcotic’ (Siren SRN LP/CD 16). A further LP ‘Sounds Of Liberation’was rel (Sep00) in the USA only on the Mans Ruin (MR 186) label. Since then its all gone a bit quiet…

Cherry Boys – Wirral mod band (1980-83) feat; Chris Sharrock (drms) (ex Young World, later Icicle Works, La’s, Lightning Seeds), John Cherry (gtr,voc), Keith Gunson (bass,voc) (ex City Lights, later Caroline 199), James Hughes (keys) (ex City Lights, later Exhibit B) & Howie Minns (drms) (ex City Lights, later Exhibit B, Bamboo Fringe, Macc Lads) joined in ’81. Rel 7″ Come The Day on Cherryoza recs, Kardomah Café on Crash Recs (1983), hitting No.17 in UK Indie Charts, also 7″ single Man to Man b/w So Much Confusion on Open Eye Recs OE5 (1981) which came in an embossed pic sleeve, other rel Shoot The Big Shot on Crash, (CRA 604, 1983). They also rel a tape with 6 tracks called “Give it Rice” incl, Kardoma Cafe, Come The Day, Why Don’t You Write, She’s So Young, Phone Call, Don’t Leave Me That Way.

Chief – band formed 2003, feat; Nick Davis (gtr,voc), Dan Walsh (drms) (both ex All Rights Rejected). Dan moved from drums to gtr, Jimbo (bass), Sean (drms).

China Crisis – band 1979-90, feat; Gary Daly (voc), Eddie Lundon (gtr), Gazza Johnson (bass), Kevin Wilkinson (drms) (ex Those Naughty Lumps). Orig Drummer was Dave Reilly (ex Screaming Addicts, later Faction), also feat; Martin Green (sax) (ex Numbers 28, White Russians, Black). Formed by school friends Lundon & Daly. Signed to Virgin, rel LP ‘Flaunt The Imperfection’ (1985). Also feat; Eddie Robinson (bass) (ex Trans Am, Déjà vu) at some point

Chinese Religion – Birkenhead band. Feat; Paul Cavanagh (gtr) (later of Balcony); Derek Jones (bass) (later of York band Fabulous Salamander); Dave Lee (voc) who sadly died May11; Justin Stavely (drms) (later Wild Swans, Roulade). Disbanded 1981. Appeared ‘Street To Street Vol 2’ comp (Open Eye recs Sep81), rel 7″ My Motive b/w Music Box (on Perchance May81). (spotify)

Chione – electro latin pop band (formed 2003), feat; Natalie Reeves (voc) (daughter of Carl Eaton ex Ponderosa Glee Boys), Karl Owen (gtr), Tom Lawrence (gtr), Andy Crawford (bass), Paul Price(drms). Oilivia Parry also does live b.voc. Rec 1st demo Is This What You Meant (website)

The Christians – band c1987 feat; Henry Priestman (voc,keys) (ex It’s Immaterial, Yachts), Vic Christians (keys) who quit rather than give up his job as a music teacher. Russell Christian (sax), Roger Christian (congas/voc), Gary Christian (voc). Had one of the fastest selling singles in history. Roger died after leaving the band to start an album with Blue Mountain publishers was talking with Jonte wilkins to collaborate with songwriting. Henry lives on Anglesey and performs solo.

Chuddy Nuddies – band (c1977) feat; Martin Watson (voc,gtr), Henry Priestman (keys) (later of The Christians), Martin Dempsey (bass), Bob Bellis (drms). They were The Yachts playing under a different name, rel split single on Eric’s label (1977) Do the Chudd with Big in Japan. More info req’d.

Cicada Falls – band formed by Steve Ashton (drms) (later Mugstar) and Chris Stevens (gtr) (later Mugstar, Rattlebus) after the demise of The DaVincis.  Between 1990-92 they tried out a host of musicians too many to name or remember, but did include both Martin Ward (ex DaVincis, later Mugstar & Rattlebus) and Adrian Shaw (later Mugstar). The most settled line-up during this period feat Steve (drms), Chris (gtr), and Rob McLean (bass,voc) (later Made For Jane & Playhouse). They line-up rec ‘Tracer (To Your Heart)’ which was inc on Mersey Killers a cassette only comp (Kool Tone KT001.  In 1992 Rob was replaced by Will Rees (bass,voc) and Paul Cunningham (gtr) was added.  This line-up existed until 1996 playing gigs around L’pool, Manchester and London and, contributing ‘Invincible (For The Time Being)’ to a further Kool Tone cassette comp ‘A&R Heaven (For Corporate Scum)’ (KT006). Split 1996 after Will Rees decided to return to home town Bath upon completing his degree studies.

Cicero Gymnasts – imaginary band (c1978), made up by Les Pattison (later of Echo & The Bunnymen), also feat; Bernie Connor and Tim o’Shea both of whom may never have existed!. (See also Love Pastels, The Geoffs)

Cid – pre-2001 Wirral band, feat; Jo Barnes (gtr), Jon Green (drms) (both now Deluge). Playing mainly Nirvana covers.

Circus Circus – band (1985-86), feat; Colin C Frost (voc,gtr) (ex Fox Glove, Eat At Joe’s, Tutors, Supercharge, later Laughing Freeman), Roger Morris (bass) (ex Real Thing), Dale Irving (drms), Tony Judge (keys) (later A-Team). More info req’d

Citron Inoxydable d’Accord – band (1981), feat; Paul Tarpey (voc) (who runs Hev’n Hell nights), Tim Lewis (gtr), Martin Page (bass) and Quentin Gore (drms). Tarpey sacked Page & Gore and recruited 18-yr-old Phil McHoul (bass) (ex Bert Fegg’s Gaelic Reggae Band).

City Lights – band formed Summer76 feat; James Hughes (keys) (later Cherry Boys, Exhibit B), Jimmy Sangster (bass) (later of Black), Kymm Morgan (gtr), John Scott (voc), Mark Cowley (drms). This line up lasted about 6 months and rec 3 song demo in Amazon studios 4 track. Managerial/parent disputes led to Scott, Cowley and Morgan leaving the band. Scott still sings around L’pool and Mark Cowley went on to manage Space. Enter new guitarist Ian McNabb (later Icicle Works) who answered a L’pool Echo advert (early 1977) and Howie Minns (drms) (later Cherry Boys, Exhibit B). Band worked extensively around nth England clocking up an average of 170 gigs per year from 1977 to Aug80. Rec several studio sessions feat covers and first orig songs from Mcnabb and also Hughes. Demos rel 4 songs (covers) 1977, 13 song demo 1978, 3 song demo 1979, 12 songs prod by Roy White (1979-80). A few bits of film exist of the band from 1978 (silent cine film) and a full gig filmed in 1981. Last performance of the band was at the final night of the Warehouse club in L’pool where they played as a birthday treat for Dave C empressario and later of Royal Court fame they played the doors Light My Fire and later that night the club burnt down, a film exists of this event (the gig, not the fire!). Howie became Eddie Shit and had a spell playing drums for The Macc Lads 1989-1992. Keith Gunsun (bass) (Cherry Boys, Caroline 199) also played at some point

Joe Clarke – country singer / songwriter from Crosby. Rec in Los Angeles for Regal Recs. Written over 70 songs. In a legal wrangle (c2006) over a plagarised song that has sold over $4m worth of CDs.

Margi Clarke – (b.1954) sister of screen writer Frank Clarke (Letter To Brezhnev 1995), and ex-wife of Jamie Reid (Artist and sleeve designer for the Sex Pistols), the duchess of Kirkby, she started her career under the pseudonym MARGOX (a bastardisation of ballerina Dame Margeaux Fontaine’s Christian name). She appeared on Tony Wilson’s regional entertainments programme So It Goes as ‘Margox The Punk Housewife’. She is remembered doing a gig at Eric’s with actor Andrew Schofield (Scully And Mooey, Sid And Nancy, Boys From The Black Stuff etc) on guitar. Also recorded a John Peel Session as guest vocalist for Welsh punk band Anhrefn, and also rec track with Half Man Half Biscuit. List of some of the films she has appeared in, not forgetting appearing as ‘Jackie Dobbs’ in Coronation Street 1998-99, and the continuing ‘Good Sex Guides’, Helsinki Napoli All Night Long’ (1987), I Hired A Contract Killer’ (1990), ‘Strike It Rich’ (1990), ‘Soul Survivors’ (1991), ‘Blond Fist’ (1991). Clarke has (allegedly) struggled with ‘personal problems’ for the last few years, but is making an effort to revive her flagging career by appearing in a film ‘School For Seduction’, and by Jan09 she had reappeared in Coronation St and was also presenting on TV and radio.

Clean Slate – tight and fairly influential band in the mid 70’s feat; Andy Parker (sax,voc) (later Supercharge, A Team, Jr Parker), Rich Ford (keys), Sid (bass), Arthur Dick, Tony Windas (Beryl Marsden band) (gtr). Neil Atkinson (sax), Lionel Milgrom (bass). Paul Darlington (drms) (ex Chants). Later Ian Bradshaw, Bobby Mojo, and Beryl Marsden. Played many gigs inc Sportsman, Moonstone, O’Connor’s. Neil says, ‘Best job was working through SLA for Tony Hatch’s 3 girl singers ‘Madame’, miming on a live East Berlin TV show to a record we had never heard!’

The Clear – Formed 1999 by Tony Cosgrove (voc) (later Beggars Belief), Netran Dolan (gtr) and Chris Campbell (drms) (now Mannequin). 1st bass player Ste Porter (ex Featherlites, Cain), he was replaced Sep00 by Billy Lake and Nathan Sayer (ex Afterglow, later Beggars Belief) replaced Chris on drums Nov01. Supp Proud Mary & The Jamm. Independently rel “All The Tears b/w “Better Than You” (Oct02) and rel EP later in 2003 on Uptight recs. (website)

Clinic – formed after the demise of Pure Morning in early 1997. Hartley and Ade Blackburn were joined by Brian Campbell (bass), and Carl Turney (drms). This time round and maybe due to their experiences with Radarscope they instantly formed their own label, the bizarrely named Aladdin’s Cave Of Golf. Their 1st rel was the equally oddly titled ‘I.P.C Subeditors Dictate Our Youth/Porno/D.P’ in Sept97 (Golf 001). The I.P.C owned NME honoured them with the Single Of The Week award. They gained a place on the 1998 Glastonbury line-up and were subsequently voted Best New Band. Prior to their app they rel ‘Monkey On Your Back/D.T’ (Golf 002). The groups final self rel was ‘Cement Mixer/Kimberly’ (Golf 003) in Aug98. Following their raised exposure and positive press they were soon signed to Domino Recs who compiled the 1st 3 singles and packaged them as ‘Clinic’ in Apr99 (WIG 65 CD/LP) This time Clinic were fortunate in having a label that actually supported them and were keen for them to succeed. This belief prod 2 singles ‘The 2nd Line/Magic Boots’ (Rug 91 in Jun99) and ‘The Return Of Evil Bill’ (Rug 93 Apr00) which dented the UK charts peaking at #70. An LP was rushed out ‘ Internal Wrangler’ (WIG 78 CD/LP) the following month. By now Clinic were performing live regularly up and down the country and gaining a solid following. This was capitalised on by Domino who re-rel ‘The 2nd Line’ (Rug 116) boosting its sales by including a bonus CDs (Rug116X), this tactic had positive results providing Clinic with their highest UK Chart placing to date #56. As is often the case with groups, and to the dismay of all they enter a ‘quite period’ just when it seems their star is in its ascendancy; Clinic were no different and seemed to shut up shop. This remained the case until the silence was broken in Feb02 when Domino rel the LP ‘Walking With Thee’ (Wig CD/LP 100) and a subsequent single ‘Come Into Our Room/Christmas’ (Rug 137) though neither matched the sales of earlier releases. To the best of my knowledge they remain signed to Domino. Rel LP ‘Bubblegum’ (Oct10) (website)

Clique – band (c1985), feat; Rob Boardman (gtr) (ex Personal Column, Jass Babies, Visual Aids). Glenn Winskill (bass) (ex Sister Moon, Cyclic Amp), Ian McGuire (voc) (later Mania), Dave Rodgers (keys), Nick Lauro (drms) (ex Graphic Defeat, Splinter Group, Synchronicity, Mania, Steppin’ Razor MkII, Western Promise, Prescotts, Eskimo Chains). Glenn left in ’86 and was replaced by Steve Soar (later of Mania, Scorpio Rising).

Clive Langer & The Boxes – band formed Aug79 feat; Clive Langer (voc,gtr) (ex Big in Japan, Deaf School), his old school mate Ben Barson (keys), James Eller (bass), Martin Hughes (drms), Steve Allen (voc) (ex Deaf School), Bette Bright (voc) (ex Deaf School, later Illuminations), orig drummer was Peter ‘Budgie’ Clarke (ex Nova Mob, Big in Japan, later of Slits, Siouxsie & The Banshees). Toured with Elvis Costello in early ’80, Rel LP ‘Splash’ & 3 singles. Clive is also reknowned for pord Madness, Teardrop Explodes, Yachts.

Clocktower – band feat; Andy Holland (voc) (ex Magic Carpets, Vernons, Dharma Bums, Kelso)

Club Zoo – Venue in Temple Street, L’Pool set up by Teardrop Explodes though if you read his book mainly Cope‘s idea that was planned as a multi media venue set up on about 5 floors. The plan was to have the Teardrop Explodes playing 2 sets a day for 6 weeks!! and on other floors was a small cinema showing cult movies, the support group played on a differing floor. The top floor became a private enclave for the Teardrops and friends, Cope spent days lying in a bed placed in there

Coby – Wirral based band (2004) with influences stemming from the classic British 60’s era. Gaining gigs on the local scene, most notably at The Iron Door, Birkenhead.

Code Break – punk band from The Wirral. Rel ‘EP#1’ (2016), followed by ‘EP#2’ (2017), then a 7″ EP, ‘Scripts’ (20.05.23) (bandcamp)

Colin – band of early 90s, feat; Steve Howe (voc,ukulele) (had earlier played for Viv Stanshall’s Stinkfoot), Jilly Dickens (voc,keys), Jane Dickens (voc), Paula Simms (voc) (ex Paradine Express), Alan Richardson (gtr), Tim Rowe (bass,voc) (ex Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow), Tony Hennessey (bodhrán,voc) (later Innisfree), Russ Laine (melodica,voc). Debut gig Whispers, Bold Street, L’pool (Aug90). A mixed bag of mainly actors who were singers and musicians gathered around Howe who wrote the lyrics. Music had elements of Bonzoesque comedy, skiffle, and rock. Played several times in L’pool venues in inter-changeable lineups. Had a session on Radio City. Oasis supported them (through amount of sold tickets) at Manchester Boardwalk (possibly Oasis’ first gig). Dave Scott who worked as sound engineer for Colin was later recording engineer on Oasis’ first recordings.

Collectors Bezarre – more info req’d

Collective – pop-rock band, (formed 2001), feat; Paul Hobday (gtr) (ex Back To College, later India (Lost Weekend), Waving At Trains, Association). More info req’d.

Colonel Bagshot – band (early 70s) feat; Kenny Parry (voc,gtr) (ex Liverpool Express, Biffs, Eric Burden, Bunter), Brian Farrel (voc,gtr) (ex Brownies), Dave Dover (bass) (ex Supercharge, Eric Burden, CY Tucker), Terry McCusker (drms) (ex Roadrunners). Had several record deals and rel one album ‘Oh! What A Lovely War’ (1971), toured Europe with Slade, and in 2002 had one of their album tracks Six Day War, revived by DJ Shadow, which feat in the Colin Farrell film “Phonebooth”. The same line-up did continue gigging. Orig called Colonel Bagshot’s Incredible Bucket Band. Brian went solo and charted with single England (1974). Kenny, Dave and Terry formed Nickleodeon.

Come In Tokio – band (1980-81), feat; Phil Wylie (voc,gtr) (brother of Pete Wylie) (later of Big Scream), Alan Currie (drms) (later Wailing Souls), Frank Mahon (bass) (later Wailing Souls), John Jenkins (keys) (later Persuaders), John Gillin (gtr). Had lots of rec co interest after John Peel Session, also did 2 further sessions on Radio 1 for Kid Jensen (1981-82). More…

Conan – metalcore band (c2007). (website)

Connie Lush & Blue Shouter – band feat; Connie Lush (voc), Terry Harris (bass), John Lewis (gtr) & Carl Woodward (drms). Play all over Europe at Blues Festivals & Connie has been voted ‘Best Female Blues Singer’ 3 times.

Contortion Co. – Wirral dance funk band (formed 1986), feat; Graham Braid (voc), Tony Ward (keys) (ex Dutch Mountaineers, New Frontiers), Keith Hughes (drms) (ex Legsakimbo, New Frontiers), Charlie (sax,voc), plus 2 others. More info req’d.

Conversation – band feat on ‘Jobs For The Boys’ comp LP (Natalie recs Jan85). More info req’d

Cook Da Books – Kirkby band (1980-85) formed from ashes of Dogemz & Brooklyn, feat; Peter ‘Digsy’ Deary (gtr) (now of Smaller), Tony ‘Rose’ Prescott (keys) (later Steppin’ Razor), Owen Moran (voc,bass), John Legget (drms) (later Steppin’ Razor, Lucy Show), Kevin Kelly (gtr) (ex Brooklyn, later Lunjay Blue Armey, US Companion, Lager Lager) who left in 1981. Had 3 Top 20 Indie Chart hits with Piggie in The Middle Eight (Probe Plus Mar82), Low Profile, Wouldn’t Want To Knock It. The latter 2 were rel on their own Kiteland label. The 1st 7″ feat Kevin ‘Klunky’ Kelly & Joanne Ellis on voc. Rel LP ‘Cook Da Books’ (Philips 1983). 2 more 7″ followed on Ten Recs, Caress Me Like A Flower (Feb84), Golden Age (Nov84). Also had a No.1 hit in France & Hong Kong with Your Eyes on the back of the film ‘La Boum 2.’ By 1985 they changed name to Da Books after Tony had left. Robbie Watts (gtr) (ex Mumbo Jumbo, Déjà vu) also played at some point.

Cool & Deadly – band feat on Birkenhead Blues comp tape (on Bop A Dub Jan86). More info req’d

Cooling Towers – band feat John Raftrey (gtr), Ged Gorman (voc,clarinet), Rili Demo (drms). Had 2 tracks on ‘Street To Street Vol 2’ comp (Open Eye recs Sep81) prod by Mike ‘Noddy’ Knowler, & rec several demos at Open Eye Studios in White Chapel. Played on John Peel show a few times.

Cooper S – Wirral band (formed 1999 out of The Pictures), feat; Graham ‘Maddie’ Maddrell (gtr,voc) (Cream Soda, Hark Matilda). Have split up, though the web site is still up and running. Mark Saunders and Gerry Lennon have formed Area 51. (website)

Julian Cope – (b-21.10.57 in Deri, Mid-Glamorgan, grew up in Tamworth), frontman of Teardrop Explodes and before that Tontrix, Shallow Madness, Nova Mob, Crucial Three, Mystery Girls and later releasing many solo albums, and writing novels. Still tours now.

The Coral – Hoylake band, formed 1995, feat; James Skelly (voc), his brother Ian Skelly (drms), Nick Power (keys), Bill Ryder-Jones (gtr), Paul Duffy (bass), Lee Southall (drms). Managed by Alan Wills (ex Shack), rel Shadows Fall on Wills’ Deltasonic recs (Jun02) after playing on new bands showcase at Bandwagon Club same month. Rel 3 Eps incl Skeleton Key & LP ‘The Coral’ prod by Ian Broudie

Cordon House – now defunct recording studio (c1984) on Cearns Rd in B’head, where Thomas Lang first recorded. More info req’d

Corduroy Cog – name used by Marshmallow Overcoat in 1987

Corinthians – band feat Frank, Bob & John who later became the Walking Seeds

Cosmos – venue 90s

Elvis Costello – real name Declan McManus (b.25.8.1955), grew up in L’pool & played local folk clubs as DP Costello, before joining country-rock band Flip City in 1976. Signed to Stiff who suggested he changed his name to Elvis & he formed the Attractions.

Costle’s Tastey Wowens – Oxton area rock band circa mid 90s. They got their name from mis-read names carved together in the rock on Bidston Hill (C.Ostle, T.Aspey, W.Owens).

Coughin’ Vicars – DIY punk band echoing first generation English post-punk and early 80s LA death rock fused with a melancholy bite of Merseyside grit (formed 2019). Feat; Dave Ferguson (drms) (ex SSS), A. Darkson (could be Andrew Dunne) (gtr,bass), Mavis Cowan (voc,keys), Roman Remains (voc). Rel LP ‘Routine Ritual’ (28.01.22) (bandcamp)

Courage-de-Sarge – band of late 80s, feat; Simon, Dave, Jim and Paul. (bandcamp)

– psychedelic-grunge band (formed 2018), feat; Kyle Lee (voc,gtr) (see also Jives Room, Gintis, Sona, Mexican Walking Fish), Doug (ex Sona), Web and Jay (ex The Good Host). Rel ‘All My Friends Are Dead To Me EP’ (Dec19), followed by Notemakers (Apr21), then 12″ EP ‘When The Darkness Gets You Down’ (29.04.22 on Mai68 Recs) (bandcamp)

Peter Coyle – founder member of the Lotus Eaters, went solo after the band split in mid80s, rel debut single Sep86. Continued working up to present, rel LP 2003 with Steve Allan Jones (see N.Wales section).

Cracatilla – band (2002) feat; James Lewis (voc,gtr,keys), Dave Peng (bass), Louis Fitzpatrick (drms). (website)

Cracked Actor – band (1985-87) formed out of Malchix, feat; Carl Poland Gleeson (voc,gtr) (ex Hugo Dines Band), Andrea Nicholson (vio), Robbie Mills (gtr), Paul Wilson (bass) (ex Men At Work, Short Story), Colin McCormick (drms) (ex No Exit), Phil Weston-Toothill (keys) (ex Afraid of Mice, Numbers 28). Played Larks In The Park festival (Aug85). Had 2 managers but nothing came of it. Reformed as Poland in 1987.

Crackin’ Up – label (early 80s) set up by Roger Eagle (of Eric’s). Rel 3 singles by Frantic Elevators (1981), Freeze Frame (Sep82), Traveller (1982) and a comp tape ‘Crackin’ Up At The Pyramid’ (Mar82). Label ended 1982.

Crack The Ice – band (c1980s) feat; Andy  Cooper (voc), Steve Downie (gtr), Andy Flannery (bass), Phil Armogie (drms), Jenny Hughes (keys) (ex Vanilla Beserk). Nick Belger (later of Ryan) was initially listed as a band member but Jenny says, ‘He was not a member of the band – he was not a musician he was the drummer’s mate and just wanted to pretend to be a manager! I am now a solo artist with a myspace profile and my married name is Jenny Whittaker.’ When asked for any memories of being in the band, Jenny answered, ‘We were the youngest band to play Larks in the Park – I vividly remember watching the poor sound engineer from Ad Lib audio carrying the multicore for the desk over his head; chest high in sludgy water through the lake -swearing like a trooper. We wrote our name on the steps of Probe records to piss off Pete Burns.’ They had regular gigs at “The System” “Planet X” “Kirklands” and “Harrington Bar” all new wave bars -post Erics – and singer Andy Cooper was regularly carried off stage into the audience wearing his chinese slippers and shades – half the time the band had to carry on playing for 5 -10 mins before he reappeared carried back over the heads of the crowd to a massive round of applause.

Crae Lae – folk singer Colin Hudson (voc,keys). Rel tape ‘Songs From Celtic Lands’ 1985

Cranebuilders – Band (2002), feat; Tommy Roberts (voc,gtr) and Simon Reynolds (gtr) met while working at Crane’s Music Store in Liverpool and formed their own label, Ten People Tell. Championed by Steve Lamacq on Radio 1, their debut EP, Bitch on b-unique recs. More info req’d

Cranes – rock band of mid80s, feat; Carl Reynolds (voc). Had track It’s That Expression on A Secret Liverpool comp LP (Nov84). More info req’d

Crapfest – annual festival hosted in Liverpool by Wirral band, Crapsons. First held in 2019, and is located across venues in the city, like EBGB’s, Phase One, Jacaranda, Outpost. 2024 sees it heading over the water to Future Yard in Birkenhead.

– Birkenhead based 2-piece punk-grunge band (formed Jan18), feat; Mike Markey (voc,bass) and Andy Gilbert (drms,voc). Rel download single YDKWYGTD (11.01.18) and an EP ‘Deaths & Spelling Mistakes’ (on Link2wales Recs 23.11.18). Played live sessions on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM show (09.04.18 & 21.04.19). Rel download single Who’ll Babysit The Goths (Aug19) and subsequently signed to Society Of Losers Recs and released ‘Clotheslines By A Nun EP’ (07.09.20), then That Bit Between Christmas And New Year (19.07.21). Andy Gilbert also co-hosted Liverpool Calling Festival and the band host the annual Crapfest in Liverpool. As of Nov21, Pete (of Mr Ted) joined the band on guitar. Launched Crap Records and released an 11 minute album ‘Songs To Make A Brew To’ (2022). Neil Crud has also stood-in on guitar for a couple of gigs (Sep23). (bandcamp)

Crash Studios – recording studio formerly called SOS

Crash Course – band (Dec78-Jan79). Formed by Andy Eastwood (voc) (later Sex Gods, Divine Thunderbolt) & Rob Jones (drms) (later of Wah!), later joined by Pete Wylie (gtr) (ex Crucial Three, Nova Mob later of Wah!), Mick Reid (gtr) (later of Nightmares in Wax), Paul Cunningham (bass) (later of Glass Torpedoes),. Rec live EP but never rel. Andy says; “Pete Wylie was the last to join and played rhythm guitar, we were together for about a year and all lived in a flat in Penny Lane, I reckon we played Eric’s 3 or 4 times as well as Manchester like all the Liverpool bands back then, the Bunnymen supported us at Erics on their 1st gig and asked me to play keys, three notes on a Farfisa to ‘monkeys’.”

Crash Course – punk fanzine (1980-85), run by Graham from Halewood who was a good friend of Jello Biafra! He went a bit arty & went into writing TV scripts & short stories.

Crawl – Widnes R+B band (formed 1982), feat; Chris Jackson (voc), Keith Lightfoot (gtr), Peter Blakeley (bass), Paul Wood (drms) who was replaced by Paul Brady (ex Mutants, Ulterior Motive). Peter left in1987 & was replaced by Jim Free (ex Adams Family)

Cream Soda – band (1973-74), feat; Graham ‘Maddie’ Maddrel (gtr,voc). Supp Rusty (Elvis Costello‘s old band). (website)

Creamy Whirls – vocal duo, Tina Labrinski & Sarah Lamarra of mid to late 80s, doing backing vocals for Black, OMD, Real Thing, Real People

Creatures of Doom – Widnes punk band of mid80s, rel a tape in 1985 feat track Kneel & Weep. More info req’d

The Crescent – Huyton band, feat; Wayne Whitfield (voc). Once feat; Greg Colton (now Deluge). Rel eponymous debut LP on Hut (30.09.02).

Crikey, It’s The Cromptons – manic indie-pop band (formed 1985), feat; Andrew Delamere (drms) (also of Wizards of Twiddly, Whatevershebringswesing), Tony Crompton (aka Brown) (gtr,voc), Huw Williams (drms) (ex Jactars), Pete McPartland (bass) (ex Jactars, Third Man), Dave Treble (gtr).Dave Treble also had a primitive studio at Vulcan Rehearsals however The Cromptons release was a more professionally recorded 6 track 12″ ep on Cromptone Recs, called “Mouthing Off”. Earlier, they had rel a 6 track demo (May85) & had a track Food For Feet on their own ‘Ways To Wear Coats’ comp LP (VULC 001 Oct86). Henry Spencer (of Jactars) has played guitar with them. Tony Crompton is now known as Anthony A. Chestnut and was last seen around town in the persona of The People’s Poet, selling poems for cash in pubs!!!

Crime Pays – punk fanzine from Toxteth (c1989), ran for at least 26 issues by local artist Pete C. More info req’d.

Crimson Joy – More info req’d

Crocodile God – pop-punk band (1992-2000), feat; Mark Murphy (voc,gtr), Will (bass), Andy Higham (drms). Prev members – Ravo (bass), Bryan Davies (bass), Liam Smith (drms). Reformed 2006 (website)

Cross Section – Liverpool’s 1st working reggae band (c1980). Led by Graham Amir, it consisted of two Somalians (Junior on drums), two Africans Dickie Rude aka Lloyd Masset, and Neil Innes, two lesbians (Julie and ?) and a white boy, became the house band at The Warehouse club rel a single on the club’s record label (the only release?) Wake Up In The Morning (1982), rec John Peel Session (31.03.82) and played at The Venue in London. Graham eventually went solo and release several recs for Probe Plus.

Crosstown Studios – based in Dickson St. Also provide rehearsal space (website)

Crucial Three – band formed May 1977, feat; Julian Cope (later of Shallow Madness, Teardrop Explodes), Ian McCulloch (later of Shallow Madness, Echo & The Bunnymen), Pete Wylie (later of Mighty Wah!), Stephen Spence (drms). Never got past rehearsal stage, which took place in Wylie’s bedroom, & lasted only 6 weeks, but the rest is history. Wrote songs incl; Bloody Sure You’re on Dope. (see also Mystery Girls)

Crucified Twins – Birkenhead/Wallasey/Liverpool & Bolton band (formed 2010), feat; Ian Jones (voc,gtr), Elliot Wheeler (gtrs), John Graves (bass), Keith Conlan (keys), Robert Ludlow (drms). Jones & Wheeler have been involved with Laughing Sam’s Dice, The Accolade, Lash, The Jonathan Pigs, Buzzfreaks, Chinese Lion Dance, The Shining Hours, Thirteen, The False Prophets (website)

CS Drift band (1995-97), feat; Maxine Dunn (voc) (ex Steal, Mahalia), Matt Thomas (keys), Conrad Nicholls (gtr), Paul Chambers (bass), and various drummers whos names escape Maxine!! Evolved from the Portishead/Massive Attack era, played live a lot around L’pool. All recordings done at The L’pool Music House. A lot of buzzing, but lack of long staying drummers held up the band a lot and Matt left eventually seeking pastures new.

Cubical – weirdo acid splashed blues with harmonica genius and spikey guitars. More info req’d

The Curb – Wirral based indie band (2004), feat; Stephen J Fowlds (gtr), Stuart Clarke (drms), Martin Walker (voc), Jonny Fowlds (gtr), Ian Humphries (bass). (website)

Curtis – project in the alt-experimental mode (c2009) (website)

Cushfoot – jazz quartet (c2006), feat; Martin Smith (trmpt) (also Wizards of Twliddly). Rel LP ‘Both Pockets’.

Cyan – Wirral/Liverpool based band (1983-1984), feat: Ade Hall (gtr,keys) and Iain Morton (voc, perc). Gigged in around L’pool and the Wirral using taped backing tracks and synth. Later inc Les Hughes (drms) (ex Hambi and the Dance) and Les Martin (bass) (ex Jealous Gir. Could have given Howard Jones a run for his money but Howard got in there first. Currently (2009) recording as Unreasonable Footprints and both playing (keys and drums respectively) for Jimmy Rae (Reverb Brothers) and the Firewalkers.

Cyclic Amp – band (Sep80-Jan82 then Sep84-?), band orig feat; Ernie Pollard (gtr) (later ECM), Paddy Collis (voc,fx) (later ECM), Andy Barlow (drms) (later Sister Moon) (all later of Professor Oh & The Oh No’s, Sharon & The Slobz), Jan Cornwall (bass) (later Sister Moon). Couldn’t play instruments to start but rel a tape ’25 Golden Greats’ (Aug80). Professor Oh was running concurrently with the band & Glenn Winskill (gtr,voc) (later Sister Moon, Clique) joined (Nov81). Band ceased but regrouped in Sep84 with Ste Richmond (voc,tapes) (ex Phobia, ECM, Sharon & The Slobz) joining Ernie, Paddy & Andy. Rel 8 track demo (Mar84), 5 track demo (Aug86), ‘Deviations of Impulse’ on Pumf Tapes (Aug86), Happy Ending tape (1987), Probe rel mini LP ‘Ugly As Power’ (Oct87). Jan rejoined on bass (Jun85).

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