BLOG RHYS MWYN – Listen To This ! The Importance Of Culture

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[orig published in Herald Cymraeg 25 March 2020]

It’s almost impossible to know what to write this week. We face a period of uncertainty beyond any experience in our lives. As the situation and circumstances with the Coronavirus change from day to day and I write at weekends and the column is published on Wednesday, it is difficult to know how much has changed in the meantime. The only thing that is certain is the uncertainty.

It is quite obvious that so many of us in Wales are freelance, small business and self-employed. And a large number of us then within the creative and cultural sectors. Things will be hard. Much of my work and salary is lecturing, guided tours and related archaeology work. So far everything in April and May has been postponed. It may be possible to rearrange some things but much of the work will have been lost.

BLOG – Emissaries of Syn – To Russia With Love

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Once upon a time a Welshman met a Russian on a battleground in the Czech Republic. All was well, and as he admitted defeat and was drunk under the table he managed to pass over a copy of an Emissaries Of Syn CD as a token of international fraternity before tripping over the mortal coil, breaking his tent in the process.

BLOG RHYS MWYN – The First Punks in Wales

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 (Published in Cambria Vol 14 No 3)
Steve Strange & Friends Pic Lorraine Owen
‘Who were the first Welsh Punks?’
 “So Merthyr, in a way, drove me to Punk Rock” Chris Sullivan.

My Favourite Album (Part 2)

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Rhys Mwyn and Alan Holmes always turn up late to parties, and while the rest of us were celebrating our favourite albums, they were still at home putting their make-up on. So turning up fashionably late, these two stalwarts of Bangor have contributed more to the music scene in Wales (and beyond) than most of us put together.
Alan Holmes has played in more bands than there are letters in Llanfairpwllgwyngylletc, including Fflaps and Ectogram. As well as producing many acts and running Central Slate Records and more recently Turquoise Coal.
Rhys Mwyn played in Anhrefn and ran the Recordiau Anhrefn label, and has managed many acts and worked for Crai Records.

Here is Rhys Mwyn‘s choice…

What’s Your Favourite Album?

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I regret asking the question now as I have to answer it myself too. It’s an open question… No rules; could be all time, could be current. And I only ask it because whenever asked, I immediately reply ‘Machine Gun Etiquette’ by The Damned every time. But is it? If I really thought about it?
Currently I can’t stop spinning ‘Natural History’ by Dope Body. I played and still play Anti-Nowhere League ‘We Are The League,’ Placebo ‘Without You I’m Nothing,’ Bauhaus ‘Burning From The Inside,’ Dead Kennedys ‘Plastic Surgery Disasters,’ Super Furry Animals ‘Dark Days / Light Years’ – The list goes on and on, and like Adam Walton and John Robb said when I asked them, ‘One album? Absolutely impossible, sorry.’ The miserable twats ha ha.