Liverpool based Big Unit Agricultural Regime played their debut gig last spring (in Cardiff) and feature the much travelled Tom Carroll (of Dyserth) on guitar / vocals. Commies On The River was released as a teaser on Bandcamp later on ahead of their forthcoming EP.
Listen below to a great live session by this 4-piece while you tend to the fields of your arable land.

Dead Kennedys – Goons Of Hazzard
Rabo De Toro – Circus Atari
2 Sick Monkeys – Happy Days
Dead Shed Jokers – Aesopica#15
Chugga – Destiny
Big Unit Agricultural Regime – Stallion Distribution (*session)
Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies – Cats & Dogs (*archive session)
Pisse – Drau?en Zuhause
Travølta – Havin’ A Ball With The Travølta Crew
Pink Room – Cokehead
Wendykurk – Violet Introspection + Intro
Big Unit Agricultural Regime – Rhyl Fair (*session)
Chubby & The Gang – Can’t Tell Me Nothing
Kardomah Gang – Acrylamide
Emissaries Of Syn – Invested Interest
Big Unit Agricultural Regime – Monument To Misery (*session)
Girls in synthesis – Smarting
Soul Jacker – Nobody Loves You
Alien Matter – Kelly n Steve
Shaun Robert – Contrariety Of Sound & Noise (Module 1, First Lesson)
Sore Teeth – Alien Invasion
Twisted – Rubbernecker Zentrum
Slund – Crack Is Great For The Environment
Pardon Us – Sleepwalk
Pizzatramp – Emmy The Chemist
Warthog – Culture?
Volcano Suns – Engines
Gas Tank – Death Monopoly