After Stephanie Finegan‘s session tonight, I used the words compelling and mesmerizing to describe, not only this session, but her overall onstage persona. Since forming the avant-garde no wave duo Glove with Hen Sloman, Steph’s solo work has taken a backseat. So it was an honour to invite her onto the show for her second live session (third if you count the Glove one last year).

Keys – (Gareth Bale) Killed My Scene
Rudimentary Peni – Pachelbel’s Canon in E
Six Score – En procesión
Convulsions – Verdad edulcorada
Los Blancos – Dilyn Iesu Grist
Gas Hands – Move
The Bordellos – Ode To The Unpopular Pop Song
Katzenmusic – But Even Then
Gino & The Goons – Do The Get Around
Stephanie Finegan – [*live in session]
Harrowed – One Hundred Years
St Pierre Snake Invasion – A Hundred Years a Day
Flat Back Four – One Hundred Years
Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies – England’s Up For Sale
White Ether – Time For You
Perspex Flesh – Cleansing Soul
Felchers – The Immortal Pretzel
Big Black – The Model
Slund – Do They Know Bob Geldof Sucks At All
Manikineter – Sizzlean
Anhrefn – Cornel
Derrero – Gerbil Days
Shitty Life – Living In A Trap
The Get – In The Doghouse
Peakz – Devil’s Eyes