Welsh Rebel Outpost

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Elfyn Presli 15
I’ve spent the last couple of months rehearsing a little side project under the tag of Welsh Rebel Outpost with Rhys Mwyn and Cumi Pants (Alan Matthews to his mum).
Far from being an Anhrefn / 4Q not-so-supergroup, the idea was that of Rhys who wants to do a remembrance / benefit for those within the Welsh music scene who are no longer with us.
That list is sadly very long, and made even longer by the tragic loss of Ectogram drummer Maeyc Hewitt only last week.

The Paranoid Squirrel and Sonic Attack Podcasts

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I love finding new podcasts, and this one on particular is pretty damn cool…

And this one is pretty noisy… ace

Sonic Attack 111 by Bob’s Podcasts on Mixcloud

January 2015 – Record Haul

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A bit of a biased month on the playlist front as I found myself consumed by Hookworms – both Pearl Mystic and Hum album – wonderful stuff.     

Bands Seen

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This is my personal list of the live sets I’ve seen by bands over the years (as far as I can remember and from what info I have in my diaries).
Many (but not all) of which you can read reviews of on this site.
It’s a ‘live’ spreadsheet and updates once I’ve logged a band I’ve seen…
Explore and enjoy!

Fingertip Music

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Amazing how technology moves at a pace… From the days of being a kid with a tape recorder, finger poised on the REC button, hoping John Peel would play something recordable, to today, where you can get almost EVERYTHING that’s ever been recorded – ON DEMAND…