Righteous Anger Records

Righteous Anger Records is a small non-profit DIY label, distro and promotions based Colwyn Bay (set Apr10). We are part of a worldwide collective of DIY labels, bands and artists. Our other half is a Righteous Anger Promotions who put on gigs every now and again in north Wales including past Dirty Weekend Festivals.

If punk rock always resides in the novelty of the 70’s it will be boring. It never died, it only died in the mainstream’s industrial circus of consumerism and marketability, It went underground and if anything grew bigger. There are bands out there with something new and fresh to say, about things that matter today, and they mean it. We want to help these bands/artists and we do not consider ourselves strictly a punk rock label. We want to cover everything from hardcore punk to anarcho hip hop, from crust to folk.
We began with the release of Global Parasite’s debut album “Memento Mori” on April 23rd 2010. With this release we decided to begin a DIY label. We have no plans to become bigger although it’s a given that we will evolve, we are just a small DIY label doing our bit and putting something back whilst helping bands with something to say. We have no interest in profit as all money that is made goes back into the label’s projects and we have no interest in the bullshit associated with big labels either, fuck corporate music. We do not sign bands, there are no contracts.

We also have a cheap distro that we take with us to Global Parasite gigs and tours along with gigs we put on. This is usualy sold cheaper than on the website. The website also serves as a distro for our releases and other label’s releases.

VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR ONLINE SHOP AND DISTRO, INFO AND LINKS, etc: http://righteousangerrecords.com/ contact: righteousangerrecords@gmail.com

Global Parasite “Memento Mori” – (RAR001) – CD/Download – 23/04/10

Down To Kill – Born To Die – (RAR002) – 12″ Vinyl – 01/11/10

NIS / Warpath split 7″ EP – (RAR003) – 7″ Vinyl – 01/05/11

Luvdump – Information Is Power EP – (RAR004) – CD EP – 09/02/11

Power Is Poison: Apathetic Generation – discography 2005-2010 – (RAR005) – CD – 01/03/11

Scarred Society – self titled – (RAR006) – CD – 01/10/11

Ask Questions Demand Answers – (RAR007) – Download 07/07/2012

Bring To Ruin – Self-Titled – (RAR008) – CD- 01/08/12

Righteous Anger Records Free Sampler Vol 1 – (RAR009) – CD/download 30/08/12

Global Parasite/Dead Subverts – Vs. Predatory Pathocracy (Global Parasite / Dead Subverts split EP) – (RAR010) – CD/download – 28/02/13

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