Liverpool: Bl – Bz

Black – 3-pc band formed 1981, feat; Colin Vearncome (gtr,voc) (died 26.01.16), Roy Corkhill (bass) (later Third Man, Here’s Johnny, Icicle Works), Martin Green (sax) (ex Numbers 28, White Russians, China Crisis), Jimmy Hughes (drms), Dave ‘Dix’ Dickie (keys) (ex Last Chant). Rel 7″ Wonderful Life on Ugly Man Recs (1986), then Colin went solo & signed to A&M & the song became a huge hit (#8 in UK Charts), following Sweetest Smile (also #8). Continued making the Top 75 until 1991 with Paradise, Big One, Now You’re Gone, Feel Like Change & Here it Comes Again. Colin & Roy also did live work for Grown Up Strange (1986-87). Also feat; Jimmy Sangster (ex City Lights) who joined 1983. Dave Dix went on to work at the Kashmir Klub and has produced and engineered many chart acts. Originally a punk band called The Epileptic Tits then Tilt.

Black & Blue – feat; Jennifer John & Levi Tafari

Black Frost – band feat Jonte Wilkins (drms), Roger Christian (voc,congas), Russel Christian (sax), Vic Christian (keys), Gary Christian (bass). Lasted 8 mnths and rehearsed in “The Blackie” China town. Jonte went on to join Young Lions replaced by Junior (drms) and Vic left to carry on teaching, Roger, Russel and Gary joined up with Henry Priestman to form the very successful Christians.

Blackmailers – orig name for Spitfire Boys

Blackstuff Lads – parody band, rel 7″ Gis a Job (Dec82).

Black Velvet – band (c1980) that became Kabuki

Black Velvets – Perhaps Liverpool’s most pre-eminent ‘rock’ act – they play big loud songs that have been described as a healthy cross between Led Zep and AC-DC, with more than a hint of T-Rex thrown in. Four piece comprising Paul Carden (voc), Robbie Ross (gtr), Dave Dutton (bass) and Nick Kilroe (drms). Formed at the tail end of 2002, and have rapidly raised their profile playing support to no less than The Who, and The Killers. They attracted the attention of Alan Wills at L’pool indie Deltasonic who arranged a management deal with Sanctuary Home of mega stars Destinys Child. This in turn led to deal with Vertigo Recs who will be rel their debut single ‘Get On Your Life’ at the end of Nov04 – a ltd edition in real black velvet sleeve.. oohee pop lovers. Not bad for a band named after an Alannah Myles song!!

Blade – metal band (c1984) from Neston. More info req’d.

Blame, The – Wirral based Britpop-ish band (c1998-9), feat; Bradley Briercliffe (voc) (now of Troubldour), Teresa Smith (drms), Terry Laverly (gtr). Played at The Lomax a couple of times, and rel 4 trk demo rec at Parr Street, and prod by Ken Nelson ‘The Way We Were / Do You Remember / Psychedelic Friends / Inside Memories’. Split 1999 & Terry formed Troubadour 2 weeks later.

Blame It On Rio – band (formed 1987), prev called Persuaders

Blaspheme – band (c1980) feat; Sharon Leigh (voc). More info req’d.

Blaze – 5-pc funk band (c1982). More info req’d.

Blaze 8 piece cabaret/lounge band that existed in L’pool for all of 2 weeks sometime in 1999. They played easy listening/jazz cover versions. All this would’ve been very boring had the manager not aquired the services of one Duncan Black on guitar. He applied for the position through the job centre in Bangor, North Wales – it was part of Labour’s ‘New Deal’ scheme. Mr Black decided to ‘pep things up a bit’ using beer and FX pedals. He turned Carpenters songs into ambient experiments and ‘Mustang Sally’ into a funk/metal song. He lasted one gig at Jodies before the manager sacked him for ‘being immature’ and ‘flicking the vees’ onstage. The band split the next day. A VHS recording of the gig is knocking around somewhere – if you own it, please contact Duncan.

Blazing Saddles – rock band (1983-85), feat; Steve Wright. Rel 7″ Free George Jackson (Jan85).

Bled Through – band feat Andy J (bass) (now Deluge). More info req’d

Blenn – band feat; Steve B (now of Reece)

Bless The Weather – band feat; Steve Day (ex 11.59, later Day2, Oklamotif), played only one gig (Apr86) at Everyman Bistro supp Ministry of Love.

Blimey Brothers – band feat; Paul Capper (gtr,voc) (now Amazing Kappa Band, ex Pete Wylie, Cat Scratch Fever, Candy Store Rock,Stamp Sisters, Cathedral), Tony Smith (drms) (ex Kappa, The Band With No Name, Candy Store Rock)

Blind Eye – band feat; Rocking Ronnie Westhead (gtr), Brian Cockayne (bass), Vic Sheedy (drms). Played Wilsons Bar on Wood St and supp Nutz, Rubbers, Sliced Bread, Rage.

Blind Owl – band formed by Chris Layhe (later of Icicle Works) & John Corner. Changed name to Eleanor.

Blitz Brothers – were basically Dalek-I Love You with a few friends, inc Steve Lovell (gtr) (ex Hollycaust, Hambi & The Dance, Tontrix, Julian Cope). Dalek-I were signed to Vertigo Recs so its not really a shock to note that the Blitz Brothers only rel also came out on the same label – ‘Gloria/Songs/Records’ 7″ single in full picture sleeve BLITZ-001 in 1979

Blitzkrieg – Southport based hardcore punk band, formed 1979, feat; Mic ‘Spike’ Rophone (voc) (later of Parasites, Paradox UK, Retch Recs), Gary ‘Gaz’ Sumner (gtr) (later of Insane), Chris Hind (bass) (later of Mayhem), Phil Din (drms). Played many gigs throughout the North & feat on ‘Country Fit For Heroes’ comp in Jan’81 with The Future Must Be Ours. Phil was replaced by John McCallum & they signed to No Future recs rel Lest We Forget EP (#11 Indie Charts 1982) followed by a UK tour with Mayhem & Varukers. John left to be replaced on drums by Bambi (later of Insane, Parasites) & they rel Animals In Lipstick on Sexual Phonograph recs (#30 Indie Chart 1983). They split soon afterwards after arguments. They reformed in late 1987 feat Spike, Gaz, Bambi & Trev (bass) (ex Insane). Reformed again in 1988 feat; Gaz Sumner (gtr), Ales (gtr), Freddy Doyle (drms), Spike (voc), Mal (bass) & did a chaotic tour with North Wales punk band 4Q. Then reformed yet again in 1990 & rec the LP ‘Future Must Be Ours’ on Retch recs. A retrospective split LP with Insane was rel on Capt Oi! recs in 1997.

Blonde Streak – Wirral band (formed early82) feat Brain Marriott (gtr), Rob Bateman (keys), Paul Kelly (bass), Carl Bateman (drms), Jackie Doswell (voc). Managed by Mick Davenport (ex Nutz) & got a deal with French label Career who changed their name to Toujours L’amour. Described as a band with a tight sound & one of the best female vocalists in L’pool. When the big break never came they changed name to Room To Move. Brian left in 1994, read his story.

Blood Group – reggae-rock band (mid80s), feat; Leroy Cooper (also a graffiti artist & poet). Supported The Farm in 1987 on their last gig.

Bloody Picnic – post-punk band (1989-92), feat; Jon Westaway (voc), Ste Elms (gtr), Justin Wood (bass), Paul Woods (drms). Later bassists Jason Rose and Ray Jones, later drummers Marc Miller and Mark Murphy. Debut gig at Birkey Hotel, Crosby. Played around the L’pool circuit, often with Welsh punks Anhrefn and Y Cyrff, along with a date in Bangor with Cut Tunes. Resurfaced for a couple of one-offs as Fevertree. Rel tape ‘Exit Someone (Lifeblood).’

Blown To Bits – Long running punk fanzine edited by Bazzy from Widnes (also voc for Bazzy & The Budgies). Ran for about 20 issues in late 80s/early 90s. Noted for its own cut & paste style & bad grammar, but also very popular. Many issues came out in different coloured print. A5 size.

Blubberhouse – Bootle band (formed ’87), feat; Phil Thompson (voc,gtr), Ian Hughes (keys), Irvine Bhatt (brass), Mike Aih (drms). Debut gig at local fire station (11.11.87). Rel 12″ Force of Habit on H-T Recs (Dec87)

Blue – more info req’d

Blue Angel – For reasons lost in the annals of time it is known as ‘The Raz’; very popular all week particularly with students. 108, Seel Street, L1

Blue & White Plastic Tray – one of the many names used by members of Sharon & The Slobz, see also Sister Moon, Cyclic Amp.

Blue Demon – band (2003), feat; Day (drms) (later of State Terror), Paul Gonzalez (gtr,voc), Chris ‘Huffy’ Hough (dbl bass), Day Searson (drms), Louise (joined Jan05) & Chantelle (Demonette Dancers). Kate (also of After The Massacre) who joined Nov03 and has since left, says; ‘Basically we go nuts on stage dressed in cheerleaders outfits with pom poms! We’ve been known to jump off the stage and batter the boys in the pit.’ Signed to Mimashima recs. (website)

Blue Forest – dance-pop high school band (formed 1982), feat; Terry Jones (voc,gtr) (later Third Man, South Parade), John Pritchard (keys,voc), John Hughes (drms), Rel 5-track demo (1984) feat; Touch My Skin, Rose Garden, Love Child. Ian Campbell (ex Objet d’Art) auditioned in 1984 but never joined. Split 1985

Blue Murder – band (formed 1990), feat; Paul Hobday (gtr) (ex Back To College, later India (Lost Weekend), Waving At Trains, Association). Rel CD 2002 (website)

Blue Nose B – Aintree band (1984-89?) feat; Dave Billows (voc), John Briody (gtr), Mick Lawson (drms,voc) (all ex Indadais), Steve Lawson (bass) (ex Bneco). Rel demo Summer Girl (Jul84), demo ‘Blade Discussion’ (Oct84), 12″ Forever Passing Trains on Blues Recs (Jan86), 12″ My Diary (Jun86) with Paul Gill (keys). Steve carried on the band with sessionists after the rest deserted him in 1986, using – Dave Billows (voc), John Murphy (gtr), Jay Naughton (keys), Paul Thomas (sax), Gary Gilmurray (drms), Dave Rielly (perc). By the end of 1987 Steve had settled with Danny Woods (gtr), & Paul Denners (drms) (ex Emily’s Suitcase). Had track Why Do I Need You on Modesty Kills (Audio Visual) comp LP (Jan88).

Blue Poland – band feat; Chris Larsen (bass) (later Lawnmower, Beach Bastards), Melanie Deeprose (voc), Neil Morgan (voc), Nigel Robinson (gtr), Steve Thomas (drms). They were feat on a prog called “Something Else” on BBC2 in the early 80’s (watch) and shortly after did a John Peel session recording Find Out Why, Time and Motion, Household Gods and Puppet Nation. Their career was cut short by the illness and tragic early death of Neil Morgan. Nigel’s brother Nick Robinson played in Boat Party

Blue Prelude – band feat; Perry Leach (drms), Guy Davies and the Everett brothers. Guy was 6′ 2″ and the smallest member of the band by far. The band were unofficially christened “The Big Lads”. Their manager Paul Beecham (aka Spike) was a local photographer and an all round good bloke. He took them to Nomis studios in London to showcase for the lazy London A & R, but to not much avail.

Blueprint – band, formed 1984 by Paul Marsters (gtr,voc) (ex Shwerlemont & The Bad Spadges, Second To None, Forgotten Heroes). More info req’d

Blue Ruby – funky pop-rock band (formed 2001). Supp The Coral, Bandits. (website)

Blue Siege – rock band (1985-86), feat; Gary Hall (gtr,voc), Rylane, Gibbons, Cumming. Rel 7″ Waiting River (on Pride Communications Jan86), prod by Chris Layhe (Icicle Works), LP Ruin No Longer Remains (Feb86)

Blues Machine – more info req’d

Blues Shouter – band (late 90s), feat; Carl Woodward, John Lewis, Paul Need, Terry Harris. Rel, ‘Blues Shouter’ LP (1995) and performed with Connie Lush at Albert Hall, London in 1998

Blue Vein – Kirkby band (formed early 80s), feat; Jim Keating (voc), Tony Hennigan (gtr), Dave Pickett (gtr), Roy Pickett (bass), Alexandra Vienskavich (keys), Dave Lunt (drms). Rel 7″ Into the Night (on own Excellent Recs 1984). Tony since then has been involved in a project called

Blynd Zenyth – Band, (formed 2005), feat; David Banks (voc), Jon Campbell (gtr) (ex-Leavers), Karl Sturgeon (bass), and Thomas Mulholland (drms). SaVages; a mixture of paintings, sculptures & music, he’s based in London & currently in Norway. (website)

Bneco – band formed in 1980 by Neil Buckley (voc, gtr, keys),(ex Ho Ho Bacteria, later Squat Down) and John Briody (voc, gtr), (later Blue Nose B), also feat; John O Halleron (bass) and various dummers. Played numerous Liverpool venues including Litherland Town Hall. Recorded ‘Live at the Shelbourne’ in London, mixed at Trident Studios.

Boat Party – Crosby classic rock band (formed 1984), feat; Nick Robinson (bass), Paul Thirwall (voc,gtr), Bat Masterson (drms), Derek Finn (keys). Nick is brother of Blue Poland’s Nigel Robinson and says, ‘We formed in 1984 whilst still at great reviews in Sounds from Kev Ssampson when we were 15.’ They went through a few line up changes and played at lot of the Gigz For Kidz. Self rel a single Bullets Fly (1986).

Bob, Bob, Bob And Bob – Birkenhead band (formed 1986), Played hundreds of gigs, made some records and recorded some Peel sessions before finally calling it a day in 1996 due to the fact that they were too old and fat to carry on. Talked into reforming for a gig with Undertones at The Pacific Road Birkenhead in 2005 on the promise of free beer and pies. Have said they will play one last gig to celebrate the death of Margaret Thatcher. Hurry up and die you bitch (did the gig ever happen?).

Bobby Arnold Band – (1980-83) feat the multi award winning country guitarist Bobby Arnold (later Kenny Johnson and Northwind), Leo (voc,gtr), Mark Singleton (gtr,keys,voc) (later Now Hear This, Gambler, Afraid of Mice). Bobby sadly passed away in 2002 but will always be remembered with great affection by hundreds of musicians throughout the NW coast who admired his wonderful playing skills, particularly Mark Singo to whom Bobby was a great friend and mentor

Bobby Sox And The Prize Guys – L’pool band (formed mid 70s), orig feat; Paul Thomas (gtr), Kenny Shearer (gtr), Alan Lawrence (bass), Davy Goldberg (keys), Paul Wright (gtr). Appeared on Network ITVs ‘Rock With Laughter’ (summer 1980) and toured UK and 1976-1981. The act continues today as a duo… Bobby Sox & the Prize Guy with Bobby & George Fogg (ex Animated Classix). Bobby also works for BBC Radio Merseyside on the Billy Butler show (since 2000) promoting local bands.

The Body – band (formed 1971), feat; Tony Alliston (gtr), his brother Gary Alliston (drms) Ronnie Nelson (bass). Rel LP ‘The Body Album’ (1981), rel ‘The Body Album Plus’ (1997) feat; John Bleasdale (keys) (ex Pegasus). (website)

– anarcho-punk/ska band (formed Apr12), feat; Molly Yates (voc), Louis Kushner (gtr,voc), Harley Stewart (gtr,voc), Sam Talley (bass,voc), Robyn Hargreaves (sax), Jenny Bichard-Collins (trmbone), Andrew Lockhart (drms). Rel debut EP ‘Radical. Anarchic. Bolshy. Scouse’ (18.06.14), then LP ‘Reap The Storm’ (18.03.17 on Antipop) and ‘A Gap In The Canopy EP’ (25.11.19). Orig voc was Ivy Jlassi (bandcamp)

Bombsite – punk fanzine and original name for the band Why Control. Run by Mart and Grom from the band. Ran for a year from early 1977 for 3 issues. (website)

Bop A Dub – B’Head label (began Dec84) run by Alan Gill (ex Dalek I) & Jill Thompson (ex Inevitable recs). Rel at least 7 comp tapes between Jan85 – Oct86

Bonanza – band (1987-88) feat; Ken Nelson (gtr,voc) (ex Builders, Jenny Lind), Carl Brown (bass) (ex Jenny Lind, later Playing Fields, Fallen People). Both members were involved in the ‘Twist & Samba’ comp LP release.

Bonapartes Pub – venue in late 80s that put bands on every Tuesday & Thursday. More info req’d

Bone – Formed in 1990 from the ashes of Modern Eon, after the collapse of Eon Bob Wakelin, Danny Hampson, and Joey McKecknie reformed as Bone. They managed just one release, an EP titled ‘An Arm And A Leg’ for the Belly Up label before calling it a day. For reasons not explained Bone were also known as This Time Next Year.

Boo Radleys – Wallasey band (1988-99), feat; Martin Carr (gtr), Sice (voc,gtr) (also Eggman), Steve Hewitt (drms), Timothy Brown (bass). Rel LP ‘Ichabod and I’ (1990) & Rob Cieka replaced Steve on drums. Signed to Rough Trade & rel ‘Every Heaven’ EP (’91) & then signed to Creation & rel LP ‘Everything’s Alright Forever’. 1993’s ‘Giant Steps’ was rel & made some impact in USA. 1995, the more pop-oriented ‘Wake Up!’ was the band’s commercial breakthrough, debuting at #1. The bright, horn-driven single Wake Up Boo entered in the Top Ten with the follow-up single, Find The Answer Within making Top 30. ‘Wake Up!’ was rel in US autumn ’95 with no promotional push from Columbia, who dropped the band early the following year. 1996 saw ‘C’mon Kids’ debuted in the Top Ten but it soon fell off the charts, despite overwhelmingly positive reviews. Early in 1997, the band finalized a US contract with Mercury, and ‘C’mon Kids’ was released in March. ‘Kingsize’ followed in late 1998, though the group officially broke up just months later. Rob Harrison (drms) (ex Jules Verne, Bulah Wig) also played at some stage. Reformed in 2020 without Martin Carr.

Bop Til Ya Drop – gig night at The Old Police Station, Larks Lane in Sefton (c1979), many shows took place promoted by Garry Gannicliffe, ‘They proved very successful until I was asked to pull the gig by the police after 200 or so mods raced up and down Lark Lane on their scooters terrifying the local residents after invading the stage in support of their favourite band Zeebra swinging their crash helmets to the beat.
Unfortunately no posters remain of the Zeebra gig as the mods ripped them down after the gig.’ Garry went onto to help promote Larks In The Park festivals.

Bordellos – band (formed May04), feat; Brian Shea (voc,gtr), Ant Shea (voc,perc), Gary Storey (bass) (all ex Onion King), Geoff Parr (gtr), Vinny Oates (keys) . Rel 2 download singles Scream (Oct05) and Arthur Lee (Apr06). Mike Simm (drms) joined Oct05 and they began gigging. Rel LP ‘How To Lose Friends & Influence No One’ (09.10.16) (website)

Adrian Borland – Following the split of The Sound, Borland rec a further LP as ‘Adrian Borland And The Citizens’ which was rel on the European label Play It Again Sam. Borland continued in music throughout the next two decades, producing other acts and rel another batch of under-appreciated recs as a solo artist and as a member of a couple side projects (the Honolulu Mountain Daffodil, White Rose Transmission). On April 26, 1999, Borland took his own life. Thanks to the Renascent label’s reissuing program in the late ’90s and early 2000s, the Sound’s discography has been restored and revitalized.

Box Of Toys – band (1982-84), feat; Brian Atherton (voc,keys), Roy Campbell (bass,voc), Phil Martin (sax,keys,voc) (later Come In Tokio), Andy Redhead (drms,gtr) (ex Select Committee, later 3D). Rel 2 singles on Inevitable Recs, I’m Thinking Of You Now (1983) and Precious Is The Pearl (1984) before changing their name to The Light.

Box of Trix – band, feat; Donaghy, McMillan, Speke, Paul Hart and Neil Sutch. Rel; 12″ EP ‘Lightning Strikes Twice’, rec at Amazon Studios. More info req’d.

Box 13 – band feat on Birkenhead Blues comp LP (on Bop A Dub Jan86). More info req’d

The Bradwell – recording studio

Brady’s – venue of late 80’s prev called Eric’s

Brain Donor – A side project of Julian Cope’s – released the album ‘Love, Peace And Fuck’ on Impresario label in late 2001. This was followed by a couple of singles ‘Saw Me Coming’ and ‘Get Off Your Pretty Face’. more…

Brave Captain – project, began 2000 by Martin Carr (ex Boo Radleys), signed on with Wichita Recs & rel EP, ‘Fingertip Saint Sessions, Vol. I’ (rec with Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci and Super Furry Animals prod Gorwel Owen). LP ‘Go With Yourself (Fingertip Saint Sessions, Vol. II)’ followed months later to lukewarm reviews. In 2001 LP, ‘Nothing Lives Long, He Sang, Only the Earth and the Mountains’ rel by Thirsty Ear.

Breaking The Mould – studio based project (formed 2001), feat; Graham ‘Maddie’ Maddrell (website)

Breakout – fanzine from Formby, L37 ran by Neil Tilly from Apr81. Neil then promoted gigs at Left Bank Bistro in Matthew St until Jan83. Continued to promote bands at Lincoln Inn, Venus Club & Bier Keller. Zine grew in circulation to 25,000 & in 1985 he formed a label under the same name & rel a single for Foundation. Everything stopped in Oct85 when Neil started to manage Change To The East. Paul Robinson (ex Stun The Guards) was also involved with the zine

Breathless – more info req’d

Breed – more info req’d

Brenda And The Beach Balls – band, feat; Brenda Kenny (voc), Jarvis Whitehead (gtr) (also It’s Immaterial), Steve ‘Jaffa’ Jeffries (keys), Gerry Kenny (bass). Rel 12″ EP ‘Volume One’ (on Probe Plus 01.04.86). Put out a further 3 singles up to 1988.

Brian’s Diner – venue in Stanley Street. This was where the Bunnymen invited the early arrivals as part of ‘Crystal Day’. At one point most of the L’pool movers and shakers could be seen there during the day, Cope, Balfe etc were regulars. Other small groups seemed to do free shows there on an occasional basis, incl Hello Sunset 1985

Brickhouse – Birkenhead soul / funk band circa mid 90s. Their guitarist was Charlie Landsborough Jnr and their bassist was Jamie Roberts (RIP) who’d been in No Bitches and Radio Blank.

Brilliant Genius – label of Vulcan Rehearsal Studios who rel comp LP ‘Ways To Wear Coats’ (Oct86), & a 12″ by Jactars.

Broadside – band (2003) formed by Adam (bass) (ex State Terror), now split

Broken Promise – band feat on ‘Jobs For The Boys’ comp LP (Natalie recs Jan85). More info req’d

The Bronx – Sefton band (1980-81), feat; Darren Brown (gtr) (ex Shwerlemont & The Bad Spadges, later Toxic Blue, Scream in Silence, Roulade, Jenny Lind), Paul Wallace (bass) (same biog as Darren except Jenny Lind), L.Boswarva (drms), K.Blackshaw (voc) who was replaced by Seddy in ’81. Wils (drms) (later The Dry Retch) also played at some point.

Buckley – band feat; Ian ‘Bucko’ Buckley (voc,gtr) (ex Outer Limits, The Falcons, One Last Fight, later 56 Kiss). More info req’d.

Bugs – band (1975-76) feat; Roddie Gilliard (gtr) (now of Muffin Men, but check his profile), Eric Wilson (bass) (ex Restless), Brian ‘Damage’ Harcombe (drms) (ex Restless, Shop Soiled, Filibuster, Death Kit, Accelerators), Dave Woods (gtr) and Marie Woods (voc) (both ex Jigger). Playing Janis Joplin, Grace Slick (at a time when it was probably considered unhip, as most were into Lynyrd Skynyrd and stuff) and orig material, at places like The Moonstone and The Metro in Liverpool City centre

Builders – band of early 80s, feat; Ken Nelson (gtr) (later Jenny Lind, Bonanza), Dave Reilly (drms) (ex Screaming Addicts, China Crisis, US Companion, later Faction), Ronnie O’Keefe (voc,gtr) (ex England’s Own Revolutionary Royal Family, Secluded Places), Gary Williams (keys) (ex That Vulcano, Secluded Places). More info req’d

Building 44 – band c1982 – more info req’d

Bulah Wig – garage punk band of mid-90s feat; Karl Bader-Bailey (gtr,voc) (ex Jules Verne, Playhouse, later Lumiesence, Acacia Gum, Superdude), Rob Harrison (drms) (ex Boo Radleys, Jules Verne), Jason Stoll (bass) (who replaced Karl in Playhouse). Became Lumiesence

Bullyrag – band feat; Robbie Awork, Stewart Boyle, Mike Cusik (ex Empire), Stewart Kershaw (drms) (ex OMD), Paul Ryan (ex Da Biffs, Munchies, Er Turkey, The Flaps, Fat Larry’s Band, Almighty Atmosphere, Muffin Men) and Dave Goldring. (read biog)

Bump And Grind – fanzine from Allerton, L18. More info req’d.

Bunter – band, formed 1978 feat; Kenny Parry (gtr,voc), John Farrell (bass) (died in 1988), Tommy Mac (voc) and Bob Lawson (drms) (ex Elliot).

Burning Airlines – Runcorn band (1980-81), feat; David C (voc), Alan Roberts (bass), Gary Horabin (keys), Ade Sleigh (drms) (later Trash Culture, Hardly Fighters, Tao Tao Bay Beep). Became Wild Weekend (Dec81)

Burning Eyes – band, feat; Aussie John (later of The Dry Retch, Sonic Rednecks, Haddock Fish Beast). More info req’d

Pete Burns – front man of Dead or Alive (05.08.59 – 23.10.16) born in Port Sunlight. Worked in Probe Recs in late 70s and was briefly in Mystery Girls, before forming Nightmares in Wax and by 1980 he’d changed their name to Dead or Alive and headed to the No.1 slot in 1985 with You Spin Me Round. Known for his sexually overt and flamboyant appearance and cosmetic surgery, came back into the spotlight when he appeared on Celebrity Big Brother TV show (2006), and then Celebrity Wife Swap (30.09.07)

Bushfinder – band (pre-1985), feat; Dave Carter (later of Young Lions), Phil Hughes (gtr) (later US Companion, Some Party), Tony Barton (bass) (ex Lunjay Blue Armey, later US Companion). More info req’d

Buster – band (formed Mar74, orig called New Attraction), feat; Kevin Roberts (bass) & Rob Fennah (gtr) (both later of Alternative Radio), Peter Leay (gtr), Les Brians (drms). Became successful teenyboppers with a string of hits & LPs in Japan & Australia. Biggest UK hit was Sunday on RCA Recs making #48 in Jan76 (discogs)

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