Yr Anhrefn

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(pic source ‘taken from Pete Telfers galleries on Culture Colony’)

In 1984 one person started something that would have a major effect on Welsh music, Welsh attitudes and the way English people perceive the Welsh.
That forward thinking person set up Recordiau Anhrefn; first as a vinyl outlet for his own band, Yr Anhrefn, (releasing a green vinyl 7″ single), but more importantly to promote and release Welsh language music by bands who were not going to get any joy out of an archaic Welsh music industry and dismal Welsh media.

NEW RELEASE – James PM Phillips – Cig Dyn

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Bangor’s bearded wizard James PM Phillips is back recording and offers up a teaser from his forthcoming album ‘Spite, Bile & Beauty’ in the form of Cig Dyn. Two minutes and forty eight seconds of no wave garage driven repetition denial. ‘Dim on dyn y fy’ (I’m not a man, I’m not meat) he groans while strange mutterings ramble in the background…
Released on the Turquoise Coal label of Menai Bridge and available on Bandcamp… Be sure to check out the label as Alan Holmes as started uploading past releases onto Bandcamp.

NEW RELEASE – Spam Javelin – Fuck You / Cogged Off

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Link2wales is proud to announce the release of the new download single from Spam Javelin…
Fuck You / Cogged Off is a message to fascist dictators everywhere, particularly populist “democratically elected” ones…FUCK YOU

Available as a free-pay-what-you-want-download – the tracks may, or may not appear on the forthcoming album ‘The Three Chords Of the Apocalypse’
Cat No: L2W 024

NEW RELEASES – Pyrrhic Defeat Records

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Pyrrhic Defeat is a label run by Conwy based musician, promoter, writer, drinker, lover Mark Watson-Jones. And they’re proud to announce the release of two new 7″ EPs and the emergence of a distribution service for other bands / labels…

Coming out on June 10th in association with Immundo, 45CPM, Blap, Prejudice Me, Omega Warfare, Made In The Lab and Pumpkin Records comes the split 7″ EP from Mankers Better Reality and Liverpool’s DAD. Six tracks to blast you into next week…

REISSUE – Sons Of Selina vs Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials

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Link2wales Records are pleased to announce the reissue of Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials vs Sons Of Selina single Creatures Of The Night – available on limited edition 12″ vinyl [sorry sold out] and a ‘pay what you want’ download from Bandcamp.

Creatures Of The Night was the first song written by Sons Of Selina back in 1990 (it was demoed but never officially released). The band eventually reworked the song as the title of their second album ‘Fire In The Hole.’
In 2004 Paul Hammond of Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials took it apart and recorded it, inviting Neil Crud (Sons Of Selina) to write and record new lyrics.
Released on CD it became a staple part of the playlist at the Bar Blu venue in Rhyl.


Cat No: L2W 023