Can I submit information about a band I was in and how do I do it?

By |May 25th, 2008|3 Comments

Yes you can – this is how link2wales works! Click here for a submission form.

Please note the criteria for link2wales is mainly as a source and a guide to our alternative culture. If your group is / was mainly a covers act or a tribute band, then you’ll get plenty of coverage in your local newspaper’s entertainments page, but not here.

How Do I Get You To Review a Gig / Or Submit a Review?

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Tell me about it and make sure ‘Neil Crud +1’ is put on the guest list (going to loads of gigs costs a fortune!). I can’t guarantee I’ll be there, or review it if I do, but if I like what I see/hear and wasn’t too drunk(!) I’ll probably get writing.
A few people submit gig reviews over the years – take a look at the hundreds of Gig Reviews to see the formats – I’m sorry but there’s no money involved (this site is a labour of love), but we can get you into certain venues in exchange for a review.

How Do I send Music for The Crud Cast?

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I haven’t done a Crud Cast Radio Show since August 2010, and so few of you noticed that I was perhaps just wasting my time and massaging my own ego. It was fun, but took a lot of time and effort and as I rarely get chance to listen to a whole radio show myself, I guess you don’t either…
However I still want your releases for archive and review purposes, so please get in touch