Did You Know…


Boring facts!

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  • That Pete Wylie (of Wah!) has a brother, Phil, who played in Come In Tokio (read more)
  • That Paul Hammond used to dress up as a court jester (read more)
  • That Lampeter band Alphane Moon got their name from a Philip K.Dick book (read more)
  • That ‘International Split EP’ was released on six record labels (read more)
  • That Andy of Crapsons saw Status Quo in the Liverpool Philharmonic with his mum (read more)
  • That 99% is shit (read more)
  • That 100s of bands had sessions on Adam Walton‘s BBC Radio Wales Shows (read more)
  • That Anhrefn (pic) released their debut single on St.David’s Day in 1984 (read more)