Liverpool: A

Abominate – Liverpool death-thrash-HC-sludge band (formed late 2016), feat; Dave Ballatyne (voc), H (gtr), Steve (bass), Stu (drms). Rel ‘Demo 1’ (14.04.17), ‘Severed EP’ (27.11.17). (bandcamp)

Abort The Attack – early 80s punk band, played Hamilton Club. (See ATA)

Absaloot – band, feat; Mike Doyle (voc), Barry Jones (bass,voc), Kevin Power (gtr), John Tierney (keys), Howard Northover (drms) (later The Trestles, Only Child, Big Unit Agricultural Regime). Still reforming and performing for the occasional birthday party. Rel the single Good Life on Audio Visual Recs (Jan90)

Abs & Company – rock band (1985-86), feat; A.Randall. More info req’d.

Absent Black Cat – band (formed mid87) feat; Andy Frizzel (bass) (ex Perfect, Wake Up Africa, Royal Family & The Poor), Betsan Lloyd (keys,voc), Sean Taylor (gtr) (ex Square Roots), Stuart Crosby (drms) (ex Square Roots, Head First). Made live debut at Birdy’s Bar, Leece St (12.08.87)

Acacia Gum – raw edged post-punk band of mid-late 90s, feat; Karl Bader-Bailey (bass) (ex Jules Verne, Playhouse, Bulah Wig, Lumiesence, later Superdude), Tracey Smith (voc), Paul Coppan (drms). Karl says, ‘we gigged quite a bit in London, and up here at The Lomax, Picket and numerous times at The Cumberland (oh the dizzy heights!)’

Academy, The Liverpool venue, located in Hotham Street (at the back of Lime Street Station), loads of decent acts in the first month – Shack, Killing Joke, Blondie, Kosheen etc etc – part of the Carling Academy national chain.

Academy of Unrest gothic-punk band from St Helens (1984-86), feat; Doug (voc,gtr), Brian Carney (keys), Bun (bass), Flimb (drms). Rel; 12″ Sheol Mix (on own Dead Fly recs Apr85), & had track Sensitive on Elegance, Charm & Deadly Danger comp LP (Dec85).

Accelerators – c1977-81, feat; Chris Martin (voc,hrmc), Martin ‘Yarker’ Smith (gtr) (later Lawnmower), Kathy Freeman (gtr,keys) (now of Kathy-X), Tony Doyle (bass) (later Lawnmower, Adams Family, Cat Scratch Fever), Brian ‘Damage’ Harcombe (drms) (Shop Soiled, Filibuster, Death Kit, Restless later Adams Family). Orig bassist was Graham Marsh (for 1st 3mnths). Martin Yarker replaced by Leigh Marles for final year. Rel 12″ EP Pop Guns & Green Lanterns (on Spiv). Also had a trk ‘Radio Blues’ on ‘Street To Street’ comp on Open Eye Recs. Did over 400 gigs. Chris or Tony was verbally abused on Prescott Rd by Mick Mada for having a Leo Sayer haircut & a shit band, they went onto work together on the sound at the Garden Festival in 1985. Did T.V. + Radio, played gigs from Havanna Club to Liverpool Empire to numerous festivals. Ran own management, record label (Spiv Recs) + P.A.and transport. Played alongside  Siouxsie + Banshees, XTC, Rich Kids, Steve Hillage, Discharge, Buzzcocks, Ronnie Lane’s Slim Chance, Spizz, Angelic Upstarts, Cheap Trick, OMD, Tom Robinson. Road crew – Mike Walker (sound,driver), Chris Bray (backline) and Sandra (drum tech). See also Hellhounds

Accident On The East Lancs Road – band, rel 2 singles; ‘Back End of Nowhere/Rat Race’ Roach Recs RR-1 (1981) & ‘Tell Me What You Want/We Want It Legalized’ Roach Recs (Spliff-001). More info req’d.

Ace Film Company – film production company run by Joe Scott.Produced film ‘Fated’ (starring Craig Charles) (rel 24.11.06), and have film in pre-production ‘Cousins Across The Water.’ (website)

Acheans – band (c1985), feat; Frank Gibson (voc,keys) (ex Come In Tokio), Shaun McLaughlin (bass) (ex Personal Column, Afraid of Mice), and 2 others. More info req’d

Achilles – Merseyside Progressive Rock band (1979-81), feat; Colin McKay (voc, gtr) (ex Here’s Johnny), David Knowles (keys) (ex Here’s Johnny, Virgin Dance), David Buckley (gtr), Wob Roberts (bass), drummers incl Peter Dover, Steve Burns and Chris Roberts. Played the Larks in The Park festival (Aug81). Colin, David K and Peter D are still working together in The Swan Chorus (progressive rock band)

Acid Attack – rel C-60 cassette of the same name. More info req’d.

Acoustic Mile – band (c1981), had song It Takes Time on the Twist & Samba comp LP (Oct81). More info req’d.

Action Party – band (early 80s) changed name to Big Still.

Activity Minimal – reggae/punk band (1978-80) feat; Tim Lever (later Dead or Alive, Modern Eon), John ‘Strange’ Hawkins (later Systems, This Island Earth), Joey McKechnie (drms) (ex Luglo Slugs, later Modern Eon). Had track on the ‘Street To Street, A Liverpool Compilation’ LP with the track Television Game.

Adams Family – band formed Jun84, feat; Jaki Florek (voc) (ex Shattered Dolls, Sharon & The Slobz, Stig of The Dump), Tony Doyle (bass) (ex Accelerators, Lawnmower), Bill Leach (gtr) (later Stig of the Dump), Tim Scott (gtr) and Brian Harcombe (drms) (ex-Accelerators). Eventually grew to a 7 piece with addition of Lisa Florek (keys) and Alison (violin), Barry Han replaced Tim on 2nd guitar and Glyn ‘Iggy’ Jones from Rhyl joined on bass (c1990). Also feat Jim Free (c1987, later of Crawl). Played loads of gigs around UK, and Earthbeat Festival in Sefton Park (headlining band that night was Pulp!). 1987 rel poppy 12″ EP ‘Sometimes I Wonder’ on Spiv recs, with a P&D deal with Geoff Davies and Probe which got great reviews inc in Melody Maker. Mick Mercer feat the band massively in his book ‘Goth Rock’ and also later in his book ‘The Hex Files’. By late 80’s the band stripped down to a 4 piece, and in 1990 got signed to a small London-based indie label. It was hell, they got a release agreement on condition they did not speak about the company, and in 1992 rel a 7″ single ‘Timewaster’ / ‘Frustration’, which got Radio One airplay, and they played a headline gig at The Marquee Club in London on the day of its release (on Loose). By this time singer/songwriter Jaki had started getting very ill (FMS) so the band stopped playing live and rec CD album ‘Disease’ (on Loose). She now writes (Bridge Over Muddy Water’ ISBN 0-9540326-0–8), is editor of Feedback arts and music magazine, performs poetry, and works with young bands. Bill teaches guitar and has a recording studio. Nineteen years after they first moved in together, guitarist Bill Freeman Leach and singer Jaki Florek were married, 18.10.03.

Ad Lib – Duo (1984-86) feat; Jules Crowe (ex Sleive Khan, later Dance The Girl) & Kate Finlay. Prev called The Jinx. Wrote and recorded at their home studio (occasionally borrowing gear from Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark via friendship with Andy McClusky). Brian Jones (sax) (ex Glitter Band) played on 2 songs. Apart from a magical ability to secure meetings with record co A&R depts in London, a deal was never found. Ad-Lib gigged regularly throughout 1984-86 in pubs and clubs in Liverpool and The Wirral.

Aeroplanes, The – Band, feat on Radio 2 and rec a session for DJ Janice Long, will this year (2006) play the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. Also gained national press coverage with (unsubstantiated) rumours linking the bassist with Kate Moss! (website)

Afraid of Mice – feat; Philip Franz Jones (ex Mothmen, Next), Geoff Kelly (bass), Terry Sterling (drms) (ex Love Ponies, later Personal Column). Prev called Beano, The Press & The Jones. Part of the L’pool new wave scene of early 80s & Charisma picked them up after a track was feat on the L’pool comp LP ‘A Trip To The Dentist’ (on Skeleton recs) in 1980. Singles incl; I’m On Fire, What Shall We Do, Popstar, Transparents, At the Club plus the LPs ‘Afraid of Mice’ & the self rel ‘The Official Bootleg’ (1983). Dropped by Charisma in 1982. Mark Singleton (keys) (later Now Hear This) joined (1984) moving to gtr (1985), Peter Leay (gtr) (ex Buster), Nick Murphy (later Now Hear This) joined on keys. Firestation gigs start 85/86. Video 'Check It Out' produced for 'Channel 4' rec mid 86. Their final rel was a track on the ‘Jobs For The Boys’ comp (1985). Split in 1986 & reformed for a one-off gig at the Royal Court in 1996. (see also Two’s A Crowd, Up & Running), Also feat Roddie Gilliard (now of Muffin Men, but check his profile) who was sacked just before rec the LP, Phil Weston-Toothill (keys) (later Cracked Actor, Numbers 28), Sam Brew (gtr) (ex Visual Aids), Mike Hayes (bass) (ex Personal Column), Shaun McLoughlin (bass) (later Personal Column, Acheans). Phil worked in 1984 with session musicians under the name Lumberjack Mice

Afterglow – Netherley band (c1984), feat; George Dixon (voc), Steve Berry (keys), Michael Bollard (keys), Nathan Sayer (drms) (later The Clear, Beggars Belief).Played Bell Vale Rock Festival (1984) & won ‘Most Promising Band’ award. (website)

After The Fashion – band (formed 1984), feat; Keith Wilson (voc,keys) (ex Mutants, Geisha Girls see profile) and Allan Waters (bass,voc). More info req’d

After The Massacre – punk band (2004) feat; Mel (voc) (ex State Terror), Kate (voc) (Demonette with Blue Demon), Pete (bass) (ex The Unhealthy), Mikey (gtr) (ex State Terror) guitar, and Alex (the greek) (drms)

Agents of Chance – Industrial-post-punk band (formed 1985), feat; Steve Cain (voc), Roy Clarke (gtr), Johnny Mooney (keys) (ex A Place To Live). More info req’d.

Agony Column – orig name for Instant Agony

Airrace – Heavy metal band (formed 1983), feat; Jason Bonham (drms) (son of Led Zep’s John Bonham). Supp Van Halen on US tour (Aug84)

Aix Ensemble – Wirral band (1980-81), feat; Steve Chan (gtr,voc) (later Déjà Vu, Dutch Mountaineers, New Frontiers, Just Like June), Andy (drms), Simon McKie (bass), Dave Chappell (gtr,voc) (later Dance The Girl). More info req’d.

A Jinx – early name for Ad Lib

Albert Dock & The Cod Fish Warriors – 7-pc art student 1977 band that became The Yachts. Peter Clarke (Budgie – later of Siouxsie) (drms) played with them at an early stage. Their debut gig was at The Liverpool School of Music, Language, Dream and Pun, where people jumped into a skip full of custard.

Ali, Dani – singer who feat on the Brookside Memorial Single Talk To Me (Arista Dec87)

Alien Heat – B’head jazz-rock band of early 80s, feat; Paula Molyneux (voc), David Hughes (gtr), Ian Powell (bass) (later Oklamotif, 11:59), Neill Buckley (keys), Dave Hughes (drms). Managed by Andy ‘Mally’ Jones (now of Pink Moon rec shop) who guided them toward a more pop sound. Self rel ‘Was It Love/Colours’ AHS001on their own Alien Heat label

Allen, Steve – singer with Deaf School, Original Mirrors, Perils of Plastic, also had solo career, rel sngl Love is in The Air (Feb87).

All Rights Rejected – 3-pc Southport/Crosby/Maghull skatecore punk band, formed Apr02. Feat; Nick Davis (voc,gtr) (now Chief), Paul Sagar (bass), Dan Walsh (drms) (now Chief). Orig called Death By Monkeys. Split mid03

All We Are – band (c2014), feat; Rich, Guro and Luis. Described as Bee Gees on diazepam. (website)

Almighty Atmosphere – band feat; Robin Clarke, Paul Reynolds (gtr) (ex Miracle Workers, Flock of Seagulls, later World Service, White Russians), Frank Maudsley (bass) (ex Flock of Seagulls, Lawnmower), Paul Ryan (drms) (ex Déjà vu, Munchies, Muffin Men), Dave Goldring (ex Bullyrag, Vanilla Bezerk, Ocean’s Eleven). More info req’d

Almost Blue – Wirral synth-pop band (formed 1987) feat; Paul Fishgold (voc) (ex Double Vision), Paul Ellis (keys), John Tyson (keys)

Almost Blues – beat combo band (1964-68), formed by Alan Peters (voc) (later Supercharge, Lawnmower, Opposition, 29th & Dearborn, Love Ponies). Supported Stevie Wonder, John Lee Hooker, The Drifters.

Almost The Warehouse – Wirral band (c1983), named themselves thus after they were due to play The Warehouse just before it burnt down.

Alphabet Law – Runcorn band (1982), prev called Flesh Impact, changed name to Autumn Pandas

Alterkicks – Liverpool based five piece featuring Martin Stilwell (voc), Michael Oates (gtr), Gareth Padfield (gtr,voc), Oliver Hughes (drms), and Mark Karim (bass). Formed towards the later end of 2003, and have honed a hard edged indie rock sound, that has been described as sounding a little bit like The Pixies. Have gigged with the current crop of Liverpool bands including Tramp Attack, The Bandits etc. And playlisted by Zane Lowe on Radio 1 (website)

Alternative Radio – band, formed Jan81, feat; Rob Fennah (gtr) (ex Buster), Alan Fennah (perc), Pete Leay (gtr), Kev Roberts (bass) (ex Buster), Les Brians (drms). Debut gig at Brady’s. Won 1982 ‘Battle of the Bands’ held at the Empire Theatre (and feat David Knowles (keys) (later Here’s Johnny, Virgin Dance). By 1982 Steve Barrett came in on bass & Kev took on keys. They signed to EMI . Debut single ‘Valley of Evergreen’ (Jan84), & reached the fringes of the Top100 & left EMI in summer 1985. Rec 1st session for Radio 1’s Janice Long and were immediately signed to Cold Harbour Recs after a successful support tour with OMD. Ian Lewis (keys) (ex Lilac Trumpets, Precautions, Dream Legion) joined 1986

Alvin The Aardvark & The Fuzzy Ants – 5-pc jazz avantegarde band (1980-81), feat; Gareth Hancock (fx), Johnny Podmore (gtr). Have track 23 Across The Impressario 5 Letters 4 Letters on the Merseysound Vol2 comp. Rel tape ‘6 Audio Events’ (Jul81) and 6-track live tape ‘New’ rec at Plato’s Ballroom 25.2.81.

Always The Now – band (c1983) feat; Carl Eaton (voc) (ex Ponderosa Glee Boys), Mal Davies (keys), Michael Thompson (drms), John White (bass), John Whitehead (gtr). Played Larks In The Park at Sefton Park (Aug83). Also on the bill was Frankie Goes To Hollywood. They also supported The Smiths at Liverpool Poly, and also Lords Of The New Church, at Planet X They also had a session on Radio Merseyside featuring our demo tapes. John Whitehead left the line up and was replaced by Marcus ??. Mal Davies then left shortly after. Rel single “From Dawn To Dusk” prior to the band splitting. Carl is now living in Australia, he has a Daughter, Natalie Reeves of Liverpool band Chione.

Amazing Kappa – on going rock band (c2003), feat: Paul Capper (gtr) (ex Cathedral, Pete Wylie, Cat Scratch Fever, Candy Store Rock, Stamp Sisters, Mighty Wah!, The Blimey Brothers), Tony Smith (drms) (ex Kite, The Band With No Name, Candy Store Rock, The Blimey Brothers), Martin Byrne (bass) (ex Martin Malone, Eskimo Chains, Deliverance, Mixies Men, Insanity Beach, Synchronicity, Fair Warning). Orig and innovative rock material plus a few covers. Several LPs incl; ‘Living At the End of the World’ and a musical extravaganza “Guitar Hero” performed to over 600 at the Royal Court, Liverpool (Nov04). Tony O’Keefe (drms) (ex Chain Gang, The Interns) left 2005. Band are now called Kappa the "Amazing" tag was a joke by Alex McKechnie that got out of hand. (website)

Amazon Studios – Kirkby recording studio.

Amigo – soul-funk-blues band (c1981), changed name to Hot Snax

Amplification Factor – band had track on ‘The Hiss Goes On’ comp tape (Sep80). More info req’d.

Amsterdam – Warrington rock band (formed out of The Tracks 1982), feat; Mike Smith (voc,gtr), Peter Rierdon (gtr), Dave Moore (bass), Colin Scott (keys), Trevor Thomas (drms)

Amsterdam – Merseyside band formed 1998, feat; Ian Prowse (voc,gtr) (ex Pele), Anna Jenkins, (vln) who replaced Genevieve Mort (voc,gtr), Johnny B (gtr), Dr Hopkins (keys), Paul Hagan (bass), Ged Ryan (drms) (ex, Hambi & the Dance, Herbie Pops Out, Bingo Brothers Empire, Gary Murphy Band), who replaced Paul Walsham (drms). Who replaced Tony Kiley. Rel debut LP ‘Attitunes’ rel thru website . Voted ‘Best Unsigned Band’ by the NME. More info req’d

Amsterdam Lil – band feat; James Wraith (voc) before he joined Dutch spacerockers Galaxis & later formed The Explorers with ex-Roxy Music members.

Anathema – doomy band (c1993)’ feat; Daniel (gtr), Vincent (gtr,voc), Duncan (bass), John (drms), Duncan was replaced by Jamie (bass, prog), Les (prog, keys) (ex Cradle of Filth) joined. Rel 2 demos An Illiad of Woes & All Faith is Lost before signing to Peaceville recs who rel an LP ‘Serenades’. Also rel 7″ Crestfallen on Witchhunt recs. And have now rel a further 7 albums, ‘Eternity’, ‘Pentecost 3’, ‘Alternative 4’, ‘Silent Enigma’, ‘Judgement’, and ‘A Fine Day To Exit’, ‘A Natural Disaster’ plus a couple of compilation/rarity collections. They have drifted from their metal roots into something a bit more ambient/prog rock but remain very melancholic. They did feat Darren (voc). (website)

And The Dance – band formed by Wayne Hussey (gtr) after he fell out with Hambi & The Dance, also feat; Paul Curran (bass) (later Mogadons, Love Look Away), Paul Barlow (drms) (later Mogadons, It’s Immaterial, Wah!).

Aneurysm – Wirral/Liverpool based; Don’t know anything about them, but they seem to be picking up a few gigs both on the Wirral (Iron Door) and in Liverpool (Barfly), not to be confused with Nwales band of same name

Animal Orchestra – band formed c2000, feat; Paul Crawford (voc), Geoff Skelhorn (drms), Kevin Core (gtr), Alex Costello (bass), Stephen Talbot (gtr). Rel self titled EP 2002. More info req’d

Animated Classics – pop band (1982-87), feat; Gerry Renwick (gtr,voc), Paul Renwick (voc,keys), George (bass) (now of Bobby Sox), Tony Bolland (drms) (later Outer Limits, Sex Lies & Religion). Tony was the first of many drummers for the band, with them 1982-83. Played Rock For Your Rights fest (Nov85) and toured Denmark in early 80s. Orig name D.A Deluxe.

Ankrah, Danny –

Anon – band (1980) feat members of Atomic Warlords, became Wargame & eventually Skydog

Another Day, Another Word – A Punk and Oi poetry and art fanzine from the early 80’s and edited by Al Turner from Formby. It lasted three issues with all artwork done by Blitz bassist Mackie. The ‘zine was initially meant to be a launchpad to showcase the poetry of Liverpool poet Mick Turpin, but Al managed to get others involved in the project, most notably Seething Wells and Attila the Stockbroker. ADAW was from the same stable as another fanzine published shortly after: No Solution.

Answer – Southport band (mid-80s). More info req’d.

Antipop Records –
label (c2013) run by Alec Joyce (ex Vermin Suicides) (website)

Apathy Ru – band (Feb85-May85), feat; Peter McVeigh (gtr,bass,voc), Paul Whelan (keys,bass) (both ex In Vogue, both later Transmission, Live Transmission), Ian Jarvis (bass) (later Transmission)

a.P.A.t.T – Yes that’s how it is meant to be written; feat; General MIDI (voc,keys,drms), Field Marshall Stack (gtr,voc), Norma Lies (drms), Master Fader (bass), Sir Kit Breaker (keys/bleeps/bangs). Rel debut ep entitled (ep) in 2003. New LP entitled (LP) rel 26.10.04. Perhaps the most crazed bunch to crawl out of the Mersey for some time – combining hardcore with wooden blocks, hand claps and a vocal bit that sounds like Homer’s barber shop quartet from the Simpson’s. They are ‘signed’ to Straight Outta Clapton which is a rather wonderful on-line record shop/label type thing, though it isn’t!! Aka ‘all day glow’ and ‘pants’. Rel ‘Fre(ep)’ in Aug05 at a special rel show entitled ‘Quartet’ which took place at L’pool Uni. Now have substitute bands entitled b.P.A.t.T and c.P.A.t.T (website)

A Place To Live – (Feb83-85), band formed in school around Johnny Mooney (keys) (later Agents of Chance) with Danny Diggle & Barry Young. Would use backing tapes, radio voice & interference in their sound. By 1984 Johnny has replaced his band with Phil Robinson & Martin Byrne.

Apollo 4:40 – outfit formed 1990 by school mates, Norman Fisher-Jones (Noko) (ex Luxuria), & brothers, Howard Gray (H) and Trevor Gray (T-Bone). Band was also known as Stealth Sonic Orchestra. Did mainly remix work until the rel of LP ‘Millennium Fever’ (1994), then the big chart hit single Krupa with the LP ‘Electro Glide in Blue’ (1997) put them on the road as a proper band – Ian Garfield Hoxley (voc) (ex-Gaye Bykers On Acid) Cliff Hewitt and Paul Kodish (both drms) & Harry K (DJ). Changed direction with 1999 LP ‘Getting High On Your Own Supply’.

Apologies For Innocence – Formby rock band (1981-88), feat; Rob Jackson (voc,keys) (also New Life), Paul Geraghty (gtr), Graeme Lodge (bass,keys), Mat Thomas (drms). Paul joined 1984 replacing Mark Caulfied. Rel 7″ Across The Wire (Illusion May82).

Area 51 – Wirral duo project (formed 1999), feat; Graham ‘Maddie’ Maddrell (gtr,voc) (Cream Soda, Hark Matilda, 721, Cooper S), Gerry Lennon (gtr,voc). Currently looking for gigs in Wirral and surrounding areas

Aristocrats – St Helens punk-dance band (c1985). Had track Ballistic Boogie on Elegance, Charm & Deadly Danger comp (Push Dec85).

Armadillo Tea Rooms – café that was a significant part of the early ’80s music scene. This was helped by its proximity to Mathew Street and Probe Records. Especially noted for the furry seat covers on the toilets. Pete Wylie was known to make a mug of tea last all afternoon there in 1976, and was also frequented by Ian McCulloch, Jayne Casey, Roger Eagle.

Armitage Shanks – band feat on The Hiss Goes On comp tape (Sep80). More info req’d.

Arrival –

Art of Gigging – the essential guide….new book release (2006) by Mark Singleton. Liverpool bands and Musicians mentioned include Mark Singleton, Phil Franz Jones, Katie Skilling, Reece, Rambo & Leroy, Afraid of Mice ’85’, Now Hear This, Sugar Dean, The Farm, Tiny Tin Lady, Colonel Bagshot, 29th & Dearborn, Cy Tucker, Art Caravan, Stan Metcalf & Rocking Horse, Mark Parry & Thunderboots, Rebecca, The Bow Weevils, The Second Floor, Gambler, Ivan Campo, Bobby Arnold, The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Sir George Martin, Paul McDowell & The Peppermint Pigs, The Mags, Think Pink Floyd, Thenesis, Mighty Joe Young, Alex McKecknie, Brian Vance, Roy Singleton, Up & Running.

Art Confusion – Wirral duo (c1987), feat; Rob Johnson

Association, The – feat; Paul Hobday (gtr) (ex Back To College, later India (Lost Weekend), Waving At Trains, Collective). More info req’d.

Ian Astbury – singer of The Cult, born in Heswall, family emigrated to Canada. He returned to UK, 1st to Glasgow, then back to Liverpool & changed his name to Ian Lindsay until 1984. Rehearsed with Send No Flowers, before forming Southern Death Cult

Astrakhan – avante-garde band (1982), feat; Tony ‘Ringo’ Ringwood (voc,perc), Mike Francis (bass), Ritchie Edwards (gtr,voc) (all later Experimental Gardens). Other members? Recorded a demo at SOS then split. More info req’d

Asylum – band (early 80s), feat; Terry Kilfoyle (bass) (later Keep It Dark, Big Still, Seconds Out), Steve (voc), Paul Rooney (voc), Steve Jones (gtr). Won the 1981 Liverpool Battle of The Bands competition and had Nowhere To Run rel on a TDK comp LP.

A.T.A. (Abort The Attack) – punk band from The Wirral (1980-82), Orig line up Rob Jarvis (voc), Steve Shone (gtr), Peter Lloyd (bass) (later Mere Dead Men), Peter Penny (drms). This line up played many local gigs with Unit Q and The Fingerprint File and many other local bands. Steve Shone left the band at the end of 1980 and Hocky (Instant Agony) was asked to sing so Jarvo could move over to guitar. Hocky decided he wanted to concentrate on his band at the time who were called Venomous Youth so Ernie, a local punk character was asked to sing, it looked like he was going to do it but after a few weeks of waiting for him to audition ATA decided to look elsewhere and asked Mandy who was the bass player’s girlfriend to have a go. This was not the first time as they had approached her about a year earlier as they were really into Vice Squad at the time and decided the way forward was to get a female singer. Mandy Bendix turned them down due to being far too nervous to sing in a band. After an earlier attempt with a band called Strange Physique who had replaced her after a few weeks and didn’t tell her! Mandy decided to give it a go after a lot of persuading by Jarvo. The first rehearsal was spent hiding behind a speaker and singing and the first gig with her back to the audience! But the second gig supporting Abrasive Wheels at Liverpool Warehouse found her giving it bifters like a goodun! Mainly thanks to the audience whose support was phenomenal. ATA had a short lived career but did a heck of a lot in the time. A tour with The Outcasts and The Insane, supports to Lost Cherrees, Blitzkrieg, The System to name a few. Sadly Jarvo who was the driving force behind the band decided to leave at the end of 1982 as he wanted to concentrate on his drama studies, he’s now seen on TV and in films so I guess he made the right decision. Mandy took over the running of the band and recruited Andy Orriel and Steve Shone to replace Jarvo. They managed to keep it going into 1983 but unfortunately drugs crept into the band and local all girl punk band Iconoclasts poached Mandy… and that my friends is another story!

A-Team – Wirral based Blues band (c1986) feat; Tony Judge (keys) (ex Supercharge, Circus Circus), Tony Dunmore (bass), Phil Loughran (gtr), John Burke (brass), Dave Hormbrey (drms). A group who were truly wonderful, played all over the Wirral and have now morphed into a very similar Blues group playing in Germany. The line up as listed on the Album ‘Your Money – Our Soul’ Gilberto Freyre (voc), Bernard Chickadee Mathews (gtr), Carston Whitsteff III (bass), Mustapha Solimand Jnr (keys), Bloody Rich (drms), Hans De Burgh (trmpt), J.Cheever Loophole (trom), Victor (Toss) McDuff (sax). Album was rec and mixed at Benson St Studio’s L’Pool and released on Groove Records GRO 1

Atomic Warlords – Sefton band (1979), feat; G.Smith (voc), R.Sharpe (voc), G.Arden (voc), Ian Smith (voc) (later Suspect Greenhouse, Between The Lines), M.Wells (gtr), Steve Swinnerton (gtr,voc) (Fourmers, Suspect Greenhouse, Between The Lines), D.Moss (drms) (later Scream in Silence), Alan Topping (keys) (later of Forgotten Image, Suspect Greenhouse). All apart from Steve & R.Sharpe formed Anon. See also Wargame, Skydog)

Atonal – Alternative Rock band (2002), who regularly play around various venues in the city. Feat; Ben Singleton (voc,gtr), Jon Lawton (gtr), Richy Nicholson (bass), Roy Turnham (drms). More info req’d.

A to Z – Croxteth pop-rock band, formed late 1986, feat; Kevin Pettit (voc) (ex Q-Clinique), Michael Feerick (bass) (ex Q-Clinique), Tim Fisher (keys), Derek Hoarleigh (gtr), Tony Ellis (drms). Tony & Derek were replaced in 1987 by Paul Williams (gtr) & Derek Hunter (drms). More info req’d.

Attempted Moustache – early 80s Birkenhead band feat; Simon Blackwell (gtr), Paul Wright (drms) (both later of Mr Zero, Bisquits, Half Man Half Biscuit). Roy Wilding (voc,flute) Michael Wilding (bass). Michael was replaced by Roddie Gilliard (Windows, Mutants, Muffin Men), and Will Ekbery (bass) (Tasp, Mr Zero) has been a member more than once! Rel 1 single Superman / No Way Out (Skeleton Recs). Appeared with 1 track on Blank Tapes EP alongside Zorkie Twins, Junk Art and Geisha Girls. A remix of No Way Out was on A Trip To The Dentist. Roddy Gilliard joined the band at some gigs

Attic Head – Uni based psyche band, (early 90s) based around Steve Wood and many personnel changes. Played Planet X many times and they changed style to some form of melodic grunge. Steve has also designed cover art for Boo Radleys and played third guitar for them on tour. More info req’d

Audio Visual Records – label established 1986 by Ken Kelly, initially to rel bands and compilations local to Liverpool, but expanded across the UK. 1st rel was the Modesty Kills comp, also rel for Hey Marsha! (who Ken managed along with Blue Nose). Rel ‘Songs From The Riverside’ comp CD (Sep04). Although now based in Oswestry Ken still sees the label as predominately scouse. See extensive (website)

August Studios – recording studio

Autumn Pandas – Runcorn band (1982), prev called Flesh Impact, Alphabet Law. Feat; Alison (voc,gtr), Ian Gardler (gtr) (ex Wild Weekend), Tony (bass), Russell (drms). More info req’d

Avant Garde Elitists – band from Runcorn (c1981) feat; Keith Discreet (bass) (ex Beyond The Implode), Mark Brackley (sax), Al Murdoch (gtr,voc) & Steve Jones (drms). Rel a demo. More info req’d

Away With The Mixer – experimental industrial group, (1983-86). From Moreton, Wirral, feat; Dave Clarkson (keys,voc), Dave Griffiths (gtr,voc) and sometimes Andy Griffiths (keys). Did various gigs in the Wirral area – to the delight of local residents – and rec many home tapes. Had a mention in ‘Sounds’ industrial chart alongside Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire and Test Dept. Dave Clarkson now involved in solo project, Illuminati. Dave Griffiths now co-runs ‘Pharmakon’ – specialising in visuals production.

Azure – (1985-88), duo feat; Robert Powell (voc,keys), Dave Powell (bass). Also been called D’Azure.

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