Common Ground Festival Benefit @ The Peer Hat, Manchester

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Having missed the actual Common Ground Festival (formerly called The Dirty Weekend) in September through other commitments this was an opportunity for me to help chip in to the recovery of the losses that the festival made. The promoters here, and a lot of the attendees, know it’s exactly the kind of underground gathering they want to see continuing in the future.  So today almost seems a mini flavour of the main event, some of them having played the do down in Bristol, with a great selection of bands and the grin inducing messy mayhem of the alternative community get-together.

REVIEW – BBC Horizons Launchpad Awards @ Pie Records Café, Rhos on Sea

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An invite to respectable mainstream awards do?  With my reputation?  To be fair I was only filling in for the Crud who was off to the Eastern Front to fight the Russians so I’m sure I didn’t seem as relatively bad.  It gave me a chance to break out my suit jacket for shits and giggles and break out of my grindcore entrenchment. 

GIG REVIEW – White Ether, Lolfa Binc, Teeth Crack @ The North, Rhyl

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I was here purely for enjoyment’s sake, having seen these acts on numerous occasions, and still in the recovery position after a weekend of overseas debauchery, reviewing was far from my mind. So for a line up I’ve experienced before to compel me to write about must have been a good night… (Or a shit one, but I tend not to write about them).

GIG REVIEW – Peter Hook & The Light @ Sala Apolo, Barcelona

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It was a case of being in Barca when Peter Hook & The Light were playing, rather than travelling here to see them. Hooky has been milking the arse out of this for years now, and more power to him for doing so. It’s supply and demand and the demand by all accounts is still there in abundance.

GIG REVIEW – The Rumjacks @ Melkweg Oude Zaal, Amsterdam

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My knowledge of The Rumjacks prior to this gig was pretty sparse. I knew them as a punk-Pogues and they were from Sydney. It was a case of being in Amsterdam and they were playing, so why the hell not…?
We did a recon of the venue that morning and by chance met the singer Frankie McLaughlin as they were loading in. He was a nice guy; looked tired and explained they had to shoot to Schiphol Airport to pick up more merch as they’d sold out during their four months of touring.