BAND BIOGRAPHY – Cellophane Boys

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As a teenage punk growing up in Denbigh, you would hear about these legendary bands who used to play in Rhyl, like The Toilets, VOTS, The Vaj, Amsterdam and The Cellophane Boys. Being, like 12-13 years old, the chances of actually seeing any of them play live were very slim.
So to get this info on them is priceless… A version of the band recently got together to record the song Lies to coincide with the 2019 General Election.
From his lair in France, the band’s Dr Steve Roberts fills in all the blanks of this short-lived band…

INTERVIEW – Crapsons

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It’s Tuesday night and it’s raining in deepest darkest Brokenhead. The sound of a milk bottle toppling over followed by a cat screeching echoes down the dark alley… A gate opens and out pop Mike and Andy Crapson from their council flat… It’s bin day tomorrow and should they forget to put the green one out tonight then it’ll be another fortnight before it’s emptied again.
I’m a little star-struck; after-all, these guys are famous and it’s quite surreal seeing them in their natural habitat rather than on stage… I pluck up courage to introduce myself as a budding journalist and ask them what are Crapsons all about…

INTERVIEW – Charlie Garlic of Rabo De Toro

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Hailing from Bangor, Rabo De Toro are quite literally a (non)punk phenomenon… I put a non in front of punk because the music is some crazed psycho-jazz-rock-punk that is too fluid to rest in any hole your pigeon fancies. However, if you agree that political social commentary and spitting on those in power is punk rock, then Rabo De Toro are more punk rock than you’ll ever be.

New Album / Interview – SKINFLICK

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Bangor’s very own Sith Lord, Justin Williams of Skinflick takes time out from slaying Ewoks to answer a few questions about the band’s first new recorded work in four years…
‘I’m Pissing On You But The Fire Has Long Since Gone Out’ is a hate filled 45 minutes album riddled with industrial coldwave angst…

Biog – Interview – CUT TUNES / CUT 23

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The Early Days

By the time CUT TUNES had released its first product in 1985, the talents of founder member Gary CUT had already been noticed. As a young freelance photographer during the mid-80s, his work included a series of striking and much-mimicked publicity photographs for underground Industrial legend and friend Lustmord – which earned the praises of such luminaries as Chris & Cosey.