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4th April

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04.04.2010 – Live set by 9Bach aired on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales show
04.04.2009 – The Scene play Golden Lion, Wrexham
04.04.2004 – Neil Crud plays U Thant + Downbeat Sinatra on Adam Walton’s  Show
04.04.2004 – Super Furry Animals play Nottingham Rock City
04.04.2004 – Parking Non-Stop play Temple Bar, Dublin
04.04.2002 – Snowblind play Marine, Old Colwyn
04.04.1999 – Pineapple play Black Bear, Whitchurch
04.04.1996 – Mekons, Quint, Give Me Memphis play TJ’s Newport
04.04.1996 – Napalm Death
play Tivoli, Buckley
04.04.1996 – Catatonia play Reading Alleycat with Space and Loopy
04.04.1994 – Headbangers Ball held at The Tivoli, Buckley
04.04.1992 – Rude Vibes in Vegas play Mermaid, Rhyl
04.04.1991 – Anhrefn, Recapitulatif, Geraint Lovegreen, Enw Da play Ewrsogol, Pwllheli
04.04.1991 – Wizzards of Twiddly play The Bistro, Rhyl
04.04.1990 – 4Q play Sullivans, Bootle & are asked to leave after one song
04.04.1988 – Fflaps debut Peel Session is broadcast on Radio 1
04.04.1988 – 4Q record 1st demo, in Bangor

3rd April

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03.04.2015 – Kidsmoke launch EP ‘So Long, Emptiness’ at Un Deg Un, Wrexham with Baby Brave, Maydays
03.04.2015 – Lordi play the Live Rooms, Chester
03.04.2009 – Yucatan, Daniel Land, Johnny Horizontal play Morgan Lloyd, Caernarfon
03.04.2005 – Neil Crud plays Franks Dad + 3 Minute Warning on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show
03.04.2005 – Mike Peters plays Central Station, Wrexham
03.04.2004 – The Alarm play Springfield, USA
03.04.2000 – Mike Peters supports Big Country in Hannover, Germany
03.04.1994 – Mike Peters & The Poets of Justice play Colchester Arts Centre
03.04.1992 – Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials play Flix, Llandudno with Jon Bon 10p
03.04.1991 – The Alarm play Newcastle Mayfair
03.04.1989 – 4Q play Frienny in Colwyn Bay with German band Tokata turns out to be Wayne The Bastard’s final gig
03.04.1988 – 4Q have to pull out of a Squat gig in Liverpool when drummer Paul Puke didn’t show up
03.04.1987 – Anhrefn play Wrexham. They also appear on The Tube pre-recorded TV prog with Datblygu, Cyrff
03.04.1987 – Disciples of Spess play Mold Rugby Club
03.04.1984 – The Alarm support The Pretenders in West Lafayette, USA

2nd April

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02.04.2016 – Nexxus Empire play Skerries, Bangor
02.04.2016 – Emissaries Of Syn, Ugly Fashion play Mcleans, Pentre
02.04.2015 – Gridlocked played The North, Rhyl
02.04.2012 – Y Niwl play live session (their 2nd?) for Marc Riley on 6Music
02.04.2009 – Live Wires, Final Theory, Broken 3 Ways, C-Dub Soundtrack play McLeans, Queensferry
02.04.2005 – Junebug play Plough, Denbigh
02.04.2005 – Adrenalin Talkin’, Seize The Day, 3 Minute Warning play The Dudley, Rhyl
02.04.2005 – Mike Peters played in Junktion7, Nottingham
02.04.2005 – Cane Toads played Bulkeley Arms, Beaumaris
02.04.2004 – The Alarm played in Camp Hill, Gulliftys, USA
02.04.2003 – Red Mojo play Bar Blu, Rhyl
02.04.2000 – Mike Peters supports Big Country in Kreefeld, Germany
02.04.1999 – Pineapple play Battle of The Bands Final, Llandudno
02.04.1998 – Leatherface, Parc Troli, Runt, Doc Savage play TJ’s Newport
02.04.1994 – Mike Peters & The Poets of Justice play JBs, Dudley

02.04.1993 – Anhrefn play Rezé, France
02.04.1991 – The Alarm play Redcar Bowl Leisure Centre
02.04.1989 – Birthday of Joe Coope of Hoodwink
02.04.1988 – 4Q gig at Planet X, Liverpool is pulled when drummer Paul Puke didn’t show up
02.04.1987 – Issue 2 of Crud fanzine published
02.04.1986 – Birthday of James Latimer (Anti Virus)
02.04.1984 – The Alarm play Champaign, Illinois, USA

1st April

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Ugly Fashion conwy
01.04.2019 – Neil Crud hosts his final Monday show on TudnoFM – switching to alternate Sundays (he switched back later in the year)
01.04.2016 – Emissaries Of Syn, Ugly Fashion, Bonzai Massacre, Los Muchachos play Comrades Club, Conwy
01.04.2016 – Campfire Social play Live Rooms, Chester
01.04.2013 – Zebedy release their 2nd LP, Marionette
01.04.2011 – Gintis launch their 2nd LP at Vegas, Rhyl
01.04.2011 – Babylon Leaf, Clint Boon play Tivoli, Buckley
01.04.2007 – Global Parasite play City Bar, Chester
01.04.2006 – Poppies, Anubis play Galeri, Caernarfon
01.04.2005 – Mike Peters played The Leopard, Doncaster
01.04.2005 – The Paddingtons played Central Station, Wrexham
01.04.2004 – The Alarm played in Girard, Ohio
01.04.2002 – Gwacamoli play TJ’s Newport with Gracie
01.04.2002 – Wendykurk debut single Freckles is released on Ankst
01.04.2001 – Dead Men Walking played The Ocean2, London
01.04.2000 – Mike Peters supports Big Country in Helmond
01.04.1996 – Super Furry Animals‘ debut John Peel Session broadcast on Radio 1
01.04.1992 – Boo Radleys, Pale Saints play Tivoli, Buckley
01.04.1991 – The Alarm release the single Raw & play Glosgow Barrowlands
01.04.1988 – The Alarm played Arcadia Theatre, Dallas
01.04.1986 – Birthday of James Latimer (ex Anti Virus, Dead Hedgehog)
01.04.1986 – The Alarm played in Vancouver, Canada
01.04.1984 – The Alarm played in Memphis supporting The Pretenders
01.04.1983 – The Alarm release the single The Stand
01.04.1970 – Birthday of Rowley of Dark Compass podcast

31st March

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31.03.2019 – The Broken Jukebox host their 1st show of 2019 on TudnoFM
31.03.2019 – Baby Brave release new single Baby Behave (see video)
31.03.2018 – Burning Flag (above), Maines, Emissaries Of Syn, Spam Javelin, Eye Licker, Auralskit, Fuzzasaurus play Easter Alldayer at The Pot, Rhyl
31.03.2013 – North By North Wales Festival held at Skerries, Bangor
31.03.2012 – Adam Walton does his Radio Wales show from Boston USA with Joy Formidable
31.03.2010 – Stuntface, Dangerfields & Manhatten Project play Dudley Arms, Rhyl
31.03.2007 – Danblagroyd played their debut gig at Old Swan, Wrexham
31.03.2004 – Gotti, Ethergy, Monkey Shuffle play Bar Blu, Rhyl
31.03.2002 – Black Swans session aired on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show
31.03.2001 – Carbonari, Alien Matter, Tetra Splendour play Breeding Ground, Rhyl
31.03.1995 – FFF came last in the final 8 in Song for Europe with 17,000 votes.
31.03.1995 –  GMX Stuns play Tivoli, Buckley (see video)
31.03.1994 – Wildhearts play Tivoli, Buckley
31.03.1988 – 4Q gig at Leeds Astoria is pulled after drummer Paul Puke doesn’t show up
31.03.1982 – Diamond Head play Colwyn Bay Dixieland