Blonde Streak

Wirral band (formed early82) feat Brain Marriott (gtr), Rob Bateman (keys), Paul Kelly (bass), Carl Bateman (drms), Jackie Doswell (voc).

Brain Marriott says;
“I was the original Guitarist , when blond streak was formed early in 1982, Rob Bateman (the Keyboard player )asked me would i be interested in forming a Band along with his work colleague Paul Kelly (Bass Guitar). We used to practice in the old school building on Lark Lane Liverpool Opposite the wine bar Marantos. Rob Bateman introduced his brother into the band to play drums.Carl with only a couple of lessons of experience behind him was just about able to keep time on his hi-hat, and could just about reach the kick drum ,”well after a fashion”, but he was the keyboard players brother!, so he got the job!!.

“The band grew again, by myself placing an advert in local paper, shortly after Jackie Doswell (Vocals) was recruited in, I was the only band member with any experience playing live since 1976 and with the use of my PA and band gear and negotiation skills with pub landlords and club managers I was able to get the the band on the road with its first gigs One was held at the Masonic on Berry Street, Liverpool City center.

“Over the months the bands repertoire of music grow, made up mainly of trax written by Rob and Paul however I was allowed to contribute 3 of my compositions these worked really well and were popular with our following at the time, I dont think Rob liked that as he was the “superior trained player amongst us”

“One night we were playing in Eric’s (the place to be in the 80’s) in town, “one of best performance that i can remember” even Carl was using both hands on his kit”. a guy in the audience (Mike Davenport) took an interest in the band, whom was formally the lead guitarist in Nutz the Liverpool Rock band, he became our manager, trying hard for months to get us signed up he got some interest with a French company “Career” recs and he changed the band name to Toujours L’amour, however the big break never happend!! the name was then changed to Room to Move.

“After falling out with Rob Bateman due to disagreements, I decided to leave the band in 1994.”

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  1. Ian Huyton
    February 24, 2022 @ 2:18 pm

    Hello Brian, I lived next door to Paul Kelly in Dorrit st , he used to take me to lark lane to watch them rehearse, I also went to the masonic gig , I was only 13 , I had started playing guitar myself at the age of 11, Paul use to tune me and my mates guitars, we had formed a group called stop press, we were gigging around the city by the age of 14-15 Paul went on to manage us , we played the Empire , the garden festival ,st George’s hall and the neptune.they were great days, pa sadly passed away a few years ago , lovely man r.i.p


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