Brain Donor

A side project of Julian Cope’s – released the album ‘Love, Peace And Fuck’ on Impresario label in late 2001. This was followed by a couple of singles ‘Saw Me Coming’ and ‘Get Off Your Pretty Face’

It is garage rock, prog rock, and what Julian Cope calls “Krautrock” all rolled into a 2001 sound. Cope continued to expand and explore by forming this band (with the help of long-time collaborator Thighpaulsandra), and he rocks out. This album is pure noise but, because it is Cope, it is melodic noise, sort of!. The playing is loud and in your face, and Cope provides the suitable vocals for this. Truthfully, it is quite good. The lyrics visit familiar territory (druids, sex, love, Celtic folklore, and Odin) and they do so with Cope’s typical sincerity. You might not buy into what he is selling, but one has to admire his loyalty and devotion to his inspirations and beliefs – Or is he just mad? Too much LSD me thinks..

Another Cope link The Hungry Types, which were his first attempts at forming a group- probably doesn’t fit the L’Pool criteria as Cope was still living in Tamworth at the time featured his brother Joss and a guy called Chris Goodson who now lives as a member of the nomadic Pathickey tribe in Kurdistan, and has about eight kids.

(Phil Newall)

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