GIG REVIEW – Gintis, Saint Stevie @ Pie Records, Rhos-On-Sea

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Having seen Gintis play 30 times, you’d have thought that I have little to say about them anymore. Steve Sync and myself took the short trip to the excellent Pie Records in Rhos-On-Sea to witness a rare ‘home town’ gig. I say home town as (Mo Salah lookalike) Carl Gintis noted, it’s difficult to pinpoint their base anymore… I guess the excellent backdrop could lay claim with the slogan ‘Gintis – Straight Outta Gele.’

GIG REVIEW – Amsterdam Red Light District, Emissaries Of Syn, Morvo @ The North, Rhyl

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Four gigs in four days, I’d happily do one every day, such has been the quality of this run… Liverpool, Conwy, Liverpool and now Rhyl (which is like the rough parts of Liverpool but with plywood for windows). We are back at The North for a Sunday night gig arranged for touring French band Amsterdam Red Light District who gave the few of us watching a lesson in Performance.

GIG REVIEW – Habits, Overload, Regicidal @ Maguires, Liverpool

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Another night, another raid across the border to get our punk rock fix. As we were about to leave the news filtered through that our main draw, Grand Collapse had pulled out due to the adverse weather conditions down in their native South Wales (southern softies). This did not deter us from our mission, although it did initially dampen our spirits.

GIG REVIEW – CUT, Mad Alice, Ticnotoc @ Sound, Liverpool

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What a great gig! I’m so glad we didn’t heed the weather warnings to stay indoors and watch Eastenders. Instead we put snow chains on the car tyres, loaded our flasks with Horlicks and headed over the plateau to Liverpool. It was a little bit scary when the A55 had a whiteout and disappeared beneath us but the journey was so worthwhile.

GIG REVIEW – Lullaby For A Unicorn, Mank, Mudshark Incident @ Skerries, Bangor

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A choice of at least three shows to tickle your fancy tonight in North Wales, and I’ve been conscious of travelling to Liverpool to get my gig kicks of late. However, it was Bangor that piqued my interest on account of two bands I had not seen before and one I can watch endlessly…