Cian Ciarán talks Zefur Wolves and Super Furry Animals

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The Super Furry Animals stable is a prolific one… Since their self imposed hiatus in 2009 the individual members have been extremely busy of late with their various solo projects. I say ‘of late’ as in particular the last couple of years the output has increased dramatically. Gruff Rhys’ well documented forays across the planet in various forms have since been joined by Gulp and Pale Blue Dots amongst others…

Interview / Biog – Chris Smooth Jones (CJ)

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Peter Hook speaking in 1992:  ‘What I like best about CJ is his blond hair, the way he holds a cigarette and his inability to say no. As talent goes, he’s wasted it for years; I’m glad he now has a chance to catch up on using it.’

Chris ‘Smooth’ Jones (CJ) was born in Prestatyn on 27th January 1964. He was one time drummer with early 80’s Prestatyn punk band The Vaj. After the demise of this short-lived project Chris moved to Manchester and worked at Strawberry Studios for about five years, doing the sound engineering for the likes of Buzzcocks, New Order, Lurkers, Killing Joke, GBH, Sisters of Mercy, Membranes, Discharge and, as Chris says, ‘The Boomtown Rats with Johnny Fingers actually wearing pyjamas in the studio! Which was pretty bizarre!’

Super Furry Animals – Gigography

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[Crud note: I lifted the pre-1999 list from a Super Furry fansite which has disappeared offline – it’s recorded here for prosperity and will remain so until I die – the posters and videos are from various sources – enjoy!]

Interview – TOM CARROLL (Mighty Wah! / Plantfoot / Trestles / Silens)

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Let’s cut to the chase – you’re now one half of Wah! – How did that come about?

We met in the pub! It was January 2014 and our mutual friend’s birthday session. We got talking/ranting about music and found out that we love a lot of the same stuff and just generally got on really well. It got to about 1am and Pete asked if I played guitar, I said yes, and he called me up a couple of days later. I was made up, I’d always loved Pete’s music and I’d been to loads of his gigs, so it’s been an honour to play the songs with him.

Biography – JIVES ROOM

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(taken from ‘This Patch of Land’)
With summer in full swing and the Blu nights into their third month, June 11th 2003 saw the billing of what would become ‘the big three’ in terms of pulling power. Gintis, Jives Room and Junebug were to be the big money spinners for the venue (although the bands were paid in beer vouchers, sometimes with great detriment to the music!).