GIG REVIEW – Bogans, Spam Javelin, Mike West @ Chester Live

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Funny place Chester, it doesn’t really have a scene… Yeah people flock from the suburbs when something piques their interest (like Skids at The Live Rooms 2 days earlier), but by all accounts it’s a pretty cliquey city. Chester Live has been running for a couple of years now, in a Focus Wales format; but Focus in Wrexham is well established, plus that town has a vibrant music scene. So some of the gigs here at Chester Live can be a bit bitty (others were sold out!)… This gig was one of the bitty ones, and the main act Louise Distras was obviously not as big a draw as anticipated.

GIG REVIEW – Liverpool Calling Festival (Friday)

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Only the brave and the stupid actually promote gigs… So to promote an entire festival you’d have to be braveheart and completely insane… The likes of Andy Gilbert, Krystian Yeah Buddy and company are absolutely bonkers… May their insanity continue…

GIG REVIEW – Skids @ The Live Rooms, Chester

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[review n pix by rich ‘noiseannoys’ phillips]

Tales of the Unexpected! So I grabbed a last minute offer to catch the Skids play a Chester Live Rooms show. So last minute I didn’t even have a chance to get train beers (which is the norm for any journey over 25 minutes long). So rushed was I that also forgot to take the “hip flask of doom” (long story). As a result this proved to be a first sober gig experience when I hadn’t driven!

GIG REVIEW – Iron Witch, Coltsblood, Groak @ Sound, Liverpool

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Like last week’s old skool punk gig, tonight was another trip beyond the realms of my hardcore comfort zone and into the pit of unfathomable doom.

GIG REVIEW – Hung Like Hanratty, Vomit, Potential Victims @ Boulevard, Wigan

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Jeez, the Gene Pool wasn’t very kind to Wigan was it..? Ha ha… Scanning the venue as everyone got more and more (sa)lubricated it felt more like an open day at Rampton Hospital…!