No TudnoFM access due to martial law being in place in Llandudno – so the show was broadcast from The Bunker…

God Bullies – How Many Times
Ona Snop – Long Distance Stabbing
Future Of The Left – Johnny Borrell Afterlife
Colossous – Pen Llithrig Y Wrach
Gas Hands – Move
Gas Tank – Who Killed Iggy Pop?
Pasta Hull – Un Tro
Salt The Snail – Maate
Brassick – Vultures Of The Poor
Bomb Disneyland – Offer Me Your Mouth
Burning Flag – Burning Flags
Martyn Peters – Tomorrow (*archive session)
Rash Decision – Cath Cart Robert A
Kardomah Gang – Bag For Life (Skinflick mix)

Evil Blizzard – Stupid People
Natterers – Appetite For Distraction
Kronstadt Uprising – Xenophobia
Gintis – Dennis (*archive session)
Restarts – Radio Schizo
Maines – Dreams
MOAR – My French Is Even Worse
The Pleasure Dome – Insane
Lolfa Binc – Adda (*archive session)
Shakamoto Investigation – Parmesan
Seize The Day – Ham n Cheese
Super Fast Girlie Show – Cheese
Coolzey – Say Cheese
Capt Hotknives – Glue
Follow Your Dreams – Out Of Order
Circle Jerks – Wonderful
UK Subs – Tomorrow’s Girls