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  1. ds paul
    October 16, 2010 @ 12:08 am

    this is paul from 2000 ds we were banned from the 1 in 12 after this gig as it was supposed to be an anarchist venue and we got there in our bus dogs kids and all we were skint and had to syphon our way their after the gig we didnt get paid properly but we werent bothered about that we never got paid properly i think that was half the appeal for promoters in the beginning so we helped ourselves to an out of date barrel of beer and were then branded theiving gypsy bastards which on this occasion was a bit unfair but on other occasions maybe but we would always make sure we bumped some sort of cooperate place to stay alive not from our own i dont even no if i spelt that proper look out for the PUNK AND BASS CARTEL thats what im doing now


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