NEW SHOW – Neil Crud On TudnoFM #156 with Cats & Crows in Session

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Cats & Crows is a project by Ruthin’s Isaac Birchall. It’s a collective of one at the moment, but the ranks have swelled to as many as thirteen collaborators. So it was a pleasure to have him burst his lungs and break the windows of the TudnoFM studio. Hear Isaac’s three songs live in session along with ninety minutes of robust music right here, right now… (then check out the Cats & Crows Bandcamp page)

GIG REVIEW – The Ex @ Cafe Oto, London

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[review n pic by mark williams]

Café Oto celebrated its 10th anniversary last year, not bad for a ramshackle music venue with a single room, no stage with bar on one side. We were concerned to see a queue right around the corner when we arrived but we soon got into the room which you enter directly from street in the slightly gentrified surroundings of Dalston.
The venue is great though with low ceilings, creaky old furniture, and even a few bikes leaning against the wall. There is no green room for the artists to hide away in not as if The Ex were a type of band to do that.

GIG REVIEW – Girl Band @ Bi Nuu, Berlin

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I had never heard of Girl Band, nor of their critically acclaimed 2015 album ‘Holding Hands With Jamie’, nor would I have travelled across Europe to see them when they’re a boat ride to Dublin from the North Wales coast. No, we flew in from Budapest as stopping in Berlin for a night almost halved our travel costs; such is the beauty of Ryanair. The budget airline also offer boarding entertainment in the form people arguing the toss over their ridiculous baggage size allowance… You pays your money you takes your choice.

INTERVIEW – Crapsons

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It’s Tuesday night and it’s raining in deepest darkest Brokenhead. The sound of a milk bottle toppling over followed by a cat screeching echoes down the dark alley… A gate opens and out pop Mike and Andy Crapson from their council flat… It’s bin day tomorrow and should they forget to put the green one out tonight then it’ll be another fortnight before it’s emptied again.
I’m a little star-struck; after-all, these guys are famous and it’s quite surreal seeing them in their natural habitat rather than on stage… I pluck up courage to introduce myself as a budding journalist and ask them what are Crapsons all about…

NEW SHOW – Neil Crud On TudnoFM #155 with Grant Sharkey in Session

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That was a good laugh – plenty of banter, lots of great music and a great session from Grant Sharkey.
Promoting his 14th album ‘Hobo Sapien’, Grant is once again on a UK tour (over 40 dates) and drops by for his sixth session for the show…