We’d love you to send us details of a band you were a member of, or had connections with – this is how link2wales works!

Join our Link2wales Facebook page, introduce yourself to the group and add your details in a post…

It’s up to you how much info you send. But please try to stick to these guidelines and your info will be entered far quicker.

  • Band name – when formed / split, where are they from?
  • Band members – ­please write them in the following format – Vocalist (voc), Guitarist (gtr), Bassist (bass), Drummer (drms), Synth or Keyboard Player (keys), Guitarist-Vocalist (voc,gtr), Backing Singer (b.voc).
  • Also try to add releases and dates of release, any interesting anecdotes (eg, they played to the Prime Minister and he threw up), and very importantly, please add any previous or later bands that members were in as this helps piece the jigsaw together.
  • Precise dates are always good as they can also be included in the On This Day in History section, and in the Archives timeline.
  • Photos are always welcome