Liverpool: Ba – Bi

Babies on a Hook – band (formed 2002), feat; Dave Cruise (ex Position 69).

Back From ‘Nam – band feat; Barry (of Probe Recs) & Paul (from Renshaw St groovy antique shop ’69A’). Supported Swamp Thrash at Stairways (Aug87). Damian Bromley (ex Cair Paravel, Dark Delights, Self Enforced Exile, Innervision) was briefly a member but was ousted for refusing to cut his hair into a flat top! More info req’d

Back Of Beyond – Wirral band (formed 1984) by Mark Buckley (bass) (ex Dutch Mountaineers), Mike Lewis (gtr). Joined the WASP organisation in ’86. More info req’d.

Back To College – band (1980-87) feat; Paul Hobday (gtr) (ex Collective, India (Lost Weekend), Waving At Trains, Association). More info req’d.

Back To The Beat – blues-rock band from the Wirral. Had track On Your Way Down on Blues Vol2 comp tape (Oct86)

Badger & The Buck Boys – rock band (formed 1985) feat; Ian Dixon (voc), Dave Allanson (gtr), Ian Weights (bass), Will Kilroe (keys), Paul Mackie (drms). Rel 3 track demo I’m Coming For You (1987). Feat ex-members of The Persuaders. Managed by Rob Vasco (ex manager of Come In Tokyo)

Bad Mood – 
post-indie band (c2016). Feat; Liam Devall (voc,gtr), David McCann (gtr), Tom Carroll (bass) (see also Plantfoot, Betty, Trestles, Mighty Wah!, Big Unit Agricultural Regime), Ian Wilson (drms). Rel debut single May 2nd (Feb16), followed by Grungeblues (04.11.16) (both as downloads only). Did live session on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM radio show (07.11.16). Tom and Liam are both North Walians. (fb). Relocated to London in 2019 leaving Tom in Liverpool

Balcony, The – band (late 80s) formed by Dave ‘Yorkie’ Palmer (voc) (ex Dance Party, Egypt For Now, later Space), Mark Cowley (drms), Steve Powell (gtr). Also feat; Joe McKechnie (drms), Mark Davies (bass), Phil Lucking (brass), Mike Kidson (brass), Martin Green (sax), John Hawkins (bass), Narash. Read full biog. Changed name to Big.

Balcony Dogs – name under which the Sex Gods had to use after pressure from their rec co. Island.

Dave Balfe – (b.1958) stand in keyboard player with Teardrop Explodes before founding Zoo and Food record labels, signing Blur and for being the subject of their No.1 hit – “Country House”. Grew up on The Wirral and was also in Big in Japan, Dalek I Love You before playing on and co-producing the first Echo & The Bunnymen and Teardrop Explodes albums. Managed Strawberry Switchblade, Zodiac Mindwarp, Voice of The Beehive, Crazyhead, Diesel Park West and others before hitting it big with Jesus Jones, and even bigger with Blur. He sold the Food label to EMI in 1994, quit the rat-race and retire to the country – inspiring Damon Albarn to pen Country House. Briefly worked for Sony in 1999. Since then Balfe has received a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Bedfordshire in 2003. In 2006 he completed an MA in Screenwriting at the University of Westminster. He still lives in the only UK house to have a number one song written about it.

Bamboo – band feat; Paul Benson (gtr) (ex Secluded Places), Paul McDowell (bass) (ex England’s Own Revolutionary Royal Family, Screaming Addicts, Secluded Places). More info req’d

Bamboo Fringe – band (formed 1981) feat; Gerry Garland (voc,sax,keys) (ex Berlin, Fun, Victims of Romance), Gary Mazier (keys), Jimmy Badel (gtr). By 1982 Gary & Jimmy had been replaced by Gary Davey (keys) & James Mealey (gtr) (ex Berlin, Fun, Victims of Romance, later Roy White Band). When James left in 1983 Jim Eden (gtr) joined & by the end of 1984 Gerry continued the band alone using sessionists inc; Steve Torch (bass,keys) (ex White & Torch, Victims of Romance) & Howie d’Minnao ‘Minns’ (drms) (ex Cherry Boys). Had track Careless Talk Costs Lives on Sefton comp ‘Twist & Samba’ (Oct86) & 7″ Dorian Grey (Probe). More info req’d.

Bandito – one off name for Eleanor

Bandits – 6-pc band (2002) all in early 20s. Feat; John Bandit (voc) (later Pedantics), Richie Bandit (gtr), Gary Bandit (gtr), Scott Bandit (bass) (later Pedantics), Tony Bandit (keys), Swee Bandit (drms). Rel single The Warning. After this they put out a ltd edition single double A ‘On My Way/Once Upon A Time’, followed by ‘Take It And Run’ and ‘Two Step Rock’ both of which made top 40 placing, the album ‘And They Walked Away’ late 2003, the band has been championed by Noel Gallagher, and much of the album was recorded in Noel’s studio, where 60’s/70’s guitar legend Alvin Lee was guest musician on a reworking of ‘The Warning’, split 2005.

Band With No Name – band feat; Tony Smith (drms) (ex Kappa, The Band With No Name, Candy Store Rock, The Blimey Brothers)

Bangkok – St Helens metal band of early 80s, feat; Dave Nelson (bass) & Geoff Banks (keys) who both left in 1983. Had track on Rockzene comp tape (c1986). More info req’d.

Barbed Wire – punk band (formed 1980), changed name to Dark Entries in 1981

Barbel – band (formed 1984) feat; Roger Sinek (drms) (later Mr Ray’s Wigworld), Ali Williams (keys) (ex Flo & The Frets), Greg Milton (voc,gtr), Dave Morgan (bass) (ex Jactars). Rel LP ‘One Horse Planet’ on Pink Moon Recs. LP is now really hard to find. One track “House By The Airport” feat on a number of comps including a cassette/magazine release from BOP. Another album track “One Thing” features on the CD comp Unearthed (see website) Also feat; Dave Surtees (gtr) at some stage.

The Barfly – Venue, (2002 onwards), based above the Masque on Seel St. Part of a nationwide chain – there are Barflys in Birmingham, Brighton, Cardiff, London, Glasgow, and York. Puts out its own regular magazine, The Fly.

Barrett, Norman – vocalist-guitarist of Gravy Train who did some solo shows in L’pool 1985-86.

Barringtons – project by Philip Johnson (early 80s), rel tape Then Yearn On

Bart – 3-pc psychedelic band, had track track Situation on Zulu comp LP (Apr84). More info req’d.

B Art – fanzine by Bern Moore from Mossley Hill Drive, L17 – an arts / graphics / music / culture magazine that was handmade in the size of a postcard

Base Ideas – label (1981-83) run from Huyton by Jamie (Ellery Bop) & Kevin. Rel 1st 3 Ellery Bop singles.

Bastard Sons of Harry Cross – late 80s band fronted by Jegsy Dodd, Ian Jackson (later of Half Man Half Biscuit), Ken Hancock (gtr) (ex Fishmonkeyman, later of Half Man Half Biscuit), Rob ‘Staunch’ Prance (bass), Paul Spencer (later of Mental Eddies). Had a couple of records released by Probe Plus. Neil Crossley (of Half Man Half Biscuit) joined in Nov87 for German tour. Pete Cosmic (drms) (aka Pete Fuck) did 3 rehearsals before being sacked (1988). Prance & Dodd are planning a new release in 2004.

Batloaf – Meatloaf parody feat; Frank Martin (ex Walking Seeds)

Phil Battle & The Sensible Shoes – band (1982-84), feat; Phil Battle (voc), Paul Robinson (gtr,keys), Steve Hurley (bass) (later 13 Babies), Julie Coleclough (keys), which was basically local poet Phil with Stun The Guards backing him. Played the Left Bank Bistro.

The Baudelaire Brothers – Birkenhead and blues-based (c2003) but increasingly eclectic and inventive. Feat; Steve Edwards (aka Jimmy Baudelaire) (gtr,voc) (ex Blue Rimbaud and Entrails), Mike Fenna (aka the Reverend Tony Baudelaire) (gtr,voc), Nigel Long (aka Long Don Baudelaire) (harm,perc) (ex Blue Rimbaud). Albums incl; Blues from the One-Eyed City, Knockin’ on the Iron Door. (website)

Bazzy & The Budgies – Widnes based punk project fronted by Bazzy (of Blown To Bits fanzine), backed by The Disturbed & rel split LP with S.Wales band Rectify. More info req’d

Beach Bastards – formed 1986 following a drunken idea by John Talbot (voc) (aka Rock Salmon) who wondered what a musical cross between the Beach Boys and the Jesus and Mary Chain would sound like. (Answer: The Ramones actually). Also feat; Chris Larsen (bass) (ex Lawnmower, Blue Poland), Mike Kempton Campbell (bass) (ex Paper Tribe, Heart of India), Paul “Shafty” Parry (gtr) (Johnny had met him on holiday on Tenerife, Shafty rehearsed for an upcoming gig by listening to a walkman of early songs while on the beach). Rel “Son Of A Beach” in 1989 on the Disturbocharger label DIST 1 and all but finished playing in the mid 90s. Supported some big acts of the day inc The Buzzcocks and Beats International among others but only ever attracted a cult following themselves. They are however, still very much together albeit not physically or mentally. A big claim to fame was that they were alledgedly one of Joey Ramone’s fav bands.

Beano – early incarnation of Afraid of Mice, feat; Philip Franz Jones. More info req’d.

Beat Route – rockabilly band, Rockabilly band (formed c1984-85) Les Green (gtr), Dave Wilkinson (gtr), Peter Brown (bass), Pete ‘Tags’ Taylor (drms,harm). busking and playing local spots like The Mayflower and Rumfords (which later on was called The Coach House before the footballer Tommy Smith bought it hence Smithy’s Coach House). They ended up on the Sefton Area Bands Association LP ‘Twist & Samba’ (Oct86) with the track Mucho Macho Man, after the people who were running it saw one of their gigs at The Kingsway in Southport. Band split mid87

Beat That Drum – synth-pop student band, formed late’82, feat; Tim Speed (voc,gtr) (ex Passion Polka), John Porteous (bass,voc), Paul Speed (drms) (later River City People, Persuaders). Supported The Faction at the Warehouse (Feb87)

Bee Vamp – band had track Valium Girl on Monsters in Orbit 2. 1979

Beggars Belief – band formed Feb04 by Tony Cosgrove (voc) (ex The Clear), with Nathan Sayer (drms) (ex Afterglow, The Clear), Terry Fletcher (gtr) Dan Forrest (bass). The Lennon esque track “Little Girl” is on ‘Songs from the Riverside’ comp LP (Audio Visual Recs). Have recently secured support dates with Smaller & Tramp Attack, and are currently in the process of planning a small UK tour to coincide with the release of a DVD documentary and EP on their Warm Gun label (website)

Be La Deuce – band formed 1980, feat; Richi Riding (voc), Alan Gillibrand (gtr), Paul Grivosti (bass), Graham Chesters (drms). Rel 6 track demo (1984) & had track You Play About on Jobs For The Boys comp LP (Jan85). Formed after Richi and Alan had been playing the pub circuit since 1977 in various bands. Changed name to Louie And The Lettermen

Below Zero – rock band (formed 1990), feat; Dave ‘Rossi’ Ross (drms), Neil Owens (bass,voc). Gigged around Nwest. More info req’d.

Benny Profane – pop-rock band of late 80s, feat; Dave Jackson (voc) (ex 051, The Room), Becky Stringer (bass), Peter Baker (keys) (both ex The Room), Joseph McKechnie (gtr), Robin Surtees (gtr), Frank Sparks (drms). Rel LP ‘Trapdoor Swing’ on Playhard Recs (1989) hitting No.17 in UK Indie Charts. 2nd LP Dumb Luck Charm which was later coupled with Trap Door Swing on one CD c1990 on Imaginary- ILL CD 700

Pete Bentham – legendary musician and tireless promoter (born in Widnes). Fronts Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies and runs the Free Rock & Roll nights in Sound, (prev at Mello Mello) since 2008. Was in Halfway To Eddies (c1988) then OUT.

Berlin – band (1977-78), feat; Roy White (voc) (later Fun, Victims of Romance, White & Torch, Roy White Band), Johnny ‘Riff’ Reynolds (gtr) (later Fun, 3D), Jim Mealy (bass) (later Fun, Victims of Romance, White & Torch, Roy White Band, Bamboo Fringe), Gerry Garland (sax) (later Fun, Victims of Romance, Bamboo Fringe), Ray “Razza” Banks (drms) . Played various venues in the North West including support to “The Saints” at the Electric Circus. Featured regularly at “Erics”

Berlin Press – was a fanzine put out by B Art

Bert Fegg’s Gaelic Reggae Band – Wirral rock band of early 80s, feat; Phil McHoul (bass) (later Citron Inoxydable d’Accord. Never got past rehearsal stage.

Bette Bright & The Illuminations – Early line up inc Bette (ex Deaf School), Henry Preistman (ex Yachts), Rusty Egan (Visage), and Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols). Later line-up included Clive Langer (gtr) (ex Boxes, Big In Japan, Deaf School), Ian Broudie (gtr) (Big In Japan, Lightning Seeds etc), Ben Barson (keys), James Elle (bass), Jo Allen (drms) (ex Shapes). They hit the charts with ‘Captain Of Your Heart / Greedy Eyes’ Radar Recs ADA-21, and were picked up by Korova Recs (home to Bunnymen) and rel ‘Hello I Am You Heart / All Girls Lie’ KOW-3 which reached #50 in UK chart. Followed by LP ‘Rhythm Breaks The Ice’ KODE-4 in Mar80. 2 more singles ‘Some Girls Have All The Luck/Tender Touch KOW-18, and When You Were Mine/Soulful Dress’ KOW 14 both of which failed to chart. Bette also appeared in the film ‘Great Rock’n’roll Swindle’ & later married Suggs (of Madness).

Better Dead Than Wet – Knowsley rock band (c1986), members of Wirral Musicians Collective

A Better Mousetrap – band (1981-84), orig line-up feat; Steve Ashton (drms), Peter Goddard (voc), Brian Hulse (gtr),  Dave Jones (bass) (both later Plenty), Tony Wretham (keys). Ashton was replaced by Steve Eastwood (later Change To The East, Fragile Friends) and that line up rel Trivia which was reviewed in Sounds, Peter left (Jun82) and was replaced by Tony Egan and they rel Furniture. Tony Egan left and they continued as a 4 piece. Rel Endings & Exits. Steve quit & they became a 3 piece and & rel ‘Lines’, one track of which was on the Rockzene comp that Dave complied (1983).

Betty Curse – death pop goth band (c2006) feat; Betty Curse (aka Megan Burns b.1988) who appeared in the zombie film 28 Days Later. Drowned In Sound said, ‘Not content with being a total nutter AND having no real ability to write her own songs, she had a lot of help from Eugene Kelly, Davey from the Crimea and Andy Huxley from the Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster. God knows how the album will turn out’ (website)

Between The Lines – band 1983-84, feat; K.Crawford (voc), Rimmer (gtr), Ian Smith (bass) (ex Atomic Warlords, Anon, Wargame, Skydog, Suspect Greenhouse), Steve Swinnerton (gtr,voc) (ex Frets, Harmonics, Fourmers, Suspect Greenhouse, Second To None), Kirk (drms)

Bewco Beefcake – Ellesmere Port band (mid 80s), feat; Chan (also of Discipline). More info req’d.

Beyond All Means – pop band, feat; Terry Murphy (voc), Mick Price (gtr), Gary Watson (gtr), Paul o’Brien (bass) (later of Ultimate Vision), Stephen Shotton (drms). Had track Empty Spaces on Ways To Wear Coats comp LP (Oct86)

Beyond The Implode – DIY punk band from Runcorn, 3 line-ups! Initially (1979), Eddie Smith (voc,gtr), Frank Hughes (bass), Ian Gardler (bass) and Mike Gardler (gtr). This line-up rec the “Last Thoughts” EP on Diverse Recs (Cat No. DIVE 101) 250 numbered copies, 150 distributed by Rough Trade in London, the rest sold via Probe, Penny Lane and Virgin in L’pool and Paw Recs in Runcorn. Rough Trade asked for more but as Eddie says, ‘Hey man, the bird had flown, this was D.I.Y. not EMI.’ 2nd line up (1980) was Eddie Smith (voc), Ian Gardler (bass), Kev Shields (keys) (later Havoc Fusion) (from Runcorn), Keith Discreet (bass) (later Avant Garde Elitists) and Nick Evans (drms). They got some of their mates to do backing vocals; Peter Thomas (DJ at Swinging Apple) and Ste O’Leary. This was the line-up for the 2nd EP “11th Hour Breakdown” (DIVE 102). 250 copies, some sold via the L’pool rec shops but the majority were off-loaded to Paw (who went bust, stored them in the owners garage for years and finally trashed them about 10 years ago!). Line-up No.3 was Eddie Smith (voc), Kev Shields (keys,drm machine), Paul Randall (bass), Mark Brackley (sax) and Marshall Parsons (gtr), Keith Discreet did rejoin for a short while. They rec some tracks but never rel them. Frank became rec engineer for Open Eye recs.

Bido Lito! – The Liverpool Music Magazine, run from Roscoe Lane and edited by Craig Pennington. Found in all the hip shops in town (website)

Big – this is The Balcony under a different name, rel ‘Bright & Guilty World’ on All This & Heaven Too comp

Big Bash Band – ska band, had track New York Strut on Twist & Samba comp LP (Oct86)

Big Bill’s Ooze Band – B’head blues band also called Obie Man Banned and Ooze Band, feat; Dave Owens, Paul Littler, Billy Farragher, Kae Wheeler, Joy Wheeler. Had 3 songs on Birkenhead Blues comp tape (on Bop A Dub Jan86), and 4 songs on the follow up Blues Vol 2 (Bopadub Oct86)

Big Game – early 80s band, feat; Sue Forshaw (voc) (later European Boys), Sue McCormack (voc), (both later of Mama Can, Empire)

The Big I Am – band (prev called) Third Man, feat; Huw Williams (drms) (ex Jactars, Crikey its the Cromptons), Jamie Dickie (Dave Dickie’s brother) (bass) (ex The Fire), Ian Bickle (gtr), Colin Heeney (gtr) (ex Interns, now Rash) and Peter McPartland (gtr,voc) (ex Third Man, Jactars, now Rash).

Big In Japan – band formed May 1977 (orig called Sausages From Mars), feat; Bill Drummond (voc,gtr) (later of Lori & The Chameleons, KLF), Kevin Ward (voc,bass), Phil Allen (drms). After a few gigs they were joined by Ian Broudie (gtr) (later of Lightning Seeds) & Jayne Casey (later of Pink Military). Clive Langer (of Deaf School) also played with them at some point & is on their 1st single Big In Japan on Eric’s recs in 1977 (a split single with Chuddy Nuddies). Kevin & Phil left soon afterwards to be replaced by Holly Johnson (bass)(later of Frankie Goes To Hollywood) & Peter ‘Budgie’ Clarke (drms)(ex Nova Mob later of Slits, Siouxsie & The Banshees). After 6 months of intense gigging Johnson left to pursue a solo career replaced by David Balfe (ex Dalek I Love You, later of Lori & The Chameleons, Teardrop Explodes, Food Recs). Having being expected to sign for Stiff Recs the band felt the pressure & split, playing their final gig at Eric’s in Aug78. Bill Drummond rel a posthumous EP From X to Y & Never Again on his own Zoo Recs in ’78

Big Mama Hill’s Blues Band – St Helens band, had a track on Rockzene comp tape (1983)

Big Scream – band feat; Phil Wylie (brother of Pete Wylie) (ex Come in Tokyo). Played 1st gig Oct87. More info req’d.

Big Step – Toxteth label (1983-86) set up by Dave Wibberley (then of Fire), to rel material by his band

Big Still – rock band (formed 1985), feat; Alan Clinton (voc), Noel Odger (gtr), Terry Kilfoyle (bass), Tony Taylor (keys) (later Seconds Out, Come in Tokio), Carl Woodward (drms). Some members had been in Action Party Inc & Seconds Out & other members had been Pete Catherine (voc),. Rec LP in New York for Epic and performed a number of times at CBGB’s in 1990

Big Unit Agricultural Regime – 
indie band (formed 2019), feat; Tom Carroll (ex Plantfoot, Betty, Trestles, Mighty Wah!, Bad Mood), Howard Northover (drms) (also Trestles, Paradigm, Absaloot, Only Child). Played debut gig May19 in Cardiff, rel track on bandcamp Commies On The River (Jul19) and played live session on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM Show (20.1.20)

Bikini Amber – Skelmersdale band formed Dec’85 feat; J (voc), Dan (gtr), Winky (bass), Wardy (gtr), Oily (drms) (J joined Apr86). Rec 5 track demo. More info req’d

Bilko’s Privates – B’Head band feat; Charlie Davidson (ex Status Quid, now Jalapenos), Aggi (ex KooKaChoo), Rob Stead (ex Jegsy Dodd & The Sons of Harry Cross)

Bingo Brothers – band (formed 1983), feat; A Roberts, (later Jack Roberts), (Rel album, Longer on a Message, Inevitable Records), J Roberts & J Hewson. Ged Ryan (drms) (ex, Hambi & the Dance, Herbie Pops Out, later Empire, Amsterdam, Gary Murphy Band). Rel cass Caught in the Act (1987), 7″ Russians Are Coming (1985), & had track Don’t Tell Rita on Son of Jobs For The Boys comp LP (Jun85)

Bisquits – Birkenhead band (formed 1983) feat; Simon Blackwell (gtr), Paul Wright (drms) (both ex Attempted Moustache, Mr Zero, later Half Man Half Biscuit). More info req’d.

Bite Back – 
Birkenhead punk band (formed 2012), feat; Hocky (voc,gtr) (ex Instant Agony, Go Heads, 0898, Venomous Youth), with Mandy ‘Moge’ Bruce (ex Iconoclasts, Scorpio Rising, Slingbacks) and Jonny Chrome (drms) (ex Whiskey Priests). Orig featured Richie Rocker who’s been in every band that ever existed! Also feat at various points, Rob Beardyman (ex Instant Agony) and Dibble McBee (ex Iconoclasts). Rel debut LP ‘Bitten & Twisted’ (Sep12 on Antipop) then ‘Retrohate’ (07.10.16). Mandy has also been a guitar tech for touring bands like Therapy?. Hocky also promotes gigs in Birkenhead as Wirral Underground Sound and published the fanzines Rubber Skeleton and Who Put The Cat Out (bandcamp)

Roy G Biv – rock poet, had track Time I Grew Forever on A Secret Liverpool comp LP

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