Andy Bob Beaumont – Prophets Of Doom
ALBUM – Second album this from Bangor’s blue grass roots Andy
Rel: 22.11.21 – Digipak CD / DL on link2wales recs

Defod – The Lengthening Shadow
ALBUM – Druid scaring black metal darkness
Rel: 15.11.21 – CD / CASS / DL

Skinflick – We Could Have Reached For The Stars But We Reached For Our Dicks
ALBUM – Industrial darkness from long-time murderers of music
Rel: 31.10.21 – DL

Lolfa Binc – (Apo)calypso Island
EP – Bethesda genocidal maniacs return after a 3 year hiatus with 3 new songs
Rel: 31.10.21 – DL

White Ether – Jesus Freaks
TRACK – new song from Caernarfon’s post-punks
Rel: 05.10.21 – DL

James PM Phillips – Plan
TRACK – yet another release from Bangor’s bearded wizard
Rel: 23.09.21 – DL

Warlockhunt – Sleep / Heal
SINGLE – debut release from this Conwy sludge project featuring MWJ of Emissaries Of Syn
Rel: 16.08.21 – CD /DL on Pyrrhic Defeat

James PM Phillips – Angel
TRACK – Just the absolute truth, and if it helps anyone else, so much the better
Rel: 05.07.21 – DL

Various – Keeping It Rhyl
COMP ALBUM – This is the inaugural album, celebrating the (future) opening of the worlds longest pier, home to Rhyl’s new University of Music and Media.
Rel: 14.06.21 – LP / DL on link2wales recs

James PM Phillips – Love
TRACK – Another narrative on life from Bangor’s James and his arthritic knees
Rel: 12.06.21 – DL

James PM Phillips – One Day
TRACK – One day, James, one day…
Rel: 02.06.21 – DL

Defod – Efydd
TRACK – A black metal teaser from the album out later this year
Rel: 28.05.21 – DL

James PM Phillips – Time
TRACK – A continuation of the ramblings from Bangor’s JPMP
Rel: 26.05.21 – DL

James PM Phillips – Infinite Mousehammer
TRACK – More storytelling from Bangor, this time with a mousehammer
Rel: 17.05.21 – DL

James PM Phillips – Different Stars
TRACK – They’re all love songs. This one included.
Rel: 17.05.21 – DL

Various – This Green And Peasant Land
COMP ALBUM – An alphabetical tribute to all the bands released on the label (so far)
Rel: 16.04.21 – CD / DL on link2wales

White Ether – All Things Must Change
TRACK – Anthemic rock-punk from Caernarfon
Rel: 16.04.21 – DL

Skinflick – Self Harm Smiley Face
EP – New 6 track release from the lord of putrefied evil – sending thoughts and prayers…
Rel: 27.03.21 – DL

Defod – Cerrig Hynafol
EP – Black metal brilliance from this project by Raz. CD versions with bonus tracks
Rel: 20.03.21 – CD / CASS / DL

Scealu – Magam EP
EP – minimalist electronic microhouse from Colwyn Bay
Rel: 16.03.21 – DL

Defod – Defod Un
TRACK – Debut offering from sometime guitarist with Emissaries Of Syn, Raz Casket
Rel: 27.02.21 – DL

James PM Phillips – Watching
TRACK – Observational warbling from Bangor
Rel: 05.02.21 – DL

Llyn y Cwn – Llugwy
ALBUM – Slow burning tectonic drone from Bangor’s Manky Ben
Rel: 04.02.21 – CD / DL

James PM Phillips – Zombification
TRACK: Bangor is rife with zombies
Rel: 02.02.21 – DL

James PM Phillips – Too Face
TRACK – James laments life, the universe and nothing
Rel: 31.01.21 – DL

Spam Javelin – The Three Chords Of The Apocalypse
ALBUM – 2nd album from the punk trio America banned!
Rel: 29.01.21 – LP / CD / DL on link2wales records

Andy Bob Beaumont – Blues & Roots
ALBUM – collection of songs covered by Bangor’s hard workin’ gunslingin’ whisky drinkin’ etc
Rel: 28.01.21 – DL

Various – Welsh Dub Alliance Vol 2
COMP ALBUM – The second instalment in the Welsh Dub Alliance series welcomes more producers to the roster from a broader range of areas across Wales!
Rel: 28.01.21 – DL

White Ether – Promised Land
TRACK – first new song in a year from post-punk rockers
Rel: 23.01.21 – DL

James PM Phillips – What You See
ALBUM – experimental words and experimental sound from Bangor
Rel: 20.01.21 – DL

James PM Phillips – At The Gate
TRACK – new instrumental track from Bangor’s prolific musician and promoter
Rel: 18.01.21 – DL

James PM Phillips – Four Walls
TRACK – ‘Lockdown, again, and my mental health is suffering.’
Rel: 10.01.21 – DL

James PM Phillips – Did I Say I Love You?
TRACK – (Experi)mental electronical from Bangor
Rel: 05.01.21 – DL