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  1. Steve Rastin
    October 17, 2021 @ 2:15 pm

    Getting people through the doors is a struggle full stop right now. No single reason behind that, but rather a perfect storm of several factors that are combining to keep people away – expensive drinks, dodgy punters in the downstairs area and the audience’s tendancy only to venture in when their mates are on stage being very much at the forefront. The rest of 2021 will be spent getting the infrastructure 100% how I want it – as you point out, the sound is fine but I want the lighting upgraded for the live shows. From January 2022 I’ll be looking to book along the lines of places such as the Live Rooms in Chester, bringing in touring acts as well as tribute acts (I know, I’m not a fan myself either, but they are a means to an end). In the words of Mr Lydon, “have a cup of tea, good days ahead”!!!


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