Yeah baby….

House Of Ease – Milk Neck
Tystion – MG Yn Y Ty
Drunken Marksman – Default
John Lawrence – Hurt Me (*session)
Zifilis – Alla Ska Ha
Hopewell Ink – The Cure For Silence
Turtle Rage – Daddy´s Pride And Joy
James Phillips – Cig Dyn
Carpet – Meat
Cold Meat – Meat Joy
The Can’ts – Donald
Dead Kennedys – I Am The Owl
ISS – Too Punk For Heavy Metal
Human Fault – Celý sv?t
Cult Of Free Love – Visions
Battery Farm – I Am A Man
Kreosote – Soundcheck Song
Sore Teeth – No More Lies
Telefair – All Of Your Fibres Yearn (*session)
Joe Hovis – I Don’t Wanna Be You
Caezium – Jumping In A Hedge
DAD – Benylin
Klezmergord – Summer Holidays With Val Kilmer
Teenage Mafia – Cold Daddy Don’t Wanna Be Loved By You
Global Parasite – Recognise
Scenius – Darkest Hour
Taiwanasaurus Rex – Stunt Priest
Twisted Ankle – A Bag Of Pasta
The Exploited – Maggie You Cunt
Bastardhammer – You’re Not My Real Dad
Depraved State – Farce
Disciples Of Spess – This Song Will Get Me Over You