GIG REVIEW – Sheepy, The Kirkz @ Molly’s Chamber, Birkenhead

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Birkenhead; renamed Brokenhead by Bite Back who effectively arranged this whole day, plays host to a sackful of ace bands today. It’s dubbed Here Comes The Summer and boasts the aforementioned Bite Back, System Of Hate, Geoffrey Oicott, The Webb, Potential Victims and more…

LISTEN AGAIN – Neil Crud On TudnoFM – Show #149

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Two hours (well 90 mins recorded) of mainly shouty punk rock….

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 149
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GIG REVIEW – Spilt, The Lotts, Serratone, Hollow Vandals @ Live Bar, Warrington

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The Live Bar in Warrington has been open three weeks. It has a cool vibe and is purpose built to function as a live bar. The black decor and walls are adorned with those icons of the past; the Bowies, the Jimis, the Beatles… Tonight is however most certainly about the future and the average age of the sizeable crowd can’t be much more than 20… That’s great to see, and bodes well for the future of ear splitting music…

GIG REVIEW – Nick Cave @ Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

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[review n pic by mark williams]

Growing up, I was a huge fan of the deranged band The Birthday Party. Their music was an unhallowed fusion of blues, rock and roll, and pimp punk rock jazz. I remember the tension and edge of their earlier shows that teetered on violence as Nick Cave teased the audience with his cowboy boot often kicking out at anyone who tried to grab the microphone cable.
It was exciting, unpredictable but was never going to last so it’s even stranger now to witness that after all those drug fuelled years to see ‘Nick Cave’ now regarded as eldest statesman and agony aunt to a generation of ‘Gods lonely children’.

NEW SINGLE – Spam Javelin – Fake News

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Link2wales Records are proud to announce the release of a brand new single by Spam Javelin.
Fake News / Alabama Hot Pocket is available as a free download from Bandcamp.
The “A-Side” will feature on the band’s forthcoming album ‘The Crack Whores of Betws Garmon’ (out next month on vinyl and CD).