Yes Yes Yes – what a great show ….

Genod Droog – Genod Droog Theme
Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School of Medicine – Taliban USA
Gay Panic Defence – Glazed Over
Carradine Choke – Suburban Slum Dance
Mwstard – Resolution
SubLegals – Iron Rites
Gobow – Living In Ties
Geld – It’s A Con
Left – Heaven Knows I’m Morrissey Now
The Bordellos – My Speeding Train
Dr Aids – Cock Train
MeinhoF – The Anarchist
Austerity – Lambrini Anarchist
Colossus – Running IN The Sand
Human Fault – NWO
Pi$$er – Time
Stuntface – Shallow
Cane Toads – A Strange Way Of Travelling (*session)
Convulsions – Verdad Edulcorada
Lolfa Binc – Cattle Prod (Radio Edit)
Angelic Upstarts – Leave Me Alone
El Borracho – Snakes Dream
Scotch Funeral – Blame It On The Moon
Habits – Rope
Fay Ray – Family Affairs
Casual Nausea – Fuck The Sea
Who Killed Nancy Johnson – Not Lizards
GBH – Drugs Party In 526
Cow – How I Long To Feel That Summer