GIG REVIEW – Habits, Morffe, Maines @ Pie Records, Rhos-On-Sea

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What an exciting venture… Pie Records sits in the heart of the blue-rinse Tory heartland of Rhos-On-Sea. For how long the fascist Daily Mail readers will tolerate young people enjoying themselves watching beat combos on their patch remains to be seen. But while the sun shines, let’s make hay.

GIG REVIEW – Mammothfest (Sunday) @ The Arch, Brighton

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The last time I was in Brighton I was maybe 8 or 9 years old, on a camper van holiday of England with my family. I can recall playing a game of plastic bowls on the green at the front with my younger sister, our parents watching from a distance from the van, when there was a suddenly a boisterous gaggle of punks upon us asking for a game. They were just having a laugh, there was no malice there, and they rolled on soon enough after no doubt alarming my folks, but I can still picture the mohawks and dye, the black and the badges, the crazy gang. Who knows what early impression this made on me, and sent me down this slippery cider ski slope I have ended up on?!?

GIG REVIEW – Snowboy & The Latin Section, Jen Kearney @ Neuadd Ogwen, Bethesda

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[review by Nigel Stone]

As a cold, wet Saturday night fell on the streets of Bethesda, the crowd inside Neuadd Ogwen on the small town’s High Street were being drenched by the bluesy, soul soaked music of Boston based Jen Kearney, who was opening for Latin Jazz giants Snowboy and The Latin Section on their UK tour. Kearney was visiting Europe for the very first time, thanks to funding from the Arts Council.

GIG REVIEW – Archgoat, Bolzer, Svartidaudi, Eggs of Gomorhh @ Sound Control, Manchester

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(pics by dave ingham)

I like my black like I like my coffee.  Not particularly often, in small concentrated doses, but when there’s a high quality selection I’ll usually fill my boots.  So this eclectic collection of the dark extremes of metal fitted the bill for me, a European package tour gathering bands of interest and justifying a hefty ticket price, especially for me as Svartidaudi had been one of the most impressive in the genre encountered in recent years.  I had seen them and Bolzer before in the blazing sunshine of a field in East Germany before (see review), a grim club in Manchester would be an interesting contrast

GIG REVIEW – Rabo De Toro + Red Or Dead @ The North, Rhyl

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A thoroughly enjoyable Thursday night in Rhyl?  Yes, that is a sentence you can read and believe.  I’m all for taking the gentle piss of the Scouse Riviera, the Slum Centre, Beirut-on-Sea, but the fact is I’ve been to gigs here for decades and through the work of Mr Rastin et al, the bog standard venues have kept a door open and a light on for whatever bands might by fermenting locally or visiting from further afield.  And currently I’m really excited about the wealth of North Welsh music that has the opportunity to stir things up locally, a veritable purple patch of land.