VIDEO – Dimmock, Definitely Dimmock

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dimmockThe Crud Crew did a series of spoof clips for BBC Choice (BBC 3 nowadays) – can’t even recall how long ago it was now, or even if this sketch made it onto the screens.
Good laugh tho…
Here I interview Steve Sync and his sidekick Andy Fatman about gardening programmes on TV.

GIG BLOG – Addicted To Fish, Braxton Hicks @ Blue Sky Cafe, Bangor

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(review by neil crud) (pix by combi chris, crud and david caleb lee)
Addicted To Fish
Old Bangor punk tarmac grinders of yore Anhrefn were a political band. Political in the sense they had social politics to spread, in a sense, like Crass had a message of goodwill to all others to spread while despising the system we/they had to bow to.
Anhrefn’s aims were clear, they knew that they could preach to the converted until their rugged faces turned blue and those disciples would go home happy after their dose of Anhrefn and play their records ad nauseum.

REVIEW – North By North Wales Mini Egg Festival @ Skerries, Bangor

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(review by neil crud / pix by michael yaw dally)

I love these kind of events – a hat full of bands, each playing half an hour, therefore not outstaying their welcome, indoors, friendly atmosphere and most importantly – on my doorstep. An hour before soundcheck I was at home making a stir-fry, whereas usually when doing a gig I’d be stuck behind some arse on a motorway or hanging around waiting for the stage doors to be unlocked or the soundman to turn up. Not here… With Kyle Lee in charge of logistics, everything runs like clockwork.

link2wales records

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L2W001 frontWe’ve had a busy coupla weeks at link2wales HQ – I say HQ and ‘we’ like this is some sort of big organisation, but it’s not at all really – it’s mainly myself and err… well, myself. Although MWJ, Dan Read and Rhys Mwyn do send in regular contributions, my Dad keeps the tech side ticking over, and of course the website gets a lot of promotion thanks to those who retweet on Twitter and share on Facebook, and also nice plugs from Adam Walton on BBC Radio Wales and from John Robb on Louder Than War webzine.
The fortnight has been full of highlights, lots of gigs reviews, new videos uploaded by Bright Young People and Braxton Hicks, great blog by Dan Read, controversial one by Rhys Mwyn and I’ve been called a cock twice!

The Boyfriends – I Love You

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This was my first attempt at helping make and editing a video (September 2006). The band were darlings of the NME at the time (I think the singer was shagging the editor) and it was released by Boobytrap Records of South Wales. So we came up with the idea of putting together a video of this song as a showcase of what we could do.
Very basic stuff but pretty delightful in a simplistic sort of way.
Boobytrap went bust and I guess The Boyfriends disappeared, but hey! The Video is still here!!