Yr Anhrefn

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(pic source ‘taken from Pete Telfers galleries on Culture Colony’)

In 1984 one person started something that would have a major effect on Welsh music, Welsh attitudes and the way English people perceive the Welsh.
That forward thinking person set up Recordiau Anhrefn; first as a vinyl outlet for his own band, Yr Anhrefn, (releasing a green vinyl 7″ single), but more importantly to promote and release Welsh language music by bands who were not going to get any joy out of an archaic Welsh music industry and dismal Welsh media.

INTERVIEW – Kyle Lee (Cow, Gintis, Jives Room)

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Funny how one minute you’re a fresh faced kid in school, playing Nirvana covers in your Mum’s garage. Then, with the blink of an eye, seventeen years have flown by and you’re almost regarded as a veteran and you’re being interviewed about your musical career.
Kyle Lee (from Dyserth) joined Jives Room and later Gintis. Promoted gigs in Bangor, played in Sona before moving to Liverpool and forming Mexican Walking Fish and currently blasts out tunes for Cow.
Listen to this excellent podcast where Kyle is interviewed. He covers a lot of ground on the Bar Blu scene and the band of brothers and sisters who were part of that incredible scene.


INTERVIEW – Marc Jones (promoter Tivoli, Krazy House, Planet X)

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Marc Jones DJ & Promoter at The Tivoli in Buckley 1991-94

The Tivoli in Buckley is steeped in history, and link2wales recently published a list of the huge number of gigs the venue boasts. Former promoter Marc Jones saw this and put his hand up to share his remarkable story.

It transpires Marc previously managed Scorpio Rising and also promoted gigs at iconic Liverpool punk venue Planet X and inadvertently put my old band, 4Q on there twice! Small world… but that is merely a footnote in a fascinating story…
Read on….

BAND BIOGRAPHY – Cellophane Boys

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As a teenage punk growing up in Denbigh, you would hear about these legendary bands who used to play in Rhyl, like The Toilets, VOTS, The Vaj, Amsterdam and The Cellophane Boys. Being, like 12-13 years old, the chances of actually seeing any of them play live were very slim.
So to get this info on them is priceless… A version of the band recently got together to record the song Lies to coincide with the 2019 General Election.
From his lair in France, the band’s Dr Steve Roberts fills in all the blanks of this short-lived band…

INTERVIEW – Crapsons

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It’s Tuesday night and it’s raining in deepest darkest Brokenhead. The sound of a milk bottle toppling over followed by a cat screeching echoes down the dark alley… A gate opens and out pop Mike and Andy Crapson from their council flat… It’s bin day tomorrow and should they forget to put the green one out tonight then it’ll be another fortnight before it’s emptied again.
I’m a little star-struck; after-all, these guys are famous and it’s quite surreal seeing them in their natural habitat rather than on stage… I pluck up courage to introduce myself as a budding journalist and ask them what are Crapsons all about…