Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 100 – with Kela Topan in Session

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North Wales band Kela Topan are just about to release their debut single Gun Boys ahead of their forthcoming epic EP. Frontman Dave Morait doesn’t let grass grow under his feet as he also throttles out for We Are Animal, Hippies vs Ghosts and Mechanical Owl. So it was great to pin him down to play a live, raw and stripped down session in the TudnoFM studio.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 100
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ALBUM REVIEW: Hopewell Ink – The Cure For Silence

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[review by nigel stone]

Whether one can honestly refer to all ten tracks on Hopewell Inks’ debut album as songs is debatable. Rather, “The Cure for Silence” is a collection of pieces created by blending the spoken words of Kathy Hopewell with the music and sounds of her partner, David Hopewell.

GIG REVIEW – Gintis, Saint Stevie @ Pie Records, Rhos-On-Sea

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Having seen Gintis play 30 times, you’d have thought that I have little to say about them anymore. Steve Sync and myself took the short trip to the excellent Pie Records in Rhos-On-Sea to witness a rare ‘home town’ gig. I say home town as (Mo Salah lookalike) Carl Gintis noted, it’s difficult to pinpoint their base anymore… I guess the excellent backdrop could lay claim with the slogan ‘Gintis – Straight Outta Gele.’

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 99

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No session for this week’s show after Kela Topan couldn’t make it.  This gave me the opportunity to feature the excellent compilation 4-CD box set celebrating 20 years of Boss Tuneage Records.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 99
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Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 98 – with Deckchair Protest in Session

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Llandudno’s Deckchair Protest have just released a new EP ‘Honey Drip’ so it was only polite of me to bring them in off the streets to perform a live session. Their second for the show having graced the carpet in November 2016. They’re such a great band as you’ll hear from the session and also from their recorded output.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 98
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