CASH PUSSIES – 99% Is Shit

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Loved this single – it was so goddam catchy..!! Obviously a cash-in when Sid Vicious checked out of an apartment in Bank Street, New York in a body bag.
I guess the cover held together by sellotape prevented it being sold by myself for stupid amounts of money during the eBay Wars… So glad I kept hold of it…

VIDEO – We The Living – Material Girl

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Been having a bit of a cassette party – and found this from 1985 that I taped off John Peel’s show…
Undoubtedly the best version of Madonna’s Material Girl you’ll ever hear…

What Is It With Wolves…?

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Just a short piece that starts with a question…

What the fuck is it with bands and wolves?
I just don’t get it… Have I missed something…?
Martin White (via twitter @MartinW) brought it up a couple of days ago when I added new Abergele band White Wolves to the link2wales listings; and it is a subject I did bring up at the turn of the year when Joy Formidable released their second album ‘Wolf’s Law’ amid canine orientated bands barking from the woods of North Wales and beyond.

ALBUM REVIEW – Various – Stop The G8 – Mae’n Fucking Afiach!

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I love compilation albums – there’s not enough of them these days, so it’s good to see the Afiach Collective knocking this one out. I miss those Boobytrap compilations, I miss mix tapes off mates – more compilation albums please! More mix tapes please!
Having said that, we do get blessed with the likes of Northern Star Records, Pumpkin, Righteous Anger wazzing out the compilations, all of which are most welcome.

CRUD BLOG – The North South Divine

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This compilation came out on FF Vinyl in 2004 and I guess it was intended to showcase the under current of bands in Wales (both North and South) who should have had more recognition (at the time). The bands chosen were very indie, the tracks chosen were very ‘safe’ – almost folky (Gabrielle 25)… Great for a summer’s evening, drinking wine with friends as the sun nestles in the sky. Some lovely tracks on here; The Afternoons instantly recognisable, as are Texas Radio Band with the excellent Chwaraeon. Science are ace, out of tune and quirky with Oh I Hide It Well, and Kentucky AFC offer the punchiest track with Outlaw, while JT Mouse break the rules with the truly off the wall thrashed out Numb.